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4.5 out of 5 stars112
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 November 2008
Ok, there is much confusion about what episodes of Family Guy are on each season release in the UK. It is pretty messed up! So here is a list of all the episodes and which box set they are on in the UK. The numbers after each episode are the USA episode numbers.

Season One
Disk 1:
Death Has A Shadow (1-1)
I Never Met The Dead Man (1-2)
Mind Over Murder (1-4)
Chitty Chitty Death Bang (1-3)
A Hero Sits Next Door (1-5)
The Son Also Draws (1-6)
Brian: Portrait of a Dog (1-7)
Disk 2:
Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater (2-1)
Running Mates (2-10)
Holy Crap (2-2)
If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin' (2-9)
Love Thy Trophy (2-5)
Death Is A Bitch (2-6)
The King Is Dead (2-7)

Season Two
Disk 1:
Da Boom (2-3)
Brian In Love (2-4)
I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar (2-8)
A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks (2-11)
Fifteen Minutes of Shame (2-12)
Road To Rhode Island (2-13)
Let's Go To The Hop (2-14)
Dammit Janet! (2-15)
Disk 2:
There's Something About Paulie (2-16)
He's Too Sexy For His Fat (2-17)
E. Peterbus Unum (2-18)
The Story On Page One (2-19)
Wasted Talent (2-20)
Fore, Father (2-21)
When You Wish Upon A Weinstein (3-22)

Season Three
Disk 1:
The Thin White Line (3-1)
Brian Does Hollywood (3-2)
Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington (3-3)
One If By Clam, Two If By Sea (3-4)
And The Weiner Is... (3-5)
Death Lives (3-6)
Lethal Weapons (3-7)
Disk 2:
The Kiss Seen Around The World (3-8)
Mr. Saturday Knight (3-9)
A Fish Out Of Water (3-10)
Emission Impossible (3-11)
To Live And Die In Dixie (3-12)
Screwed The Pooch (3-13)
Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother? (3-14)
Disk 3:
Ready, Willing and Disabled (3-15)
A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (3-16)
Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows (3-17)
From Method To Madness (3-18)
Stuck Together, Torn Apart (3-19)
Road To Europe (3-20)
Family Guy Viewer Mail #1 (3-21)

Season Four
Disk 1:
North By North Quahog (4-1)
Fast Times At Buddy Cianci Jr. High (4-2)
Blind Ambition (4-3)
Don't Make Me Over (4-4)
Disk 2:
The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire (4-5)
Petarded (4-6)
Brian The Bachelor (4-7)
8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter (4-8)
Disk 3:
Breaking Out Is Hard To Do (4-9)
Model Misbehavior (4-10)
Peter's Got Woods (4-11)
Perfect Castaway (4-12)
Jungle Love (4-13)
Special Features - Quite a few!

Season Five
Disk 1:
PTV (4-14)
Brian Goes Back To College (4-15)
The Courtship of Stewie's Father (4-16)
The Fat Guy Strangler (4-17)
The Father, The Son, And The Holy Fonz (4-18)
Disk 2:
Brian Sings & Swings (4-19)
Patriot Games (4-20)
I Take Thee Quagmire (4-21)
Sibling Rivalry (4-22)
Deep Throats (4-23)
Disk 3:
Peterotica (4-24)
You May Now Kiss The...Uh...Guy Who Receives (4-25)
Petergeist (4-26)
The Griffin Family History (4-27)
Special Features - Deleted Scenes (pretty sad there's no more than that!)

Season Six
Disk 1:
Stewie Loves Lois (5-1)
Mother Tucker (5-2)
Hell Comes To Quahog (5-3)
Saving Private Brian (5-4)
Whistle While Your Wife Works (5-5)
Prick Up Your Ears (5-6)
Disk 2:
Chick Cancer (5-7)
Barely Legal (5-8)
Road To Rupert (5-9)
Peter's Two Dads (5-10)
The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou (5-11)
Airport '07 (5-12)
Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey (5-13)
Special Features - a few

Season Seven
Disk 1:
No Meals On Wheels (5-14)
Boys Do Cry (5-15)
No Chris Left Behind (5-16)
It Takes A Village Idiot, And I Married One (5-17)
Meet The Quagmires (5-18)
Disk 2:
Movin' Out (Brian's Song) (6-2)
Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air (6-3)
Stewie Kills Lois (6-4)
Lois Kills Stewie (6-5)
McStroke (6-8)
Padre de Familia (6-6)
Peter's Daughter (6-7)
Disk 3:
Special Features - Includes '100th Episode Special' from Season 6

USA Episodes NOT on any UK discs so far (that I have seen):
Stewie B. Goode (4-28)
Bango Was His Name Oh (4-29)
Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventre (4-30)
Back To The Woods (6-9)
Play It Again, Brian (6-10)
The Former Life of Brian (6-11)
Long John Peter (6-12)
Any of the Season 7 (USA) episodes

On a separate release:
Blue Harvest (6-1)

So there you are. Hope this helps!
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on 27 June 2010
The episodes consist of the last 5 episodes from the american season 6 and then the first 7 episodes of season 7. all of them are very funny, but the highlight of the box set has to be the episodes stewie kills lois and lois kills stewie. just brilliant

the special features are great too. the live table read in front of an audience is great, as is the 100th episode special and the deleted scenes.

if your a fan of family guy then this is a must.

i hope my first review of a product has helped someone decide on whether or not to buy this dvd
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on 16 November 2008
This latest offering from the 'Family Guy' team finds the writers and producers doing their best to be more outrageous than ever before. No celebrity is too big to ridicule and absolutely NO topic is considered too taboo. If this featured real live human beings they would NEVER get away with half of what they try here!

But the acid test is this: when being profane and attacking and offending every minority group in existence, is it actually funny? The short answer is `yes'. This is not merely funny, it is very funny indeed. Rosie O'Donnell features in one particularly insulting sequence, and when Joe has a leg transplant and becomes his old active self, the guys decide the only way to fix things is to `re-cripple him again'.

This is quite literally the most non-PC programme ever put on your TV screen, but it contains more invention and (frequently hilarious) jokes per minute than practically any sitcom.

Highlights are two numerous to mention, but I particularly enjoyed the sofa at Quagmire's shack (watch it and tell me it isn't superb!), and Peter's stripper-cop routine at his daughter Meg's hen night. Shocking stuff!

Sad to think that `The Simpsons' was once written with this kind of genius. How the mighty have fallen...

Only downside is the first two episodes were put out separately as the `Star Wars' spoof `Blue Harvest', so this pack is a little light at only 12 episodes (including the double 100th episode, split into two). But no matter, I'd happily lay out decent cash for something this good any day of the week.
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VINE VOICEon 4 November 2015
More adventures with likeable idiot Peter Griffin and his odd family and friends. Season 7 of Family Guy is more of the same of what you previously got on the seasons 1-6 boxsets, very politically incorrect and very funny adult animated comedy. Highlights of season 7 include Peter fighting a giant chicken in a ridiculously long and over the top and very violent and hilarious battle, Lois becoming mayor of Quahog, the small American town where the family lives, Peter discovering he's actually a Mexican illegal immigrant after making very racist and un pc comments about illegal immigrants and the highlight of this set, the 100th episode spectacular which sees baby Stewie finally delivering on his threats and killing Lois and taking over the world in a 2 part episode which includes a small crossover and cameos with characters from American Dad, one of Seth McFarlane's other adult animated comedies. Once again it's baby Stewie and dog Brian that form a great double act and steal the series and once again it's not really season 7 as such on this DVD more like volume 7. A must for Family Guy fans and best to avoid if you're easily offended. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because it's a cartoon it'll be suitable for kids, it's a 15 certificate for a reason. Family Guy has now unexpectedly taken over from The Simpsons as the best animated comedy series around with no signs of stopping with Seth McFarlane and the voice cast on great form.
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on 18 December 2009
really really fun some bits can be rude tho but there still funny. i got season 6 and 7. i think season seven is really good and season six i would recomend both of the seasons but season sevens the best so far.
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on 13 November 2008
Finally, after a year since the release of Family Guy Season Six comes Season Seven. I've been a Family Guy fan since the beginning, since it was aired on Channel 4 at 6pm in 1999 here in the UK. I have bought every single season on DVD. With the release of Season Four, Fox decided that it would only release half seasons for the price of a full season (seasons one, two and three were the complete seasons). It didn't stop me buying them but I felt a little cheated. Now we have Season Seven.

Only twelve episodes accompany this season, the lowest in a Family Guy DVD season yet!! While the show is as funny as ever this set is an complete shambles and will leave you hungry for more. Maybe that was Fox's intention, so we would rush out and buy the next half of a season on DVD which will probably be released in another year's time. I hope Fox sees sense and starts to release them complete and not just a handful at a time.

Overall: Family Guy is as hilarious as it always is but with this Season it will be over before you know it. 3/5.
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on 4 December 2008
After watching this a few times i realised that most of the episodes are very good and in all this season is an improvement on season 6 in it's consistency and almost as good as the first 3 seasons.I think the writers let themselves down though with the at times cruel humour aimed at cancer sufferers,the disabled and the jews.This isn't funny and i doubt Seth McFarlane would find it funny if himself or someone close to him were afflicted by cancer,etc.Family Guy spoils itself with this type of 'humour' and laughs can be found without having to resort to this type of infantile behaviour.
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on 30 July 2009
Great series of this modern classic animated comedy. I'm an avid collector of the family guy series' and needed only this one to have all seven, so I had high expectations of it. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed and this series is just as good (if not better) than the other six. As it says on all of those little fliers in the DVD cases you get with Fox products it is "Must see TV".
Also, Amazon were great and I received my order quickly and very well packaged as to avoid postal/courier damage.
All in all 10 out of 10!Family Guy - Season 7 - Complete [DVD]
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on 11 February 2010
I've often tried to think of something bad to say about Family Guy, but failed. You either love it or you love it and pretend to hate it. It might be absurd and even ludicrous in places, and it's been picked to pieces in South Park as being random drivel - I have to agree with that view and that's what makes it so good. It's been cancelled a few times but somehow manages to come back again every time, and now stands at 7 series. Admittedly it peaked somewhere in seasons 3 and 4 and has been gently coasting on its own notoriety ever since, so season 7 won't hold any surprises.
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on 27 January 2016
Yet another strong season. This DVD contains the hilarious 100 episode celebration which alone makes the DVD a masterpiece of comedy and social culture. Including a new Peter Griffin vs Giant Chicken fight, time travel and Brians girlfriend Gillian, this collection caters to fans pre existing and is bound to bring in brand new audiences to the fold as Seth Mcfarlane and his team continue to cater to every brand of comedy and relatability. This is the pinnacle of the show up to this point and highly recommended.
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