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79 of 81 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 29 November 2008
This nano has had some vast improvements from the first generation all those years back. The screen has enlarged, and is very good. The colours and clarity is exceptional for something this small. It is a lot thinner, less than 1cm, and has a nice curved shape. It has a new feature not before seen on the nano, let alone any ipod, and this is a shaking the ipod to change track. The genius software is very good and I find very useful and selects suitable matches for my music library. Also, new with this generation is the accelerometer built in. This allows you to turn the ipod on its side to watch video. The price is very good, but is still expensive for its capacity. However, this is made up for in superb free software that is very easy to use and master. Also, this is by far, the most accessory orrientated MP3/4 player. However saying this; some of the new generation ipods including this one don't work on old docking stations. You may want to be aware of this if you intend to use old accesories.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 30 January 2009
This is a great product, and was a welcomed Christmas present. My only disapointment was there was no charger that comes with the Ipod, which I think is wrong, if you buy a product surely all of the attchments to enable you to use it should be included.
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91 of 96 people found the following review helpful
on 19 September 2008
I bought one of these on first sight. OK, it was a little treat to myself and I have had a Nano since 2005 and pretty much used it every day since. That was a great little gadget but this has gone to another level completely. I can't get over how light and thin it is AND contain 8Gb. My previous Nano wasn't exactly podgy but this new model makes that look positively obese in comparison. Even the naysayers would have to admit that the technology is very impressive, I don't know how they are going to top it next time bar including some sort of video capture device... maybe?

OK, before you think this looks like it has been written by some sort of Apple employee I have to point out 2 aspects which I don't like.

1) why the hell is the headphone socket placed at the base of the nano? That just seems plain illogical, there's nothing at the top that could prevent it from being plugged in there. It's just not right.

2) as with other reviewers here I don't like the fact that it can no longer charge from things like docks etc. I have a small radio dock and it was good to know I could charge it up without having to occupy a USB port on my Mac. I hope, in time, there will be a work around this. Having said all that it does seem to charge up very quickly, much quicker than the 2005 Nano.

If you do have a radio dock tho you will be impressed that it comes with its own dock adaptor. That was something I wasn't expecting but it was a nice bonus - just a shame it can't charge from the radio dock.

Apart from the 2 gripes mentioned above I think it is great and would recommend it.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 24 March 2009
It seems absurd to criticise a device that is so small and yet can store so much. I find it complicated to use but that has more to do with my age I suppose. Being in my 60's I am not great with these hi-tech gadgets.

My criticisms are that the output volume is very low, and I am not into listening to loud music, so low means low.

The ear pieces supplied would not fit into my ears so I had to buy another set, ones suggested by Amazon, Sennheisers.

I loaded a talking book, The Hobbit, on 11 CDs, each CD was divided into short chapters averaging 3 to 4 minutes, along with a selection of albums. When I selected shuffle it would play a song then stick in a chapter of the Hobbit, then another song then another chapter. The chapters were chosen at random. I assume there is a way of keeping talking books separate but I could not find it.

I got an email telling me that my 90 days free telephone support would soon run out and that was the first I had heard of it.

A very clever device but I don't see me using it much. I bought it to use when away from home, and that does not happen that often. I have connected it to my HI-FI and it is handy for background music and I see that as being my main use for it. I think wearing these things when out and about can be dangerous, I like to be able to hear what is going on around me.

So a very clever device but not perfect.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2009
The product looks great and works well. But why is Apple now looking like it will be joining all those terrible companies (mobile handset producers in particular) that abuse consumers by making the peripherals non-interchangeable? It annoys me more than anything. The new Nano will probably not charge in your speaker doc (which to date has accepted all other Ipods and has the same footing) and the plug based charger I have doesnt work either. So I am reduced to charging through the laptop. LISTEN APPLE. NOT GOOD!
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104 of 112 people found the following review helpful
on 22 September 2008
I recently bought the previous generation 4Gb Nano for my wife and she was very pleased with it. I wanted one for myself and was about to purchase one when I saw the new version was launched. I was surprised that you could get 8gb for only £10 more than the old 4gb version.
I bought the black one and I am glad to say I am delighted with it.

The only thing to note is that you need to have version 8 of ITunes installed once i upgraded it was plain sailing.

I particularly like the ability to shake the Ipod to shuffle the tracks. I note there are other new features so I shall be experimenting.

Would recomend the purchase.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 31 July 2009
The iPod is great. It is easy to use and I love it. The problems occur with iTunes. If you have a PC running Vista be very wary of installing iTunes onto your PC. I have done this and my CD/DVD drive now no longer works. The compatibility problems seem to be well known on Apple forums yet Apple, Microsoft and HP (my PC company) have so far been unable to resolve the issue. It is impossible to get in touch with Apple for advice, and forums end without anyone having found a solution (with the odd rare exceptions who have been very lucky). People have reported problems with burning CDs too. There is no consistency with how the problem manifests itself either. Be very wary if you want to buy an iPod. The product is great but the associated software is not, and don't expect Apple to help you if you encounter this problem. HP has done its best to help but everything has failed so far. Good luck!
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47 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on 11 April 2009
The best thing I can do to express my disappointment in this product is to paste my letter to Apple in here. I hope it is useful to other wishing to purchase an mp3 player for training and exercise:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about my bad experience with my 4th generation iPod Nano, which I have ony had since Christmas 2008. After less than four months of use, the click wheel stopped responding, and I sent the iPod back to be mended under warranty. The iPod was returned to me, unrepaired, with a message saying that the moisture indicator had been activated, showing that the iPod had been subject to a "spillage" or "submersion". This is not the case. The only way moisture could possibly have entered the product is sweat when I have used the iPod for exercise. Even then, I am surprised that this could have happened:I have always used a protective case when using my iPod for this purpose. After searching the internet, it seems that this is a common problem. Given that the iPod nano is marketed as an ideal product for exercise (indeed, it is listed as a use on this very form) I think it is extremely bad customer service that damage resulting from such use is not covered under the warranty. Either the product is suitable for this purpose, and should be repaired when it fails to operate under these conditions, or it is not, and should not be marketed as such.

This experience has shaken my faith in Apple as a company: not only am I likely to switch to a competitor company such as Creative for my next mp3 player, but I am also questioning my status as a mac user (I currently use an iMac at work, and a MacBook with Time Machine at home). Given mac's woeful incompatibility with other mp3 players, I am unlikely to chose a mac over a PC for my next computer at work or at home. I also suspect any warranty service on mac products would be equally miserly.

Yours faithfully,

Will Hoppitt
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 25 April 2009
The new Nano is a typical Apple product. Very well made and jewel like to hold and look at.

It's capacity (8gb) is large enough for most tastes and it's physical size is small enough to be appealing yet large enough not to get lost too easily.

There are just two gripes, why don't Apple improve the ear phones from the rather cheap utility range included and secondly I found the new Nano non compatible with the charging facility on a Logitech ipod speaker system without an extra mains lead which cost an extra £19 from an Apple store and meaning that both the speaker system and the ipod had to be plugged into the mains simultaneously.New Apple iPod nano 8GB - Black
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 27 April 2009
I'm a bit of a hi-fi geek on the side but needed something portable as I travel around a lot. I wasn't expecting much from the nano, but I'm well impressed; the supplied earphones really don't do it justice, though they are adequate. It's definitely worth spending an extra 30 quid to buy some decent earphones to fully appreciate the bass and detail the nano is capable of; I bought some Sennheiser earphones as they were recommended by the What Hi-fi website when they reviewed the nano.

Definitely worth the money!
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