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Quantum of Solace (PS3)
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on 3 April 2013
I would buy this game instead of spending lots of money on Call of Duty or Modern Warfare.

This 007 game is a combination of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace to make one big game! There are no car chases in the game. Most of the levels have shooting but sometimes you just have to find something (eg,when he has been poisoned you have to find his car.) There are also levels when you have about 30 secands to find the bad guy and kill him.

There are diffrent difficulties in the game, in the easiest you can be shot a lot of times before you die. Every time you make the difficulty setting harder it takes less and less shots to make you die. In the hardest difficulty you only have to be shot twice to die.

On this game you can play online with playstation network aganst other players, you can play with up to 12 players. There are lots of diffrent types of online game modes (the best one is team conflict).

There are only two things I find that the game does not have that it should do and they are:
1. No split screen mode
2. No car chases

Overall it is a good game though.

1. Lots of levels
2. Online
3. Cover
4. Good aim
5. Take downs(you can punch or kick someone when you have no amo)
6. Cool videos

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on 22 January 2009
I find the internet a very funny place, but easily the funniest thing is how blinded people can become. I believe the correct term is rose tinted glasses. So many people have said how all Bond games have and will forever be judged against Goldeneye from the N64 and how this latest instalment doesn't stack up that well against it either.

I'm sorry but have any of those people played on a N64 recently.... I not saying that at the time of the N64 Goldeneye wasn't great or even the best FPS out but really, its time to let it go.

Now judging this game on it own merits, the single player game is about the same gaming time length wise as you'd expect for the current generation of consoles and offers some very satisfying shoot outs. The game is set primarily in FPS view changing to a 3rd person view when taking cover. This is great game play wise as the enemy AI tries to out flank your position and creates some really intense moments. Graphically the games is fairly good but does suffer from some ugly flat textures although rarely and never enough to ruin the short run from fire fight to fire fight. The guns all feel powerful and the shooting feels a lot like the designers Cod games.

The multiplayer online is fantastic, although not as good as Cod 4 or WAW the various modes on offer and the various maps (all of a decent size and scope) allow for some great short range fire fights, take and hold situations and good old fashioned sniping. The more points you earn online the quicker you can upgrade/buy new weapons and gadgets. The online customisation works a lot like the Cod games but you can buy the weapons you want as you earn the money.

Unfortunately the game does have one large and really in my mind stupid omission there is no offline split screen my mind a criminal act of neglect that would have at least from me gained the game that elusive five star rating.

So to sum up, enjoyable story mode, fantastic online...just a shame about lack of split screen gaming.
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on 6 May 2011
Quantum of solace is a realy good game,its quick and easy to get into and learn the buttons,game play is realy good and graphics are not too bad it for aboot £3.50 from amazon and i reckon that was a realy good buy and i got much more than my moneys worth.the game has online features aswell but i havent tried them yet as my internet is down.but if you get a good deal for the game its a must buy.
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on 2 April 2013
this game is amazing if you are from 10 to, well any age. it is quite violent but nothing to bad that you won't be allowed to play on it. being a fan of James Bond games i was quite annoyed when they made bloodstone a 16. but now i'm pleased, because it meant that i didn't buy it and i bought this instead. the online is extremely fun. you have to be quite good at the game in order to survive but once you get the hang of it then it's just epic. i would highly recommend buying this game and not bloodstone. it's much better
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on 22 April 2011
The game follows the story of James Bond as it was in the two films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The game merges the two stories very well. It begins with Quantum of Solace and we see Bond embarking on his mission to kill White and avenge Vesper and we follow Quantum of Solace up until Bond and his 'Bond girl' from Quantum of Solace are about to get rescued from the cave. After that Bond says 'this is why I'm doing this ...' and you go into the Casino Royale story following it all the way from start to finish. We then go back to Quantum of Solace for the ending action sequence. Now as we all know Casino Royale is one of the greatest films of the decade and probably the best ever Bond film and on the other hand we have Quantum of Solace which was, let's be kind, a disgrace to the British film industry and to the Bond franchise. However, when the two stories are merged as they have been here (and the Quantum ... story changed slightly) it comes together much better and does put you on an emotive level with the character's. This is a very hard feet for any game of this kind because it is, let's be honest, just a shooter where everything explodes on the surface. But the character stories are told well and whereas in Casino Royale the love interest of Bond with Vesper was annoying, silly and boring and not in keeping with the rest of the films narrative it was played out emotively and despite the fact that you knew the eventual outcome you genuinely cared for the character's.

Now the really disappointing thing for me was this, think through what were the best scenes from both films: the airport scene, the torture scene, the car roles, the torture scene, the Aston car chase, the helicopter crash etc.; not only do you not get to play through these epic sequences but you do not even get to see cut scenes of them. I mean image how fun it would have been to play though that car chase with you in control. If the developers had just spent a little more time extended the release date they could have developed these thing and it would have turned the standard of this game up to another level. In addition, this means the story can not always be told through visuals and therefore has to be told through people talking On the other hand, the epic pieces in the game I loved were the one on the stairs in Casino Royale, the one with the falling through glass in Quantum and the chase in Madagascar in Casino Royale, the way in which they were done was not just through cut scenes but through your one button interactions with Bond. This would have got boring if it was done even one more time that it was but it was done just enough to capture my imagination and my enjoyment.

Some other small things I enjoy is the injury 'calculator' as you get more and more injured the bond metallic 'ring of death' closes in around you, I like the various times when you have to walk across across slim bridges and have to balance yourself, I like the fact that the voice acting sounds exactly as it does in the film - whether they have used the voice acting from the real people I do not know but I genuinely cannot hear any difference, the graphics as well are particularly.

At times the game does become a bit linear and feel like get to cover, shoot, leave cover, get to cover etc. ... but because the game is relatively short you never get time to really get bored of that and ofter it is quite exciting because things explode, people fall off balconies etc. What; however, I think game has over other shooters such as the disgracefully awful Call of Duty is that at times you do have to use your head - survey your environment workout what is the best way to launch you on slaut - how to use stealth not to draw the attention of guards, how to avoid security cameras etc. and when this is merged with relentless action it becomes very enjoyable and that is why I have given the game 4 stars instead of three.

The multi-player is just generic tosh and if you are looking to buy a game for a good multi-player do not buy this one look towards Left 4 Dead for that - there is nothing new in it at all and is very boring. Because I feel the multi-player in the game serves no real purpose and is not used as an excuse for a terrible campaign (looking to you Call of Duty) I have not included it in the four -star rating I have given the game.

To conclude the game could have been so much more and many opportunities to capitalise on what could have been some of the best moments in gaming history were lost way too easily; at times it feels like you are not in control and it would have been much better if the game was done in a way where you could investigate and use you head a bit more that another thing that would have turned the game up a notch. It draws likenesses from Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and BioShock 2 which were both fantastic games but fails to reach their superiority. I hope after the next two Bond films there is another game and I hope it borrows from the investigative nature of Batman Arkham Asylum and gives you more time to develop with characters in an environment which is not always obsessed with the action which in ensuing. The game is not a masterpiece but as shooters go these days it rates up among the highest of the B-rate one's. Due to the fact that you can pick up a copy on ebay for about £4 I strongly recommend adding it to your collection as it does give 5 or 6 hours of great fun. If they take on some of what I've said and look to develop a more open-world environment and avoid trying to be the money spinning Call of Duty era game that at points it try's to be the next game could be fantastic.
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This is the best James Bond I have played in years, it has it's good and bad points. I enjoyed the 1st and 3rd person views of the levels, some are one, some the other. The controls are easy to get to grips with, you can perform "takedown" moves which will insta-kill an enemy. There are certain doors that you will need "hack" which consists of just pressing the directional pad in a direction when it lights up on screen which takes a bit of the joy out it, and this gives you a trophy for hacking all the locks at the end of the game... I played the game right off on hard and it was a god challenge, I am going to play it on secret agent next, there are trophies to had on all levels and some of them are tricky to get, it is by no means all an easy ride. There is scenery you can use to aid you in the fighting, e.g. explodable barrels and there are a range of weapons that can be gained throughout the game including "special weapons" like a grenade launcher. There are no vehicle aspects of the game, it is all on foot and shoot!
The online play is fun and leads you to gaining half the rest of the trophies, so it is a game that has an obtainable platinum if you are into that.
Overall, the graphics are decent, the game is fun to play - I didn't stop playing till I had finished the game which took a good couple of days.
It is a very good price and well worth adding to your collection.


With the online play, it is a bit limited in that it can sometimes be hard to find enough players for the game type you want to play, e.g. Golden Gun mode, where you have to find the golden gun and then kill the other players. I urge that you are patient and you will find enough people to play in the other game types, i.e. territory control. It seems that UK players like myself will find poeple playing in the afternoon and evening, late evening it can be quite sparse for players. Hope this helps! If you want to join someone, add ArkonRhys to your friend list and give a little note in the request. Peace!
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on 22 February 2010
James Bond games have had a bit of a rough ride over the last few years as anyone that has played Rogue Agent or Nightfire can tesitify! Sure these games were ok in their own right but when it comes to James Bond games comparisons with one of the greatest games to grace a console period... Goldeneye on the N64.
Is this fair or is it even a case of people looking back with rose tinted glasses? Well its a bit like asking would the team of 66 beat the current England team, different eras are always tough to compare.
This latest edition of James Bond in the video games world got off to a good start by using the Modern Warfare engine which to many is the best first person shooter in recent years and I for one cannot easily disagree. The use of the engine means that everything seems very familiar and with the exception of a few minor tweaks it is a home from home sort of feeling.
However, its no good putting the engine of a Ferrari in Daewoo so the rest of the game has to measure up.
Graphically I was impressed by Quantum of Solace as the character likeness in particular of Daniel Craig was very good. The cut scenes are also fairly good and are not overly polished as not to detract from the game.. I hope .. or else they were just plain lazy and couldn't be bothered to do a load of hi res clips.
The gameplay is fairly simplistic run, shoot open a door and gets no more difficult than opening a door. Some players dreaded foe is back in the form of QTE which you know as follow the on screen prompts by pressing the right button, again not really taxing for anyone other than a novice gamer.
The faults in this title have been listed as poor multiplayer options, no split screen and poor online community which I have experienced first hand (is there anybody there?? lol) But as Bond games go it is just a bit boring and repetitive. OK I can understand the no gadgets as this I believe is following the ethos of the new films but to have no driving section or anything else for that matter apart from the odd sneak around section is poor planning in my opinion.

This will not go down as Bonds finest hour or two as the game is actually quite short and easy to complete .. but then what isn't on the PS3 at the moment! lol
It is probably a good budget buy if you are tired of Modern Warfare 2 and fancy a slight break but a classic it is not as there are better first person shooters and better Bond games out there (Everything or Nothing is still number 2 in my books).
2.5 out of 5 I think is a fair score!
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on 17 February 2009
The short of it: poor low budget game, but no real flaws - so good enough for any Bond lover.

We all know its based upon the film released at similar time, and a tiny bit on the Casino Royal film too. You've got the typical bond guns, you're wearing the black dinner jacket, theres the well known theme tune in the background - you're bond; we're happy.

Yes the game plays smoothly in single player mode, campaign; as everyone mentions its based on the COD4 engine; its better than previous EA installments already. It's not amazing, it just works. I've expected games to work well ever since the likes of Timesplitters got it right on the PS2 (subtle Golden eye ref).

So what did they do with the budget in making this game, other than use the usual bond tweaks? Not much really, which is why its such a shame. I've not gone and bought a 300 pound machine to play old PS2 games; and this is exactly how this game feels.

The graphics are terrible, they're worse than Black (a PS2 title); they're on-par with all the EA PS2 Bond games. Single tone colours on near objects and people.; no real textures. Its not a patch on the likes of COD4. Some aspects are good or fine; the gun is nicely real looking, the distant background drops (where they occur) are nicely done. The indoor levels are cheap and easy to do. The smashable tables and vases are all old hat, it was done on the PS2 - theres nothing fresh here. With the all powerful PS3, give us massive levels if you're not going to amaze us with graphics - but no, this is a cheap game riding on the back of an awesome name.

Its FPS and bound to have a linear feel to it, as you go end to end. Its fun , as its all done like a special agent, picking people off at intervals, from balconies etc. Gun noises - nothing special. There is however the usual Artificial Intelligence issue - they're not brain of britain; and they all come out at the stated intervals. Make as much noise as you like in the room prior and you're ok - sneeze in the next room and they come running. Quite poor.

Maybe this is where they actually did some work -- Although FPS, it does have an element of 3rd person. Its quite odd. You can hide behind walls, in L-coves, behind low level plant pots etc. From this hidden position you can shoot - it makes life all to easy. However, easy is sometimes what is required when they send rediculous amounts of people your way. The only tiny element of stealth, is avoiding the CCTV cameras; its yet another trigger for massive onsloughts. There are glitchy elements to the game, but I cannot recall them - its not worth my time; sometimes you might need to restart a level, rather than from a checkpoint.

Online; not worth a mention.

Its a PS2 game that you should only be paying a small amount for. Its Bond, but its not Next Gen
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on 30 December 2008
Unfortunately, having waited so long for a James Bond game to arrive on the PS3, I found Quantum of Solace to be a dissapointingly short game. Admittedly, so far I have only played in the easiest mode, no doubt it'll be more challenging next time around, and I still have several trophys to earn, but the story itself only comprises of around 10-15 simple missions.
That said, the storyline is well balanced between Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, despite the lack in number of missions.

Another problem is that this has become solely a shooter (with dissapointingly few weapons), whereas many of the preceding Bond games included driving missions to break the pattern of repeatedly entering large enemy bases and advancing through them, killing henchmen as you go. There is one mission which features you drunkenly running to your Aston Martin from Casino Royale, but it would have been far more entertaining to add a couple of missions where you get to drive the Aston Martin, such as the chase with the barrel-roll crash in Casino Royale, or the chase from the intro of Quantum.

The online multiplayer is lacking in graphics and difficulty, although there is the feature availbale of buying new weapons and purchasing upgrades with your earned points. The major issue of multiplayer for me however, is that it is entierly lacking in an offline multiplayer mode.

There is some fun to be gleamed from this game though. The overall gameplay is very enjoyable, and being able to take cover whilst shooting is a feature which I found to be very agreeable , but it still feels as though the creators have missed an oppourtunity to return the Bond games to something really special.
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VINE VOICEon 26 December 2008
The last outing for Bond in a video game was From Russia With love, made by EA Games. This time around Call of Duty Developers Activision are in control.
Firstly gameplay has returned to the better 1st person view, which works well. The only 3rd person bit is the cover mode which is a great feature of the game.
The single player campaign includes levels based on the both the Casino Royale film and the Quantum of Solice. Levels are well structured and involve a balence of action and stealth, both of which are important aspects of the Bond fanchise.
The levels are beautifully designed with great graphics and simple yet effective controls.
Another fantastic feature of the game are it's trophies which are rewarded for comleting levels and other challenges in the game. These trophies are then displayed in you PS3 network for the whole world to see.
One thing lacking from the single player mode is a car chase level, something that worked well in the last few Bond games. The 1st person shooting is good enough, but what is Bond without a fast car?
The multiplayer in the game is ok and is based purely on online gameplay. There are many different matches to choose from and the game play is fast. In addition to the online game play, a split screen mode would be great, allowing you to beat you friends in the same room, something which I and fans alike enjoyed on games such as Nightfire.
All in all a good game, just lacking in cars and split screen. Still a great 1st person shooter though!
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