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4.7 out of 5 stars95
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2007
I have loved Stone Sour's work ever since they blew onto the mainstream (so to speak)with their first album in 2002! Their first album showed that Corey Taylor (frontman of Slipknot & Stone Sour)had much more than a glass-shattering scream; he could write and sing beautifully (songs like Bother), play the guitar and hold together a 5-piece band that were soo different from slipknot and in some much better!

Come what(ever) May (the original version) released Summer 2006 really saw the band come together as one of the best groups in the world at this time! I'm talking not just in the metal, rock, alternative -style world, but in the music world in general! Songs such as "30/30-150", and "Reborn" had the intensity we all know and loved Corey for, and if you wanted to be political; go slam on the track "Come What(ever) May" - one of my personal fave's because it perfectly sum's up the opinion of myself and so many other's i know about the whole Bush (and i like to think) the Blair regime and what they have done! Songs like "Through Glass" and "Zzyxx Rd." re-visit the more gental side to Stone Sour; but again..every song is well written and so beautifully put-together that these songs dont seem out of place at all! In conclusion... Their second album is one of my all time fave's and shud be given 100/10! not just 10/10!

Now we turn it up a notch with their new Special edition "Come What(ever) May" Album. I just got it today and i was totally blown away! 6 BRAND NEW TRACKS, and an entire live gig filmed in Russia October 2006. Ok first things first...the new tracks:

13 - Suffer (9/10) - Wow! for an extra track its something special, heavy with some sweet screams, the music is tight and at times brutal! This song could have sit very nicely on the original version of the album, and in my opinion is on a par with songs like "Get Inside", "Orchids", "30/30-150", and "Reborn" (my personal fave's). I Would love to see the boy's perform this song live!

14 - Fruitcake (8/10) - This is a nice track! Strong throughout; clever lyrics and kewl guitar and drums! One that you can easily sing along to but still rock out to aswell! Its kind of the same throughout tho...but this aint a bad thing by any means! :-) if it aint broke dont fix it rite?!

15 - The Day I Let go (8/10) - The opening of this track has some sweet drumming on it; kinda reminds me of Ill Nino a little (don't ask). Coming in at 5 minutes 5 seconds it's one of the longest (if not the longest) tracks Stone Sour have ever made. Another nice and kind of gental song...i'm not a huge music buff so i'm not gonna attempt to go into the guitars or drums and how they're played etc, people reading a review don't wanna hear that, they wanna hear wot happens and if it's good or bad? This track is good, not standard Stone Sour and in some ways not expected, but I Like it and think its a decent track.

16 - Freeze Dry Seal (7/10) - Well structured, well written and well played! Not one of their best by any strecth of the imagination, but i still think its pretty good. Corey doesn't scream his throat to shreds, instead sings with purpose and very well indeed!

17 - Wicked Game (9/10) - The first cover on any album that Stone Sour have done - Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" is a very well known track and virtually everyone i'm sure know the lyrics "And I dont wanna fall inlove - with you!" For those of us who have seen Stone Sour live will know that inbetween "Bother" and "Through Glass" with guitar in hand Corey sings his heart out to a few verse's of this song! So it's of no major surprise that he has covered the song in its entirety here! I'm not sure if this was a studio recording or an intimate performance but its definitatley live! And the best i've heard Corey sing ever i think! Top class.

18 - The Frozen (10/10) - Remember track 13. Omega anyone?!? Well i do and this track is very's not a song, but rather a 3 minute 4 second episode of the all-knowing Corey unloading his infinite knowledge on us all...and personally I love it! There should be a uni degree title "Corey Taylor's philosophy" damn I'd take it! Personally I cant get enough of this type of stuff; for me it shows theres so much more to Corey that the mask wearing psycho he is in Slipknot; theres real substance to the man, a man who is fast becoming an idol and a legend in the music industry!

The Bonus DVD! - 10/10 (easily) The live gig in Moscow, Russia is totally awesome! I've seen the guy's 3 times in total, and I believe you can only really measure a band and see what their about once you've seen them live. The quality of the music and especailly Corey's voice is something only truely appreciated when u see them in the flesh! Not only that but u get the impression that the band are there for you, not the other way around. Corey truely looks like he is honoured, humbled and moved when the whole crowd start chanting "COREY COREY COREY" and sing every word to every song! Hell the dude was nearly in tears when it happened back in March(2007) at the Academy in Birmingham. The DVD set-list is well balanced, amazingly-well performed and shows the band at their best; to see them at their uber-best...go to a live gig yourself and don't even try and say that it wasn't one of the best you've ever been apart of! cuz you'll be lying!

The entire package of the Special Edition CD is truely awesome! Totally worthy of a 5 star rating and it won't be on your cd-rack; it will be in your stereo playing at full blast! - What do you think i'm doing right now?! :-)
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on 13 August 2006
Come What(ever) May shows just how much Stone Sour have matured since there first

self-titled album was realeased. Corey Taylor (Slipknot vocalist for those few who dont know)

shows off his impressive singing while backed up by the formidable duo of James Root

(another Slipknot member) and Josh Rand who are on guitars and a pounding rythem section formed

of bassist Shawn Economaki, and new drummer Roy Mayorga (the old drummer left due to a family member having some type of

illness I believe). Even though Corey will always get the most spotlight as frontman the guitarists deserve

some real recognition here as the dual guitar solos and more complicated riffs show the biggest maturement from the first album.

The most impressive guitar work has to be on the track "Hell & Consequences," where Josh Rand

shows off the diversity of Stone Sour by moving away form the cliched rock solo and going for a more exotic feel.

The lyrics of this album are more mature than that of Slipknot's and arn't jsut random words thrown together to make a song

(please note i am a massive Slipknot fan so no flaming me for saying that). Most of the lyrics to this album are more related to a younger audience

but on the track "Come What(ever) May," there is a very different feel to the lyrics, with a more specific style to the writing and

sounds as if it's an ode to President Bush. Taylor sings, "Can you take away every single day; That we have given to another false prophet,"

and later goes on to sing, "Show your pretty face; hide the bitter taste; You're still the rapist of an entire nation."

My impression of this band is an excellent one having just recently seen them at Download Festival i can fully vouch for them having both the album

and aving seen them live. They really have a fresh feel which is good with all of the Metallica and Maiden wanabes out there this is a nice surprise.

They show a great diversity of music even having a ballad in there in the form of 'Through the Glass.' A great buy i would fully reccomend this! 10/10
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on 22 November 2006
I bought the album after hearing/seeing the video on SCUZZ for 30/30 - 150. After the first play I was absolutely hooked on the album and it has become my firm favourite. To add to this I saw the band live at the Astoria in Nov 06 and they are even better live. Corey Taylor has written some of his best lyrics on this album and as a fan of SLIPLKNOT, I think Stone Sour have a much better sound and rock a lot harder.

If you want a brilliant hard rock album from start to finish, buy this now. You will not be disappointed.
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on 13 December 2006
I've had this album a little over a week now and I cant seem to get certain songs out of my head. The obvious one being Through Glass is amazing and just shows the vocal tallent of Corey. Other great songs are Made of Scars, Hell And Consequences, Your God, Sillyworld, Reborn. Infact, this is one of those rare albums that you can actually listen to from start to finish without skiping through the odd song. It also has those tracks on it that you will want to listen to over and over again. All in all this is a great rock album and I would reckomend anyone to buy it.
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on 9 August 2006
Come What(ever) May is yet another must-have for Metal fans and may also attract a wider audience due to Corey Taylor's fantastic clean vocals which are heard many times through the album. The heavy tracks such as '30/30-150' will also greatly satisfy the people into heavier types of metal.

The thing I also noticed about this album is that each song has its own unique sound, which is more than can be said for Stone Sour's debut album. Sure, that was a great album, but after a few listens all the songs seemed to sound a bit samey. Not with this album though. Each song is better than the next.

Stand out tracks are:


Come What(ever) May


Your God


Through Glass

There are some points when the lyrics get a bit silly e.g. in the song 'Sillyworld' itself, when Corey says: 'So take those fingers tape 'em up and shove 'em up your ass.' However, lyrics like these do not spoil the album due to its brilliance. Above all, this album brings out Corey's singing ability and shows to everyone that he can do more than scream.

You have not lived if you haven't heard this album. Stone Sour are NOT a Slipknot side project, they are a band whose immense talent should be recognised by more people. They really are fantastic
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on 2 April 2007
The heavier tracks on this album (which is all of them but 2) are good, but not exceptional - fairly standard heavy rock. However, the two quieter tracks, Through Glass and Zzyzx Rd. are nothing short of incredible. Through Glass slowly builds and builds to a dramatic end, and is always a pleasure to listen to.

But Zzyzx Rd. is something else entirely. It begins with a quite piano accompaniment, giving Corey Taylor a chance to really show off his sensational vocal talents, builds up bit by bit, and ends with a thumping guitar solo. It is quite simply one of the best songs I have ever heard, and it is worth getting this album if only to hear this song.

So, overall a good album, made even better by a couple of very good songs. I would recommend this album to anyone. The songs are far more accesible to non-heavy music listeners than Corey Taylors other work with Slipknot, and even the two quieter tracks alone make this album well worth adding to any collection
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on 10 December 2006
This album will blow you away. It opens with 30-30/150, an amazing spine tingling drum intro that will knock you off your feet and make your blood boil with that wonderful rush of hate and anger that metal is all about. Corey Taylor's vocals are phenomenal in every song, but really shine through on the two slow songs on the album; 'Through glass' and 'Zzyzx Rd.' (which has a beautiful piano accompaniment by Jami Rafee). When I saw the band live (the best gig I've ever been to, as I'm sure anyone else who have seen them will agree) Through glass made me cry, it really did send shivers down my spine, and the heartfelt emotion of Zzyzx Rd. really shines through, it feels wonderful to play such songs to a person who knows Corey as the leadsinger of Slipknot, and see the shock on their faces at the fact that the frontman of one of the world's most intimidating and angry bands can sing and write such an emotional song. Such an amazing versatile man, a true legend. Other great songs on this album include 'come whatever may', 'Made of scars' and 'socio'.
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on 24 October 2006
stone sour are back with a new album, and in corey taylors case a new look too! anyone else think he looking amazingly hot these days??

anyway... i really wasnt expecting a new album from them, as slipknot seem to be the bands favorite alias, but come on, could you really see the masked frankly scary metal gods belting out 'through the glass'? funny as it would be, no.(Amazing video for that song!)

the albums actually pretty good, but not quite as good as their first. its nowhere near as rocky, and i think the band are doing their metal stuff with slipknot and saving the soft rock for stone sour. still good though. i love these guys!

the best tracks are '30/30 150' 'through the glass'(Im just in love with this song!) and 'reborn' buy it!
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2006
This is the brand new Stone Sour album, and it definatly does not dissapoint. Fans of the first album should love this c.d, as it is just as good, if not better.

Highlights of the album:

30/30-150: Great song, perfect single choice

Reborn: Great track that shows off Stone Sour's greatness

Through Glass: This song is VERY different. I did not like it to begin with, but it kinda grows on you.

If you are a big Stone Sour fan, then this is for you. If you are a new fan, I suggest listening to the first album first, then moving on to Come What(Ever) May.


My favorite song is probabily Your God, but that changes alot.

P.s. For any fans going to see Stone Sour, the new stuff is great live.
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on 16 August 2006
Hi this is my review of Stone Sours new album ( Come What(Ever) May, before i start i would just like to say that i was not into this band until i seen them live at The Download festival 06 and they were amazing so i had to get there new album and i thought i would review it for yous. Well here is my review song by song so its easy to read

30/30-150- This is one of my favourite songs of the new album its a great song to get the crowd started like it did at download ireland ah great day that was, i played playstation with corey taylor!

Come What(Ever) May - This is the easy way to say how much i like this song, its making me think whos better slipknot or stone sour? Its a great power song.

Hell and Consequences - In this song you see the heavier side of the band and i really like it, The way Corey sings is really good in this song

Silly World - i really like the inrto to this its has really nice guitar play, nice and soft at the start but the it begins to get heavier i like this song alot

Made Of Scars - I must say my favourite part of this song is the lead into the chorus it rocks, the rest of the song is ok

Reborn - I really like this song, it has a nice drum beat to it. I must say i was surprised they already have a video to it so close to Through Glass, This sounds like a great song to mosh to, hopefully they will come back to ireland soon and i can mosh to it.

Your God - My God this is a good song( get what i did there? LoL) But really this is an amazing song it speaks for itself really

Through Glass - Ah this is my favourite song off the album. This is the next Bother its amazing i listenin to it every night i like it that much

Socio - This is a great song nice and powerfull it really makes you think about everything

1st Person - I can see the slipknot side of Corey in this which isnt a bad thing at all i must say, over brillaint song

Cardiff - This song is nice. It has a good constant soft rift to it but then a great chorus comes into it, i dont know why but to me its a really powerfull song like most of the album

ZZYZX RD - I did not expect a song like this from Stone Sour but it is amazing this and Through Glass are my favourite songs of this album

Overall the whole album is great and everyone should buy it, it belongs in anyones music collection that likes rock music.
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