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4.4 out of 5 stars273
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 2010
This album had 2 stars and as I looked through the reviews I thought it must of been people moaning about Amazon for one reason or another. Then I see people writing things like 'I used to like this but now I like metal so this is terrible' or 'this is a mess of rappy rock' and I know its just that some ignorant people have been reviewing again. If your taste in music has changed that doesn't mean you bash the music you used to like. And of course its gonna be rap rock. You have to be really stupid to listen to Hybrid Theory (Linkin park's first album) and then buy this thinking there won't be any rapping verses. Now that my moan is finished, onto the music.

The album begins with the punchy 'Don't Stay', a truly awesome opener. 'Somewhere I belong' and 'Lying from you' keep up the pace and deliver very well. 'Hit the floor' is a hard hitting track that shows off Chester Bennington's screaming very well. 'Faint' is possibly the best song on the album that puts all of Linkin park into one song: Brilliant songwriting, rapping and screaming set to a pounding backing of instuments and DJing. The album does take a little dive towards rap with 'Figure. 09' and 'Nobody's Listening' but then comes to a worthy end with a dislay of DJ skills in 'Session' and the now famous Linkin Park song 'Numb'

A totally brilliant album being shunned by idiots. Well worthy of five stars
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on 24 March 2003
The much awaited true sequel to 2000's Hybrid Theory has finally arrived, but was it worth the wait?
Well first and foremost, if you don't Linkin Park then this album probably isn't for you.
For the rest of us, this is a breathtaking evolution - from the word go, Meteora hits you with an intro lasting a few seconds which seamlessly breaks into the explosive second track 'Don't Stay'. Whilst a majority of the songs still retain the distinct style of the band, you can instantly feel the progression since Hybrid, from the way Chester and Mike's lyrics feel so much more integrated, to the fresh optimism of the melodies (e.g. 'Easier to Run').
Here's a rundown of the 13 tracks this album has to offer (better tracks highlighted with an *), followed by a brief explanation of the bonus dvd this slightly pricier edition comes packaged with.
1) Foreward - a disjointed beat of breaking glass noises falls into synch and seconds later shatters into the second track - more a part of 'Don't Stay' than anything else, but still a great minimalistic way to hit off the album.
2) *Don't Stay - the way 'foreward' bleeds into this track then suddenly explodes into a heavy riff intro really lets you know that Linkin Park aren't going anywhere. the chorus has alot of style and the lyrics are particularly tight and expressive in the chorus - an early highlight of the album.
3) Somewhere I Belong - the listenable single crops up predictably at track 3, but this doesn't lessen its epic message of finding your place in life. the atmospheric acoustic intro is a stroke of luck as the 'making of' dvd will tell you - this is probably one of the closest songs to the band's former style - by no means a bad thing, but more of a link from Hybrid to this album.
4) *Lying from you - a brilliantly quirky intro followed by Shinoda's first rapping opportunity on the album. the song really peaks when chester steps back in though, as he sings in a deliberately out of tune style which strangely works, punctuated by Shinoda - the guitar in the chorus has a really epic tune to it also.
5) Hit the Floor - Shinoda keeps the rapping up in this song aimed at all backstabbers. the first track which really contains any direct aggression, but it leaves something to be desired, perhaps after the greatness of the previous few tracks.
6) *Easier to Run - Chester harks back to his melodic singing style and sings a really strong atmospheric song which peaks perfectly on the chorus. The entire song is just really uplifting and epic - one of the best songs on the album.
7) *Faint - a personal favorite. two words - stringed instruments - oh, and a sort of drum and bass tune with guitars. its the albums most fast paced song and has one of the coolest tunes, with the epic stringed instruments leading to a crunching fast paced expressive chorus.
8) Figure:9 - alot like the band's older material with a somewhat repetitive tune which tends to grate after a while. the finale of this song is practically identical to 'Place for my Head' from Hybrid but this doesn't really do anything for the song. The name makes it sound better than it REALLY is.
9) *Breaking the Habit - 6 years in the making, Shinoda's brainchild is entirely sung by Chester and is one of the best 'chill' tunes on the album with a very strong universal message. It has stacks of atmosphere and the chorus is really grabbing. The first really electronic songs on the album and i was suprised that I wasn't complaining.
10) From the Inside - I'm hopeful this song will grow on me - but so far its not doing much for me despite seeming to have all the right ingredients. Things really go pear shaped at the end when every loud guitar is thrown into the pot and the chorus just repeats and repeats as if begging you to press the 'next track' button. Not really a favorite.
11) *No-One's Listening - Taking the place of 'High Voltage' from that other album, this more hip-hop-ish track is dominated by japanese flutes and a strong performance by shinoda, not forgetting to mention a very cool crunching chorus from chester. the song is about up-hill struggles and is good for motivation. probably.
12) Session - This is the 'Cure for the Itch' of this album - a chance for Josef Hahn to strut his stuff. very good for just chilling and easily fills of the shoes of 'Itch with some smart samples plugging away in the background. a break from the guitars for a few minutes.
13) *Numb - this strangely sounds like every linkin park song combined. no really. pianos, larger than life riffs, swishing samples, melodic singing followed by throat burning screaming by chester and the occasional thoughtful whispering from Shinoda. the chorus is deep, cold and thoughtful in itself - and this is definitely a high note to finish the album on.
This basically contains a short documentary on how the album was put together, from tour bus inspirations to the the typical pressure of getting everything together before the deadline. features much chit chat from all the band members and other people who helped put together Meteora. i'm on the fence as the whether it was worth the extra cash, but the thicker blue sleeve with two (as opposed to one) cases inside for this special edition looks cool enough to warrant the special edition purchase alone.
overall, this is a good album with some very listenable tracks on it - linkin park live up to the hype and really take a step forward from their previous stuff.
if you remotely like the band then i think you'll like this.
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on 26 January 2007
Let's start with the bad, shall we? Erm... well, I don't get the point of having a seven-second intro piece, but... gees, that's about it. Now for the good.

Hear the rousing beginning of Faint and you get the whole album summed up in a nutshell. Here is a band who have a vocalist, an MC and a DJ, and in key songs, mix rock with electronica and rap. Easy to do. Hard to do well. Which they do. Numb, despite never really being accepted to begin with, is a rock classic, and if you watch the video, you see a pattern forming. Linkin Park are all about reaching out to the unpopular and telling them who they are is alright. And that being cool isn't always important.

Once you invent another genre of rock like Linkin Park has, like Nu-Metal, a lot of people are going to hate you. Rock isn't to be meddled with, after all. And more people think having Mike Shinoda (the MC) and Joseph 'The Chairman' Hahn (the DJ) in is to the band's detriment. But although Chester Bennington is a great vocalist, he has less to do with it then Mike and Jo.

Meteora is a 101 of what's good about Linkin Park, and from that pointless intro to Somewhere I Belong, and the great anime video for Breaking The Habit, the album is great and so is the band.
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on 28 March 2003
It's a welcome return of the lads from Linkin Park and for those expecting the usual blend of heavy guitar, rap and general loud and heavy rock, you will not be disappointed.
The album opens with a thirteen second intro followed by two cracking openers; Don't Stay and the recent single Somewhere I Belong. Early appearances from these offerings suggest a contender for a 'classic' album, but for me the next two tracks slow the momentum, bringing that feeling of 'missing out on something'. Luckily though, the pace is picked up again with Easier To Run which, although not the heavy fast paced rock you might expect, still provides another quality offering which could be rated up their with the first two tracks (excluding the intro).
Faint is an interesting number; the first fifteen seconds offer a breakbeat style intro which leads into a quality rock track with the usual shouting / rapping vocals in the same vein as that of Hybrid's In The End.
Unfortunately however, the next two songs drop the momentum again, which is disappointing as it leaves the listener with an appetite for more catchy choruses and heavy guitar. From The Inside just about provides this as a song similar to that of Easier To Run.
Nobody's Listening moves the band into a hip-hop style territory incorporating flutes and other instruments, but dropping the heavy bass for a short time at least. This provides the setting for the instrumental number Session; more a showcase for the DJ to show off some scratching ability, supported by a funky drumbeat. Numb finalises Meteora in a way that, as hard as it tries, might leave the listener feeling slightly cheated. It tries to be Pushing Me Away from Hybrid Theory but can't quite find the climax its looking for.
I found Meteora an enjoyable album but personally found Hybrid Theory a much more fun album to listen to. Hardcore Linkin Park fans will no doubt lap up this offering but for me, although there some stunners, it didn't quite hit the mark that I'd hoped for.
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VINE VOICEon 31 May 2003
I bought the album Reanimation the day it came out as i am a mega LP fan! But I was deeply dissapointed with the album. I lost my support in the band and thought it was very lazy to remix all the tracks of Hybrid Theory.
But this year the album Meteora came out so I decided to give Linkin Park another try.I was god damn pleased that i did! The album had the style that hybrid theory had. It was a real surprise to me the first time i heard it to hear Chester screaming his head off with his heavy rock voice. The album was perfect for me as it had rock and style. The best track was 'session'. The drum beats were put toghether briliantly and there was no doubt that this was something different from Linkin Park. i was delighted and I'm once more a mega LP fan. This album is what rock is all about.
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on 2 June 2004
I haven't had this album for very long as I have only recently discovered the joy of Linkin Park. My fave songs are:
Breaking the habit - number 9 on the album, very good with lots of feeling and a catchy chorus! This is truly the BEST song on the album.
Nobody's listening - It has an unusual but great sound that will stick in your head, the lyrics are incredible. Its a haunting and passionate song.
Numb - The last song on the album, but great! Also the video is good if you get to see that!
Also I would like to say that people reckon that the slow songs are the bad ones, but they are actually the best, so don't be put off if someone says numb is ok but its a bit slow. As if thats a bad thing! slow = beautiful! If you like bands like evanescence or nickelback then you will love this. Also hybrid theory is brilliant so get that as well! :)
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on 31 July 2003
This album is great, simple as that. It sounds like only Linkin Park can sound. After listening to this then, (in my opinion brilliant), Hybrid Theory, you realise how the band have progressed while making this record.
The songs are much more complex, but not in a bad way at all. The whole album flows into each song, yet each song is totally different from the last.
Stand out tracks are Don't Stay, Numb and the singles "Somewhere I Belong", and "Faint" (best track on the album).
The DVD option is a nice change, it allows you to see how the record was created, but it is likely that you may only watch it once then leave it in the box. But good non the less.
So if you're already a fan of Linkin Park this is a must buy. If not I'd recommend it anyway!
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on 8 July 2003
My husband and I bought this CD after seeing the 'Somewhere I Belong' video on telly and it blew us away. So we had to buy it and straight away from track to track this CD just got better and better these guys are real poets. I think the appeal comes from the feelings and emotions they sing about and I would say everyone could relate to these at some stage in their lives. There isn't a tune on the album we don't like. The reason we like these guys is because it's quite unusual to have two lead singers we love the diversity of singing and rock rap. This is true music and not regurgitated s**te.
So then we bought the 'In The End: Live & Rare' album which is live at London Arena and this impressed us just as much.
Highly recommended. Long Live Linkin Park.
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on 12 June 2004
I don't just classify Linkin Park as a band that is just there to make music and get as much cash for it as possible, they are carving their part into hitsory. The very first time I listened to Linkin Park about 5 years ago I thought that the music was revolutionary, I consider the music they make to be a genre of its own, no one has ever come in terms of quality close to them. This shear quality standard of LP's music has found millions of fans throughout the world that has created a community of people that share thoughts and friendship. The pure splendour of their music can be listened in whatever mood you are in, always getting into your head somehow. I would not say that there is any one best song out of all of the Linkin Park songs ever recorded that I prefer, whatever song I listen to I somehow can always relate to what is happening and feel connected the the amazing voice of Chester Bennington and the brilliant skills of Mike Shinoda's MCing. Joseph Hahn adding his touch of splendour that just make LP as original and unbeatable as they are with the turn tables. It however wouldn't be Linkin Park without Phoenix (Bassist,) Rob Bourdon (Drummer) and Brad Delson (Guitarist) adding a solid foundation for the music which is created by LP, and give insperation to all who listen!!!
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on 28 November 2006
The heavy metal band Linkin Park always thought of by critics as similar styled musicians and not varying their work style.

Then Meteroa came and I for one believed the heavy rock/metal styled music was present but the band had re-mastered it to perfection as tracks like somewhere I belong and from the inside show.

Many said this was their best album and I'm agreeing 100%

I love the band and always will. With heavy tracks such as don't stay to the slow rapping styled breaking the habit, the third album is a mixture of rock, metal mixed together with a few more slow moving tracks to add a variety of tracks for audiences. These mixtures provide stimulation and energy for audiences who love the rock genre of music.

My personal favourites include faint and session (a fantastic energetic instrumental)

I love the band because I love passionate energetic music and have bought them all and if you love the same then if you will not buy then please have a listen because the band are simply phenomenal at rapping and playing their instruments - guitars, drums and bass
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