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4.3 out of 5 stars362
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 8 December 2008
I didnt see this movie when it was released, just never got round to it. But, being a movie buff and a Hulk fan from the late 1970s, I decided to purchase this anyway, especially on Blu Ray.

Now, what I liked about this version, which is far superior to the original Ang Lee version from about 5 years ago, is that the action scenes are quite simply awesome!!! Moreover, the storyline is much better and flows to a great all action end sequence between the Hulk and the Abomination, sequences which have to be seen to be believed! And being on Blu Ray, the picture detail is quite simply out of this world!!

The story centres around Bruce Banner(Ed Norton) who has hidden himself away in the Brazilian jungle to avoid the american military led by a general (William Hurt)who wants to use the Hulk as a weapon. Bruce desperatly wants to find a way to contain and control the terrible rages which causes him to change into the Hulk. He also wants to be reconciled with the love of his life, (Liv Tyler) who has been trying to find a cure, but without success.

There isnt a great deal more to say about the plot, so all it needs to be said is that the action sequences are some of the best ever seen in a movie. Movie buffs and action fans are in for a treat, and if you have a Surround Sound Home Cinema set up capable of delivering 5:1 Audio and upwards, then it makes this purchase even better.

I noticed some reviewers have complained about problems with the disc. This is because of the very high resolution which the blu ray disc generates. Therefore you need to update the firmware/software on the machine. I have recently purchased the Sony BD 350 which is a great player and can be bought for less than £200 and contains updated firmware which allows new discs to be played without any glitches.
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As much as I liked Ang Lee's original Hulk movie, especially his getting rid of the annoying Glen Talbot, the story as a whole lacked consistency and I hated the split-screen images.
That can certainly not be said of Louis Leterrier's superb movie which successfully manages to avoid anything other than a brief acknowledgment of the 2003 movie with mention of the 5 year time-gap. He and writer Zak Penn have created an action-packed and well-thought out story that also manages to pay homage to the original TV series as well as to the rich historical goldmine of the Marvel archives.
Edward Norton and Tim Roth are both well cast, Roth's character is an interesting amalgam of 2 great Marvel ideas, the super-soldier serum as well as the Gamma radiation. The first battle between the Hulk and the souped-up Emil Blonsky is a great appetiser for the real main course.
The Hulk and Abomination themselves are great CGI creations, the Hulk himself is what I was personally hoping for, a combination of raw power as well as a child-like innocence and the remnants of Banner's personality lying just below the surface. The Abomination is a complete re-imagining of the character's appearance and it works a treat. The set-piece battle is well worth the money and we get the immortal phrase "Hulk Smash" thrown in. The addition of Samuel Sterns and his contamination with Banner's blood is a nod to what we hope to expect from the next Hulk movie as Hulk's arch nemesis is now lying in wait.
One of the best, and certainly the most moving scene, involves Liv Tyler's Betty Ross and The Hulk sat atop a rocky outcrop during a storm, a scene which the well-stacked extras disc explores in comic form.
One of this films greatest attributes is the humour that runs throughout; from several attempts at "You wouldn't like me when I get angry...", one of which is included in the deleted scenes and there is a well deserved tribute to Lou Ferrigno in his brief guest appearance.
Old Marvelites like me will smile at the many references throughout the movie to the Marvel universe, from The Hulk's comic history we have Rick Jones, Jim Wilson and Doc Samson and from the Marvel Universe Robert Downey Jr. makes a nice guest-shot when greeted with the great line "You always wear the best suits", watch out also for Dr. Reinstein (the man who created Captain America) and mention of Nick Fury as well as assistance from a new S.H.I.E.L.D. There are also tributes to the 1970's TV show with the late Bill Bixby's brief movie appearance and Jack Colvin's character Jack McGee getting a name check as well as a brief use of the theme tune and where would a Marvel movie be without Stan Lee?.
These 2 discs as a whole offer a solid 5 star package that I will personally be watching many times.
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marvel comics green goliath returns to the cinema screen for another go. is there anyone reading this who has never heard of the character? if so: doctor bruce banner used an experimental ray treatment on himself that as a result turns him into a huge strong rampaging monster every time he gets rather angry. hunted by army general ross, who just happens to want the ray treatment so he can create hulk style soldiers to use as weapons, banner is on the run. ross is also the father of his girlfriend betty.

there was a hulk movie in 2003 that tried to be both comic book action movie and a look at the issues of a man with such intense anger. Directed by ang lee and starring eric bana, it made a lot of money but it rather divided audience opinion. some liked the psychological take but many wanted more action.

marvel comics, who publish the hulk in comic book form, were among the latter. now that they have their own film studio set up they can dow what they like movie wise with their characters, and they wanted another go at the hulk to produce a more exciting movie. this is their attempt.

nigh on all the characters from the first film return, although they're all played by different actors. and whilst this does follow on from that film, it is also a fresh take, and you can watch it if you haven't seen that one without getting confused. it gets through the origin of the character in a quick sequence during the credits. sometimes I wish all superhero films would do that.

this movie tells of banner evading ross whilst trying to find a cure for his condition. at the same time a soldier called emil blonsky, who likes a fight and wants to do it for as long as he can is facing the fact that he's not getting any younger. the ray treatment might be just what he needs to go on fighting. and who but the hulk could stop the result of that?

running at one hour and forty eight minutes this is good escapist entertainment, capably directed by louis leterrier, and well acted by all the cast. ed norton in the lead role convinces very well at showing us a man who is struggling to keep his inner demons under control.william hurt is also worthy of note for playing a man conflicted between duty and family - he has a great last scene which really highlights this. liv tyler is not bad as betty but her version of the character is a bit wet compared to jennifer connelly's in the earlier movie.

the movie is structured round three big action set pieces, one of which breaks hollywood cliche by taking place in broad daylight. whilst the movie is pretty much self contained, the end leaves scope for more.

and if you're familiar with the old hulk tv show then listen out for a name that will ring a bell. if you're familiar with other movies from marvel studios, then you might get another surprise.

this is not quite a hulk smash, but it's not at all bad.

this edition of the dvd comes over two discs, in a very sturdy box.

the first disc offers:

the movie, with direct scene access.

a commentary from director louis leterrier and actor tim roth [blonsky]. likeable and enthusiastic and articulate they are worth a listen.

and at the start of the disc once loaded you get trailers for the third mummy film, the iron man movie, and forthcoming cartoons from marvel animation before you get to the main menu,

the film has language tracks in english and hungarian, and 5.1 sound. there is a 2.0 sound option but that's only in english.

there are subtitles in english SDH arabic danish dutch finnish hungarian icelandic norwegian swedish and turkish. the menu screens are in english or dutch.

on disc two there are a fair few documentaries. there doesnt look like much to go by the menu screen, but there's some good material amongst them.

alternate opening: a two minute long deleted scene from the start of the film. this offers some lovely scenery.

42 minutes worth of deleted scenes. interestingly none of them are action moments, so you get the feeling a lot of this was cut for pace. there are some good character scenes amongst them, although the more emotional betty bruce moments are hurt by a rather intrusive score. you can watch all of these at once or one at a time. if you know your marvel comics continuity then keep your eyes on the scenery in the blonsky ross conversation.

the making of incredible hulk is a thirty minute long look at the making of the film, and is a good documentary of this kind. once again the director helps that with his talking and enthusiasm and all the cast are clearly enjoying themselves. there was talk of the star and director having had a fall out over the length of the final cut, but there's nothing about that here.

becoming the hulk and becoming the abomination are two ten minute documentaries about the design of the two characters and how they were achieved on screen. technically interesting and also a good look at the acting process involved in such creations.

anatomy of a hulk out is three ten minute documentaries about each of the three action set pieces. they can be watched one at a time or all at once, and are up to the standards of the above mentioned material for the same reasons.

from comic book to screen takes one key scene from the movie that was inspired by a similar scene in a hulk comic, and shows you the images from the comic. It's well done and worth a look.

this disc offers just an english language soundtrack in 2.0 stereo sound

and subtitles in english sdh italian arabic bulgarian czech danish dutch finnish greek hebrew hungarian icelandic norwegian polish portugese romanian russian slovenian swedish and turkish. the menu screens can be viewed in english italian dutch russian or portugese.

a decent bit of movie entertainment, and a very good package for it
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2008
When the first version of the Hulk hit the screens it met with a rather lukewarm reception but now Marvel have gone back to the drawing board and given us a new film which hits the mark one hundred percent.
Set five years after Bruce Banner's accident with Gamma radiation, we find our hero living in South America, holding down a part time job and trying to learn how to control the beast that rages within him.
Banner is in contact with the mysterious Mr Blue who is trying to help him find a cure for his problem but things get hectic when a military team succeed in tracking Banner down with the intention of examining him to find out how he got his abilities so they can replicate the treatment.
Seeking help from Betty Ross, Banner returns to the USA to cure his condition once and for all, unaware that the military has taken further steps to bring both him, and the Hulk inside him, back home.
Now this is exactly what the first Hulk film should've been. However, this one has been made by someone who obviously had a real passion for the original television series in the 70's as there are numerous nods to the show, right down to the opening title sequence and some of the music too.
Norton is spot on as Banner and looks freakishly like Bill Bixby in some scenes. William Hurt is excellent, as always, as General `Thunderbolt' Ross, Liv Tyler is surprisingly good as Betty Ross and Tim Roth plays Banner's nemesis Emil Blonsky with zeal and gives us some great scenes.
The film is well paced and builds to the satisfying conclusion as the Hulk and The Abomination fight it out while another classic Hulk villain is born in the debris of the battle. Readers of the comic book will spot him as soon as he appears on screen! There is a nice tie-in at the end with an appearance by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.
For those who haven't seen it yet it's advisable for continuity purposes to watch Iron Man first, specifically the scene at the end of that film's credits, before this film and then the last scene will make perfect sense.
The second disc contains some great extras including an alternative opening which comic book readers will understand the significance of, nearly 45 minutes of deleted and extended scenes, the ubiquitous making of and lots of behind the scenes info.
As Marvel films go, this rates as one of their best and it's a must have piece of the puzzle that leads us towards the upcoming Avengers movie.
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on 16 January 2016
finally! A hulk film that actually works and delivers as it should do! The second Marvel cinematic universe film and continues the more realistic take on a surreal world. Again focusing on military short falls as Bruce Banner is hunted around the world by the sadistic yet patriotic General Ross (Who is finally returning in Captain America 3: Civil War). The film performs just as well as Iron Man in my opinion, its been proven difficult to make Hulk films due to the surreality that surrounds the character. Hence we still havnt got a Hulk 2. Here we are provided with just how right things can go for the Hulk when in the right hands, great action scenes, fantastic chemistry between characters and a couple of believable and chilling antagonists in the form of General Ross and Abomination. Despite setting up a sequel in this film in the form of The Leader being born im still hoping an eventuall sequel or a direct follow up will eventually come into fruition.
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on 13 February 2011
Okay Hulk is my all time fav super hero bar none, I am a fan of the comics and also of the old tv series with Bill Bixby. I really like the Ang Lee Hulk (am still yet to get it on blu ray though) but this version is ace for two very important reasons... 1) that is is linked to Ironman 1&2, Thor and Captain America 1st Avenger and is part of the set of films leading up to the Avengers movie. 2) That it pays a very close homage to the tv series and has lots of nods tucked in there. Look out for Lou Ferrigno, Bill Bixby (appearing on a TV set), Banners "Don't make me angey which unfortunately he tries to say in Sapannish and gets slightly wrong (see review title) and my favorite bit... Banner walking down a road to the Lonely man theme!!

Dark Knight is most peoples perfect super hero movie but for me it has got to be the Incredible Hulk and in blu ray it is just breathtaking and even more perfect than I could have hoped for.
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on 2 April 2010
I have been a fan of Marvel, Superheroes and The Hulk for many years but was dissapointed by the 2003 film Hulk, so I was quite hesitant about buying this. Needless to say when I finally bought and watched it I was not dissapointed. The film has some stars including Edward Norton who plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky/The Abomination, Liv Tyler who plays Betty Ross, the woman Bruce loves and William Hurt as Betty's father General Thaddeus Ross. The film also stars minor or cameo appearances including Robert Downey JR (Iron Man), Tim Blake Nelson (Scooby Doo 2) and of couse Stan Lee who cameo's in every Marvel adaption he co - created.

Scientist Bruce Banner is living in the shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote. But the warmongers who dream of abusing his powers won't leave him alone - nor will his need to be with the only woman he has ever loved, Betty Ross. Our brilliant doctor is ruthlessly pusued by the abomination, a nightmarish beast of pure adrenaline and aggression whose powers match the Hulk's own, and a fight of comic - book proportions ensues. Threatening New York city with total destruction!

One of the things that is great about this film is the hide and seek theme going on between Bruce and Emil. Bruce is running away, Emil is hunting. Another thing is the huge showdown at the end between The Hulk and The Abomination which is rip roaring with some amazing CGI effects too. I also like tha fact that two actors who you probably wouldn't associate with superheroes or villains take on such a part, which is something Marvel have been using recently never did I think Robert Downey JR would play Iron Man on the big screen. The film aslo has some comic moments for example "Don't make me hungry. You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry."

Overall this is a great film and stays consistent for it's 108 minute duration. The cameos are also brilliant especially Robert Downey JR's at the end which will lead up to another Marvel film in 2012, a film adaption that some people thought they would never see. Future Marvel films will be dominating the box office with Thor, Captain America, future Spider - Man sequels and a film I won't reveal as I'm sure most of you have guessed already. D not hesitate to buy this film just go ahead, infact why not buy the special edition?!
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on 4 February 2016
Edward Norton as Bruce Banner - THE Edward Norton who's amazing in almost every film he does? THAT Edward Norton??

Well, don't build your hopes up for another American History X or Fight Club here! While I can understand people who don't read Hulk comic books can actually find some credibility in films like this because of the calibre of actors present, this film (a reboot...) just doesn't cut it either as a comic book style action movie or an actual comic book movie (these are two different things).

The storyline sees self-exiled Bruce Banner return to America to get help with his condition (being the Hulk, that is, not 'flu!!!) and running into a spot of bother here and there in the process and having to do battle with a fellow green skinned monstrosity based upon the wonderful Gil Kane designed creature who first appeared in Tales To Astonish issue 90 (Sub - please check this).

Alongside Norton we have John Hurt portraying General Ross, Liv Tyler as General Ross's daughter Betty and Mr Orange himself, Tim Roth, as 'Emil Blonsky' who just happens to be a hot shot Russian born English soldier seconded to the US Army at General Ross's request!?


Anyhoo, there's some light Super Soldier serum jiggery-pokery, some Gamma radiation tomfoolery and Tim Roth becomes Hulk MKII and as soon as he meets the Hulk in broad daylight, the skies darken ever so ominously so that the CGI chaps can turn the next ten minutes or so of the movie into a cartoon using digital animation :-(

If you're tired of seeing the Hulk picking up two cars at a time and trying to crush his enemies between them or if you LOVE seeing the Hulk picking up two cars at a time and trying to crush his enemies between them then you'll hate/love this film. The fights are garbage and the rest of the film is just boring, mediocre and boring. This mindless Hulk is tedious; at least in the early days, he could string basic sentences together but even now, in his relegation to supporting status in the Avengers pantomimes, he's still a brainless moron and here, the beauty and the beast stuff really doesn't do Liv Tyler's career any favours.

There is a bit of fan service in this film including a possible third Gamma creature (can you guess who?) but it's all just another underwhelming couple of hours of your life (and several hundreds of millions of dollars) wasted.

Lastly, the Abomination looks terrible in this film, his original sleek scaly reptilian design is passed over in favour of a cadaverous, protruding bone appearance. So much wasted potential. Fortunately, this will most likely be the last Hulk movie, with any luck. Despite a third actor playing Bruce Banner (the versatile Mark Ruffalo) in the Avengers product and a rumoured hefty role in the third Thor movie, plans to adapt the Planet Hulk comic book storyline are still very much in the discussion stages as of early 2016 and that is something to be thankful for!
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In 2003, Ang Lee directed a brooding, inward-looking movie about the Incredible Hulk... and it bombed at the box office as badly as it did with fans.

So there was much rejoicing when the franchise got rebooted five years later with "The Incredible Hulk." This is what a movie about a giant green rage-monster should be -- a lean, muscular action movie with a thread of bittersweet romance, and solid performances by William Hurt, Edward Norton and Liv Tyler.

A few years ago, Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation in a failed military experiment, which turned him into a giant green berserker. Ever since then, the cruel General Ross (Hurt) has been mercilessly pursuing him, so they can create giant green soldiers.

And after a few years hiding in Brazil, Banner is finally found by the military... only to end up on the run after he Hulks his way out of the confrontation. He may be able to get a cure, but only if he gets the original data from the experiment, which means sneaking back into the US to see his ex-girlfriend Betty (Tyler). Betty is also Ross's daughter. Awkward.

And after the military attacks him again, Banner ends up hulking out, then goes on the run with Betty to find a cure. But he doesn't know that Ross has taken special measures to capture him, by dosing elite soldier Neil Blonsky (Tim Roth) with a supersoldier serum -- which unleashes a monster far worse than the Hulk.

"The Incredible Hulk" gave audiences everything that Ang Lee's movie was missing. It has pretty much everything you can ask from a movie about a giant green id-monster -- lots of explosions, gunfire, chases, and a core story about a man whose life is destroyed by the ambitious people who want to use the Hulk's power.

And the movie lopes along at a fast pace, slowing down for the occasional romantic scene when Betty and Bruce are alone. There are some funny moments ("Don't make me... hungry!"), but the overall mood is a somber one -- you're always aware of danger, and how much Bruce has lost through no fault of his own.

The one problem I have with this movie? Edward Norton. Don't get me wrong, his performance is absolutely stellar, and his rewrites of the script made the movie even better. But he doesn't quite work as the quiet, shy nerd -- he can't turn off the wiry intensity that he always exudes.

But the other actors are spot on -- Hurt as a cold, sociopathic soldier who doesn't care who dies as long as he gets the Hulk, Tyler as the loving supportive Betty who can soothe the savage beast, and Roth as a battle-happy soldier whose obsession with fighting turns him into a monster.

"The Incredible Hulk" is exactly what you'd want from a Hulk movie -- romance, tragedy, and Hulk smashing. A fun popcorn movie with some darker edges.
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I feel I should be more enthusiastic about this update on the Marvel comic hero, after Ang Lee's dodgy misfire, it could only get better, right?

Being too old and wise (supposedly) to only appreciate the action, I was looking for rather more. Watching on ITV, it's taken a good hour (less on the DVD, adverts considering) for flimsy Edward Norton to really let rip - and I don't just mean his shirt buttons! Throwing tanks around like toys and being blasted by flame-throwers, now, that's real bionic Rambo.

It all starts off too vaguely and slowly and it takes Tim Roth an awful long time before he finally gets going, as a sort of rival to the Hulk, known as 'Abomination', manufactured by the Military to be a fighting machine and eventually gets to fight to the death with Norton's Hulk right at the end, in quite a hell raiser of a climax!

The Beauty & the Beast/King Kong elements, which are evident and profound, where Liv Tyler is calling out to the Hulk in the pouring rain, is touching but just was not exploited enough. Then, snap back to reality and Norton's bruised and battered body lays in a hospital bed. When they go on the run together later, (as human) it's the same old cliched 'don't use a cell-phone or credit card, because they can trace them' scenario, which admittedly must be new to someone, but surely not many now and where's the chemistry between them?

I'm no up-to-the-minute expert on the latest CGI/latex industry, but the Hulk still looks ridiculous, sticking out like a sore thumb from whatever background or scene he's in. At times, he's no more than a plastic cereal-box toy, a shiny, olive-green plastic figure, albeit a very big one...

That aside, I used to enjoy movies like this when I was ten (or, their equivalents) and I haven't been that for a long time. Whilst I'm moaning, another favourite of mine, an actor capable of great depth and sensitivity, William Hurt, becomes a quite ordinary Army General, though he plays Betty's (Tyler) father.

Of its type, Louis Leterrier's Incredible Hulk is OK and my rating reflects that, but it has to said, even this latest reincarnation already seems dated.
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