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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2009
Update June 2015.
6 years since I posted the original review and the most common question is - how long did it last?

Well the answer appears to be 6 years. Issues faced, clear plastic in lid discoloured and started to disintegrate after 5 years, just recently I've noticed slight drips under the kettle. I am assuming this is coming from the clear side wall where it joins the metal - but I can't find the leak, so assume it's only when kettle is boiling and the heat opens a gap. The light in the on/off switch still works but for some reason is much dimmer than it used to be. There has been no change in the noise of the kettle boiling but is still acceptable. Other than that there have been no issues, it still boils fast, no smells or tastes.

Given that this kettle has been used a minimum of 5 times per day (probably nearer to 10 at weekends)over a period of 6 years means that it has performed single cup and full boils flawlessly over 10,000 times easily. I would of course love a kettle that lasted indefinitely but looking at the evidence I am more than happy with what this item has done. In similar terms other kettles have only lasted a fraction of what the Philips HD4671/20 has achieved!

I knocked off a star on the first review because of a few drips of water left in the kettle, in practise this has proven irrelevant, and with the excellent performance I have no hesitation in giving the extra star back again. So I am replacing the kettle again due to the mystery leak, but it's going to be the exact same model again, only pity is that it's still reasonably pricey and no-one seems to be doing any deals! For me this kettle worked, but as I said the last time - you pays your money and takes your chances!

Original review - 2009

I looked at, and tried, lots of the better reviewed kettles before finally buying this one. I previously had a Breville JK115 Lightning, which to be fair was an excellent kettle and lasted almost 5 years before starting to leak (plastic seemed to be disintegrating and it was taking longer to boil!).
The Philips HD4671/20 looks smart (for a kettle) and the handle is quite comfortable when pouring. It's not too heavy, and the lid opens and shuts properly even when boiling (some start to leak steam when hot). The only thing against the Philips HD4671 is that it is difficult to get the last drops of water out of the kettle because of the limescale filter position, in comparison the Breville drained every drop - if it was not for this small issue I would have given the Philips 5 stars.
The Philips boils fast, 4mins 40 seconds for a full kettle with cold water, sounds a long time (especially when you watch it) but is still about a minute faster than most others tried (although a kenwood managed this 10 seconds faster!).
A big advantage is the very low reaching windows on each side of the kettle meaning that you can see very small amounts of water. Enough for a mug (1.5 cups)of cold water boils in 40 seconds which is wayfaster than anything else I have tried. Also, after boiling you CAN fill and go again immediately, some cut out for a few minutes until completely cool, maybe a small point but really frustrating if you want more hot water quickly.
The noise of the kettle is definitely less than many kettles and much less than the previous Breville.
From the moment the large bubbles appear as it starts to boil, time to switch off is 8 seconds, I have read that many consider this too much but I would consider this a rolling boil and I find that this actually makes better tasting tea!
After following the instructions to rinse, fill full and boil and discard (I did this part 3 times)and rinse again - I am completely unaware of any smells or tastes that shouldn't be there (some still smell of plastic or metal) - I do live in a soft water area and filter all drinking water though.
The case is brushed steel, some reviews have said it is difficult to keep clean but so far I have not experienced this - maybe it is a limescale issue and doesn't affect me?
Lastly, but maybe most importantly for me and my family, this kettle pours really well (fast or slow) without any splurting or splashing meaning that the boiling water goes in the cup and not all over the worktop.
It's sad that you have to go to this level of review for a everyday item like a kettle, I was amazed that there are so many kettles available that can't do simple things like boiling and pouring without making the water taste horrible - maybe I expect too much? From trying lots (and that's only the ones getting good reviews) and being thoroughly disappointed I think this one is at the better end of the scale and worth while buying. These are my experiences and I hope it helps someone but - you pays your money and takes your chances!
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on 7 June 2009
I've had the kettle for 2 months and am very pleased with it. The cup measure is very helpful for only boiling what you need, it pours without dripping, the button to open the lid is great for keeping your hands away from the hot steam when you refill again straight away. The brushed steel goes well with my kitchen and doesn't get as dirty as the shiny steel of my old kettle. But the thing I like most is that it boils almost as quickly as my old kettle but I can stay in the room and have a phone conversation whilst it does it! Much quieter. :-)
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on 24 February 2011
I took a long time to find a kettle that I liked, and that ticked all the boxes. Before I bought this one, I bought a cheaper, lesser known brand - which lasted one day before malfunctioning! I then got the Philips one and am really pleased with my choice. Looks very smart and aesthetically pleasing without being over the top (ok, so it doesn't light up with colours when it boils - I can live with that!). I very much like the brushed metal and chrome (goes well with the microwave!).

Boils fast, due to the 3.0KW element - good for people in a hurry, or just impatient for their cuppa (like me!).

The ability to boil just a small amount of water is an important energy saving idea, and helps to balance out the cost of using a high wattage element. Most times I boil the kettle, it is only for one cup of tea/coffee, so it suits my needs in that respect (probably applies to most people I would think ie most times only a small amount of boiled water is needed, for hot drinks).

will help keep my electricity bill down (kettles use a lot of electricity when boiling - I have an electricity monitor that shows me just how much the electricity consumption shoots up when a kettle is being boiled!) It can be difficult to read the gauge, due to condensation - you have to move the kettle around a little to see the water level - not a problem though).

The fast 3.0KW element doesn't mean the kettle is noisy. Far from it. It was important to me to get a kettle that was quite quiet when boiling - one of the reasons I got the Philips one was when I read a review that said it wasn't a noisy kettle. I can confirm that to be true - it is comfortably quiet when boiling and one can actually hold a conversation beside the kettle (which I couldn't do with a previous kettle which sounded like a plane taking off - drove me mad!). So many fast boil, concealed element kettles can be noisy - well this one ain't.

Another important feature of this kettle is that it doesn't take too long to switch off once boiling has begun (about 5-6 seconds) - this means the kitchen doesn't become a steamy sauna - and you don't waste electricity on unnecessary prolonged boiling (unlike some other kettles).

The blue light on the on-off switch that lights up when you put the kettle on to boil looks really cool as well as being useful - lets you know at a glance whether the kettle is on or off. Good feature.

The brushed steel finish doesn't show fingerprints etc as easily as a glossy stainless steel finish, so the kettle doesn't need much looking after to keep it looking smart. Actually, fingerprints aren't normally a problem as one doesn't normally touch the body of a kettle. However what you do touch sometimes is the lid, to close it after opening - but Philips have been clever as the transparent plastic gauge continues across the centre of the lid which means you don't get fingerprint marks there - and no burned fingers either! Sometimes I also touch the black plastic spout, to balance the kettle if it's pretty full (it's quite weighty), and the same advantages of plastic apply - no fingerprints and no hot metal to burn fingers.

The 360 degree base is handy as you can replace the kettle on the base angled any way you like; it also sits back onto its base easily and smoothly.

Can be filled easily - and without splashing - via the spout. If you want to lift the lid for filling - yes, the lid does actually lift to 90 degrees! (so many kettles with spring up lids just don't open far enough for easy filling).

The handle is well designed, and comfortable to hold.

The only possible serious drawback for someone could be that the kettle is, as mentioned earlier, quite heavy. This is not a problem to myself - but could be to someone frail or elderly.

All in all, I am delighted with the look and the thoughtful design of this reasonably priced kettle (and hope it lasts longer than most kettles these days seem to! Time will tell...)
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I've been using a gas kettle (one you place on a gas cooker) for about 10 years now but recently my other half has been leaving it on and forgetting about it. An accident was just waiting to happen. In order to fore stall a nasty incident I decided we'd get an electric kettle. My God !!! Things have changed. I filled the kettle to the 3 cup level to make 2 cups of tea and went to let the dog out and came back to find the kettle off. I felt a sense of doom and thought I'd bought a duff kettle and it had fused or tripped or something. I went to switch it back on when I noticed a whisp of steam.. really ? you're kidding ? I was away about 60 seconds. I had used bottled water from the fridge. Cold water. I couldn't belive it. I made the tea then showed the wife. Filled it up with cold to 3 cup level and pop .... literally less than a minute later the damn thing had boiled !!! Incredible. Definately recommended. But one of these and stop waiting for the kettle to boil. That and the water level incidator means you use the water you need and so it boils very fast indeed. Not often I give 5 stars but this deserves it. P.S. If you read my review PLEASE rate it ... help keep the feedback system working at amazon. Thanks.
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on 9 April 2009
I had an expensive delonghi kettle before this that was noisy and fell apart. This kettle is quiet, quick and great value and looks good too!
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on 17 January 2013
I've owned two of these kettles; the original was bought in July 2010 from Amazon, & the second was a replacement received from Philips in May 2012 due to the first unit developing (what I consider to be) a dangerous fault.

I'm writing because the replacement kettle has recently developed the same problem, so as much as I like the kettle for it's fast boiling, pop-up one-handed button-release lid & pleasant appearance, it's going in the bin & I shan't be ordering another; with such a long gap between the two kettles being supplied, I'm convinced this is a design-fault & not just bad luck, & so I felt it important to forewarn potential owners.

The problem is that, over time, the on/off switch starts being randomly unable to switch OFF automatically when the water reaches boiling point. (For not the first time, I've just returned to my kitchen filling with steam because the kettle didn't switch off...).

Removing the kettle from the base & then working the switch on & off a few times seems to get the auto switch-off working again for a while, but you really shouldn't have to do this with a 240v electrical appliance!

To their credit, Philips were swift & helpful in replacing the first unit, but no luck this time as I was politely but flatly told I was out of warranty...

So in summary, nice to use & to look at, but be warned about the switch!
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VINE VOICEon 3 November 2009
Bought for our new kitchen in which it looks superb. Boils quickly and sort of quietly. It has a completely different boiling sound to any other I've heard (only ever had plastic with exposed curly element before) which gave me a start the first few boils but really it is quiet.

Very quickly and efficiently boils both small quantities and full kettle. A little heavy when full so need to be aware of that if your wrists/hands are weak.

I was a little concerned by reviews regarding bad tasting water as I love my tea but having followed the rinse-boil-rinse etc instructions, our first brew was fine just as every other has been since. I do not filter water and I think our water is hard or at least medium (definitely not soft).

Sits very stably on its base, handle very easy to hold, switch is a nice muted blue alerting you its on but not lighting up the kitchen and the lid open button works a treat. We highly recommend this kettle.

Delivery by Amazon was outstanding as always.
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on 21 February 2009
Overall this is a very good kettle, it pours well, boils pretty quickly and quietly, no leaks what so ever, has one of the best limescale filters ive seen, the energy efficient side of the kettle is just a gimmick, it has markings on the window for one cup, two cups, etc, so basically just what you can do with any kettle, but i really would recommend this kettle,
very impressed
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on 12 December 2008
Looks stylish, Great product.
Quick and quiet compared to other kettles i've had.
Also liked the idea that the water gauge instantly shows you the amount of water you can use, by Cup indicators without having to guess. (It surprised me the amount of water i used to think made 1 Cup!)
1 Cup of water boils very very quickly! - so seems pretty Energy efficient, which hopefully will save you money in the long run.
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on 7 January 2009
I bought this for my parents as a xmas present as their older one was on its last legs. What a great buy, boils in next to no time, lightweight, simple to fill and a great pourer which is kinda key! Overall im very impressed and it looks great with a little blue led in the on/off flick switch when the kettle is on which looks neat without being too much! Definitely a recommend, well done Phillips!
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