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4.0 out of 5 stars156
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2008
REC in general is a good horror movie with parts that make you jump and some tense moments and I really like the POV camera movements, however for me it just takes too long before the real action starts and the plot moves forward. The one to one interviews, although perhaps used to allow the audience to get to know the characters better dragged on more than it should. All this said REC is deserving in the 4 stars i give it and no one should be put off by the language barrier and should definitely give it a chance.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 April 2013
Arguably one of the finest examples of the "found footage" horror genre this Spanish gem, well scripted and brilliantly acted, deserves the critical plaudits it received on first release. The concept, characterisations and realism results in a wonderful little shocker which never falters during it's brief running time and often delivers some very frightening moments. A great cult movie for the future I suspect and a very impressive calling card for the director and lead cast members!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 September 2012
No, seriously. That probably sounds like I'm exaggerating but it really is. Horror films don't usually scare me at all but this one made me jump off my seat several times!

It starts with a Spanish film crew following a group of firemen. It's not long before they respond to a call - an eccentric elderly woman has been heard screaming in a flat, having probably fallen over (yeah, right!) & the police need the firemen to open the door. Only what they find soon has them running for their lives in fear, while the poor old cameraman tries to record everything that happens.

Such films normally stick to a predictable formula but this one kept me guessing, containing as it does several unexpected changes of direction & a truly scary atmosphere which sucked me right in. For one thing, the acting, script & PoV camerawork were utterly convincing - probably moreso for Spanish audiences since the anchorwoman is apparently played by a real-life TV presenter. And the ending is just superb - with 10 minutes left, mysteries are still unfolding, making it impossible to guess where it was going to end up.

Forget Hollywood with its fake love interests & predictable scripts. This is dark & dirty with an incredible tense atmosphere. I can't wait to get hold of the sequels!
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on 23 November 2013
We follow a Spanish late-night television reporter Ángela Vidal, through the lens of her cameraman, Pablo.

During one report, the duo follow a team of firefighters who get a call from an apartment building nearby about a trapped woman.

When they arrive, they find the apartment's residents huddled in the lobby. They go upstairs to find a woman who is obviously distressed.

What follows is a night that none of them will ever forget......

First off, if you've seen the remake of this before the original, then don't bother watching this, far superior movie, you really have no right, because this film deserves a lot more respect than its inferior Amercan cousin.

The film is short, and as soon as we enter the apartment, it never lets up until the very end. The cast are great, and there are some truly shocking moments, like the firefighter who just falls from out of nowhere.

Referencing 28 days later, and many found footage movies, the film isn't original, the ending reeks of Blair Witch, but its straight to the point, and literally no one is safe in this apartment.

The second movie is really good too.
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on 11 August 2009
I hate horror films because they never scare me, cheap 'jumps' aside they rarely provoke any reaction. This did! I was pretty scared for most of it.

Ok, there are some 'cheap' jumps but the whole atmosphere is pretty scary on the whole and I was very happy to be genuinely frightened for a change. The POV worked, it's a bit throwaway to just say its a Blair Witch rip off, (that wasn't very scary I didn't think) just because the same technique is used.

The POV really added to the creepy and confused feel to the film, which I know some people have taken as a critisicm, trying to justify every action/reaction and pulling every last scene apart etc. That misses the point for me and instead it helped absolve me of being too analytical, thus promoting my enjoyment.

Plot holes, yes but then there aren't many semi-supernatural films that don't and there certainly weren't enough to ruin my enjoyment.

Not seen the remake, don't want to, I think it's revealing that on average it has one less star than this film. The subtitles; I always think they help in horror films as they draw your attention in more. Overall would definitely recommend as a scary film!
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on 14 October 2008
There's a review here that said the best way to watch [Rec] is to know as little about it as possible. That's exactly right. Don't watch any trailers or read any spoilers. Stay as far away as possible from the remake. Just get a copy of this, turn the lights off and crap yourself for 80 minutes.

Remakes, sequels and kiddy horror can all take a running jump. This is horror at its finest.
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on 16 May 2009
If you're of a nervous disposition but enjoy watching scary films then REC could be just the ticket. In terms of content there's not much new here but as an exercise in technique, this film really works. The story is neatly contrived to retain all the action within one building, which helps no end in cranking up the tension by injecting a strong sense of entrapment and claustrophobia. The zombie aspect is nothing new of course, but here it's played down and doesn't go overboard with gore as the emphasis is on fear and panic. These build to staggering proportions. In any case it's not a `zombie film'.

The film-crew-filming-a-documentary idea isn't original either but after all, this is just a means to an end it's played out very convincingly but also contributes to the film's major flaw, ie how many cameramen would actually continue filming in a situation where their lives are at risk? But we have to live with that of course - better not to ask such questions. There's also a very strange episode where the camera records the tape rewinding. Hmmm.

The camerawork is frantic and it does take a while to adjust to but stick with it - once you are locked in it drags you through the building, upstairs, downstairs, through the lady's chamber, and doesn't let you go. This approach is becoming commonplace in films such as these and it doesn't always work. Blair Witch was probably the film which kicked it all off in mainstream cinema and that film worked extremely well, despite stories of viewers having to leave the cinema because they couldn't hack it. Unfortunately the technique has now found its way onto television and here is largely used in an arbitrary and ill-considered fashion, with the result that it looks amateurish and becomes very annoying and unwatchable. The main reason is that it is used out of context but with films like Blair Witch and REC the context is set up within the narrative which makes it both acceptable and effective, if not always easy to watch especially on a large screen. Because of its subjectivity, the camera simply sees and tries to make sense of that which would be seen be the viewer. The result is total involvement.

The last section, which offers an explanation for the goings-on, has a bit of a tacked-on feel to it and feels a little out of kilter with the rest of the film. Nevertheless, it provides the most startling and disturbing images. The performances here aren't Oscar winning, but they don't need to be and they are more than adequate.

I've often wondered how many people have been truly terrified when watching horror films and I mean truly terrified. There aren't really that many films out there that can do that but perhaps this one comes close. At the end of the day, this one is simply an exercise in generating fear and panic and if it doesn't work for you, then fair enough but if you've reviewed it and dismissed it out of hand, then I ask you this: What exactly do you want?
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on 27 August 2008
This film is simply stunning. If there is any justice Rec will be talked of in years to come with the same reverence now given to Night of the Living Dead.

Every horror fan needs to see this movie. Outstanding.

George Romero must have been mortified when he saw this. This is what his Diary of the Dead should have been.
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on 11 February 2014
This movie is terrifying! Although, it does use the first person video camera effect which I feel is now often overused with modern movies. This movie seems to pull it off though while being original.

I love horror movies and this is one of the scariest I've seen. Everything is brilliantly timed and executed flawlessly.

*Spoiler Alert*

I wasn't too much of a fan of the little girl being a zombie, I find that idea a bit too cliche, also I thought she was a little unconvincing in parts, but that was really after my second or third viewing of the movie.

I highly recommend watching REC 2 if you enjoyed this movie. It doesn't fail to disappoint. It's one of the best sequels I've seen. Although, stay away from the third one, REC: Genesis, I've heard nothing but bad reviews about it.

This movie is stunning on Blu-ray.
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on 26 November 2008
I heard about this after the American version was made this year so i bought it knowing it was in subtitles/spanish film. I was very impressed for many reasons especially the tense atmosphere and great camera work. The ending is brilliant and i would definately recommend it to all horror fans. Not far off a 5 star at all.
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