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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2007
After the hugely successful "Ember To Inferno" album on LifeForce records, Trivium signed up to RoadRunner for the recording of "Ascendancy", and was 2005 a year to remember.

The behemoth begins with "The End of Everything", a classical introduction with hidden power and dignity. It's a milestone saying "We're back".

The first 'real' track on the album is "Rain", which runs straight from the previous track, into a brutal yet melodic dance of riffs and moshing-material.

"Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr" was the first track released before the album came out, and it hit, hard, people were blown out of their seats. Trivium were back heavier than ever before. It was no longer a game.

"Drowned and Torn Asunder" has a nice melody to the chorus, and the vocals are amazing. "Ascendancy" didn't stand out much for me, however it means a lot to the band, at how they had "ascended from the ashes" and became bigger than ever.

"A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation" is possibly the greatest track on the album. It runs fast, hitting everything in it's way. The video on the bonus DVD is terrific as well.

"Like Light To The Flies, an old Trivium live classic. It hits back with new effects and a jaw-dropping solo. "Dying In Your Arms" is questionable to some people... it is, in itself, a good song, Trivium just wanted their own "Fade to Black" type track, and I think they succeeded.

"The Deceived" is an old favourite of mine. Back bigger and better, it runs fast through your veins and makes your heart throb intensley. Heafy's growling vocals add to the power in this one.

"Suffocating Sight" makes a nice change, it's original and heavy, something never done before. However the keyboard effects slightly let it down.

"Departure" is an excellent song. Built on depression, letting people know that they're not the only ones, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... pure brilliance.

"Declaration", however, has to be my favourite track on the entire album. A 7 minute colossus that shows off everything Trivium has to offer. Riffs, solos, hard vobals, melody, darkness, the full works! Brilliant.

"Washing Away Me In The Tides" didn't do that much for me, but for a bonus track, it is very good.

The DVD's live performances are not superb, but that's only because you have to be there yourself to truly understand. The music videos are all fantasticly creative too. The added DVD is one of the best bits of the whole "Ascendancy" special edition.

In conclusion, this album receives 5 stars from me. It was near perfect, with a few things to be tweaked here and there, but, also considering the young age of the band, this is a masterpiece of metal history. Trivium truly will be the next Metallica.

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on 14 February 2006
Being a 36 year old i thought the time of good old thrash metal had passed.Growing up in the 80's was what it was all about obituary,morbid angel,repulsion bands that did something special.
For the last 15 years we have lost that.
I have been going to buy this cd so many times because of the reveiws and that wee sticker on the front, but its to easy to follow those reveiws that don't mean anything apart from give the record company the cash and you will listen to this once.
How wrong can i be about trivium what a cd old school guitars and drums that obituary would be proud of.
The only minor downside would be a little to much mike patton type vocals (nothing wrong with mike patton) but stick to the growling and full on vocal assault.
Anybody that loves grindcore & good thrash metal will love this. What a welcome change from the drivile we have listened to since scott burns took a back seat.
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on 20 February 2006
This album is, in a word, amazing. It fuses the old-school fury of Megadeth, the melodic precision of Iron Maiden, and the songwriting skills of Korn into one accessible, yet altogether heavy, album. Don't let the influence of Korn put you off, it sounds nothing like them, but it does incorporate that poppy cleverness into its sound.
At no point does the album drop its high level of quality. When the first song proper, 'Rain', kicks in, you think "the rest of the album can't match this", but it does. Although 'Rain' is my personal favourite song, there are another five or six that match it for overall quality.
1. The End of Everything - A piano-led opener that lasts just over a minute. The atmosphere builds and builds, leading perfectly into 'Rain'.
2. Rain - Starts off with an absolutely killer riff, and some insane drumming courtesy of Travis Smith. Then alternates between all out thrash and melodic death metal stylings, and ends with a riff taken straight from Metallica's 'One'. As I said, this is my favourite song on the album.
3. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr - The song that everyone has heard. Starts off with a mini drum solo, goes into some Megadeth-inspired riffage, and has the best chorus on the whole album. Excellent solo too, from producer Jason Suecof.
4. Drowned & Torn Asunder - One of the more underrated songs from the album, it would seem. Very fast and very melodic, and an excellent vocal take from Matt Heafy. Another favourite for me.
5. Ascendancy - The title track, and one of my least favourites, but it is insanely catchy. Also, the harmonised part of the solo is absolutely fantastic.
6. A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation - Wow. An adventure of a song to be honest. Starts off sounding like Metallica, and ends up sounding like Kiss. Again, the solo is amazing, and so is the chorus riff. Nothing about it really stands out over any other songs, but overall it is very very good.
7. Like Light To The Flies - Goes straight into a totally brutal verse, and ends up with a perfectly weighted melodic chorus. Has obvious influence from the 90s death metal scene.
8. Dying In Your Arms - ...and now for something completely different. Has a slight emo feel about it, but it is still very very good. Not surprisingly it is now a single. It has a nice intro melody played by Corey Beaulieu.
9. The Deceived - Probably my least favourite, but I can't put my finger on any specific reason. It is one the heaviest, no doubt, but it has something lacking. Perhaps this is because it is a rerecording of an Ember To Inferno song, and so lacks the same spirit as the new songs, I don't know. Still good though.
10. Suffocating Sight - I am running out of things to say about songs, but this is another very good one. Quite fast-paced, and has an interesting use of keyboards in the middle section. The only fault is that the ending drags on a bit.
11. Departure - Along with 'Dying In Your Arms', this is the only song that strays from the 'heavy/melodic/heavy/melodic/solo/melodic' formula of the other songs. Uses acoustic guitars, and builds up to a doomy grindcore chorus sort of thing. After the second chorus, it becomes quite progressive with a couple of guitar solos and time changes.
12. Declaration - Very heavy, but too long. Again, quite progressive in its structure. The lyrics have a good concept, equality, but are poorly executed in terms of pen to paper, for example "Equality for every race, sex, sexuality" isn't the most poetic line ever written. All in all, a bit of a shabby ending to a great album, much like 'Metal Militia' is to 'Kill em All'.
This album is very good, and given the age of the band, I would predict great things for Trivium. Here's to hoping that 'The Crusade' will be able to match this masterpiece.
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on 13 August 2006
I bought this album on a friend's recommendation and listening to about 30 seconds of one song (Don't know which one). Having previously been addicted to bands such as SlipKnoT and The Haunted I knew that I'd like Trivium just as much, but it turns out that they're far superior.

This album has been played virtually non stop for a few months now and I'm still not bored of it and find myself reaching for it whenever I'm at a loss of what CD to choose. Contrary to the other reviewers I feel that the vocalist is by no stretch of the imagination "poor". He manages to blend screaming vocals with melodic singing which fits perfectly with the superbly played music.

The band is indeed extremely talented and if you're a fan of heavy metal then you're sure to love this album.

Top tracks are Ascendancy, Like Light To Flies, Suffocating Sight and especially Dying In Your Arms which has to be one of the best metal tracks ever !

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on 11 March 2013
I bought 'Crusade' as an introduction to the band, and what a brilliant album. I was swayed by the reviews which said that Triviums' first album 'Ascendancy' was even better so I ordered it from Amazon. On listening to the second track I thought my CD player had gone wrong and had a recording of someone being sick on it. But no, this was the vocal style that unfortunately exists throughout the album. Horrendous 'vocals' (apart from occasional excursions into 'normal' rock vocals)
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on 15 March 2006
Once again Roadrunner have re-released another gem! this album was great the first time around and now with the bonus track "Washing Away Me In The Tides" and of course not forgetting the amazing live footage on the DVD its become much better! For all of the people who missed out on seeing them on tour this time round this should keep them satisfied untill they get the chance to see them. This should be part of your CD collection whether you own it already or not, go out and buy it, you wont regret it.
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on 7 September 2013

Not that 'Ascendancy' NEEDS another positive review - but sometimes you just feel compelled to add your own spin on things.

There are already plenty of track-by-track reviews of this album right here on Amazon. This isn't one of those.

When I first heard Trivium, I was already a big fan of heavy metal - but there were sides of the genre I still didn't 'get'. The heavier, hardcore, screaming side. I was already a lover of the 'obvious' bands - Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Megadeth, and Rammstein (if you can put them in this category), and even more obscure outfits such as Dream Evil.

However, I still hadn't been completely sold and still wasn't 100% comfortable with the heavier style of heavy metal. I'm mainly talking about screaming vocals. Whilst I already had an appreciation for certain exceptions to my rule, one song being 'At The Left Hand Ov God' by Behemoth - it was a proverbial door to a room that I would carefully creak open and quickly shut, time and again - until I found Trivium's 'Ascendancy' album.

Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr was on a free CD with Kerrang! magazine, and this would provide my first encounter with the band. I remember loving the intro but skipping the track when I heard the screaming vocals. Then I tried it again. And again. I was drawn in, somehow. When I heard the chorus, I was blown away. Of course, the chorus is sung with a much cleaner vocal style. I figured if the chorus on this song is so good, and the guitar work is so fantastic - the album MUST have some other gems on there. After reading some extremely positive reviews - I bought it. This was in 2005.

Firstly, I tolerated the screaming verses just so that I could enjoy the terrific choruses and the unbelievable solos and guitar and drum work. Then, I got used to the screaming. Then I gained a respect for it as a technique - and eventually I began to love it.

At least half of the songs on this album absolutely blew me away - something that only got better as I my feelings towards the screaming vocals were improving. Choosing a favourite is impossible for me.

The other reason this album is so important to me is that it blew that old proverbial door open, and allowed me to explore this other realm of metal that I had previously only taken glimpses at. Now I had the love for the screaming, nothing was off limits.

Over the years I've added so much more music to my collection that I would have never even been interested in, if not for 'Ascendancy'. Soulfly, Satyricon, Marduk, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Overkill, and Kreator, to name just a few off the top of my head, are all bands that I became interested in - all coming with their own journeys and stories - whilst retaining the love for all the other bands I already knew. Also, my appreciation for Behemoth finally got past that one, solitary song.

Recently, after years of 'musical experimentation' into other bands and, yes, other genres - I was searching for something new again. Choosing a CD to put in the car, I was drawn to 'Ascendancy'. Having not listened to Trivium since 'In Waves' came out in 2011, I'd had a couple of years away, listening to other things. Sure enough, when 'Ascendancy' went back into the CD player for the first time in at least 2 years, the metalhead in me got a giant shot in the arm and I was blown away all over again.

Then I found out that Trivium are releasing a new album later this year...

Listen to it. Listen to it again. And if you don't own it - buy it.
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on 11 March 2011
When reviewing this album its difficult to know where to start. In my opinion this is the finest Heavy Metal album of the 2000s. Trivium draw from so many different influences while crafting a sound that is distinctly and instantly their own. Not only is it brilliant, their sound is like nothing before and nothing since.

The choruses are melodic, memorable and inspired, the riffs and verses relentlessly brutal and dynamic, but their greatest asset, without doubt, is the guitar work of Corey Beauleu and Matt Heafy. Throughout the entire album theses two guys are quite simply flawless and untouchable on their respective instruments. Every single solo is a gem and some (Drowned and Torn Asunder, Gunshot, Like Light To The Flies and The Decieved) are genuine face-melters. When I first heard this album in 06 I found it staggering, and played it to death. Now, having listened to it again, it only sounds better.

Travis Smith also deserves mention for putting in a great performance on drums, constantly showing imagination and flair with countless little fills and rhythms to complement the lead lines and riffs. Check the intro to Pull Harder, or the bass drum during the final chorus to Drowned and Torn Asunder, probably the most underated track on the album.

The inspiration from bands such as Metallca, Megadeath, Korn and even Slipknot is there for all to see but its as if they have taken the best elements of each and fused them together. The albums Trivium have put out in the years since, while not being truly awful, have been immensely dissapointing, but only because they set the bar so high with this release.

When the band switched to clean vocals for their follow up album The Crusade they lost a certain amount of their identity and sounded more and more like Metallica. With this album, they put themselves on the map, and its something every metal fan should have the pleasure of enjoying on full volume. From an era when there were so many top draw metal releases (City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold, The Poison by BFMV, Hypnotize and Mesmerize by SOAD, to name but four from 05), this ascends high above them all.
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on 15 March 2006
there is a bonus DVD included in the package, with live footage videos and also videos that they have released along side previously unreleased 'Washing Away Me In The Tides' which is definately worth a listening to. the CD is amazing and deinfatly a well worth buy here a little track by track :
‘The End Of Everything’ was a contrasting way to start the album, its soft, subtle sounds prepare you for what your ears will shortly be experiencing, piano, guitar, and an eerie, gothic vocal backing.
‘Rain’, this is a great song, full of solos, full of the classic guitar. After that soft intro, you hear this, heavy, a contrast to the previous song.
‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’, the drumming is the first thing that kicks you, and yes, it does kick you, this song is amazing, it features in the menu for the Roadrunner United DVD and grabs your attention. If you like guitar shredding then this is perfect for you metal fans out there
‘Drowned And Torn Asunder’ has a soft, slow riff to start with portraying Heafy’s vocal skills as pure heaven, which has made this song one of the most memorable.
‘Ascendancy’, the title track, and in its place it is perfect, the guitar was stupidly good, it has a slightly different feeling to it; the rhythm variates more from verse to chorus with different tempos.
‘A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation’, is a masterpiece of its own, again it has some stunning, and crowd-pleasing changes in speed, and a variety in tonal features, especially when the second part of the verses kicks in. There is a sense of teamwork shown in this song which is evident when the guitarists and bass play together as one.
‘Like Light To The Flies’, has a Metallica feel to it, old style heavy metal, straight in with a rampagent sound and thins out to a more melodically tuneful line in the chorus. When this song was originally recorded they still had the original bass player, though there is no audible difference as the trademark duo of Heafy and Beaulieu keep the style going. This song is a lot more powerful than most, with a slow and loud guitar solo, which is also possibly one of the longest.
‘Dying In Your Arms’, is the UKs favourite hit and not only that but mine. The softer sounds produced by tha band clearly show the extreme ranges of what they can do, comparing this with lets say the Decieved. the guitar intervals sounds divine and even the small pharases of screamin could not wreck the song.
‘The Deceived’, this is possibly one of the heaviest songs, at least in the verses anyway, with non-stop double-bass playing and an extremely heavy bass line that sounds like the lowest key on a grand piano. The chorus is one of the most memorable, different to the song but awesome.
‘Suffocating Sight’, this song has a fairly heavy intro and then you hear the song fully kick, very seriously. The drumming suggests unnatural ability and the verses are inspiring. You will be given time to breath in the catchy chorus, which will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when accompanied by the guitar at the end.
‘Departure’, has a slow beginning corss oving rhytms within the time signature. Its has a very soft beginning, but later on as it picks up and gets going, the drums, vocals, and guitars meld together into a masterpiece. The chorus is perhaps one of the nicest and most awe inspiring. Heafys vocal quliaties are amazing, you can hear the full extent of his voice, from strong and harmonic to the more gruff metal qualities
‘Declaration’, one of the better songs for drumming, this song is the longest, running in at seven minutes. What better way to end an album with a song that exploits all of their abilities in such a great way
There is no question this band have progressed so far and most likely to carry on either further. Each member noticeably tries to keep the other members involved, and they are very good at pleasing the crowds of people who have come to love them. All fans can do now is buy tickets, and await The Crusades
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on 29 March 2006
When they galavanted awkwardly onto the underground metal scene in 2003 with their debut album, EMBER TO INFERNO, US heavy metal quartet Trivium came across as little more than professional Slayer fans. Characterised by a tinny thrashing rhythm section and puerile, cliche-riddden lyrics, their music attained cult popularity with the fourteen-year-old metalhead demographic; but, apart from racking up a few hysterical comparisons to Metallica from the headbanger press, made relatively little headway with the larger underground rock listenership. With ASCENDANCY, however, Trivium have broadened their horizons exponentially. This is a distinctive, exciting, brilliantly-executed release, by a band which has found its voice at last.
Perhaps the most striking progression from their last release is in the lyrics. Gone are the cheesy gothic allusions and blustering nu-metal taglines; ASCENDANCY is an opus of metallic poetry, seething with articulate rage and desolation. Vocalist
Matt Heafy has fine-tuned his grating gurgle into a piercing (and, thankfully, comprehensible!) scream, and the texture and sustain of his singing voice has improved out of sight. Accompanying himself with keening melodic lines and galloping riffs, Heafy surges through twelve masterfully composed tracks. The appeal of the songwriting sweeps the full spectrum in hard rock tastes, with violent speed metal headbangers like "Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr", stonking stadium anthems like "A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation", radio-friendly soundbites like "Dying In Your Arms" and thunderous metal opuses like "Ascendancy" flavouring the mix. One of the most striking highlights is the first song proper, "Rain", a potent and piercing four minutes of angst which makes Trent Reznor sound rather jolly by comparison.
The band executes ASCENDANCY with astonishing vigour and passion. Heafy's progressions are supported by Corey Beaulieu's kinetic lead guitar, which alternates between searing intensity and ballistic energy. Paolo Gregoletto's pounding bass anchors the guitarists' frenetic activity to a solid groove, and fans of technical rock drumming will be taken with Travis Smith's rippling display of power.
If you like your metal fast and furious, but also have an ear for melody, Trivium's ASCENDANCY is the perfect album for you.
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