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4.1 out of 5 stars173
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2008
This is not an album which will instantly gratify, but after several listens the songs seem to unfold and become more 'accessible'.

Losing Touch: A good opening track. The infamous sax makes its first appearance, and blends well into the overall mood of the song. You may hear an echo of Roxy Music on this track. Ends with the only guitar solo on the album.

Human: Surely everyone has heard this by now - a fun, catchy, danceable track. I'm sure it would have reached no 1 on the singles chart, if there had been a CD release.

Spaceman: Another upbeat song with a catchy sing-along chorus. Alien abduction was never this much fun on the X Files! Set to be the second single.

Joy Ride: A sudden change of pace, very David Bowie Young Americans, but better (in my view). A great bass line; difficult to stand still when this is playing, and it has a lovely middle 8 section.

A Dustland Fairytale: A song about Brandon's parents, and a celebration of constancy in a relationship. Begins quietly but builds to a fairly anthemic finish - probably the most Sam's Town-esque track on this album.

This Is Your Life: An unusual sound to this song, tribal chanting and rhythmic drumming contrast well with the very clear vocals telling a story - but I'm not sure what it's about yet!

I Can't Stay: A very island feel to this one, with a shuffling beat and a sprinkling of steel drums. A fairly short, sweet song Brandon wrote about having to leave his family at home whilst touring. A good melodic vocal performance.

Neon Tiger: A song about Las Vegas. Fairly even-paced, plenty of synth. Still not sure about the 'Come on girls and boys...' line - but it sounds good live!

The World We Live In: I feel this is probably the weakest track - the verses are not too prominent in the song, so it doesn't seem to vary much from start to finish. Not unpleasant, but nothing very special.

Goodnight, Travel Well: A really difficult song to listen to. Not really a song at all, more like a requiem. This was written to mark the death of Dave's mother, and also for Brandon's mother who was very ill (happily now responding to treatment). Anyone who has experienced the death of someone dear to them will empathise with the feeling in this track. It has a cinematic feel, starting very slowly, almost dirge-like, but slowly building to a climax of intense anguish followed by a suggestion of release.

A Crippling Blow: Having this bonus track means that the album does not end quite so bleakly as it otherwise might. A slightly quirky song with a middle-Eastern feel to it, and a sudden change of mood at the end.

As a big Killers fan I love this album. If I have a criticism, it's that maybe they've tried to do too much within one record. That said, experimentation is a good thing if a band is to develop - there is no point in making the same album every time. When the songs are well-formed melodically, as these are, then the tunes are always there to underpin the sometimes unexpected instrumentation.

It's neither Hot Fuss nor Sam's Town, but something different again. Still The Killers though, and well worth your money if you are prepared to listen a few times and allow the songs the time they need to be appreciated.
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on 4 January 2009
The first thing I will say about this album is that you have to give it 3 or 4 listens before you can really appreciate how good it is. When I first listened to it I thought I might be disapointed as none of the tracks seemed to stand out to me as they had done instantly on Hot Fuss and Sam's Town.

However after hearing it a few times I can say that this is without a doubt The Killers best album yet - and that is saying something.
What is new in this album is that a lot of the songs are written about the personal lives of members of the band. For example "A Dustland Fairytale" which tells the story of how Brandon Flowers' parent's met and his mother's battle with cancer.

This makes the album very full of emotion which is something that The Killers havn't really done before, and they have pulled it off brilliantly. The Singles "Human" and "Spaceman" are both very good tracks, more in the style of earlier Killers work. But the true beauty of this album is, as I said, in the slower, more emotional tracks. My personal favorite is probably "A Dustland Fairytale". I also really like "The World We Live In" and "I Can't Stay".

If you are a fan of the Killers then no doubt you will already have bought this album. If not then I would strongly recommend it as there is something on here for everyone.

One Final Point: The Track "Goodnight, Travel Well" is truly breathtaking. It was written about the death of Dave Keunig's mother and it really captures the emotions of anyone who has lost a loved one. The Album is worth it just to hear this song. You won't regret getting this Album.
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on 14 November 2009
...for two reasons . 1, - i can't believe that this album has recieved 15 one star reviews.
2, - I am stunned by how wonderfuol this album is , every time i play it , i love it more. It's easily my favourite Killers album , and i like the other 3 (sawdust) included , quite a bit.
I'm in a rush here, only typing these few words in the hope of bringing up the overall rating (with some other music lovers, i hope. not Killers lovers thats not what this is about) ,for this magnificent album.
I hesitated to buy it after seeing them perform 'Human' on Jools. i thought ,"if this is the best the new album has to offer ,it ain't up to much". i could not have been more wrong. This contains at least 5 of the best Killers songs ever. On the previous releases the vocals were fine, but nothing special,the songs were all so instantly catchy,the sometimes weak singing didn't matter, however on this cd,where ,yes,some of the tracks take a few listens to grab ya, Brandon's voice is beautiful, emotive and a pure joy to hear on ever track.
I adore this album , it was my album of the year, (and i buy a lot ,trust me). not only that ,it is..... along with Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker ,Bruce's - Magic,and releases by Idlewild,Satellite Party,The Music,Gaslight Anthem (off the top of my head,missing a few fave's in there i know)... one of my favourite albums of the decade/century.
I respect the opinions of the people who hate this album, but all it proves is that...they hate this album. It doesn't make it a bad album ,bad music, as they seems to believe. Nor does my endorsement make it wonderful...all i would ask ,is, if you have liked other Killers albums, or are simply curious...give it a listen.(3 listens would be better,ha).
It contains music that is wonderful ,to some listeners, that much is beyond dispute. Try it.
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on 29 December 2015
Brilliant, love it. A very uplifting album by the Killers with the sweet lyrical voice of Brandon Flowers. I found it to be a mature collection of songs that sound as if the Killers have mellowed and moved up to the next level. All the tracks are great, highly recommended if you are a fan of the Killers and especially the beautiful sound of Flowers.
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I have been listening to this album pretty much daily since its release, and I think it's great.

It sounds like a cleaned-up 80s record with a modern take. This is meant to be a compliment...I love the sound.

Personally, I loved Hot Fuss but until now, no Killers album has piqued my interest as much as this one has.

If you like catchy, infectious, slightly kitsch, retro pop-rock, you'll love this. I do. And it has one of the best cover artworks I've seen in a good while.
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on 4 December 2008
Being honest I was horrified when I first played the latest effort from my favourite band. At times it sounds so different from Hot Fuss and Sams Town , but that wasn't the problem. It was the instruments and production they had chosen. "Is that the saxophone from some long forgotten Sade track I can hear ? Yes it is" ... "Those drums sound like they came from Club Tropicana by Wham!" ... in other words , where Hot Fuss took it's influences from the best of 80's pop ( New Order / early Duran Duran ), they are using some sounds here that remind you of the worst from that decade. The production by Stuart Price ( Madonna - Confessions On a Dancefloor ) is very clever in places but too lightweight overall.

Still , I persevered as I love the band so much and there were a clutch of songs I loved right away. 'Human' is gorgeous. The best song the Pet Shop Boys never wrote , sung by a much better singer than Neil Tennant. 'Losing Touch' is classic Killers. 'Spaceman' is a fantastic rollercoaster of fun rock and should be a huge hit when released as a single. It took about eight listens and eventually I came to love every track except for the final one 'Goodnight , Travel Well' , which has well meaning lyrics but it's a case of "spot the tune" ( don't try too hard , there isn't one .. ). When you get over the change in style , the strength of the songwriting here really shines through. I suspect this album will get mixed reviews from many people as there are so many songs that grow on you and not so many that hit you right away. Give it a chance though and I suspect you'll end up loving it as much as I do , there are not many bands in the world as big as this one willing to take as many musical risks by changing styles so frequently. Against the odds , they've pulled it off again.
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on 30 December 2012
Bought this album retrospectively after 'Battle Born' turned me back onto the Killers and made them one of my favourite bands once more and kicking myself for not buying on release - especially as I've always loved 'Human'. There is actually nothing I don't like about this album: catchy, varied, orginal, inspired and multi-influenced indie dance pop: 'Human' sounds great still; 'Spaceman' may be their best live song; 'Losing Touch' is equally irresistably catchy and anthemic and 'I can't stay' makes me grab that imaginary latino beauty and salsa around my apartment and so it goes on...
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on 1 December 2008
The Killers have been my favorite band since they burst onto the scene with Hot Fuss and i have looked at the output with great ernest ever since. On 'Day and Age' they have created an album that will still be ringing in your ears long after you have finished listening.

On opener, 'Losing Touch' they have created an epic opener with a chorus that grabs your attention and a ending that is driven by an incredible guitar piece by Dave Keuning. A simply majestic opener.

Lead single 'Human' follows and is a pure pop gem from the killers. A great return to the synthesizer which sounds like a 1980's pop song but with a modern twist.

Next single 'Spaceman' quickens the pace of the album and it is a true Killers classic. A great chorus and a pounding verse means it is sure to be a brilliant song when performed live. Classic.

'Joy Ride' is an unexpected tune. It has a funky groove to it and it's not typical killers sound but turns out to be a classic track with a really catchy chorus and imaginative lyrics.

'A Dustland Fairytale' slows the album down but has a 'lighters aloft' feel to it as the song gradually builds to an epic ending. Once again, with some rather brilliant lyrics.

'This Is Your Life' uses the bass to once again drive the song and it is perhaps the worst song on the album but is still worth many listens.

'I Can't Stay' gets things back on track with an acoustic guitar and classic Killers chorus and middle 8. Brilliant.

'Neon Tiger' is a glam rock power song which was written after the Killers tried to write like MGMT. It has brilliant verses and choruses which will make for a good song live even if it does have strange lyrics.

'The World We Live In' is a synth rock driven epic song. Stunning.

'Goodnight Travel Well' rounds things up perfectly with an epic feel to it.

All in all, the Killers have delivered for the forth time in a row. Buy the album and listen to something that will cater for al your moods!
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on 30 November 2008
Thank goodness for The Killers. In a year where the majority of established acts have opted for identikit extensions of their previous offerings, Brandon and Co have once again opted to change their tempo and produce something unique.

Whilst maybe not quite chameleonic, they can certainly morph their sound in different directions. Day & Age is their third studio album, and builds on from the success of the Springsteen inspired Sam's Town. Given the acclaim they received from the aforementioned album; and the subsequent tour and Glastonbury appearance, it would have been understandable if they had produced an album in a similar vein.

However, The Killers have opted for a more melodic, pop friendly sound this time around. Very 80's in part, due to heavy use of synth and base, it strikes me as being sometimes very Duran Duran'ish in places. Brandon's vocals are once again strong and confident, swooping up and down in wonderful harmony with the rest of the band (Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer, and Ronnie Vannucci). Horn sections and sax add depth to the sound on some songs. But it is they melding of guitar, synthersiser/keyboards, and drums that is the true wonder of Day & Age.

Lyrically, they go from strength to strength (particular highlight for me is Dustland Fairytale "some kinda slick, chrome American Prince" and "Cinderella in a party dress, when she was looking for a nightgown"). Once again they also show they are masters of building a song up, adding instruments and tempo from verse to verse: Brandon's voice ramping up in strength, virtually challenging the rest to keep up. Building to that final crescendo, from where they can drop back to where they started. Wonderful! One can only imagine how Brandon 'The Showman' will translate this new material when on stage.

Day & Age once again firmly establishes The Killers as being one of the top creative bands of the moment. This album is a must for fans, and a worthwhile listen for anyone who wishes to instill a little joy into their lives.

Best for listening to: whilst getting ready for a Saturday night on the town.
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on 28 August 2010
This was the album that signified my introduction to this brand of rock music and what an introduction it was. I can say, rarely do I find an album where I like all the songs. Never do I find albums where I love every song. This album is the exception to the rule.

I have owned the album for 18 months now, and yet it still is listened to from start to finish regularly. I do encourage you to do this, I don't think it is the type of album to be added to your MP3 player's shuffle list.

'Human' is a great track, but in my opinion not the best. It is great lyrically, but I feel that Flowers' creative genius has better impacts in other place in this album.

My personal favourites are:
A dustland fairytale, this is one of the great type of songs that tells a fantastic story whilst still enabling to sound great too. Flowers' voice seems especially cut out for this type of song.

Spaceman- this song really makes me think and the lyrics are the type that will rotate around in your head for many an evening. Some are shocking, but this is the Killers!

Goodnight, Travel Well- what can I say about this song. It's difficult to listen to once you have heard the lyrics once or twice. Never has a song made me question my own mortality in the way this one has, and it does make me emotional.

If this was another album, I would mention Joy Ride, I Can't stay and The World that we live in in detail for being so fantastic, but there are simply too many tracks to mention.

Yes, this is different from Sam's Town and Sawdust, but rarely does a band experiment in a different way with every single track and pull it off in a single iconic album. Unfortunately, I doubt the Killers will ever achieve this level ever again.

Buy this album. Whether you are a Killers fan or not, after a few plays it will become one of your favourites, and you will get the 'message' of this album.
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