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4.2 out of 5 stars93
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2010
FIRST OR ALL i suggest buying this album before you preview all the songs for the suprise factor.

Gematria - fantastical fun, excellently done, funny, threatening, and excellent.

Sulfur - so sweet, so perfect, it was this song when i heard it that made me buy the album, its dark.

Psychosicial - the first song i heard, it was years ago and i was like "what the puck is this".. needless to say, i wasnt fond of it. but now i can hear the excellence i was not attuned to back then, the percussion! its so sick!! and PSYCHOSOCIAL! its catchy as a cat on the barn.

Dead Memories - words.. they lack. need to listen, see for yourself.

Vendetta - interesting! Sounds Like a Chuggaluging Choo Choo train, Kind of Groovy country style on the vocal tip. but some sort of death metal style guitar/drum section that pops up here and there is an interesting twist, its kind of dark and groovy at the same time.

Butchers Hook - The Controverser, this track gets mixed reactions, it seems to be love or hate, some times you may love it other times u may not see the point, its strange, its just strange what is what where when why how who whoaahhh!!!!

Gehenna - the suprise
} just wait till u get the album for these 2.
This Cold Black - the second suprise

Wherein lies continue - this track has a really demented section in it, i have never heard anything like it before.

Snuff - i dont like it but many people do, its not bad but its not to my taste. preview it to see what i mean.

now its getting pretty ramshackle at this point, the scales are wobbeling. which way will it ultimately go?

All Hope Is Gone - one of the best songs on the album EXCEPT the funny thing is they totally ruined it! which is kind of funny actually. let me explain, this track would of been a modern day thrash classic, the sections with the verses are really fast, heavy, on point, really sick, high octain stuff. but then, the chorus is really sludgy which is a horrible contrast, and not only that but it plays the chorus like 10 times and only two verses, it also has a guitar solo which i find to be rather bland and pointless, but its funny when it ends because it just leaves a sense of like... "so what?".. then its right back into the SLUDGY CHORUS(that whole section and its transitions sound like it was done by school children, seriously, its funny i actually laughed out loud at it once) HOWEVER the song has its good parts, it has this little section with no vocals just the instruments which is done well and like i said the verse sections are seriously sick. if your not as picky as that then you will like it all, and at first i was fine with it untill i started to feel that its a bit ruined.

ultimately the scales go in Slipknots favor. there was a few moments where everyone was like "ohhhh whats gonna happen here", a few sharp turns in the road on the cliff side but gosh darnit they took risks and it paid off BIG TIME.
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At the southern edge of The Home Forest is a vast field of corn
stretching away to an uncertain horizon.

A dirt track winds it's way from who-knows-where to a small circle
of silver birch trees, marooned like an island, among the waves of
an undulating yellow sea.

At the centre of this stark enclave stands an old wooden barn.
Broken and bruised weather-bleached boards are testimony
to years of neglect.

The woodland creatures instinctively know this to be a bad place.
Badger, Fieldmouse, Raven, Bat or Wolf. None will go near it.

Sometimes at dusk we have seen shadows move fleetingly within and
around it's walls. Uncertain shapes. Half-heard gutteral whispers.

Slipknot's devotees have an innate empathic connection with The Dark Side.

It's good to be scared. It's fun to peer into the Heart Of Darkness
and see ourselves reflected there.

Slipknot have until now been good companions on this occasional journey.

I say "until now" because 'All Hope Is Gone' is a great disappointment.

The tried and tested formula (for formula, however worthy, is what it is)
is beginning to sound a bit tired.
The blisteringly fast machine-gun percussion; the twin-lead guitar volleys;
the shoutey-growley vocals.
We've heard it before and we've heard it done more convincingly.

'Vol.3 - The Submiminal Verses' delivered the goods in spades.

'Iowa' remains their tortured, twisted masterpiece.

There are, to be fair, some redeeming moments.
'Sulfur'; 'Butcher's Hook'; 'This Cold Black' and 'All Hope Is Gone'
all demonstrate Slipknot's continuing ability to throw out some
good dark energy....but it's slim pickings.

Mr Taylor seems to be experimenting at times with his sensitive side.
On the pitiful evidence of 'Snuff' and "bonus" track 'Child Of
Burning Time' he really should have left it well alone.

More decline than development. More comfort-zone than risk-taking.
'All Hope Is Gone' bears witness to an erstwhile great band's
growing complacency, lack of focus and loss of vision.

Let us hope that the execrable strains of 'Psychosocial' will not be
their final legacy.
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on 8 November 2008
Slipknot are a strange entity. They've created a clever image for themselves that allows them to stand out from the crowd (Who says metal has to be serious all the time?), yet their music hasn't always followed suit.
Their first album was not what you'd call a classic in the grand scheme of all that is Metal. It had a dirty, heavy sound but the quality of the songwriting was sporadic, the riffs were often similar, and prone to a lot of noise for the sake of it.
It also went downhill very quickly after the first half. Not an uncommon phenomenon with metal albums, but it got pretty bad... Anyway...

I've never been a big fan of them ever since, and i'll be the first to admit i'm not an expert on them. They were ok, but not a band I could listen to for any length of time. They always seemed to be more for younger metal fans.

The most I heard after that was catching occasional glimpses of videos from later albums. Credit due - their videos are class. Duality was cool.

So, when their latest single Psychosocial appeared on my TV screen the other day and pounded my brain to mush with the bloody end of my own severed arm, I was pleasantly surprised.

So surprised that I actually found myself buying the new album today to see if any other surprises were

Occasionally (amongst the *&^% that some bands release these days) I find a new metal album that actually makes me smile and remember why I listen to metal in the first place.

This is not the same band that released that first album many years ago. This is a stripped down, refined, nonsense-free, focused, and professional, tight unit of a band who have put some thought into what they do.

Straight away when the intro builds up into opener "Gematria", you can tell this is going to be a different experience altogether.

The powerhouse behind Slipknot has always been Joey's awesome drumming and their use of percussion as a whole.

This can be a problem though if the rest of the band can't keep up. Thankfully this doesn't even enter into the equation anymore.
Gone is the Nu-Metal sludge, the self-indulgent mucking about and the excess fat that plagued their first album.

The riffs on offer are top quality, Corey's vocals are top-notch (he can SING!), the percussion pounds into your brain like it bloody well should(!) and the songs kick off with no pretense, messing about, or nonsense.
The end result is a highly polished (courtesy of Colin Richardson's HUGE sound) and slick, but heavy as *&^%, slab of pure, unadulterated METAL! Solos an'all. It deserves to be played loud.

I no longer consider them a Nu-Metal band, and that's not something I thought i'd ever say about Slipknot.

From "Gematria" (6 minute thrash classic!), through "Sulfur" (nasty beast of a tune with a great chorus), "Psychosocial" (a stomping BEAST of a tune with pounding drums), latest single "Dead Memories" (bit of a surprise this one!) and Vendetta (At the Gates & Arch Enemy would be jealous), and onto the songs that take a few listens like "Butcher's Hook", "Gehenna" (very moody. very good.), "This Cold Black" (ANGRY!) and the blistering title track, it's a rollercoaster ride that you'll not regret.

Grab your sledgehammer, crank the volume and smash something!
Or better yet, get it on in the car, windows down, drown out the neds with their techno-garbage, and scare christmas shoppers on a saturday afternoon in your favourite city. Childish, but fun at any age!

Not perfect, but definitely worthy of 4 stars (maybe 4 1/2 if they'd spelt Sulphur correctly!), and one of the best metal albums i've heard this year.
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on 15 September 2008
After hearing the single they released online, i must say i didnt exactly have massive hopes of being blown away by this album. I bought it anyway, and i must say i'm a lil bit dissapointed with the finished product.
Yes, their are a couple of really good songs on this album, and i can't slate the ability of the band, the drumming, vocals and guitars on this album are first class.

The main gripe i have with the album is when i listened to it the first time through, the whole time i was wondering "Are Sid and Craig dead or something?" seriously, it's like their not even on this album at all, apart from the intro. Wether it's just a problem with the mixing or something i'm not sure. Gone are the jungle amens, scratching and dance influences, which is one of the main reasons i liked slipknot in the first place. Tracks like "Eyeless","Left Behind" and "Pulse Of The Maggots" made my hair stand on end when i first heard them, i just didnt get the same from any track on this album, apart from "This Cold Black" which is amazing.

I'm still planning on seeing these guys live when they do their next tour in the uk, because to be fair i think a lot of these new songs will sound better live, and to see exactly what sid, craig and the two percussionists are actually doing on these new tracks.
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on 9 October 2015
Slipknot's best OVERALL album. Am i alone in thinking that this is and will be their best album ever? This has it all but I'm not gonna review the tracks or compare it to Iowa or anything stupid...thats just silly... just buy it and put your phones on!!!
I love Slipknot but some albums have tracks that are amazing classics but some tracks aren't and dont have THAT hook, structure or feeling.... This album tho is amazing (apart from a couple of tracks that chug it down a tiny bit).... variety thrash melody timing power chug chug boom shakalaka.... I would put this in top bracket of thrash albums ever... yes up with the best of Motorhead Metallica Megadeth Slayer etc... and well above Testament obviously fools lol.
After this album the next was not quite as good and I can only see them declining slowly... such a shame the legend died....
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on 10 May 2010
I have a lot of people around me who are into SlipKnot and have been longer than I have. So I have a general idea, if you've liked SlipKnot since they've first come out, likely chance is you won't be too impressed with this album. It's more of a softer side to the earlier days of SlipKnot.

If however you like their more modern stuff, you'll love this album. There is a slight hint of Stone Sour creeping into SlipKnot, especially with the song "Snuff" adapts a similar kind of song as Stone Sour's "Bother" or "Through Glass" but regardless it is amazing. It's a change, and to be fair I liked it a hell of a lot.

On this album, I'd recommend the songs:

Sulfur, Psychosocial, Dead Memories, Vendetta, Snuff (Note: these are just personal favourites)

I wasn't disappointed with this album, as I know a lot of longtime SlipKnot fans were.
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on 26 January 2009
With many bad reveiws on here i thought i would write one so here it is. though i beleive and this is my personal oppinion Iowa was there best album a violent,agressive, powerful and hate fuelled masterpiece. this album shows that slipknot has matured in there music and tried something new. In the eyes of many fans they have sold out or become soft-metal i do not beleive this because many of the members of the band have said this is the album where we did excactly what we wanted to do. so such tracks as dead memories and snuff have a certain stone sour feeling to them because of corey singing voice it does have some amazing heavy slipknot music underneath. so my advice is that give a good try before you simply say this isn't slipknot. so i'll give this album a 5 star rating. right then i'm off for a brew.
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on 1 June 2010
I have followed and loved Slipknot for about eleven years and considering they formed in 1995 and are still producing such amazing music is much more than any other metal, heavy metal, hardcore band going could wish for. The reason why these songs and albums are so good is because the band are such a tight unit. Yes they are very clever with their masks and hidden identity they will never age and they manage to modify their music to suit changing times. This album is by far the most emotional and powerful album. You still get that unmistakeable heavy and dirty sound in most of the songs, but it shows another side to Slipknot, showing they aren't what people necessarily perceive. I rate this album one of my all time favourites, enjoy.
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on 4 September 2008
I first listened to this album in mp3 format on my iPod after eagerly getting the CD home and ripping it. I was disappointed - it just didn't seem to have the intensity of the previous albums.

I gave it a chance but it really wasn't blowing my skirt up.

I decided to give it one more go before resigning the CD to coaster-hood so I plopped it into my car's system and fired it up... Herein lies the lesson: to really appreciate this album, you need the volume and power only large (and decent quality) speakers can provide - or perhaps a very decent set of cans. The whole listening experience was completely different and raised my opinion of the album by a whole order of magnitude.

Not perfect, but still good!
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on 22 September 2015
This is Slipknots 4th album and as far as i,m concerned there best. On this album its not just noise for loud sake its structured and thought about. I think its the band growing up and maturing.I,m a mature MetalHead into Motorhead etc so it appeals to me and i think it is meant to appeal to all Metalheads not just there young fanbase.Again less than £2 from Zoverstocks and this is the cd/dvd version and the dvd is a making of the album where you see the band no masks, no gimmicks just 30 year old men making a metal album even if it is done a bit strange with often going about in paper mache heads?.
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