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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 30 September 2008
I have waited for an eternity for this album to be released as a remaster. I am from the US and couldnt wait another month before I could order this Stateside so I paid much more and ordered the UK version.

I have many remasters - from the excellent Depeche, Cure, Thompson Twins, Pet Shop Boys, etc...and expected no less from the New Order remasters.

Be aware that the mastering here is horrible. There are audible pops and snaps on some of the bonus disc music indicating it was ripped directly from vinyl and NEVER cleaned up. You can get better bootleg MP3s than this mess. The Album songs sound so shiny and squashed that they are almost not even worth listening to.

I have listened to all the remasters and while Technique is one of the best, they are all definitely not worth purchasing. Stay with the original releases and look elsewhere for the widely available "bonus" material.

Terribly disappointed.
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Technique", meanwhile, is possibly the finest single New Order album there is. It straddles, effortlessly, the gulf between euphoric/melancholic guitar-disco in a way that thrillingly combines the possibility of man and drum machine in perfect harmony, as well as moving towards some of the bands more traditional group work. It kicks off with the All Guns Blazing, definitive balaeric beat of "Fine Time", if nothing, a daft, silly, brilliant song about sex, complete with rampant drums, overloaded kitchen sink bleeps and bloops, random guitar swipes, and a general air of hands-in-the-air craziness. It makes perfect sense at 4am in 1989, and it makes sense now. The other thirty five minutes are equally exciting : a particularly English blend of joy and joy division, with material that offers consistently excellent song writing and immaculate production, as well as far outstripping almost every other act of the time in terms of imagination, innovation, and independence. Side two operates at a high point, with "Vanishing Point", "Mr Disco", and the glorious prog-rock snippet of "Run" that forms a cohesive, definitive New order album, ,demonstrating their work at the height of their abilities. If you own nothing else of theirs, start here.

The bonus disc, true to form with the rest of the set, fails to satisfy the knowledgable fans of the band. Despite canvassing fan opinion, the finished product appears to ignore completely any suggestions. Despite several live shows from their career being prepared for release and on the cusp of inclusion, "Technique" again features a selection of meandering instrumental bsides, stodgy remixes, and absolutely nothing of interest to anyone who bought the records when they came out. Even well known unreleased track "The Happy One"is omitted. In addition, the re-recorded, remixed, and extended "Round & Round" is presented not in the New Order 12" mix, but a generic house mix from Kevin Sanderson that is dated and a bit boring. This reissue features "World In Motion" (but not the alternate recording of "The B Side", which takes a parody of football to laughably brilliant levels), and yet another pointless remix that demonstrates the moment when New Order started farming out their material to `contemporary' remixers who produced generic one-size-fits-all club nonsense when they couldn't be bothered anymore. About the only truly great rarity on the disc is the "Making Out Mix" of "Vanishing Point" which takes the great song into the realms of a musical, instrumental journey with new parts, ideas, and variations that takes its cue from the large amount of out-takes from the "Technique" sessions the band reworked into television soundtrack material.

At one point the perfect combination of euphoric techno-pop, the other side of "Technique" is an effective melancholy : in many way, this vibrancy is matched with the knowledge of the hangover, the morning after, the inevitable fall of what has risen, which in many ways sums up the joyous disappointment that is human experience and these New Order reissues in a nutshell. Unlike the previous Joy Division reissues that added to the legacy by expanding the known universe with unheard recordings, these reissues fail to satisfy the dedicated or knowledgable fan of the band by presenting an ineffective, and seemingly randomly ordered collection of B-sides from the time, with no previously unheard gems. it's the sound of brilliant music and also an open goal, a missed opportunity, a wilful failure to take the care and attention music this important deserves. The music is brilliant, the extra tracks are random and appallingly sequenced without reason, consistency, or narrative, and with no real reason to buy them if you were there at the time. New Order deserved better than this.
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on 22 November 2001
If you like New Order, this is their best album.
Released in '89 at the height of the acid rave revolution and on the crest on that scene's crossover to guitar music, its a landmark classic that will never loose its appeal.
Its use on the BBC series 'Making Out' was particularly poignant in the 1990 setting of Northern industrial England.
A must buy for anyone who liked any of their other stuff from Blue Monday, Bizzarre Love Triangle, True Faith to Regret.
Vanishing Point is my personal high on the album.
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on 5 June 2003
Ignore any of the other reviews if there's even a single bad word in them. Truly this album is the distillation of New Order's unstoppable genius. Run has the greatest opening ever (alongside The Pixies' Debaser), Mr Disco is surely the finest song ever written about chicken in a basket holiday romance, Vanishing Point makes cymbals sound like interesting instruments, Round&Round is New Order's great lost single - easily up there with Bizarre Love Triangle, Guilty Partner rocks like a chair and with Fine Time New Order show a generation of Acid House chancers how it's done. Every second of this music is perfect. And as for the lyrics - this is Bernard Sumner's Blood on the Tracks, every song littered with suggestions of heartbreak. "Answer me, why won't you answer me?" "My life aint no holiday, I've been through the point of no return", "The picture you see is no portrait of me", "I can't see the sense in you leaving, all I need is your love to believe in."
All in all the perfect soundtrack to anything anyone ever does, ever.
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on 18 January 2004
The pinnacle of New Order's recording career so far. Possibly the finest pop/rock/dance album ever made. Starting with the lecherous acid tribute Fine Time, also featuring vital pop gems like Round & Round, All The Way and Vanishing point.
Run features some of Barney Sumners most wigged out guitar playing ever, Lp closer Dream Attack is simply a perfect song.
Lyrically and production wise this is New Order's best album, a must for every serious record collection.
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on 18 August 2001
Well it's a toss up between this and 'Power, Corruption and Lies' for the best New Order album. For the 'Blue Monday' fans 'Power....' is the best bet, but if you're looking for a more upbeat, dance orientated album, then this is your one.
This is my fave New Order album. The opener 'Fine Time' is one of my favourite New Order tracks. Starting off with a thumping 4/4 beat it builds into an eletronic bassline driven song which filled the dancefloors back in 1989.
The rest of the album is a heady mix of classic pop songs and guitar laden, dance tracks. Very upbeat sounding but when you listen tot he lyrics you understand it is not too upbeat, it wouldn't be New Order if it was!
The album finishes with 'Dream Attack' which is another gem, a guitar intro which flows into a full flowing, beautiful pop song.
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on 18 March 2008
The singles Fine Time, Run and Round and Round have had plenty of good reviews elsewhere so I'll concentrate on the last three songs which are my personal favourites:

Mr Disco. Very danceable with a great orchestral syth crescendo after the first chorus. it may sound a bit dated if you hear it for the first time now though

Vanishing Point. This is a more mellow synth based song. It has the trademark New Order guitar and a very dreamy pad syth towards the end.

Dream Attack: The final song of the album. This is a guitar based song. It ends with a brillaint guitar solo with some fill in orchestral synths.

Overall I'd say this is most definitely my favourite New Order album.
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on 9 December 2006
This is simply the finest album you can buy around this time period, its the pinnicle of new orders career, if you have purchased one of there best ofs and are thinking of getting an album then make this your nuber one purchase,

Its a happy feel good album (recorded in ibiza) that encapulates the "madchester" era, and was released 12 months before the stone roses/happy mondays etc made their mark,

stand out tracks are "love less", "mr disco" and "dream attack", the fact that none of these tracks were ever released as singles annoys me to this day
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on 17 September 2000
A great mixture of blippy and guitar songs that explore the down (and sometimes up) side of sun-soaked holidays.
"Fine Time" features a crazy cod-Barry White vocal and electro-sheep-bleating. "Technique" also includes the proper version of "Round & Round"... Plus there's the often-overlooked gems "Mr Disco" and "Dream Attack".
Like the best New Order music, it's simultaneously depressing and uplifting. Almost as good as their 1987 retrospective, "Substance".
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on 23 April 2015
Overall a good collectors edition. The extra disc has cracking tracks that are well worth the extra couple of quid . My only gripe is with cd1 (original album). The sound quality has a lot to be desired. This is meant to be a re-master but I remain unconvinced. Flat, dull high and low end frequencies. Shame as this is a seminal album that shouldve been treated with more respect.
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