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4.3 out of 5 stars636
4.3 out of 5 stars
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572 of 583 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2010
There's a lot to consider when buying a Foreman grill and I definitely did my research and love my purchase. I also took my time before submitting a review for this product because I felt there were a lot of mixed reviews across the board on these grills and wanted a very accurate portrayal of this grill specifically.

First I'd like to address the cooking times. While the Foreman Grills advertise a very true statement of halving the cooking times they don't tell you that you need an additional five minutes to heat up the grill. It won't ruin your life, but when you're hungry that can seem like an eternity. However, find comfort in the fact that you will generally make that time back due to the double sided grilling. It's somewhat important to note that i regularly spend 5 minutes of heating for a 1 minute panini or grilled cheese sandwich. It's a daily chore, but I do it cheerfully live with it considering how good it tastes.

The manual that accompanies the grill underestimates the power of this grill. Nine minutes for a 6oz beef burger? No way. I've been buying 6oz beef burgers and cooking them from frozen in 5, yes, the grill is that hot! However, I do like my bacon extra crispy and the 8-9 minute recommended time for that has been the only thing I would agree with. Overall it seems like the guide for the grilling times is generic and used across some of the cheaper less effective grills.

That brings me to the major point in Foreman grills; the fat draining. It's not long into the grilling before you see just how much fat is drained, and believe me it's always more than you think! Is there a drawback? Oh yeah. The grill can drain enough juices from the meat that it will leave it dry and tasteless. My first victim was a thick and juicy steak but thankfully I overcame it by adjusting my timer. Overcooking meat on the Foreman won't burn as easily due to the design of the plates but will cause your food to be sapped of moisture. Counteract it by dialing back the timer and you will find the balance of juicy and cooked thoroughly. The best guide I can give a new user is to half the suggested times, taking into account that the grill is double sided and it is hotter than a pan, don't give into your instinct to add an extra minute, you'll have to eat your mistakes!

The main event of this grill is the removable plates, the reason you'd look at this grill. No heat loss, in fact I'd say this is easily one of their hottest grills. The only thing I dislike is the cleaning. While the plates are dishwasher safe a dishwasher doesn't clean them fully and I routinely clean my plates by hand once or twice a week but then again, I am a stickler for hygiene. The upshot is I couldn't imagine the pain of cleaning a grill with attached plates. Dishwashers are 90% effective and you'll need some elbow grease occasionally to make it perfect. Only negative thing I can say is the non stick coating has shown very early stages of wear and the lifespan won't be a life long appliance, a year or two seems likely.

Last major point is size. You will never cook for four people on this grill. I would consider it a very spacious two person grill. If you want to make some bacon cheeseburgers you'll do it two at a time (albeit two bouts of 5 minutes to serve 4 delicious beef burgers with melted cheese if you use the raclette feature). Two juicy fillet steaks, or one massive sirloin. Three to four chicken breasts however which would give the grill some president in it's four portion field, but in my opinion that's just too limited to warrant the 4 portion size that's been attributed to the grill. If you've ever been to burger king, 2 whoppers would fill this grill with not much room to spare.

The physical qualities of this grill are definitely second to none. The handle is metal and sturdy, the catches are unbreakable, the locking mechanism for the plates is perfect and you won't make a mistake leading to a plate falling off onto your feet... sounded painful, nowhere near experiencing it :P The aforementioned wear and tear on the non stick plates is the only thing that could make me replace this grill. This is a fantastic addition to any kitchen with little to no learning curve and great tasting food. Steer clear of tomatoes on it, they turn into lava hot gooey malformed messes if directly thrown on.

Great grill, worth every penny for me. If you want to maximize your bang for the buck (even if you have more than 2 people in your household) buy this. You won't be lead astray with great food, great snacks (no grilled sandwich will ever require cleaning after beyond a wipe down with a kitchen towel) and generally speeding up the time you spend in the kitchen. I love this product and I've used it every day since I received it. If mine stopped working in the morning I'd be online buying a replacement and at the price I paid I could honestly pay double. This is their best grill currently so grab it while you can.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 20 September 2010
I do like cooking with this grill. Its time saving and easy to clean. Its trial and error to cook just right and to your individual taste.
I have done rump steak and was a bit disappointed with this - it seemed to drain all the tasty juices out and the meat although a nice tender texture, was a bit bland so I think I'll stick to my conventional grill for steak. Bacon and sausages however are perfect. I haven't cooked beefburgers for years, as under a normal grill the fat pours out, gets alight and stinks the house out, but on the George Foreman they are great!
I think "family" grill is stretching it a bit size-wise as I find it just big enough to cook portions for two of us!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 28 August 2012
Let's start with the fundamentals - there is no way this product will cater for 4 people at a time, but adequately for 2 people.
It will just about take 3 rashers of bacon, 2 average size chops, 2 average size gammons (not all together of course !!) It heats up very quickly & retains its heat so until you get used to it you will need to keep an eye on cooking times otherwise you will end up with dry, overcooked food. Also I tend to coat whatever I'm cooking with oil/butter before placing on the grill because for me this concentrates the coating where you want it - on the food - & not all over the cooking plates where it's not needed.
It's amazing how much fat comes directly out of meat & burgers when otherwise you would be putting it on your waist line !!
Toasted sandwiches are a treat on this machine but again with the limited plate space - you'll just about get 2 sandwiches on if you trim off some of the crust. Cooking some vegetables, especially tomatoes can be quite messy so I tend to use it for meat, fish, & toasties which suits me - each to his own ! The cleaning of the plates needs a little more than just a wipe over with some kitchen roll - I tend to wash them by hand in a soapy solution, which brings them up a treat & removes all the burnt on residue which if not removed will need harsher cleaning at some later date with the attendant adverse effect on the non stick coating. Not rocket science is it ?
Overall this is a very good & handy piece of kitchen equipment which I'm pleased to have bought & use regularly.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 6 December 2010
Having read a few reviews I decided to purchase the George Foreman 4 Portion Grill (with removable plates). I have to say the rest of the reviews pretty much sum this up but I thought I would add to what has already been said. I LOVE THIS GRILL! It's great! it works as it says, I've used it for burgers (fresh and from frozen), steaks, grilled vegetables, toasties, chicken breasts and a few other bits and that's just within 2 weeks.

As a few other people have mentioned, its easy to over cook steak and burgers but there is nothing stopping you lifting the lid and taking a peek before the timer goes off. And again I reiterate it takes a good 5 mins to get up to heat (the light goes off when its ready) what I tend to do is switch it on, then start preparing the food...

The guide that comes with the grill is accurate but again, add on the 5 mins for warm up.

Its interesting to see exactly how much FAT drips off into the drip tray, in fact quick an eye opener however, I honestly believe the food tastes better! I also tend to season my meat with herbs, salt and pepper, paprika etc and rub on a bit of olive oil! STILL the plates are remarkably easy to clean. I haven't yet put these in the dish washer as I have found them so easy to wash by hand.

My only gripe with this Grill is it states 4 PORTIONS! I don't think it would be possible to cook 4 steaks on here! I have managed 4 large burgers but steaks! cant see it as I only just managed to cook two medium sized steaks. This is the only reason I am giving this 4 and not 5 stars.

The lid can also be propped up to act like a grill for melting cheese etc. I used this to melt some blue cheese on steaks after cooking them, 2 mins and sorted! very easy to do.

I definitely recommend this grill, it really is FAB and not a FAD!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 August 2012
Well, where to start?

I'll start off by saying, NOTHING can cook fish like this thing.. nothing. Having got that off my chest, the actual grill is pretty good, I decided to go with this particular modal because I wanted something with a timer (my time keeping is horendous!), I was actually in two minds as to whether it was an absolute necessity to have a temperature gauge on the grill... and to be honest, its not. And for me, neither are the removable plates.. I dont even remove them to clean it anymore. Which leaves the last selling feature of this grill, the timer.. well its a timer, what else can I say?!

The top grill heats up about twice as hot as the bottom grill, so I usually leave it open winged to let the bottom cook for some time, before closing it for about 2 minutes (if that)... depending on what my tastebuds demand.

Cleaning is super easy, as soon as I've finished grilling, I turn the machine off and place kitchen towel soaked in warm soapy water on it and close it. When its cooled down a little while after - but not cold, I'll just wipe it clean with the specialised sponges (I recommened you purchase some of those).

The actual purpose of the grill definatly holds its own ground, it will strip anything with the slightest bit of fat of all its innocence.. yet leave it succulent and juicy enough to make your tastebuds dance and skip to the rhytem of your chewing - oh yes.

All in all guys, I really don't think you need to buy any of the variation models of the orginal George Forman grill. I honestly wish I just got the orginal little black one and a small alarm clock to go with it, with the specialised sponges. The extra gadgets add in too many performace variables, which are highly noticeable anyway. But the actual brand and product?! I AM A LOYAL FAN.

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 1 May 2012
I can only think that the 4 people who this is for are all on diets. There is not that much space and I find that it will cook for two comfortably, but I would not recommend this if you are cooking bacon sandwiches for four people.

However, the grill works well, cooks nicely and the angle of the plates allow easy clearing of fat. Just don't forget to put the fat catching tray in place! The plates remove easily, are dishwasher safe even if they don't always come completely clean in the dishwasher, not sure if this is an issue of the plates or the dishwasher. I would have preferred a longer plug lead too.

Overall as there is just two of us in the house, I am very satisfied with the grill.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 February 2015
The first thing that struck me was that the grill had a plastic trim insert missing from the bottom of one of the legs. Cosmetic, but worth emailing George Foreman to get a replacement sent. Quality control obviously missed that one. I could have sent it back for exchange but it's hassle having to wait in for a courier to collect it
The small instruction book that comes with it is poor. It's not complex to use, but the timings given as a guide to cooking items was in my view very inaccurate. I had more luck looking on Google for cooking times.
I liked the idea of taking the plates out and sticking them in the dishwasher, so I bought the more expensive model. Amazons price was a bargain, as it was lower than everywhere else.
I used the grill for the first time tonight, and despite talking much longer to cook than the user guide said, the results were good, and the fat that comes out of sausages means it really is a much healthier way of cooking.
We bought the larger four person size, and I am glad I did as it's not a very big cooking surface. More suited to a couple than a family....unless they are on diets.
Overall, it's a decent bit of kit, but will be no doubt be better when I get my head around how long things take to properly cook rather than rely on the very basic and inaccurate guide booklet that they provide.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 31 March 2012
I live in France and it is not possible to buy it here for some unknown reason. I had it delivered here and it was very quick to arrive, exactly on the day predicted. Earlier, I had bought a cheap Lidl one which I was happy with except it was difficult to clean and the non-stick coating didn't last very long. I wanted this George Foreman because the plates will go in the dishwasher. It works a dream. It's easily hot enough and the sloping grill makes the fat run off very well. My only comment would be that the title 'Family' borders on an untruth, as it is only big enough for the two of us. It would have to be a very small family with very small appetites. I recommend it, but take careful note of the size before you buy.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 28 January 2015
Been using this for about 6 months now almost every day at least twice. I love it and hardly use the oven grill anymore. It heats up quickly and cooks quickly. Its not quite as good as a normal grill for bacon as it dries out quite quickly and when cooking sausages, as it sits on them it becomes difficult to cook them uniformly on the outside. But this is a great gadget and well worth having in the kitchen. The size is perfect for two people 99% of the time. On mine the non stick coating is just starting to wear off the bottom but I think that might be a result of not cleaning it after every use. Slihtly unnerving seeing how much collects in the tray underneath...and not enjoyable to clean it out!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 15 August 2012
I had a GF Grill for some time and got fed up of cleaning the plates after use. This one is much easier as they can be removed and washed in the conventional way. Much easier. There are some comments that the plates take a little while to come on which I found not really to be a problem and only takes a few minutes more than the conventional GF Grill (except for one time when I forgot to switch it on!! I like the count down display which takes the worry of mis-timing the food. The only adverse comment I would make and stopped me giving it 5 stars was the retaining catches that allow the grill to be stored upright. Rubbish and do not lock into place.
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