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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Well, we had a character change for series 4, and we get another for the 100th episode* this season. Yep we bid a fond farewell to Cole : ( But there will be a tiny new cast member – this season sees the birth of Piper and Leo’s baby.
Season 5 stills retains it’s sense of realism with the added drama and wit that made CHARMED a huge success, but for me this series lost that special something that made it a must watch programme, though it picks it up as it nears the end.
A Witch’s Tail (1)
A Witch’s Tail (2)
Phoebe is turned into a mermaid, giving her a cold heart and she runs away from her problems. Paige struggles balancing her charmed one life with her work life. Pregnant Piper begins to suffer from panic attacks.
Happily Ever After
The sisters are transported into classic fairy stories – Piper Little Red Riding Hood, Phoebe into Cinderella, and Paige into Snow White.
Siren Song
A Siren lures Phoebe and Cole, leaving Piper and Paige to save them. Piper’s unborn baby swaps her powers with Leo’s.
Witches In Tights
A demon is turned into a comic book character so he can steal the elder’s powers, leaving the sisters no choice but to don masks and catsuits to stop him.
The Eyes Have It
Phoebe discovers a demon which steals the eyes of gypsies. Piper wants to see a regular doctor, but Leo is concerned about being exposed.
Sympathy For The Demon
Here we see the return of Barbas (the demon of fear) who once again plunges the sisters into their darkest fears.
A Witch In Time
An evil warlock tries to steal the book of shadows and succeeds in killing 2 of the sisters, leaving our lone survivor to decide if going back in time to save their life’s is the right thing to do.
Sam I Am
Paige, as a whitelighter, gets her first charge. Cole tries to force the sisters to kill him.
Y Tu Mummy Tambien
A demon tries to resurrect the spirit of his dead lover by using Phoebe to host her.
The Importance Of Being Phoebe
Cole kidnaps Phoebe and sends a shapeshifter to take her place.
Centennial Charmed *
Cole creates a world where Phoebe and Piper never meet Paige in a desperate attempt to keep Phoebe by his side.
House Call
The sisters enlist the help of a witch doctor in removing the traces of evil from around the house. Is he friend or foe? Paige’s ex shows up with a big surprise.

Sand Francisco Dreamin’
A demon causes the sisters nightmares to come to life.
The Day The Magic Died
As Piper’/s baby is about to be born all magic dies, leaving her defenceless against the evil being that want the baby.
Baby’s First Demon
New aunties Paige and Phoebe try to protect baby from 2 demons while Phoebe’s career looks like its on shaky ground.
Lucky Charmed
A demon is killing leprechauns so they bless the sisters with good luck to track the demon down, but their luck soon backfires.
Cat House
When she begins to have marital problems, Piper casts a spell to show her’s and Leo’s past together. However it backfires, taking Phoebe and Paige to relive the memories.
Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
When a demon attacks and kills a water nymph that protects a lake, the surviving nymphs decide Paige should take her place. Saying no doesn’t seem to be an option.
Sense And Sense Ability
The Crone steals one of the senses from each of the sisters, in an attempt to fool Piper’s child into allowing her to get closer to baby.
Necromancing The Stone
Grandma Halliwell returns to the manor for a wiccan birthing ceremony for her grandchild.
Oh My Goddess (1)
Oh My Goddess (2)
The titans are released and kill the elders giving Leo no choice but to take their places. Meanwhile the sisters are given the powers of greek goddesses to enable them to destroy the titans before they kill all of the whitelighters.
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on 23 November 2005
the thought of having to wait til february isn't fair!!! i think that charmed season 5 is the best season so far!!! where do i start....Cole!!! he becomes obsessed with trying to win Phoebe back, and becomes this unstoppable powerful demon with powers he absorbed when in the demonic wasteland seen in season 4. the first Charmed offspring arrives in the form of Piper and Leo's child, who is able to use their powers from in the womb to make Piper protected and fave episode of the season is Centennial Charmed, the shows 100th episode which sees Cole becoming an Avatar (the first introduction of them i think, i could be mistaken!) for those who havent seen it i wont spoil it by telling you what happens in it. my others fave episodes include Sympathy for the demon (which see Barbas back tricking the sisters so he can trap them and use their fears against each other), and the season enders Oh My Goddess(cool costumes for the girls and also the introduction of Chris played by Drew Fuller, something eyecandy for me :-D!!!)
A Witch's Tail Parts 1 & 2
Happily Ever After
Siren Song
Magic Wears A Mask (aka witches in tights)
The Eyes Have It
Sympathy For The Demon
A Witch In Time
Sam I Am
The Mummys Tomb (aka y tu mummy tambien)
The Importance Of Being Phoebe
Centennial Charmed
House Call (aka obsessions)
Sand Francisco Dreaming (aka dreamspells)
The Day That Magic Died (aka special delivery)
Baby's First Demon
Lucky Charmed
Cat House
Nypmhs Just Wanna Have Fun (aka naughty nymphs)
Sense And Sense Ability
Necromancing The Stone
Oh My Goddess Parts 1 & 2
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on 13 March 2006
Well I know it seems to be controversial but this is my favourite season so far. It's great to see Rose Macgowen really comming into her own, she is really refreshing from Shannon Doherty and there is a much more even dynamic to the show. We see Piper becoming more motherly which is really important for later series as it becomes a crucial drive for her. As much as we will all miss Cole - ENOUGH ALL READY! The Cole/Pheobe story line went on for a while and it is great to see Alyssa Milano freed up for the next season, this isn't her strongest performance. I think this season is really fun and lively and a great exploration of the characters. It is a prelude for a kick into high gear in six and seven, leaving the Chris and Avatar storylines a mystery at this point. Keep this in mind and I think you will really enjoy it. Centennial Charmed is my favourite episode in this season, not only does it set the tone for the rest of the season and the next but it's the one which I think officialy made Paige my favourite sister.
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on 10 December 2005
As with any season of any show, this season has it's weak episodes, but it is brilliant nontheless. It contains some of my favourite episodes and the acting standard is as high as ever. The show reaches it's 100th episode milestone this season with a fab episode 'Centennial Charmed', in which an exciting plotline leaves Paige in another dimension where her sisters don't even know she exists. Charmed continues to excite and delight with gripping storylines and hilarious comic moments. Charmed is sure to cast a spell on you. Standout episodes are:
Sympathy For the demon
Sand Francisco dreamin'
The day the magic died
Baby's first demon
Cat House
Sense and sense ability
Oh my Goddess
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on 29 September 2011
Charmed still remains very entertaining in it's 5th year and doesn't dissapoint as far as action goes. However I don't think this season is as good as s1-4, as it has a very different feel to it. This season goes down a much lighter route: starting with mermaids, then superheroes, leprachauns, nymphs, fairytales etc. I personally prefer Charmed dark, which is why I love seasons 1-4, as the focus was witches fighting demons and warlocks with one or two lighter episodes in each season. Season 5 just has a few too many lighter episodes for my liking. However the season does have it's highlights: Piper's pregnancy and Paige getting more than she bargains for when the Elders give her her first charge as a whitelighter, for example. I couldn't help but fall out of love with Phoebe and Cole this season as I thought the way Phoebe went from one extreme to the other each episode with how she treated him, I'm not suprised by how it ends but personally blame her entirely and found it a bit unrealistic. The finale is great and ends with a major cliffhanger. Season 6 is quite a bit darker and season 7 is a huge improvement in my opinion, so if you like the darker stories, I reccomend that you stick with it, this season is as light as it gets.
review image
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on 23 April 2006
This series is the best of all of them!!!!!! I can honestly and truly say this season has not got a single boring episode in it. I could rate every single episode five stars. I got this season only 5 weeks ago and i have not stopped watching it ever since! If you are a charmed fan this is definetly the season for you! This season features the vanquishing of Cole (Julian Mcmahon) in 'Centennial Charmed' The birth of Pipers' son Wyatt Halliwell in 'The Day The Magic Died' and the arrrival of a future whitelighter Chris (Drew Fuller) Pipers' Second Child whom she does not know about in 'Oh My Goddess'. Here are all the episodes in Charmed Season 5:

A Witch's Tail: Part 1 (4/5)

: Part 2 (5/5)

Happily Ever After (5/5)

Siren Song (5/5)

Witches In Tights (4/5)

The Eyes Have It (3/5)

Sympathy For The Demon (5/5)

A Witch In Time (4/5)

Sam, I am (4/5)

Y Tu Mummy Tambien (5/5)

The Importance Of Being Phoebe (4/5)

Centennial Charmed (5/5) Superb!!!!!

House Call (4/5)

Sand Francisco Dreamin' (5/5)

The Day The Magic Died (5/5) Excellent!!

Baby's First Demon (4/5)

Lucky Charmed (4/5)

Cat House (5/5)

Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun (4/5)

Sense And Sense Ability (5/5)

Necromacing The Stone (3/5)

Oh My Goddess: Part 1 (5/5)

: Part 2 (5/5)

I hope this review was helpful to you.
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on 9 February 2006
Charmed, the Aaron Spelling series, headed into its 5th season with minimal changes. Unlike the previous season it did not start with the introduction of a new character or the loss of an old one. But changes behind the scenes clearly set this season on a different path. Charmed Creator Connie Burge left after Season 4 giving full control to Brad Kern (Executive Producer since Season 1) who sent the show in a different direction).
The Character of Cole went into a deeper depression before finally being killed and we got a whole lot of Fairy Tales and Magical Stories with some skimpy outfits on the side.
Charmed Season 5 still performed well and while the show still had its Sisterly Connections and Demons day-and-night it wasn't as great as previous seasons.
As usual Paramount has included no Special Features. Charmed was unlucky that it was released after Paramount went crazy (in other words, charging a lot of money for a Box and Episodes I can see on TV a lot!). It is doubtful any season will have some special features, with how Charmed is getting treated in what looks like its final season - I doubt we will have any fond farewell with a decent DVD set.
If you are a fan of Charmed who wants to see the episodes when ever you want without commercial distraction, then this is a must buy for you. But unless you are a hard core fan, you'd be better renting this set.
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on 4 December 2005
5 years in - Charmed is at it's best. amazin episodes like A Witch's Tail, Witches in tights, centennial charmed, the day the magic Died, baby's First demon, sense and sense ability and oh My goddess, see season 5, turn out to be one of Charmed's best. Phoebe becomes a mermaid,Piper and leo have a baby boy, Cole is finally vanquished in Charmed's 100th episode and Paige turns into a red head. Two or three episodes are a real let down, but the rest makes up for it. Worth every penny!
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on 29 January 2007
I absouloutly love this season, i think it is one of the best seasons along with season 8. All the episodes were exciting and i recommend it to anyone that likes charmed or programs to do with magic.

The best bits of the season were when pheobe turned into a mermaid, when they all turned into godesses and when Wyatt was born!!

I think that anyone who is thinking of buying a charmed boxset should buy this one with-out a doubt!
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on 26 November 2008
Don't listen to the negative reviews, this series is just as good as the previous 4, if not better. I'll admit, the loss of Cole from the main cast is unfortunate, but at least in this series not everything revolves around Phoebe and Cole's relationship (as it seemed to in season 4).
This season feels much more light-hearted, with the Charmed ones becoming super-heroes and Greek goddesses as well as one of them becoming a nymph and another becoming a mermaid.
Standout episodes for me-

*Witches in Tights-
A young boy has an extraordinary gift- his drawings come to life. Unfortunately there is a demon on hand to take full advantage... enter the Super- Charmed Ones!

*Centennial Charmed-
Happy Birthday Cole (his 100th to be exact). What do you get for a 100 year old demon, when all he to be vanquished?

*Y Tu Mummy Tambien-
A demon mummifies the bodies of witches in a quest to find a body to hold the spirit of his dead lover, Isis. Only problem is that he has yet to find a strong enough body. Could a Charmed One be what he is looking for?

*The Day the Magic Died-
Magic (good and evil) has disappeared from the world, the magical community is in crisis and Piper has gone into labour (great timing).

*Oh My Goddess (parts 1 and 2)-
When the Titans are unleashed and seek revenge on the Elders, it becomes clear that it will take more than Charmed-like powers to destroy them for good. Perhaps God-like powers are needed...
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