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4.6 out of 5 stars572
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2010
If you are going to get Wall-E (and you should, oh yes you should) get the two disc edition... it's an odd wrapper, cardboard with bits that slide out, one per side each containing one disc.
I'm (unfortunately) prone to watching the extras before the main feature - and that's why you want the two discer because the extras on this one are good. Mind you, the two bonus shorts on the main disc - BURN-E and PRESTO! are both good too. BURN-E has a story about a poor maintenance robot that takes place in parallel with the main film...
PRESTO is a tale presented in the style of the classic Disney shorts of the 50's... superb CGI animated tale of a magician and his (hungry!) rabbit sidekick. You'll see what magic props are needed to do the old rabbit-out-of-a-hat routine and the dire consequences of their misuse....
There is a documentary that shows how Ben Burtt (sound craftsman on Star Wars as well) builds up the sonic landscape that adds verisimilitude to the main feature... how sounds can be sought, and simulated by amazing Heath Robinson-esque gadgets - something Disney's have done since the '30s, and we see some veteran pieces of kit dating back to before "The Reluctant Dragon", their use, and examples of sound-to-picture from classic Disney shorts.
All in all a superb little feature and worth seing.
The film itself? a heatwarming tale of robot love and self sacrifice, almost dialogue free but with a sonic landscape that is the aural equivalent of 3D. I enjoyed it a lot more than UP I can tell you.

Buy! Buy! Buy!
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on 18 January 2012
I am utterly baffled by some of the negative reviews I've read for WALL-E, it has been a huge favourite in our house for a couple of years now. A relative bought it for my eldest son when he was 3 and he'd never watched a full-length feature before. I was convinced he'd last about 10 mins top and he sat glued to it for the duration! I'd never seen it myself and soon I too became hooked. I love the story, ok so it's a bit far-fetched in places but come on it's a STORY people ;-) No, there isn't much dialogue, you don't need it, but if you're the kind of person who has to be narrated to or have a story drip-fed told then it's probably not for you... The animation is fab, as is WALL-E and Eve's relationship. I love the inclusion of the clips and music from Hello Dolly! so much so that we're about to order it so my boys can see where the original song comes from. My youngest son is also now a huge fan and he's only 2 and a half, in fact we're watching it right now. If you love Pixar and originality order it right now - you won't be disappointed!
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on 19 February 2009
A brilliant feel good movie for everyone and not just those whose age is yet to reach double digits.
It's great to see a sci-fi with very sparse and purely comedic violence. making this stand out against the rest of the genre as one of the few non-violent sci-fi films that isn't a spoof.

After such an enjoyable film I expected to get at least something out of the special features but they were the worst and least humerus I've endured to date. This said It's cheaper than the single disk standard edition which more than makes up for the completely sub-par and unspecial special features.

That aside the film is the important part and this is still a film you have to watch. Just don't go out of your way for the extra content.
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on 9 August 2008
Each time I have seen a film from Pixar Studio, I have been impressed not only with its animation, but excellent plot too. This time, however, Pixar Studio has rendered a true cinematic animation masterpiece, one which should be recognized as memorable as the great Walt Disney films of the 1930s and 1940s. A masterpiece which ought to appeal to kids of all ages. In "Wall - E" Pixar has a spellbinding example - maybe the first - of a romantic science fiction thriller that lacks a dull moment, even though much of the film lacks substantial dialogue. So who cares whether the robot Wall - E can speak fluent English; audiences will recognize him as an admirable and lovable creature, whose very actions remind me at least of Charlie Chaplin's dull-witted tramp (Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was the intention of Pixar Studio's animators and writers.).

Centuries after humanity has fled a severely over-polluted Earth for the relatively clean sanctuary of interstellar space, Wall - E toils alone as the very last trash compactor robot, in the deserted ruins of what seems to be New York City. Then one day Wall - E's fate is literally sent from the Heavens, with the arrival of a strange new robot. What follows will truly delight the hearts and cheer the souls of children of all ages. Older "children" may grasp some of the subtle sociological and political references scattered throughout the film, but younger ones will recognize that this is a film focused primarily on the themes of friendship, love and romance. A film that I am certain is destined to become a major landmark in the annals of cinematic animation; one that is a masterpiece already.
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on 6 April 2010
Great film - good for kids and adults too. Me and my 3 yr old loved it.
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on 27 July 2015
According to my database I've owned three previous blu-rays (BDs) of Wall-E (plus older, undocumented SDs); the most recent BD prior to this was the 2011 US release (UPC786936810950). That has very good Picture Quality but I'm always hoping to find a newer release with better PQ, so I bought this 2015 limited edition from Amazon UK, switched my player to Region B, and reviewed it over the past weekend. Its PQ is *outstanding*, with native 1080P resolution. What struck me, however, is the fact that this is a *different* Wall-E that I'd seen before. Here Pixar apparently has released an extensively revised version, with about half of the film completely rewritten (and of course different scenes). I've been looking online for some discussion of this fact, but haven't found any to date. IMHO this newer version is, in fact, *better* than the "original;" I've kept the 2011 US Ed specified above in case anyone wants to look into this further (I don't).
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on 27 November 2008
I have just watched Wall-E on Blu-Ray and have to say I was amazed with the picture quality and the audio. Likewise, the film itself was fantastic and one of Pixar's best. I would like to confirm that I was slightly skeptical before buying as other reviews stated that the audio was DTS 5.1 only and not DTS HD MA as per American version. I can confirm that when playing, my amp was showing DTS HD MA on the display and was of great quality, so I can only assume it was a printing mistake on the box. Overall, amazing film, buy it now.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2008
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a classic.

Welcome to the world of Wall-e (Waste Allocation Lifter Earth-Class) the loveable robot. The plot (far from weak) circles around the sole surviving example of a machine deployed to clear the planet of the mess that mankind has made of it, whilst the human race left the planet with a plan to return once the mess was gone. This plan has however failed leaving Wall-e to continue with the task on his own. A rubbish clearing robot with caterpillar tracks for feet that lives in a container collecting human artefacts, is hardly the profile of a hero to save the world but then I guess that is the point.

Speaking as somebody who doesn't consider themselves a tree hugger, I can see how the ecological message aspects of this film may rub some people up the wrong way, but the subtle messages about corporate domination and pollution throughout this film make their point well, and in my view this part of the film was very good.

Technically the animation is in a word stunning. I had to remind myself at times that I was watching animation the quality is that good. Wall-e surpasses any other animated film I have seen in this regard.

It is easy to dismiss this film as a film for children, but honestly Wall-e entertained and moved me in ways that I didn't expect, and my Partner was in tears at the end with a classic Disney ending. This for me is film of the year 2008. Not much in this or any other genre has come close.
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on 28 August 2015
Maybe Pixar's most audacious and poetic film (along with Up). Wall-E is an almost experimental silent film in the first half, where both the graphic sign and the overall mood are apocaliptical and so quietly intense and poetically dense. In the second half it becomes a sparkling adventure and comedy, where you can still find, however, the same questions and subjects of the first half, yet seen from the other side, that of humans under a kind of corporative dictatorship, who live in opulence and don't do anything all day because they think they have all it takes. And by doing so, maybe Pixar did not appeal all the audience, but managed to be profound and touching even without a spoken word, and then to give even kids an uncommon and stimulating point of view about life and what really counts: that is not a fat diet and nothing to do. Maybe a deeply poetic way to talk about third world vs first world? I unique masterpiece in a fantastic blu ray quality anyway
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on 12 September 2009
So, I don't care if I'm in my mid 40's; this film is as wanderful as it is gets.
The animation, characters and every other element needed to make this film is spot on.
As far as thr Blu-ray experience goes, I wish I had a FULL HD telly instead of a mere HD ready one; Currys were really bad at product and customer knowledge here.But the picture really is bright and breezy and the surround sound really immerses you in wanderment.
One of the best extras on the disc is BURN-E, the little robot which gets left outside of the spaceship whilst trying to fix a light.
The price and delivery at Amazon is fantastic too.
Who in their right mind would go to HMV to buy this???
It seems to be the only high street shops that sell Blu-ray discs and at a premium too. AVOID HMV
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