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4.8 out of 5 stars499
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2009
We were uncertain about buying this set only because of the crticism expressed by an earlier reviewer concerning picture quality and handling problems.
We have now watched the first 4 episodes and have no doubts at all. It is excellent. Let's face it these early episodes were made over 20 years ago they are not going to be in HD but they are fine - we have a 37 inch TV screen so any flaws would be easily seen.
I have no difficulty extracting the DVD's from the cleverly designed cases, and I am no spring chicken. The cunning packaging means all 33 DVD's take up no more shelf space than say about 5 single DVD's.
If you enjoyed Morse when it was first shown in the 1980's & 90's, or have been introduced to him on the subsequent repeats DO BUY THIS SET.
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on 19 January 2012
Nothing produced on television has ever emotionally moved me like "Inspector Morse." As an American I can think of only one TV production that is a peer to "Morse" and that is Peter Falk's "Columbo." I won't compare "Homicide" and "The Wire" to "Morse" because "Morse" is not a cop drama. "Morse" is a true detective drama that is combination morality play and romantic drama (no, I don't mean kissy-kissy--I mean epic good and evil). Like the Colin Dexter novels on which they are based, each film is constructed with archetypal characters confronting Jacobean and/or Shakespearean themes of love, death and revenge, all the while leaving it to the audience to decide for themselves the value of the choices made by the characters including, and most importantly, Morse and Lewis. Additionally, this series launched the careers of some of my generation's greatest British filmmakers (i.e., John Madden, Danny Boyle, Antonia Bird and Adrian Shergold, to name a few). I can think of only "Cracker" as another British series to have such a great impact on modern television and cinema. As an American fan I am both awed and embarrassed that my country, which gave birth to the medium, could never have a single series to spawn such greatness. That's why I guess I have to admit that it's my inner Brit that emerges whenever I see "Morse" or more precisely John Thaw as "Morse." There's nothing about being American that connects with Thaw's "Morse," because he is the quintessential British protagonist: brilliant, charismatic, erudite and flawed as hell. And Morse does nothing to hide any of these qualities to anyone including his enemies. This is how he can be vulnerable while seemingly invulnerable against the craziest madman. None of these complexities appear in any American T.V. hero, because American T.V. is too obsessed with reality or banal escapism. "Inspector Morse" has the power to transport us out of our own world while presenting us with questions that make us reflect on the human condition. It's both fun and awakening.
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on 9 November 2010
I hesitated from buying this down to the review at the top of the list. It should be removed, and here's why.

1) Morse: If you're even thinking about buying Morse there needs no backup as to why you'd want a set. Morse needs no selling, it is sheer genius crime TV from all angles.

2) The packaging. The other reviewer must have had a dud. The middle bits 'do' depress, and there's plenty of room to slide a thumb under from one side to finish it off. The disc doesn't even get close to bending. My dad has serious arthritis and even he can do it no problems. Do not stop buying on account of the disc fixing.

3) The rest of the packaging is fine and a little ingenious. I recently bought my parents the massive DVD collection (which was essentially all the series seperately released bundled into one foot long box. That, as it happened, was perfect for them as they liked having something 'showy' to display it in. And it did/does look good in there. This version is much cheaper looking, and basically constructed. But it's still perfectly nice looking - and for the space saving it's much more suitable to me.

4) The quality of the 're-mastering'. Again, the person who reviewed this before must be using a HD flat screen telly. Possibly quite a big one. If you view this on a normal telly (what might now be called old fashioned - i.e. one that isn't HD, isn't flat screen and uses the old tubes) then the quality of this DVD, even the early ones, is crystal clear. Sadly, on the 'new amazing quality TV's' anything that isn't Blu-Ray looks fuzzy. That's down to the scaling of the image. These early episodes are going to come out on your screen just as good, or bad, as non-HD live telly is currently coming out on your telly. Accept that, and you'll be fine.

All in all, this is an amazing collection, in a very useful size, and fantastic quality, considering it comes from nearly 30 years ago.
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on 2 August 2010
Despite reading other reviews giving less than posiitve feedback I decided to buy this set. Taking into consideration the age of the earlier episodes the quality isn't going to be as sharp as the later ones. This in no way has detracted from the viewing pleasure that I have had. We are all aware of the high quality of the shows both in acting, stories and soundtrack and after all this time the early ones , some of which I had missed, still stand out as excellent viewing. The price is unbeatable I think and I have had no problems removing dvd's from the holders. All things being taken into consideration, a great buy.
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on 6 January 2010
The must-have present for Morse fans.Perhaps my favourite detective series with Morse's love of good beer,crosswords,and classical music plus Oxford as a background .I always park in Jericho , (the scene of the first version) and walk through the streets. It's one of my luxuries to select a DVD at my leisure with a tipple of choice then relax for hours. For me no other detective series has the appeal and sophistication so it had to be Morse. John Thaw was a seasoned and well-loved actor , Kevin Whateley continues in " Lewis " , the double-act never failed to entertain. Recommended viewing for all Morse fans ,particularly as the series is not often seen on our screens now. All you need now is a good supply of beer,crisps ,savouries and uninterrupted viewing for maximum enjoyment.
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on 5 January 2012
I too read the reviews which derided the DVD set storage packaging and put off buying the set for a long time. Having recently looked at the cost of the other sets available, which are in the hundreds of pounds range I eventually gave this set a go. As a previous reviewer has highlighted, the original series started in the 1980's and was a TV series and not film so you should not expect Blu Ray or HD visual quality. We have watched 11 discs and have not had any complaints. As to the complaints regarding the DVD packaging - sorry but not true. The packaging on this set is better than the new release very expensive DVDs I bought at the same time. Fabulous series, fabulous quality and at £30 a steal.
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on 11 November 2013
After reading the various negative reviews regarding the case and picture quality, it was with some trepidation that I opened Amazon's box and played the first disk. The criticisms of the case are justified. It wasn't 'til I had read the reviews again that I managed to get access to disk 1. Whoever designed the case must have used lateral thinking to design an innovative product. As with all innovations, you win some and lose some. This is a loser, however it is not a show-stopper. Regarding the picture, I've had no problems watching with either the "aspect" or the grain. My TV automatically selected the correct aspect, and the grain is not a problem. In fact, in at least one case, it adds atmosphere. I'm talking about episode 3, which looks as if it could have been directed by a young Ridley Scott. The darker scenes with a lot of contrast look particularly good - on my cheapo 32" flat screen anyway. In summary, if you're a fan of Morse and value-for-money, go for this set.
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on 2 December 2008
Morse is one of those classic series that never seems to date and had a fantastic cast. Chief Inspector Morse played by the now late but brilliant John Thaw previously known as tough cop Reagan on the Sweeney. And Kevin Whatley as long suffering Lewis who nine times out of ten solves the crime before Morse. Then there is James Grout who played the gruff Chief Superindentant Strange who also suffers Morse's moods. This series has a feel like no other crime drama set in sleepy Oxford with Morse driving his classic Mk2 Jaguar. He also mulls over a Murder in a Pub ,over a Pint of ale with Lewis dragged along. The guest cast is also well planned and played though the 33 feature length episodes. They are very slow moving and nothing like the glitzy American shows of the 1990's. This new slimmer boxed set is a must buy for fans and if you shop around this can cost under £40. There are three documentarys included about the making of the series but there are no commentaries.
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on 24 August 2014
Having seen all the series when they were first broadcast I knew the quality of production and performance were excellent. Memory quality means that it has been watching something new....until the final minutes and suddenly there is a moment that says to you "ah that's how it ended"!
Quality of DVD's are excellent. Living in the USA now I have watched some of them on Netflix here but they are in their original broadcast quality which was no where as good as these DVD's.
My only gripe is why oh why did the producers of this complete set not add a sheet of information giving the chronological order of the episodes and which ones were in which series. It makes so much difference and must be a total mystery to many people new to Morse especially from other parts of the world. Such a shame......
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on 4 July 2011
The review regarding image quality can be ignored, Quality is excellent. As for the comment regarding "compressing 2 episodes per disc" The single editions are on DVD-5 discs (single layer) thus approx 2 hours standard quality DVD video, the same as any other DVD. (HQ =60mins) but producers never go that high up. The box set uses DVD-9 discs (Double Layer) therefore the same quality using 1 episode per layer. I will therefore leave it to you, the reviewer to determine which one of us knows what they are talking about.
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