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on 13 November 2012
OK! So it's no match for the top of the range gear but, for this price bracket, this monitor system is pretty darn good. I also like the fact it comes in a reasonably ok case - most monitor systems in this price range do not. So that, for me, is a real bonus as it will be transported to gigs etc.

The transmitter set-up button on my unit is a bit 'sticky' though. For example, it's now troublesome changing the frequency. Thankfully, I'd managed to get it set to channel 70 before it started to really play up. I think it's the buttons where the 'cheapness' of this item shows. That said, it's not drastic enough to warrant replacing the item because the frequency channel is rarely changed.

Apart from that slight gripe, the monitor works well in a loud rock band scenario, the body pack receiver is pretty robust and the sound quality is good even on the mono setting.

The perfect bit of kit for a 2-bit pub band on a budget - lol!
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on 29 August 2013
This pretty much does what it says on the tin. Ok, so the bass response on it might be a bit lacking, the earphones that come provided with it are on a par with any cheaper ear-bid type earphones, and its functionality is a bit basic. But it's a fraction of what you'd pay for a Shure set.

Having read other reviews, I've consigned the earphones to an "emergency travel kit" box, and replaced them with a pair of Westone UM1s, which I'm really very pleased with, and these have made a big difference to the sound quality of the LD system, although it still lacks bottom end and sounds a little bit on the tinny side.

I'm playing bass and singing in a 3-piece rock band. We don't need high levels of sophistication, I just needed some better monitoring so I could hear what I'm singing, and what the guitarist is playing. These two elements often get lost in amongst the bass and the drums (at least for the three of us behind the PA), and using floor wedges just creates extra clutter and an increased risk of feedback - both serious concerns when we play in places where we're a bit restricted for space.

I figured I'd give in-ear monitoring a go, based on recommendations from other musicians, and having tried the LD system, I don't ever want to go back to wedges again. I get exactly the levels that I need to hear in my ears - enough guitar to follow, a tiny bit of my bass (which obviously isn't as deep or full as what's coming out of my amp, but that's ok - I only need it as a reference point), plenty of my own voice, a hint of the guitarist's backing vocal, and a low level of the drums from a couple of overhead mikes (A cheap pair of Behringer C-2s which do the job quite nicely), since the UM1s do an excellent job of blocking out unwanted noise.

The difference in my performance is noticeable - now that I can hear myself properly all of the time, I don't need to force my voice as hard as I used to, and although we tend to play rock with a reasonably hard edge - and I'm quite a shouty singer - people commented at our last gig (the first with me using IEMs) that my singing was a lot more melodic than before, which is a Good Thing.

So yeah - it's not a fabulous Shure kit, but it's less than half the price of that, and it still does the job well enough for my needs. If you're out playing big clubs or small arenas every week, and you have a lot going on in your band that you need to hear clearly, then you might be better off with more expensive gear (and your band income can probably stretch to it), but for smaller venues - pubs, social clubs, function rooms etc - I'd say this kit is ideal. If we start getting most of our work in big venues, then I'll almost certainly upgrade, but for now the LD Systems kit (coupled with decent earphones) does the job just fine.

The only real downside to it is the cost of extra belt-packs. The system set me back £175, and additional belt packs are around £120 each. We're considering looking for one of the sets that comes with twin packs - so the guitarist and drummer can have a separate mix that they share - because that might be better value.
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on 13 November 2009
Pro kit at ameture prices.

Make sure you space the channels out properly if your using more than one system at the same time and ditch the bundeled headphones. The Westone UM1's or UM2's are a good match.

Easy to use and setup.

A real no brainer!!!
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on 27 May 2013
I bought this system for my wife, who is fronting our new rock band. It's her first time singing with a band and we wanted an in-ear system to avoid the feedback issues that sometimes come with stage monitors and to allow her to hear herself properly over us. We bought the LD system mainly because of the price as some of the top end systems are at least 4 times as expensive. I must say that we were really pleased with this and it works perfectly for us. It's simple to set up and use and it's solid and hard wearing. The belt pack is sturdy plastic and the receiver unit has a metal casing and is compact and easy to set up and adjust. The belt pack has it's own volume control so my wife can adjust to a volume level that is comfortable for her on stage.

My wife is also very happy with the sound she gets, although we do only feed her vocals into the monitors and not the whole band so I could not comment as to what you would think of the sound if you were using it for a full band mix. The only drawback with the system that we found was that the earphones supplied did not stay in my wifes ears very well, so we invested in some Octone IEM Pro In-ear monitor earphones, which were also very reasonably priced and solved the problem for us.

All in all this is a great system for us but we have limited use (i.e. only for a lead vocal and not with multiple users) but I would still highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you're on a budget.
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on 31 January 2015
This purchase absolutely changed my life.

I sing in a very loud rock band, and despite having a nice PA system to work with, I was barely able to hear myself during practices unless I was in full belt or singing at high ranges. I initially tried to solve the problem by plugging regular headphones into the PA output, but there just got to be too many cables to deal with. I am the type of singer to move around a lot, so I was having lots of tangling problems. I also couldn't go very far from the PA which was no bueno.

I researched this system around the time that I stopped using that method, but I never bought it as I did not have the financial means. A few months later, after a deafening practice (my band mates all wear ear plugs) that also left me hoarse from having to overexert my voice just to hear clearly, I came home and purchased this system immediately. I felt like nothing could possibly worsen the situation, and I could only gain from buying this.

I was not wrong. It comes in a cheap case, but everything inside is of good quality for the price, and the whole system is easy enough to set up (a dummy like me did it in about twenty minutes). I just plug the transmitter into the PA output, switch it to mono, clip the receiver to me and I'm done. The receiver itself is very small - much smaller than I expected - and clips nicely to the back of my jeans. I never realize it's there. You can also control the volume on it, which is handy in situations where I'm about to start belting. There's a small amount of fuzz, but not enough to be distracting. I run the earphones through the back of my shirt to avoid tangle.

Needless to say, I was so relieved! This system has opened up a huge range for me, and I can now ensure I am 100% on key (it's always difficult when you can't hear yourself). No more overexertion, no more hoarseness, and I can sing at powerful volumes for much longer than I could before. It was like I had switched from hard mode to easy mode on a video game. It got to a point where I started getting so used to the system's luxuries that I wanted to start using them live. They work a charm. I no longer have to worry about whether the sound tech is competent or not; it doesn't matter. I'm right in my ear, so as long as I can hear the band, I am fine and singing better than ever.

If you play in loud situations where you commonly feel in the back of the mix, this is a necessity. It will also protect your ears from damage by proxy.
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on 15 February 2015
I play in quite a big band and i found it really hard to hear my self on stage. I used this when our band first Supported the 90's band 'Cast' and being quite a big stage this worked perfectly, Well build, would definitely recommend.
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on 2 December 2015
Although relatively cheap, this provides very good monitoring while on stage. Like others I would buy better in-ear plug such as Westone pro10.
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on 12 December 2014
Very pleased with the product.
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on 17 March 2016
Every thing was good
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on 3 March 2013
The instruction on how to use this system are poor leaving you to discover its operation by trial and error, and I am still not quite
sure that the system is operating correctly.

The reception over distance is good but the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired which is due to the poor quality ear phones supplied.

Decent earphone may improve things a lot but the cost prevents me from investing further, I use a cheap pair of Sony earphones which although lack volume are much clearer if somewhat tinny sounding. Perhaps LD would consider supplying better quality earphones which I am sure would enhance their sales.
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