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4.6 out of 5 stars267
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 January 2007
The Black Parade Limited Edition is definitely a worthwhile purchase for a My Chemical Romance fan. It contains a 62 page book explaining about the making of the album by way of commentary from vocalist, Gerard Way, bassist, Mikey Way and drummer, Bob Bryar. The book also contains commentary on the songs in The Black Parade from guitarists Ray Torro and Frank Iero. Throuought this brilliantly presented booklet there is also some of Gerard Way's original concept artwork. Also contains the song lyrics.

The CD itself is a brilliant thrid album from My Chemical Romance, though a morbid theme runs throughout, the album remains ironically upbeat overall. All this and four publicity shot picture cards are included in a black velvet box.

This is definitely a brilliant buy for any MCR fan who wishses to understand more about the Black Parade.
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on 1 November 2006
Like most MCR fans I was itching to get at the new album,especially after hearing the single.When I heard about this limited edition boxset I jumped at the chance to buy it (even if it did seem expensive and I had to wait a day for it to arrive).I wasnt dissapointed. Although this boxset seems expensive its great value for money if you are a true fan of MCR.The box itself is a work of art with its velvet, embossed logo and cool interior. However the best part of this boxset has to be the booklet inside.It has some of Gerards artwork, a step by step account of the making of the album by Gerard himself and also an explantion of the meanings behind the songs. It was a fascinating read and really made listening to the album that much better. The box also contains some large picture cards of various promtional shots of the band in their uniforms. These cards are really nice and would look good framed. The album itself also doesnt dissapoint. After enjoying three cheers so much I was hoping that the black parade wouldnt let me down, but it didnt,I instantly fell in love with it and by the second day of listening was already singing along and loving every track.The highlights of the album are in my opinion-cancer,mama and teenagers. I cant reccomend this limited edition boxset enough so if your thinking of getting it go ahead,you wont be sorry.
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on 26 October 2006
I've been a MCR fan for many a year now, and when I first heard 'Welcome to the black parade' on my car radio it filled me with a weird sense of joy and panic. For so long this band has been a relative secret to so many of us, and now to hear it blasted on radio 1 with the quintessential DJ singing their praises seems weird, but its time to buckle down and realize our boys are going big.

'The Black Parade' is by no measure a 'sellout' to commercialism, quite from it in this album the boys strive to fulfill their promise in 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'. Everyone by now has heard the stunning title track 'Welcome to the Black Parade' with its brilliant opening, heralding the age of Freddie Mercury and Queen, but there are also gems towards the end of the album, with 'Disenchanted' and 'Famous last Words' being two of my favorites. And, if your looking for your new teen anthem look no further than the melodic 'teenagers'

This is a beautiful album which proves to all emo critics that the genre has so much more to offer, and the Black Parade is leading the charge! Hoozah!
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on 28 June 2007
This band are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Fans seem to declare them as the best band in the world, and are apparantly planning an "MCR day" while haters seem so against them that there was a petition at the download festival to stop them playing. I don't hate them but I don't love them either, and the same applies to this album, about half of it is annoying, and the other half is, frankly, frighteningly good.

Some songs are just overly whinny, which spoils what are potentially good tunes such as "The Sharpest Lives" and "I Don't Love You" both of which are a little too much for me to take, other songs like "House of Wolves" and "Sleep" are just a bit boring and they just seem to be used as filler. But when the band stop whinning and start sneering it's really good; "Dead!" and "Mama" are perhaps the most mocking, fun songs on the album while "Teenagers" is probably the best. When the band are over the top on these it makes the album better because it's more interesting, although simpler songs like "Famous Last Words" and "Disenchanted" are also highlights.

If you're a complete MCR hater, and i've got to say you guys need to lighten up, then hearing this album isn't likely to change your opinion too much. But there are enough good songs on here to mean that the album deserves to be appreciated by anyone mature enough to look past the emo label.
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on 15 November 2006
Although different from earlier releases, make no mistake this brilliant and ambitious album retains the MCR trademark. Earlier MCR albums (which I also like very much), have had a greater sense of urgency and spontaneity - The Black Parade is measured, deliberate and focused.

The Black Parade is a Concept (thematic) album based on the voyage through the death process of "the patient". Unlike "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" their second album (also a concept album), the metaphor and fiction have not been plied as thickly - the audience is lead on a journey that is in essence a thinly veiled reflective analysis of Gerard Way's (lead vocals and lyricist), own life. Growing up as a somewhat overweight introverted nerdy kid ostracised by the mainstream, Gerard initially pursued a career as a comic book illustrator, but quickly became disillusioned after working in the industry. Having witnessed events of 9/11 on his way to work, he decided to do something more meaningful with his life....that something became music. After forming the band, MCR very quickly exploded in popularity and Gerard found himself catapulted to rock icon status - initially his coping mechanism for rite of passage being pills and alcohol, which made him suicidal and almost pulled the band apart. Now well free of the chemical props, Gerard has embraced his position as "rock star" and driving force of a band that will surely find a position in rock history. This album is very much about putting the uglier moments of his life under the microscope.

Musically, the band has matured and gained a greater sense of artistic confidence - allowing them to take risks to explore different musical styles. Yes of course they have incorporated sounds and styles from other artists and genres (and how many other artists haven't), but they do it in such a way as to retain MCR integrity. We are exposed to a lot more of Gerard's vocal capability (somewhat buried in the more chaotic layers of guitars, yelling and screaming of earlier albums), the guitar work is much more skilful and "positioned", and a broader range of instruments have been introduced to the suite of sounds - all adding to richer, more multidimensional pieces of work. Each song is a stand alone gem, different from the next - varying in tempo and style to suit the message. The lyrics are simpler, direct and more visually powerful than those of previous albums.

This album is evidence of a band that has a greater sense of clarity about their music and what they want to say through it. Sadly, it's likely that this album will see the loss of MCR's hardcore emo/punk fans, but the gain is a broader audience who can appreciate the music for what it is rather than something from a genre the band supposedly represents.

I have added The Black Parade to my all time favourite classic album list, but for those who are uncertain, at least listen to it all the way through - it is most deserving of your attention.
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on 4 March 2007
Another raging release from MCR, continuing their emo-punk with a slightly more mainstream approach. Unlike Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, Black Parade explores, with some success, different tempos, with I don't Love You, Cancer and the sublime Disenchanted offering a new side to MCR. The anthemic, rockier tunes are still aplenty, notably The Sharpest Lives, Black Parade and Famous Last Words, and Teenagers is so catchy it could well be used as a TV theme! The only thing stopping a 5star review is the fact that some songs (End and Sleep) fall slightly short of line in my view and I often skip them, which prevents this from scaling the heights of Three Cheers...All in all a great album
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on 9 November 2006
What ever people wish to class My Chemical Romance as, to be honest I no longer care- the fact is that this is a great rock album. I admit, I was hoping it was going to disappoint, and that I could gloat that now the mainstream has welcomed them, and that now the whole world and his dog loves them, they'd be rubbish...but I was proved wrong. And I'm glad I was. Indeed, there are some tracks that as an original MCR fan I found hard to digest, notably 'Mama' and 'Teenagers', but overall this is an album jam-packed with high points. It took a few listens mind, and it wasn't until I actually sat down and properly heard 'Famous Last Words' that I was totally hooked. The 'And I see you lying next to me' line sent shivers down my spine. And I love it when a song does that to me. I hear its the next single- I hope it doesn't lose that effect. 'Sleep' is a close second favourite, coupled with of course 'Welcome...'. It doesn't get 5 stars simply because it can never top 'I Brought you my Bullets...' but this is a damn good album. Just ignore the music snobs and enjoy it for the great work it is.
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on 30 October 2006
What can i say? Chemical Romance rock!!!!!

Songs like teenagers and disenchated are upbeat and full of catchy chorus's to keep you head - banging and knee slapping lol

The Black Parade song is full of lyrics that you can relate to, with its sad melody and soothing vocals

Gerard Way pulls this album off on a note of 10 out of 10

You need to add this to your rock cd collection

Its a must for any fan!

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on 11 December 2006
New Jersey has been the breeding ground for some very interesting and disparate musical sounds. Musicians like Springsteen and Bon Jovi paved the way for the hard working, blue-collar musical pedigree that symbolizes Jersey's everyman roots. Work hard, work often, and make music you enjoy. My Chemical Romance is a band whose work ethic and energy match that of their musical talent. Incorporating sounds from three generations of punk, rock, metal, and pop and even a bit of Broadway,"The Black Parade" delivers dark and morbid with enough punch and emotion to make it a record that needs to find a way into your collection.

The themes of death and dying are frequent on this album, especially in the first few tracks. The opener "The End" is a bombastic track that could have fit perfectly on Pink Floyd's "The Wall". It's symbolically abrupt ending segues into the energetic and fast-paced track "Dead". Heavy guitars propel the metal pounding of "This is How I Disappear" and continue on the gothic and melodic sound of "The Sharpest Lives". First single "Welcome to the Black Parade" showcases the signature sound of the band: loud, melodic, and anthemic. Though death is a constant in each track, ironically, so is life. Vocalist Gerard Way and company embue each track with enough melody and spirit to break through the dark themes.

Toning down with Way's emotionally pained vocals of "I Don't Love You", MCR kicks the guitars back up with the bass-driven hard sound of "House of Wolves". "Cancer" has a haunting and depressing chorus,"The hardest part of this, is leaving you.." but is a beautifully bitter look at a man dying in his hospital bed. "Mama" is another great track, starting with a jaunty melody that kicks into a lively chorus. "Sleep" doesn't really stand out, but "Teenagers" and "Disenchanted" are quite impressive. "Famous Last Words" is one of the best tracks on the album, blending multiple musical styles into a cohesive and entertaining mix that ends the album on a great note (there is a one minute long, bizarre and Beatle-esque hidden track called "Blood").

Clocking in at just over 52 minutes, "The Black Parade" is a wonderful collection of tracks. Elements of bands from Kiss to Queen to Green Day are clearly present, but so are shades of Broadway and opera; clearly My Chemical Romance has a sound incorporating many musical influences. The record's production values are solid; Frank Iero and Ray Toro's guitars are right in your face but Way's vocals get buried at times. Though dark thematically, emotionally, and lyrically, this album has enough life and commercial viability that it should meet with the same success as "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge". Fans of the band will find plenty to enjoy, and this could be the album that breaks them into the mainstream. For these Jersey boys, though, I think they will be quite content building their fan base the blue-collar way, one grand album at a time. Highly Recommended.

A.G. Corwin

St.Louis, MO
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on 26 October 2006
My Chemical Romance with their last album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" were hovering around the brink of superstardom. Wheater or not they would achieve this superstardom all hinges on "The Black Parade".

Scoring their first number one with "Welcome to The Black Parade" is a giant step in the right direction for them, scoring their first number one, and possible one the darkest singles to get to the top of the uk singles charts in quite along while. Don't let the happy pop hooks fool, the lead single off this album is as black as piece of coal, as it deals with the very happy subject matter of a man on the brink of death life flashing before his eyes.

Another highlight of this album comes in the form of "Mama", this song sections of this song sound as if Grogel Bordello were in the studio before them, they recorded a track, the band liked it and stole it form the band, recorded it and took as their own track before Gogrel Bordello could stop them.

Teenagers, is a surprising sing along moment form the band that provides a bit of light relieve before the emotional climax.

The buzz about this album is that the old My Chemical Romance is gone, this is a new sound, far removed form their Emo sound of all. Well the truth is that, is not entirely true. There is enough emo moments on this release to keep their fans of old happy and enough non emo moments to attract new fans to the band, to put it simply it's the best of both worlds.

The most striking thing when you listen to "The Black Parade" is that Gearlad Way, the lead singer, is a brilliant lyrist, truly top notch, one of the best that exists in rock today. This is a great album, fans who wrote the band off as a fad, a joke, a by word of crap, should listen to this record, as it more than likely it will change your mind on the band.
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