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on 3 March 2009
Fab update for previous George, which eventually bit the dust after being dropped for the umpteenth time. Decided to go for the removable plates, making it much easier to clean, as they go straight in dishwasher. Must say it it so much easier to clean these plates anyway (grooves not so large as old george) but removing them is much quicker! Shape of this george is better than old one too, overall big thumbs up!
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on 9 September 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you've used a George Foreman grill before you'll be very familiar with how it works. If you haven't, basically it is a grill that allows the fat from food to collect in a drip tray at the bottom making it a health choice.

The positive of this version is that it heats up quicker than older versions and the light is very clearly displayed. You can still use both spray oils or wipe it on with kitchen roll. I feel the spatula has a better design for lifting the food from the plates. The removable plates are the most obvious benefits of this product, but be warned they can go back on the wrong way round which means if you don't notice it the grease/fat will collect in a well around your food.

Unfortunately the cable isn't very long but I notice a lot of new products do this now; wonder if it is something to do with small children being able to reach them! The design of this one is much sleeker than the older one and I noticed that the bun warming facility is no longer there although I don't miss that as I never used it!

I've used it for cooking tuna steaks, sausages, bacon, chicken breasts and steaks. What I will say, is that I found it hard to fit 4 chicken breasts on the plates. My butchers ones stood no chance but I'd have expected to fit 4 supermarket ones on. But, as I'm just using it for two people that doesn't really matter too much to me.

I have the same complaint as most people, and the reason why it's only 4 stars. For some reason the fat drips between the tray and the bottom plate and it leaves fat on the worktop. That's easily wiped up however and doesn't stop me using it, as I prefer using my George Foreman to frying or the normal grill.
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on 26 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This grill is a downgrade for me from a larger model which is simply too large for my postage-stamp sized kitchen. It has a smaller footprint than the previous grill, and only has the two grilling plates, rather than the selection of grilling plates that I never used. The upper grilling plate has a similar pattern of bumps to the lower grilling plate which makes it much easier to wash by hand: the older grill's upper grilling plate has a herring bone pattern which needs a dishwasher to get it properly clean (guess whose kitchen has no room for a dishwasher...). Both grilling plates on this model clean easily with a non-stick sponge and ordinary washing up liquid.

The lack of a temperature control isn't much of an issue for me: with the old grill I always turned it up to full and turned it back a little when it reached full heat. With this grill I've found that the upper range of the suggested cooking times in the instruction book is exactly right. I've used spray-on oil and wiped oil onto the grilling plates with a paper towel and both have proved successful.

I rarely buy meat from a supermarket, preferring instead meat from local independent butchers. The grill is large enough to cook six thick sausages (and perhaps could take a couple more, but I'm not that greedy), though I don't think that more than three fresh burgers could be accommodated. However, there's plenty room for a couple of large chicken fillets. I'm not a great one for grilled vegetables, so I can't comment on them.

I'm not sure what the spatula is for: most people's kitchen drawers will contain something that will do the job better, whether a nylon fish-slice, non-metal tongs or whatever. The other problem I found with the grill is that when you remove the lower grilling plate, you'll probably find a line of melted fat along the front edge of the heating plate. It only takes a moment to wipe away, but if the grilling plate were just a millimetre or two longer it wouldn't happen.

All-in-all, this grill is perfect for the lone meat-eater, and would almost certainly serve a couple just as well.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
well as a family we own 4 grills of varing size and design already and that must mean its useful right.. i myself have a 10 portion grill (great for the family)but this one arrived and is a really good size for a small family of four or for one person to cook a full meal with meat and veg. my teens love it for its grilled sanwiches yes ovrall very useful appliance.This particular grill seems alot sturdier than my 10 and has a nice compact design. the plates are very easy to remove and clean but if you find burned on bits i reccomend not using the scraper provided, i just wipe with a damp cloth ,close and leave sometimes until next morning when all the burnt bits are then softened and can just be wiped away, i myself have never needed to go near the dishwasher with these so i cant say how well they would do with it. the only reason it gets 4 and not 5 stars is that i would like to see a high / low setting on the heat as sometimes i find some of the stickier marinades can burn a bit on the grill but i found basting them on half way through the grilling can stop this.Probably the best looking of all the grills we have and the size that will get used the most.this is the best one so far the only reason for not buying this design would be if its not big enough. Recommended

LATER comment
ive had to lower the stars given to this product as on more intensive use ive found that the fat doesnt collect in the drip tray but just collects under the body of the grill around its feet and all over the surface that you stand it on ,also the cord could really have done with a few extra inches.

today ive had enough of the thing sticking to the surface it stands on as the fat runs under the unit ,ive tried tipping it more but to no avail, its now consigned to the bin. sorry george it started off so promisingly.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've never owned a George Foreman Grill before or indeed any grill except that in my oven! So nothing to compare it with.

It is large and you'll need some space on your kitchen worktop if you want to keep it out on display - and preferably near a plug socket as the lead is not that long. Despite the size, in comparison with our toaster, it isn't much longer than that and looks very neat design-wise. Small niggle is that I'd prefer a white one as most of our kitchen appliances are white.

To open, you just lift up the handle (no fiddly catches or clasps) but make sure to wear oven gloves if it's turned on as it gets hot.

The grill plates (1 top, 1 bottom) are incredibly easy to take off and put on. Just pull the side "wing" sections towards you and the whole grill plate comes off in one swift action.

This evening we had some home-made burgers which I used on the grill. To operate, just plug in and the light on the front comes on. Place the drip tray under the front to catch the fat from the food. After several minutes, the light goes out. Now is the time to spray on some cooking oil (I recommend spray as it means you don't need to touch the hot grill - or rub on some oil before you turn it on!) and put your food on. In this case, I used my wooden tongs to put the burgers on the bottom grill plate (you can fit 3 good sized burgers on in one go) and used the oven gloves to pull the top down. The top will then automatically position itself over the food. Very clever.

It took all of 5 minutes to cook all 3 burgers to perfection. This would normally take me a good 10 mins under my oven grill and also messing about, turning the burgers over. You don't need to turn the burgers with this grill as it cooks evenly both sides.

Once I'd finished cooking, I turned it off at the mains and let it cool down. The grill plates remove very easily for washing. A quick soak in hot, soapy water and a rub with a washing-up brush and the grill plates were as good as new. Couldn't believe how easy they are to clean. And also not so big that they're awkward to wash up by hand as an oven grill is.

Seriously impressed and I know this will get lots of use as we love homemade kebabs and burgers. But I also can't wait to try out fish too. There is a small instruction book with recipes to try which is also useful.

A wonderful product which I wish we'd had years ago.
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on 3 February 2011
This would be a five star product if the fat dripped into the tray, as it should!! Size, weight, cooking, cleaning the hot plates etc., all great as mentioned the other reviews. The trouble is that it is an awkward beast to clean when fat is clinging to the legs and underside... Sorry George!

** TOP TIP!! recently I have placed a strip kitchen foil between the bottom removable plate and the heating plate, just on the front edge. This is shaped to form a drip into the fat collector tray and works well. It just takes a moment and saves loads of time cleaning up later!
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on 12 September 2011
I purchased this around 18 months ago. Not only has it never cooked/grilled food well, it's one of the removable plates have fallen apart. When I say not cooked well, I previously had a George grill without removable plates, though this was a pain to clean it got much hotter so grilled so much better. I wont be buying this sort of George grill again!!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Before I got this one, I had used the Anthony Worral Thompson (AWT) grill which is also convenient because of its removable washable plates and the drip tray is like a drawer so it stows away into the unit quite conveniently (unlike the George Foreman grills which seem to have the separate drip tray which to me is a slight inconvenience but has advantages too).

Compared to the AWT grill, this George Foreman model has the similar feature of having the removable washable plates, however it also provides better protection against burning your fingers and easier to remove plates. They are also of a size that fits in dish washers more conveniently than the AWT one. It also seems to clean better - perhaps the non stick coating on the George Foreman is more durable.

Out of the range of removable plate grills, the size and general design of this one also is better in my opinion. Big enough to do 4 portions of meat or veggie burgers (for example), but compact enough for washing and storing away after use. This grill is also great for making toasted panini (you can easily do two panini at a time).

Excellent all round.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having purchased the smaller model 14181 grill earlier this year I was pleased to be offered the larger 4 potion unit to review. The same glowing review I gave it's smaller cousin still applies. This unit is only slightly larger but has removeable plates for "easier" cleaning. I'm not sure where this is coming from as the model without removeable plates was a doddle to clean anyway. Down to the product itself. It reaches temperature within two minutes, comes with a spatula and a drip tray and most importantly - cooks beautifully.

I'd recommend using the grill as a griddle/hot plate before dropping the top plate down on everything you cook. I found by doing this allows the food to cook more evenly and you can keep an eye on it from over cooking or burning. The drip tray obviously catches all the fats and oils the food would otherwise absorb if frying and if you want the food the retain its natural juices then you need to sear/seal it by pressing down the top plate when you place the food on to the grill. A few experimental cooks and you'll soon know what's best for each different item you put on it. Ours is used for bacon,sausages,tomatoes,steaks,burgers and fresh fish and the results are always tender, succulent and healthily cooked meals.

I was initially scepticle when I purchased my first George Foreman grill; I thought once the novelty value had expired it would find its way to the back back of a kitchen cupboard along with my sandwich toaster and bread maker and become soon forgotten about. I'm pleased to say I was wrong; this machine is used on an almost daily basis.It's quick, convevient and it does a wonderful job. Thoroughly recommended.!
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on 5 November 2010
I have been quite happy since I bought this, I haven't used it much, but it's been O.K., apart from the fact that the fat does not go in the drip tray, but underneath the machine, I have tried tilting the machine forward, but it makes no difference. I do like the removable plates for easier cleaning, until today when one of the handles came apart as I was washing it! One screw just fell out, and now I have to try to put it back together, not easy as it is spring loaded!
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