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4.6 out of 5 stars290
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 February 2009
I bought this DVD after being disappointed with the Kelly Brook 'Strictly Come Dancing' one, as people highly recommend it on this site. I am relatively fit with daily walking and 2 gym sessions a week (mainly for weights). I also used to be a fitness instructor so I have an understanding of teaching exercise safely to beginners. Having done - so far - only the Super Pump workout (the one with the extra abs session stuck at the end), I'll say first of all that my overall impression is a good one. The instructor is great, non-intimidating and reassuring. She also does some of the movements in a lower impact form and tells the viewer to copy Davina if they want the option with the jumps etc. Davina is....well herself really. I found it a bit annoying in the warm up when she was pretending to find it really hard, when it clearly wasn't (it was easy even for me!). But I think generally the 'annoying' moments are few and can easily be ignored. Her introduction to the DVD was actually very motivating and full of common sense.
My main criticism is that some of the routines were not explained very well. The instructor went straight into them without first breaking them down for the viewer. I found myself totally lost a few times. I am sure that with a couple more viewings anyone will be able to pick up the routines, as it's not a heavily coreographed video (which is good if you're like me and you want to burn calories rather than spend hours learning a step).
My second issue is that some of the kickboxing type of move could have done with a small tutorial at the beginning, because kicking around in bad form could injure you. I did kickboxing-type aerobics classes before so I knew a bit of technique but I still struggled a bit with the moves. I have Billy Banks' Tae Bo DVDs and he always, *always* gives you a tutorial first.
Finally, and this is a regular problem with fitness dvds, the camera work! Why can't they STOP zooming to the upper bodies of the presenters during a complex aerobic routine? Can they not understand that the viewer NEEDS to see their feet to be able to follow? That was the single most annoying thing in what is otherwise a very good effective workout.
I initially did the Super Pump section without the abs but it kind of finished too soon - it does feel a bit short! - so I went back to the one with the added abs section and fast forwarded to the abs bit. The abs workout that follows is very good and very safely taught.
Despite my criticism, I'd definitely recommend this DVD and I'm looking forward to trying out the other sections once I have mastered the Super Pump one.
UPDATE: I have now done the other part of the workout, the 'toning' one, with the extra legs session at the end, and I found it a lot harder than the cardio workout. I train legs regularly in the gym but still, I was sore for 3 days! So far I've used the DVD 4 or 5 times and I can already see changes in my body shape. To those saying that it's not challenging, my comment is that the instructor does give you the option to make it harder or easier throughout. Yes the moves in the cardio workout are slightly repetitive, but this is IDEAL for people who want to get fit rather than spend the first 5 sessions just learning the moves. And it really is great if you don't have much space around you, which might be the reason why they keep the moves quite simple and confined to a small area. I will also add that the steps that do require co-ordination can be mastered in a couple of sessions (as I have, and I'm really hopeless like that) so again, this is really good to get fit straightaway with no frills.
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on 13 December 2008
I now own all of Davina's workout dvd's - apart from the pregnancy one - and, for me, this is definitely the best.

Super Fit (a 40 minute aerobic kickboxing session) is a lot of fun with loads of kicking and punching, which makes it a great stress buster as well as really getting you sweating. It's not as repetitive as the boxing in 'High Energy 5' so you could do it a couple of times every week without getting bored. There is also an add-on 10-min abdominal exercise session which really does the job!

And the Super Sculpt (a 40 minute toning session including fat-burning aerobic intervals) is an improvement on previous Pump and Legs sessions on Davina's dvds. The others are great, don't get me wrong, but Super Sculpt combines squats and lunges WITH the upper body weights repetitions at the same time so you're getting double the benefit. Again there are two optional add-ons if you have extra time to work on your upper or lower body and up the intensity a bit.

One of the things I love about Davina's series is the constant instruction from her and her two personal trainers, Mark and Jackie Wren, so you're always reminded of correct posture to avoid injury. There's also a lot of encouragement in this dvd which, especially towards the end of the aerobic intervals, is much needed. And, as always, the soundtrack is awesome. Plus, the warm up and cool down sessions are very effective in doing their job. I've done four of the workouts since the dvd arrived on Monday (it's now Saturday)and although my shoulders and bum can definitely feel that they've been pushed it's in a good 'this really works' way not an 'ouch, I'm not doing that again' way.

People often criticise Davina's dvds because of the chatting and jokes from her and Mark but personally I find them funny and that it distracts me from the fact that I'm doing a tough workout. However, if you don't want to hear the 'skipping story' again you have the option to switch to Mostly Music so you don't have to.

I've been using her previous dvds for about six months now. I look and feel much better and my back pain (from arthritis in my upper and lower spine) has eased considerably. You only have to look at Davina since she launched the first of her workout dvds to see that they really do work. Unlike other celebs her weight doesn't pile on and off to sell them - she always looks great. This dvd does what it says on the box: It's super, and with continued use I'm sure you'll get a super body too.
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on 24 December 2008
This DVD is the best Davina DVD if not the best ever fitness DVD and I have and have had loads. It has just the right mixture, makes you work up quite a sweat, its fun to do, not complicated, certainly not boring and you can feel it working as you do the DVD and next day - wow be prepared to feel it! The sound tracks are great and really motivate you to enjoy the workout and feel the burn! I have done it every single day for two weeks running and always look forward to doing it the next day.

The way the DVD is set out is brilliant. As the description says you have two 40 minute workouts - the first one is Super Fit and the other is Super Sculpt, they each have their own warm up and cool down, which I found very helpful. You can add another 10 minutes to the workouts by selecting the Super Pump which is used within the Super Sculpt workout or the Super Legs also combined with the Super Sculpt, however, you can't do the 40 minute workout, plus the Super Legs and Super Pump to make a 60 minute workout, you can only choose one of the extra 10 minutes with the Super Sculpt workout (but believe me you probably wouldn't want a 60 minute option 40 and 50 minute is long enough in my opinion). There is one option of 10 minutes to add to the Super Fit workout which is the Super Abs - I love this. There is a separate 10 minute super six pack workout, but this is only recommended for the intermediate to advance exerciser - in other words those with already strong abs. For a bit of fun, watch Davina do the assault course which is on the extra's, I take my hat off to her, I wouldn't do that!

Davina - in this DVD seems to have calmed down her enthusiasm to a good balance, I personally find her very funny and motivating in her manner, but in her early DVD's, I did get a little irritated by her, but now she has the balance right - good on you Davina!

The cueing of the trainers - Mark and Jackie are excellent, even Davina doesn't jump ahead in this one; she gets involved by counting us down to start the next exercise, which is extremely useful and allows you to re-focus, which helps you get the exercises right and with the correct posture, which is so important in exercising.

Jackie always does the beginner option, which she does fantastically and Mark and Davina do the advance option. I tend to work in the middle by making my own adaptations - I have to be careful with my knees!

Super Fit - Jackie is the instructor on this workout section. It starts with a pleasant warm up which lasts for about 8 minutes, it then goes straight into the main workout, this consists of various aerobic, punching and kick boxing style exercises, within a routine that repeats itself twice - so it lasts for 20 minutes (and after that you know that you have exercised - you should have a red face as proof) if you have chosen the 50 minute option, the selected Super Abs section comes in to play automatically, followed by the cool down, if you have just picked the 40 minute option the cool down exercises come up straight away. The cool down lasts about 10 minutes and is heavenly - all the tracks are just right for the workout! The moves are not complicated and easy to learn. Love it!

The Super Sculpt - Mark is the instructor for this section. Davina and Mark have great chemistry in this one when they work out. This is a great toning and conditioning workout which comes with four x one minute of aerobic exercises. The exercises mainly seem to concentrate on the arms and legs, but of course you can feel the whole body benefiting and there are abdominal exercises at the end just before the cool down. The warm up is again around 8 minutes, the 20 minute main workout has 4 aerobic intervals which certainly gets the heart rate for the one minute you do each, but between each interval you have the arm and leg exercises which are quite challenging (but no pain no gain as they say) afterwards it goes straight into the lovely 10 minute cool down - and it is very much deserved - unless you choose the fantastic Super Legs extra 10 minutes in the 50 minute option or the Super Pump. You really feel you have worked hard the next day. Great workout and again with great tracks to help motivate you.

Buy this DVD, it will be the best thing you have done for your body if you keep at it. Enjoy!
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on 24 January 2009
I have had high energy 5 since it came out. So when I heard about Superbody Workout I had to go it right away & Thank god I did.
I Love Love Love Love this dvd. I'm not a hugely fit or sporty person to saythe least & due to illness I have to be careful what I can do on ill days. That is why I love this dvd as on days when I can I try to keep up with Mark & Davina and on those days where I force myself I can follow Jackie.
No matter who I follow I still manage to work up a sweat and always feel so good afterwards.
At the mo my fave workout is the super abs, as with the last dvd I loved the boxercise so could not wait to give superfit a go and i love it especially if someone has annoyed me that day.
The superSculpt is very good apart from the fact that i end up aching for days after.
I cannot see anything bad in this dvd, & unlike others I love listen to Davina chatting away and chatting with Mark before Jackie tells them off.
Plus you cannot beat a dvd that has 2 personal trainers and no bikinis in sight. These people sweat just like me.
Love it!!!!
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on 4 January 2009
I am not one for buying fitness DVDs (since I am a regular at the gym) but I bought this for the days I am not able to get to the gym due to having young children.

It is great as you have the choice of 2 main workouts (super fit - that focuses on fatburn & super sculpt - which is a toning workout). These are both really good workouts that I enjoy doing.

You can also chop & change your routine so you are not doing the same workout routine over & over which can be boring and make you not want to do the DVD. There are 4 additional workouts that add a further 10 minutes to the 2 main workouts focusing on different areas of the body that you want to work on (superpump - is the sculpt workout with extra upper body exercises, superabs - is the fit workout with abdominal exercises, superlegs - is the sculpt workout with leg & bum exercises; and finally super six pack which is a serperate little 10 minutes workout to get a woman's six pack).

The DVD menu makes it very easy to go to the workout you want to do (so no sitting there having to fast forward to the actual workout past the introduction, which I have experienced on the 1 other fitness DVD I have).

Davina is cheery which makes it enjoyable to workout to as it is like being in a aerobic class. This is well worth the money, 5 stars!Davina - Super Body Workout [2008]
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on 26 January 2009
I recently bought this dvd as the hype around Davina's exercise dvd's is huge.....i'm not dissapointed, in fact i love it. I get up every morning and look forward to doing one of the routines. I change the routines to get some variety and i really do enjoy them.
I usually do intermediate to advanced aerobics and this dvd allows you to go for it.
Really cant praise it enough....well done Davina you've certainly got me motivated....the weights dropping off and i'm toning up too...yippee !!!
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on 14 December 2008
Very good fitness dvd. The trainers are excellent and provide really good form pointers. Alot of the weight workout is functional work so you really get alot out of it. Music is very good. I do alot of home fitness dvds, mostly Cathe Friedrich. But this is very good for the intermediate exerciser.
To be honest I'm not a fan of Davina and her constant face pulling is a put off. But I bought it because her trainers are very good. If you love Davina and you can put up with her gargoyle impressions then you'll love it.
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on 17 January 2009
I have the other Davina DVDS but will mainly review the DVD as a separate entity, in case customers don't have the others.
- The DVD has several options, the main two being SUPER FIT and SUPER SCULPT. The former is an aerobic exercise workout, and takes forty minutes including warm up and cool down. The latter is the same length and is a body-conditioning based workout. You also have the option of adding on ten more minutes focusing on arms, legs or abs. Personally I found the forty minute SUPERFIT section too short to work up a real sweat. Also the choreography was not too challenging, while the cool down is boring and too long. (Please note, as a guide, I am medium fit - eg can run for 30 minutes at a good pace, no bother).
- Another plus point is the quality of Davina's co-presenters, who are professional fitness instructors - and it shows. You do feel like each part of the body is being exercised properly and that - if you follow the instructions - you are not likely to get injured.
- The final positive aspect from my point of view was the music: House music with a bit of dance pop like Hot Chip thrown in.
- As mentioned above, the choreography can be repetitive and a little dull - (If for instance you've ever done the Ministry of Sound fitness DVDs). Don't get me wrong,there are some challenging moves but I personally prefer to be jumping around a bit more.
- To describe my main fault with the DVD, I have to compare it to the other Davina home exercise vids. My feeling is that Davina and co have taken on board the criticism of the banter in the previous DVDs, but taken things too far: Now both Jackie and Mark seem to have lost their sparkle, and there is no banter between them and Davina, so there is nothing to take our minds off the exercises.

All in all the DVD is slick and professional, the routines will clearly work if you stick at them, but somehow I feel the product is trying too hard to please everyone, when it could have retained some of the fun of the previous ones. I'm also disappointed that it's not more challenging physically - I imagine you'd agree if you've been doing the other DVDs for a year or two like I have.
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on 29 April 2009
I really like this dvd. I think this is a very good cardio exercise dvd. I've tried alot of dvd's and there are so many bad ones out there. This dvd has two main 40 min sections. Super Fit, which is a cardio section and Super sculpt which concentrates on the legs, arms, bum, but also has short bursts of cardio inbetween.

The moves are pretty easy to learn, although they are not explained brilliantly, you only need to watch them once and you pick them up straight away. Infact, I prefer this because once you have done the dvd a few times, there's nothing worse than having to listen to someome explain how to do the move for the 50th time.

I like this dvd because there are enough moves to keep things interesting and not too repetitive, and just when you think you can't continue a knee lift say, they switch to another move.

There are alot of exercise dvd's out there that don't have particularly long cardio sections and concentrated more on situps and toning. I like the fact that this covers every area and has nice long cardio sections.

Davina isn't annoying (something I was worried about) and the two trainers who take you through the moves are good. I didn't find anything irritating about them.

The only critisism I would have is the extra sections they advertise. I would have preferred to have the option to select the additional bits only. As in 'here is some extra arm exercises' or here is some extra leg exercises'. As the dvd stands, you would have to fast forward through the entire workout to get to the extra bits. (This will only make sense once you've done the dvd).

I would recommend this dvd for someone who is at an intermediate level of fitness. I don't think the superfit will ever find an exercise dvd that they are happy with, and it's definately too hard for a beginner.

If like me you are someone who is exercising to loose weight, and want a good cardio workout, with a fun toning session - then this is the dvd for you.
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on 30 December 2008
I like Davina's dvd's but have always had a problem with the repetitiveness. Well not any more!! I'm sure Davina and the trainers must have read the reviews on Amazon as all the things that have niggled us in the past have been corrected. Things such as:

Davina chatting - In Superfit she doesn't!! Though she does in Super Sculpt it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
The repetitive exercises - Instead of counting to 18 on each exercise it seems nearer 8 or 9 which make the exercises seem to flow much better.
There is also more variety of exercise and in superfit, though it is boxing it feels more aerobic based than her High Energy DVD.
The 'just music' option is back but it has subtitles which is brill as I can now turn it up and read the screen.
This dvd has so much variety in it that it will take a long time to get bored and Davina seems so dedicated to keeping fit that it doesn't feel like a celeb dvd. Brilliant!!
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