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on 22 November 2011
Bought this as an addition to my 40d end of 2010. Use it with 24-105 f4L and 70-200 f4Lis, sometimes with 1.4 extender. After a year and about 10000 shots, mainly of my 2 young daughters, here is my feedback:
- most notable improvement from 40d is that I can use 800iso without any noticeable noise, 1600 still good. This is super valuable in lower light.
- picture quality is a bit better, not much though, the lenses are by far the main factor contributing to quality (except low light)
- 5dmkii works great with both lenses mentioned above, these are great lenses. I don't have much need for f2.8, especially with the good Iso performance. for portraits, f4 is perfect.
- I miss the 1.6x magnification sometimes so, I often carry both 40d and 5dmkii, I keep the longer lens and extender on the 40d and 24-105 on the 5d. It gives me a maximum equivalent of 450mm which is handy for candid shots of the kids outside or for when they are running around.. It also minimises dust by using both cameras Instead of swapping lenses. That tells you that the extra magnification is usually worth more to me than the modest quality difference in the bodies (unless the light is poor).
- the 40d at 7 frames per second is really noticeably faster than the 5dmkii, but I don't think that has contributed much to my results
- I have been using a battery grip on the 5dmkii for the last few months, I find it more comfy to use. I only use the original single battery in the grip, I will probably buy a Second battery later. Only con is that to change focus points in portrait, it is awkward to move the joystick/nipple.
- I use a 580exii flash, it is great, much better than my 430ex which I now use as a Slave for my indoor shots. I use the white reflector built in a lot.
- I really hate that there is no micro adjustment on the 40d, I have a Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens which lies unused because the focus is slightly out. I only use the afjustment with one lens combination on the 5dmkii but it is very valuable. I was going to replace the 40d with a 60d last month but it has no adjustment either so I decided to hang on.
- I only used the video a few times, the files are too big for my liking and the microphone picks up far too much noise from the camera/lens movements. I prefer videos on the iPhone or iPad that I can email. If you want to use it for decent videos then probably need additional sound gear.
- worth getting a 32gb card to store 1100 full raw shots. I use the extreme IV sandisk, works a treat.
- bottom line is it is a great camera, for me it compliments, not replaces my 40d due to 1.6x crop. If I broke ithe 5dmkii I'd immediately replace it with the same model. I consider it good value for money seeing the results.
- weight is really not an issue, even with flash, grip and long lens attached.
- I find the ai focus only acceptable using the centre focus point, same for 40d and 5dmkii. Frequent OOF shots for running kid using outer focus point. This is my only mild gripe, not sure if this will be reason enough to convince the wife i have to upgrade to a 1DX!
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on 14 July 2013
Well this review is not going to be very long and knowledgeable as others with very detailed descriptions and technical details. If you are reading this I'm sure you already know all that stuff inside out. But you probably cannot decide if you should step into the world of full frame photography or spend maybe a little bit less on a newer pretty much every way superior camera like the 7D with it's amazing AF system and 8 frame per second burst etcetera, etcetera. But if you think about it there is a reason that you can have this technical Marvell cheaper than the 5D mark 2. And yes it's the cropped sensor.
Well I am sure that the 7D is an amazing camera and my friend who owns it says it really is good. But as an amateur photographer I was learning and trying to sweat out those amazing photos with my cropped sensor camera for about two years. I loved the learning process with a device which has it's limitations (nikon d3100) but still is a very good learning companion in the world of photography.
But after a while I felt I have to upgrade as I wanted to do things my old camera was not capable of. So I was searching on the internet for photos I really liked and every single time when I had the chance to check what sort of camera they used to take those photos I bumped into the Canon 5D mark II. I have to admit that I've become a bit obsessed with this camera and worshipped it for it's amazing quality but the price was so high for my budget I thought: ok I'd like to upgrade but this is too much. Make a long story short after a long process of searching I knew that I cannot afford the mark 3 and do not want to buy another cropped sensor camera I decided to buy the 5D mark 2. I was a bit concerned. Is the full frame expensive camera will be that much better or I just expecting too much and spent that money unwisely? Well I've got the camera and the accessories I've ordered with it and after the first few serious shots I've taken I knew this was the best decision. The full frame gives you so much more to play with and the rich yet soft and lifelike images made me smile after every shot.I was blown away. The best thing for me in this camera is that since I own it my photography become much better and it's not only because of the better equipment but the fact that the higher level inspires me to learn more about photography and make better images. If you are an amateur photographer who would like to improve a great deal and hesitate between a full frame camera and a somewhat cheaper cropped sensor, buy the full frame. You know it's the way and you will buy it later anyway. I never regret it and never look back. I love this camera and so will you. Expensive? Yes. Worth every penny? Absolutely!
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on 1 April 2010
This is the best camera available for full frame and price. It's still a hefty sum to pay, but considering the next step up, the 1ds Mrk4, full frame is now relatively feasable for amateurs. You also get HD video recording, but only for 29mins or something like 4gbs whichever comes first. Even though this isn't a sports camera, it's only 3.9fps, you should still consider getting a fast CF card. Sandisk Extreme IIIs are the best, and get 16gb minimum. The HD recording won't work properly if you get a card that writes information too slow i.e 8mb/sec min, and on 16gb CF you get 49min max @1080p, 12min on a 4gb CF according to my manual, so don't get smaller cards...

Also, the best Lens for this is actually the 24-70mm, but it's an extra few hundred and there's a mark2 with IS being released imminently (sept 2010 @photokina).

The seller vendor is always changing, be careful who you order from. My seller's choice of courier, CityLink, delievered my 5D to my neighbour who kept it for 5days!

With the 5D mrk3 release date possibly being brought forward because of Nikon's D700 replacement, this is the ideal time to get this camera at a low(ish) price, the only thing you'll see better in an update is the AF, but I don't shoot sports/action and if you know your camera skills you can focus in low light too, so this does everything I need.
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on 17 June 2013
Thought long and hard about buying this camera.
Living in Dublin looked around at the local camera shops and the best price new for this set up was €3000. Also checked the Canon 5D MK2 second hand was €1,500 and priced the Canon 24-105 F4 lens New here at €950. Total €2,450.
So to get both new for €2,250 was an excellent price.

Have not have much of a chance to try it out due to crap weather but the few time I have taken it out has produced some excellent results. Focusing is very quick and the full frame gives you a much wider angle and fits the title of walk around lens perfectly. I also used it with my 70-200 with unbelievably clear results.

Don't know why they did not include a pop up flash. Just means in very low light you have to carry a flash unit along with your already heavy camera and lens.
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on 10 June 2013
This camera at this price is brilliant- £1850, if you look around and try and get it within the UK for a price close it will be hard! The lens alone if purchased as the retail product is £770! So you are getting a fantastic camera body for just over a grand!
I upgraded from an EOS 500 and the improvement is very noticeable. sure there are newer Full Frame and Crop sensor SLR cameras out there but this is a brilliant deal Amazon are doing. If you are looking for a full frame Digital SLR with an L series Kit lens on a budget then grab this while you can!
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on 9 March 2016
I know the body now obsolete however the lens is excellent and is still available . Its Canon 'L' quality.
The Mk 111 Body is even better.
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on 15 June 2013
This was a very nice camera but I did order it by mistake. Was looking for the body only.Wish I could have afforded the whole thing though!
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on 1 July 2013
can't go too wrong with this full frame piece of kit, had used b4 buying so knew what to expect, great bit of kit!
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on 13 September 2012
My first impressions of the camera were amazing. I cant fault the body itself and if I were reviewing with just that in mind, it would be four or five stars. Unfortunately, this body comes as a kit and the kit includes a EF24-105mm L lens. This is meant to be one of Canons premium L range, and is stated to have an 'ultra sonic motor' which I would assume gives close to silent focusing. The model I received does not focus silently. It produces a noise similar to grinding as it focuses (about 50 percent of the time) which is followed by a loud clunk. For the money, not impressed at all.

I hope mine is just a dud and have requested a replacement from Amazon.
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on 19 August 2015
Wicked camera. I'm still reluctant to upgrade.
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