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4.1 out of 5 stars179
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2009
What a great portable mouse. This is one of best designed portable mice I have ever used. Not only does it look nice, it is a pleasure to use. It fits into your hand perfectly and glides across the working surface with almost frictionless grace. The accuracy of the device is superb thanks to laser optics, making it more that suitable for detailed graphics work as well as gaming applications.

The wireless receiver is very small and only protrudes from the USB port slightly. When travelling the USB receiver is held securely to the mouse by a magnetic clamp, the mouse then folds up for easy storage. An included pouch ensures the mouse does not get scratched in transit.
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on 3 October 2008
The Arc Mouse is an exquisitely designed product with a feel of high quality to its build. It's light for a wireless mouse and glides across work surfaces with minimal effort. The buttons are quiet and require very little force to press, making this a very comfortable mouse to use.

The mouse's most unique feature is its fold-away design, which also functions as its 'off switch' for storing in its magnetically-closing leather pouch. The hinge is made of steel so it's very robust. It also snaps into the 'closed' and 'opened' positions. The tiny wireless USB transceiver stows securely in place (magnetically) on the mouse's underside ensuring that it never gets lost.

The Arc Mouse has a 'Back' button on the left, which should ideally be placed closer to the middle of the side (where it could more easily be reached with the thumb), instead of at the tip where it's placed, but this is a minor point and not a flaw by any means. The top surface is made of a rubberised plastic, edged with a shiny piano-black bezel.

The Arc Mouse uses a laser to track movement and is very sensitive and precise. It's excellent in both office applications as well as in gaming.

It looks modern, it's very comfortable to use and is of a very good quality. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone is search of an excellent wireless mouse.

UPDATE (2012/07/19):
I've been using these for over three years now, and still love them. I've got one at the office and one at home. As a draughtsman and gamer I use the mouse wheel a lot. That said, the wheel is the one flaw on this mouse. It is pretty much guaranteed to fail after some six months of heavy use. This is very disappointing, as the rest of the mouse is perfect. Still, even with this one flaw, I keep replacing them with new ones as I've yet to find a better alternative.
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on 20 August 2013
I agree with all the other positive reviews to an extent .. This is a great wee mouse ..
But in no time, the scroll wheel on mine became less sensetive .. to the point where it practically ceased functioning ... I read this is a common complaint with this microsoft arc mouse ... 5 month after purchase ... i can't put up with no scroll wheel any more ... forced to replace it ...

I didnt want to throw another £20-30 away on the same mouse again, in case it was a design flaw and not just an issue with my mouse only, as too many people report this issue with this mouse ... so bought a logitech mouse .. and quickly realised that the reason i loved the arc mouse so, was due to the fact it was an 'arc' and so had much less friction and more glide, when used on the arm of my faux leather chair, which was its permanent surface ... the flat mice have too much friction and work far less effectively on this faux leather, curved, cushioned surface...

So i went back to the arc mouse ... this time, i opted for the new microsoft arc touch mouse ... it had an electronic touch scroll .. not mechanical .. so that shd hopefully sort the flaw with the last arc mice ...
wow .. what a lovely mouse .. but too flaky .. connection keeps dropping off for upto 10 seconds at a time .. faaar more often than the original arc ... tried to love it, but ended up hating it .. too frsutrating .. sent that one back ..

Here i am .. Full circle ... i ended up buying another of the original microsoft arc mice ... as soon as i plugged it in ...i remembered how much i loved this mouse at the beginning ...
Ive had it a couple of weeks now .. and can tell the scroll wheel is getting less sensitive .. it is going to go the way the first arc mouse went (and so many other peoples arc mice) ... i will update this review in about a month when the scroll function is frustrating again ...

I feel i have to say .... "what are you doing microsoft .. allowing these to market , when you know full well there are such obvious issues (even more so with the new arc model)" ...
MS hardware is usually good quality .. but i think i will try a samsung arc next .. unless logitech bring one out in mean time ..
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on 16 March 2009
Product is excellent. However, first item worked only for 24hrs and had to be returned for a replacement. Overall very pleased. Only downside is the right thumb click button is too far forward so making it impossible to use.Dont forget to download the Inteli point mouse software and drivers.Item is portable, lightweight and accurate. Very easy to use and work with.
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on 16 July 2012
I'll be honest, I wan't thinking very logically when I purchased this. Various tech sites have given this very average reviews but, face it, it's a beautiful design for a mouse. That was my downfall and I wasted forty quid on an otherwise poor mouse.
First issues were apparent instantly. It is not at all comfortable to use. there is no ergonomic design to speak of, meaning it is never comfortable to use and took a long time to get used to. I put up with it as it looked so good on the desk. However once the other issues surfaced I started to lose my patience. Firstly it goes through batteries alarmingly quick and the pointer seems to variably responsive - meaning that the same motion can at one point move the pointer across the screen, and another time will only move two inches. Sometimes it wont move at all or seems to be switched off. The same applies to the scroll button - erratic. I have a decent mouse mat so there can't be any issues with the surface, but this mouse really doesn't do the job. And don't even get me started on gaming... too late.
I understand that a dedicated, wired mouse is preferable when gaming and there is inevitably a tiny amount of lag whenever wireless technology is used, but as my gaming habits rarely venture into FPS games on my PC (I prefer to use the XBOX because my friends are all on XBL) and I usually play RTS and RPG's, such presicion isn't necessary. However even playing these there is so much lag I can barely play with this mouse at times. I know it isn't the game disrupting it as the actual games all run smoothly and when I use a Xbox controller it's fine.
For the price of this mouse I could have almost afforded a top gaming mouse. I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 for my laptop that's absolutely perfect and can play Half Life 2 with no lag issues on a laptop a good deal lower in performant capability than the PC, leaving me to conclude that it is this mouse that is indeed, rubbish. I wont go into the other mouse here as it's of topic but O'll have another review up of that to compare and I would definitely recommend that instead.
It's such a shame as the design of this mouse is really stunning. Unfortuantely the rest of it doesn't come up to expectations. If you just want a good looking mouse, this is the one. If you want one that works, I would strongly recommend you to look elsewhere.
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on 18 July 2011
Bought this item from Amazon.
It worked great for 5 weeks and then stopped working.
Contacted Microsoft - and what a palava!
Slowest support team in the world.
After 3 weeks of emails they informed me that it would 6 weeks to get a replacement!
What a joke!
Buy a logitech
Update - eventually got a replacement mouse which again worked fine for approx 8 weeks - then stopped working.
Build quality is suspect - it is not very robust.
Battery life is also poor - as it relies on you shutting the mouse to turn it off - not a natural thing to do overnight.
It is however a beautiful mouse. Shame about its terrible reliability.
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on 10 November 2009
I use a laptop everyday at work and I purchased this mouse after being impressed when someone else had one.

Its a great design, comfortable, good quality plastic with a grippy top surface. It works well on most surfaces as it has low friction pads.

As its wireless, there are no trailing cables and thus goes well with the portability of a laptop as it folds up and thus fits easily in your pocket.

Even thought it is plug and play, its worth installing the Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software (not included in the packaging) as this give extended functionality on what your mouse can do (ie alter scroll rates the faster you move the scroll wheel for example)

I have owned the mouse since July and I have not yet had to change the batteries so it very good on power consumption.

I was so impressed I have bought a second mouse for my home laptop. This is running windows 7 and works just as well.

I only had one problem, when the USB transmitter failed (it got very hot) and thus the mouse did not work anymore, but Amazon replaced it within a couple of days and I sent the faulty one back (postage prep-paid).
Excellent customer service. I just hope that this is a one off failure as now my 30 days is up.
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on 26 November 2011
The mouse looks good, and has a nice feel. The USB key is small and fits well inside the mouse - which is itself tiny when folded up.

It would almost be perfect, if it worked for more than a month without breaking. Indeed, the second I plugged it into a windows 7 laptop, after owning it for less than a month, it broke completely. From what I can tell, it randomly breaking is fairly common - so beware.

I don't often write reviews, but it was a complete waste of £25, so I think people should be made aware.
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on 16 August 2010
Bought this mouse along with Microsoft Arc keyboard to use with my desktop PC.

I custom built a gaming rig and use this mouse for general PC tasks (surfing, word processing etc) as well as gaming. No issue to report on that end.

Mouse looks great is very precise and responsive.

I opted for a wireless mouse as I have my PC connected to my TV in living room so I can stream movies etc.

Whilst the Arc keyboard works brilliantly at this distance (10m) the mouse can be a bit flaky which is why I only rated 4 out of 5. Obviously I must be using it on the very edge of its wireless range, generally though a great mouse.

- Attractive mouse.
- Good for general purpose tasks and gaming.
- Good battery life so far.
- Auto-turn off if left unused for a few mins (quick to respond once moved).

- Wirelss range not as good as Microsoft Arc keyboard.

Good mouse for gaming and general PC activities, I would happily recommend if you are using it less than 10m from dongle. Very happy with purchase.
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on 5 June 2011
The design concept is great and performance is fine although the Bluetooth is quite weak. I had to buy a 1m USM extension cable so that the dongle is on my desk rather than in my PC which is underneath
The idea of folding it up to save batteries is good
The only flaw is the left button on the side which controls the very useful 'back a page' on internet explorer. It assumes that your thumb is about 15mm longer than it is so if you're going to use this a lot (as I do) you're better off with the Microsoft 5000 which I had before where the button actually sits under your thumb. On the 5000 you also get a right side button. Oh, and it's cheaper!
Arc mouse probably the best choice if you use a laptop and need something that folds out but for long term term desktop use get the 5000
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