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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2010
"...your face, an oval of cream, your nose...a slope of delicious cream, your ears...two cream flaps.." That, or something close to it, is a love poem recited by Howard Moon from series one and what got me out of bed in the middle of the night to sober-up in the cold of the bathroom.
Series Two I already knew quite well and was my reason for buying myself this treat just after Christmas - the least funny time of the year - and series three, especially the first two episodes - almost bested all my expectations.
The Mighty Boosh is magical and sweet. It gets dark sometimes in the magic forest, but not rancid - the scarey creatures never get the upper hand and that's because there is a joyful wellspring at the heart of it. Howard Moon and Vince Noir bicker and try to out-do eachother whilst remaining utterly inseperable - if only because Vince has to rescue Howard from whatever trouble his wearing of trousers that are not only too big for him but usually made of a tweedy-type fabric has got him into. Vince basically overcomes every danger by smirking at it and re-styling its hair, and if he can't then he phones Naboo, their stoner shaman friend who turns up with Bollo, his familiar - a gorilla who also DJs - and sorts most things out. The plots are almost the same every episode - but then so are the plots to Doctor Who and it doesn't matter. We don't want to be diverted by clever-clever plots - not that this world is particularly surreal. It all hangs together quite logically - but it's a childish world where many more things can be. The sets are like the Wizard of Oz, the musical pieces brilliantly observed spoofs whilst also being somehow genuinely musical. "It's genius!" as Vince would say.
Okay, so in series one Bob Fossil can get on my wick - and I prefer it when that member of the team is disguised as a number of different characters - which he does do very well.
Before you think I'm made of fluff and angel-breathe, I do also enjoy 'The League of Gentlemen', but I wouldn't recommend watching that AFTER The Boosh because it will seem awfully actorly, serious and bitter, plus the laugh track will get on your nerves (The Boosh doesn't have one).
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on 3 March 2012
the mighty boosh is for sure one of the best british comedies out there it dumps all logic and social acceptance in trade for unique and whacky comedy these guys have created something fresh and very funny vince is a hip young guy who's with the fashion and trends where as howard is a square who loves jazz they seem to bounce off each other perfectly and you never know whats coming next throw in other funny characters such as bob fossil and a load of crazy situations and you've got yourself the boosh its a hard show to review unless you have seen it. for boosh fans buy it !
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Sometimes I wonder what they have in the water in England. First they produced "Monty Python," and now they have "The Mighty Boosh."

And while the basic description sounds like a slightly-out-of-the-ordinary sitcom, the reality is anything but. "The Mighty Boosh: The Special Edition Seasons 1-3" is a sitcom drizzled with acid and punched through with the surreal, where the most mundane activities become freakishly bizarre. Lots of raunchy humor, silly puppets, songs and journeys into other realms -- it's a head-trip, and you'll love every second of it.

It follows the awkward cream-poet Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and flamboyant wacky Vince Noir (Noel Fielding). In the first season, the two guys work at a zoo called the Zooniverse, then they live together in a flat (with an extraterrestrial mystic and an ape) as they try to break into the music business, and finally Howard is employed at a boutique called the Nabootique (owned by aforementioned mystic) while Vince continues trying to break into music.

Along the way we've got the Hitcher (eels!), breeding yetis, the Spirit of Jazz, a deranged sea hermaphrodite called Old Gregg, black magic and Shaman Juice, Nanageddon, a "Fantastic Voyage" to save Vince from an evil jazz cell, a pair of copycats who mimic everything Vince and Howard do, the Crack Fox, a mad scientist kidnapping animals, drainpipe pants, the sapphire Egg of Mantumbi, and kangaroo boxing. And that's only SOME of it.

"The Mighty Boosh" is your basic average sitcom... on enough acid to fry its colorful little brains and send it flying across the universe on Naboo's magic carpet. This is a universe where the moon regularly says weird and nonsensical things, an extraterrestrial shaman and a talking gorilla live in the next room, and random things happen all the time (why is Howard dressed like Gandalf?) -- and these aren't the weirdest things that go on.

As if the plots weren't surreal enough, Barratt and Fielding swathe the entire series in a sort of whimsical weirdness. Lots of strange dialogue ("Some say he is the devil himself. Others say he is a man pretending to be the devil with green makeup and special lighting"), toilet humor (naturally), bizarre life-forms (Yetis! Wizards! Aliens! Old Gregg and his... oh, I can't say it!), weird outfits for Vine, and a casual acceptance that anything can and will happen.

But the crowning touch is Barrett and Fielding. Howard is rather fuddy-duddy, awkward and considers himself artistic, while Vince is dandyish, arrogant and has the attention span of a gnat -- and both actors are brilliant at bringing these guys to life (as well as various side roles like the moon and a pair of shamans). And Michael Fielding" is utterly brilliant as the weirdly sedate shaman Naboo.

Surreal, trippy and utterly bizarre, "The Mighty Boosh" is one of those wonderfully bizarre shows doesn't even need a laugh track. I have to kiss you passionately on the mouth!
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on 4 June 2012
I just adore The Mighty Boosh. It just makes me happy while i'm watching it. Even if a particular joke or line falls flat, (which very rarely happens.) you will still smile and even laugh at it because the show is so delightfully odd you simply can't help but watch it the whole way through with a big stupid grin on your face. The sets are magical, the songs are catchy and funny and the characters are all likeable and wonderful in their own way. This Box Set contains all three series of the show. They are all brillant but the show took a slight dip in quality in the third series, mainly due to the fact that Noel and Julian just didn't have the same chemistry between them that they had in the first and second series. It's still a very good series and isn't half as bad as some people have said though. I definitely recommend this set to anyone who wants something a little (or in this case, a lot)different from the norm. But there is something for everyone in here and I believe if most people give it a fair chance, they will find The Mighty Boosh to easily be one of the greatest comedy shows of the last decade.
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on 22 January 2009
The Mighty Boosh is awesome. If you're looking at this page, you probably already know as much. You've probably already spent hours laughing until you can hardly breathe and singing along.

This package is excellent. I had previously purchased the series 1-2 box and season 3 individually. I was hesitant to upgrade to this new package, but ultimately my rampant consumerism got the better of me, and I am glad it did! The box is sturdy, the art is awesome. Get it.
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on 16 March 2009
After having become totally hooked on my newfound wonder of YouTube Boosh clips I was delighted to find out there were already 3 series of the thing in existence. I am from Iceland where the Boosh has never been shown on TV and despite Iceland's recent bankrupcy and currency crash I splurged on this set without thinking twice. An oh what joy it has brought to me and those around me! This needs no reccomendation, just check the clips on YouTube and if you get it, get it.

And although I get a huge kick out of the references I have to clear up that Vince is most definately not Icelandic for fish hook!
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on 1 February 2009
Totally Boosh what is there to say, if you're already a fan it is a must have, put it on when you come home from the pub and see the bewildered faces of your friends that have yet to be booshed and they will go home either enlightened or totally confused, either way a win win situation. If it is modern surrealism for the 21st century with the odd dark twist you seek then look no further. You know when you've been Booshed.
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on 26 December 2012
Bought this as a gift for a nephew but i'm a big fan of the Mighty Boosh myself too, it was actually more expensive from amazon than if you buy each series separately but the reason i still chose to buy the box set was not because i'm stupid, lol, but as it was a gift i felt that it looked better boxed like this.

The series themselves, well definitely funny, weird, daft, kooky, original :)
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on 6 February 2014
How to review the mighty boosh?!
Simply put? Crazy and insane but brilliantly weird!
It is however an... Acquired taste so make sure you know "you love it you slaaaaaags" :D
anyone who has not seen the mighty boosh, thats not an insult but a quote :D
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on 14 March 2011
If you like the Mighty Boosh then I highly recommend buying this item. If you have never seen the Mighty Boosh then I still highly recommend you purchase this item. There slightly surreal and exaggerated brand of humor is enough to make the youngest to the oldest person burst out into fits of laughter.

From the Arctic Tundra to the Nabootique there are many fantastical locations that see the boys, Vince and Howard, get into many scrapes with such creatures as Black Frost while searching for the Egg of Mantumbi to Old Gregg, with his mangina, after getting chased out of London after a music gig went wrong. Other creatures and characters making appearances are Milky Joe, Howard's coconut headed friend, Spider Dijon who is Rudi, the psychedelic monks band mate, Yetis, a Green Mad Man called the Hitcher, with a polo over one eye and a fox addicted to crack.

These are just some of the characters you will meet in the world of The Mighty Boosh.
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