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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2010
I required two computer mice for my my laptop and my wife's machine. I did all the usual reviews/searches and decided I wanted the nano type mouse and settled on a Logitech. However, when I checked the prices I was astonished - anything from 30 quid each and upwards and not much cheaper in the States where I go occasionally.

I then saw this mouse on Amazon which was receiving great reviews. I went for it and the two items were delivered in two days - including free postage.

The mouse is sized between a small laptop and the normal size mouse. Very light to handle but the construction is ok. Worked straight from the box and is very fast. Bonus is an on/off switch on the underside of the mouse which means you can leave the little nano receiver plugged into your PC USB port and merely switch the mouse off when you are finished with the computer.

Nothing much more to say other than I consider this a great buy and would highly recommend it.
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on 16 February 2013
Stunning 5 button mouse for the price. Superbly light, extremely comfortable in the hand, works on every surface I've tried it on. Leg, duvet, sofa arm, carpet, cat's belly, (don't ask)!! and desk. I couldn't be happier. Response is perfect, very nice feel to the "click" of the left and right buttons, scroll wheel is not smooth but has that lovely "ratchet" feel which gives you total control over your scrolling. Forward and back side buttons work a treat in Firefox, (unlike some more expensive mice I've had).
It's an in-between size. Certainly NOT a mini-mouse as some people have said. My hands are quite large, but I find this fits me perfectly. Nicely textured sides, smooth top surfaces. USB nano receiver is very discreet, and I just leave it my laptop. The mouse automatically starts to power down after 10 minutes of inactivity, but a simple click wakes it instantly. And just in case you are wondering, it works perfectly on Windows 8 too.

After 2 days use, I rate this as the best mouse I've ever used and would recommend it to anyone. Fab bit of kit at a total bargain price. What more could you ask for?


Since buying this mouse in February, I've used it every day for between 3 and 6 hours. It's now April 14th, and I've just had to change the battery. I'm only using a standard rechargable battery, so I'm mightily impressed. Just swapped it for a freshly charged one - great. Superb product.

2nd Update

Just ordered another for my desktop PC. I can't find any fault with this mouse at all.
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on 9 April 2011
This was a bargain for the price and I bought it based on the numerous good reviews on Amazon. Dad's laptop touchpad kept getting in the way of typing as it is so sensitive so I bought this mouse as an alternative. Unfortunately when it arrived I only had one battery in the house to test it with but read somewhere that it can work on one battery (although it holds two) so I tried it and it works beautifully!

It is very comfortable to hold and the rubber feel over the top is much more pleasant on the fingers as it acts as a non-slip surface and won't feel awkward under any damp or sweaty hands. It is very lightweight but feels solid enough and the USB receiver has a neat little storage area under the mouse where it can be tucked away when not in use. I also like that the mouse has it's own power saving shut off mechanism so I don't need to worry about wasting the one battery it's running on. My boyfriend has a standard wireless mouse but he always struggles to remember to switch his off when not in use, so I have recommended this clever little one to him!
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on 17 July 2010
This mouse is excellent! You really do not have to look any further for quality and price. It is small enough to carry about in your laptop bag or even your pocket and the USB connection piece can be left permanently in your laptop without fear of it snapping off. The mouse is solid, has smooth rubber where your fingers lie so clicking and general movement feels perfect and it also feels great in my larger than normal hands, which is quite a feat for nano mouse. I have bought a few other nano mice, all of which broke or didn't ever work so buy this one!

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on 28 March 2016
Most people think that price indicates quality. Well, although this may be true in some cases, it is not always the case. The TeckNet M002 2.4G Nano Cordless Optical Mouse from TeckNet is an outstanding example here. This mouse is offered at a very affordable price yet it works like a charm. There’s plenty of colours to choose from with the Nano M002 with my personal favourite being the grey version, the understated look with a flash of orange on the side buttons works really well.

This is where the TeckNet Nano M002 will split people in to two camps. It’s quite a small mouse, as the name suggests, but this hasn’t stopped it being my daily grind mouse for a long time. I have medium to large hands and find the M002 very comfortable for periods of up to around 6 hours. After this my fingers and hand started to ache a little. If you’re a heavy user or have large hands I would suggest you go for a larger mouse than the Nano M002.

Due to the small form factor your fingers rest in an arched position over the mouse rather than resting flattened on top.

So it really depends on your usage hours. If you aren’t going to use the mouse for prolonged periods of time or have regular breaks then the small form factor becomes a positive as it gives you a very accurate grip with your fingers raised off the mouse.

Normally, users are not quite likely to get a high speed wireless frequency at all with such an affordable mouse. Nonetheless, the manufacturer of this mouse has made sure that everyone is treated fair. The TeckNet® M002 relies on a 2.4GHz wireless connection so that users won’t have to suffer from any delays whatsoever in using their mouse. Users can also operate the mouse from a distance of 15 meters away maximum.

The Nano M002 uses 1 standard AA battery. It’s worth mentioning that the mouse does stop its connection to your computer if it’s not used for a while, preserving battery life. If you click, the mouse instantly starts working again. This helps to prolong its battery life and becomes second nature very quickly. Connecting the mouse to your computer is as easy as plugging in the USB receiver. No drivers needed for Windows 7, 8 & 10. There is a battery level indicator available as well on the device.

I tested the sensitivity and accuracy of the TeckNet M002 on a few different surfaces to see how it fared.

Wood – Perfect
Mouse Mat – Perfect
Jeans & Cotton Pants – Perfect
Glass – Jittery & Unusable (Mouse-mat needed)

Unlike most mice, this one comes with a DPI button that allows users to freely choose the DPI level they desire. Thanks to such a feature, users can determine whether they want to optimize the mouse for daily computing needs or for their gaming needs.

This mouse is an absolute gem for the price. It has fantastic connectivity and feels like it should cost double the amount which still isn’t very much considering the low starting price of under ten pounds.
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on 26 February 2010
Excellent value for money. Feels nice in the hand when using and works well. Nothing to touch it at the price from what I have seen to date. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that it feels a little too lightweight. I would prefer a slightly heavier more solid feel. But to be honest I'm probably being over critical. You will do very well if you can find better for the price. Thoroughly recommended. You won't be dissapointed.
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on 25 July 2011
I recently purchased an Acer laptop. The keyboard was fine but although my wife was happy using its 'touch mouse', I found it very difficult and frustrating - possibly because I do not have delicate fingers or a light touch. So I bought this mouse after seeing all the good reviews on Amazon.

It worked straight from the box (after inserting the batteries!) and it has revolutionized my use, and opinion, of the laptop. It is fast, accurate, with a good range, comfortable in operation and works on every surface that I have tried. The version that I received even has an automatic shutdown system!

The USB receiver is tiny and, when inserted, protrudes less than 1cm from the laptop case and so is less prone to damage.

It is an absolute bargain at Amazon's price. Well done TeckNet!
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on 7 March 2012
I'm the kind of [fussy] person who likes to read about a dozen reviews before I buy something,... watch a video review, get a feel for the product before I invest hard earned dollars.... I don't usually write reviews unless the product is SO bad or Criminally GOOD, that it deserves a mention of somekind....

SO -- I got this for Christmas, based on some good reviews amid a few dodgy isolated problems.... and thought,... "Ah -- there's so few 1-star and so many 5-star reviews, I'll be bound to get one that works!"

> More Fool Me . COM <

Yes, the mouse IS Spanking, Delicious and Lovely. It has a great texture, grippy sides, fits my palm amazingly, nice mid-weight (not too light), glides really smooth, has Excellent on-screen precision, changeable DPI, 2 x side buttons and a Lovely, just LOVELY scroll wheel (can't stand the ones that whizz off too fast!!) that is just subliminally tactile .

In short -- my rodent worked like a dream for about 6 weeks -- AND THEN >>> Suddenly the cursor became crazy and everything started going really weird. Nothing would click properly and it pissed me right off. Thought it was the wireless at first, and then maybe driver issues but eventually I realized the left-click button was DOUBLE-CLICKING -- making dragging absolutely impossible and general use (eg: Switching between windows) and selecting things a total nightmare.

This is apparently a hardware issue caused by CHEAP, WORTHLESS and POINTLESS micro-switches inside the thing. A REAL SHAME!! Because this mouse WON on every test except BASIC RELIABILITY!! :(

Ok -- its a £10 mouse, but I have bought better quality from Wilkinson's for £6 for peep's sake -- so I don't buy into this "what did you expect for a tenner??" malarky..... What has really bamboozled me about this [and so, deserves the "Mention"] is this ---> WHY anyone would go all the way with bothering to design and make a product that is aesthetically ACE,... and then FAILS as soon as it is put to use...!??

Avoid being disappointed, like Me.
Buy anything better than this tat.
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on 13 October 2010
i bought this mouse off the back of all the five star reviews and even though there were a few one stars, i was willing to take a punt on this £10 mouse. unfortunately, i now think some of the reviewers made the same mistake i did. a lot of what you read about this mouse is true, yes it's cheap, the usb connector is minuscule, it was delivered quickly blah blah blah... but all this is worthless if after three weeks the left mouse button (yes the most important one!!) stops working for no apparent reason. clearly there is a problem with the build quality but i guess you get what you pay for. i think some of the rave reviews were made after a day of use. don't buy this mouse unless you are willing to replace it every month!! alternatively, spend an extra £20 and get a decent one, that's what i'll be doing.
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on 10 April 2013
Cute mouse, arrived quickly and really easy to get going. You just need to remove the receiver from the underside of the mouse and plug it into the computer, making sure you have the batteries installed correctly. Ergonomic shape is good, and it is comfortable to use/handle. Only slight criticism is that the mouse doesn't work on every surface I've tried, and performs better on dark surfaces than reflective ones. Also, the side buttons could be a bit stiffer in my opinion, but useful to have.

I'd also recommend their blue wireless mouse which is a bit cheaper and performs nicely, too.
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