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4.3 out of 5 stars184
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2014
On a school field trip, Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically modified spider.

He wakes up the next morning with incredible powers. After witnessing the death of his uncle, Parkers decides to put his new skills to use in order to rid the city of evil, but someone else has other plans.

The Green Goblin sees Spider-Man as a threat and must dispose of him.

Even if it means the Goblin has to target Parker's Aunt and the girl he secretly pines for....

The firs thing that strikes you when you watch Spiderman now, is how structured and peripheral the narrative and the story is. Foe a comic book movie telling a story, it's still probably one of the best origin stories going.

But the years haven't been kind to the film, the effects have dated somewhat, especially the climbing scenes, and Maguire appears not as good as we all thought he was.

But the rest of the cast are still fantastic, Dafoe is still the most shocking villain from the original trilogy, and his struggles with his dark side are is the venom running throughout the film.

It can get a little stodgy at times, and Spiderman doesn't appear tow have the swagger he does in the comics, but it's still a fun movie.
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on 9 December 2002
Simply fantastic! I loved this film so very much, which is a big achievement since I wanted to hate it when I first went to see it. I'm a big fan of Spiderman, Marvel and all things superhero-like, so while you might think my review might be a bit biased, you couldn't be further from truth. I thought this film would ruin Spiderman and be a cheap cash in on the Spiderman name. Having seen pictures of what the Green Goblin looked like, it practically confirmed my view. But how wrong I was!

The film is just so faithful to Spiderman and the comics. There are so many things that are just so right and done just how they should be! You even have little things such as the high school bully, Flash, in there as well as MJ calling Peter "Tiger" just like she does in the comics and series. Even the phrase "Friendly neighbourhood Spiderman" is in there! The action is amazing, and is just perfect. It really does Spiderman justice, and makes him seem like a proper superhero.

And the Green Goblin is an amazing baddie! I thought he looked like some reject robot or something from photo's I'd seen in magazines, but when you see him in the film, and his voice, it's just perfect, and he comes out with some amazing villain phrases! You really can tell that Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman, really did go to every extent to make sure that this film was as perfect as it should be with his involvement in the production of this film.

Okay, there are some really cheesy moments (the scene when all the New Yorkers throw stuff is the worst - you'll know what I mean when you see it, and they had the chance to kill Macy Gray - what a wasted opportunity), but the rest of the film is fabulous. I really wanted to hate this film, but I just couldn't help but love it!

Lets put it this way; while watching this film, I wanted it to end. This isn't because it was so bad, but because it was sheer perfection that it couldn't get any better, only worse. If it ended then it would end on a high note. But the film didn't end at those points, it just stayed perfect all the way through (cheese aside).

If you are not a Spiderman or action film fan, I still think you will be able to enjoy this film. You might not find it perfect like I do, but you certainly will enjoy immensely, it as it's well above average to say the least.

An amazing film.
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on 12 November 2002
What an honour is thrust upon Sam Raimi. He had to bring to the screen the world's favourite super-hero. This movie could well have been a disaster thanks to the huge build-up and publicity and die-hard fans and all the other assorted extra considerations with a picture of this scale. However, against all the odds, Raimi came out with a final result that actually managed to live up to the hype.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the exploits of Spider-man, let me fill you in. It tells the story of shy bookish student Peter Parker who after being bitten by a genetically altered spider, is given amazing super-powers. After he suffers a tragic personal loss, he decides to use his powers so that no others have to suffer the way he has. However, this film, unlike most blockbusters actually fleshes out the relationships between the characters. Particularly good is the awkward love scenes between Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire, excellently cast), and Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst, looking better than ever as a red-head), which manages to be very sweet, down to earth and dare I say, believeable.
Whilst Raimin has made some changes to the original story (e.g. updating Stan Lee's radioactive Spider to a genetically modified one), he has still manged to retain the spirit and style of spider-man. There have however been some changes that have been criticized, one of which is the new-look Green Goblin. Frankly I think he looks perfect as the suit in the film is actually a flight suit designed to look threatening but not terrifying, and the whole scare behind the Green Goblin lies in the monster behind the mask. Still think they should have stuck to the purple Noddy-like suit?
Other criticisms include the fact that the second half which throws a super-villain at Spidey, pales in comparison to the first half which deals with his origins and early exploits. True, the second half does deal mainly with Spidey and the Green goblin kicking seven shades out of each other, but it still works a lot better than most blockbuster super-hero movies. The main reason for this is that the two protagonists don't bother with silly plots like the later Batman films or such other nonsense. No, it's just battle after glorious battle as Spidey goes into the fight of his life to stop a deadly super-powered psychopath. It's just that simple, and works so well on account of some superb character acting and some really good set-pieces. The final battle scene which takes place atop a suspension bridge really shows Maguire playing with the different Spider-man/Peter Parker frames of mind, and Willem Dafoe is clearly having a great time hamming up his role as the evil Green Goblin.
This is a blockbuster movie with a difference. It has heart, it has plot, but most importanrtly, it has web-swinging in spades. You won't be disappointed. A Classic!
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on 14 July 2004
I already had the two disc Spider-Man DVD but the Deluxe edition was going fairly cheap so I purchased it.
What a waste of money!
If you have the 2 disc version don't buy this, it's not worth it. If not then definitely buy it. The movie is great and the extras fantastic, but as mentioned in other reviews the shoddily packaged additional disc just cheapens the whole thing.
I was extremely disappointed to discover the third disc was a cheap cardboard sleeve dumped in the packaging of the 2 disc DVD released earlier and which I already had.
I feel sorry for parents who had to buy it for their kids thinking they were getting something extra.
The Spider-Man 2 section is just a bunch of on the set interviews and stuff already seen on the trailers. Nothing new was added.
As I've said if you have the 2 disc version don't buy this, if not what are you waiting for? It's a must-see movie!!!
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on 22 May 2004
For some strange reason, I never got around to buying 'Spiderman' on DVD, but when I saw that a 'deluxe' edition was being released with a third disc of extras, I felt that the time had come to finally purchase it. It comes nicely packaged, with a cardboard sleeve to house the amaray case, but once unwrapped, I was shocked to see that the third disc was simply thrown in; No, not part of the overall package, but slipped in between the cardboard sleeve and the main case (which is the regular two disc version of 'Spiderman' available)! It has its own cardboard sleeve (like those that you get with free CD's in Sunday newspapers!) and this cheapens the item further!! There is no compartment to store it, therefore being a little useless as it is now sitting in a drawer rather than on my DVD cabinet! The disc has some interesting extras though, from the costume and set designs to looking at certain scenes in detail, and there are some sneek peeks at 'Spiderman 2', however, these can be seen on TV all the time, and the trailer can be viewed on the Apple Quicktime website. This would have felt like more of a complete package had it had all the extras bundled into less discs, but the price cannot be justified and it was a disappointing buy. Buy the regular two disc version for less, the extras just aren't worth it!
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on 16 June 2014
I like this better than the new version. In particular, the Green Goblin is every bit a mad and scarey as he is in the comics...I don't know what they were thinking with the current rendition of the GB in the ASM2 film, that was so naf. I think even the comic book fans get up themselves too much and believe these films need to take themselves seriously, but, for me, the fun is in the very comic book nature of it. Bring on the bright spangly custumes....note to the makers of the Avengers movie, PLEASE SORT OUT FALCON'S AND HAWKEYES CUSTOME... What is the point of a superhero if they don't have a custom, they just look like SWAT extras...rubbish, put them in their proper outfits!
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on 21 January 2003
Pure and simple a great, entertaining version of a comic legend!
OK so the green goblins outfit is a bit dodgy, but the fight scenes, the plot development (simple but effective bearing in mind the classification)spidey learning to master his powers, the girl (Kirsten Dunst an inspired piece of casting) make this an outstanding movie definately in the top three movies I saw in 2002!
Toby Maguire is superb as the geeky Peter, Aunt May and J.Jonah Jameson are striaght from the cartoon of my childhood.
Hopefully loads more sequals with Doctor Octopus, the Silver Surfer and all the other cool bad guys.
A great action movie!!!
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on 23 July 2007
I really enjoyed this movie and it exceeded my expectations by far, I expected a movie like James Bond where the hero kills most of the villains for no reason and seems to be be invincible. I was proved wrong Spiderman has a great plot and a great villain. It is an exciting movie and it also involves a death of someone close to Peter Parker, this was a very sad part of the movie. I don't like the marvel comics but that didn't stop me from enjoying the movie. If you never bothered to watch this movie or are hesitant because youdidn't like the comic versions, give it a try, you might be surprised.
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on 20 July 2004
Despite being one of the best films of 2002 spiderman is let down by a deluxe edition that looks as though it has had absolutely no effort al all put into it. The actual film is simply the normal 2-disc version, most dissapointing of all is the third disc that comes in a cardboard case, wedged in between the film box and the outer casing.
My advise to you would simply be to get the 2-disc edition instead. However, if you have your heart set on paying extra for that third disc, shop around because with the second installment being released in cinemas, the prices for it in most high street shops has dropped.
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on 3 January 2014
I loved this film as a kid, and I still do. Originally I had the DVD copy but sadly, I lost the copy like a spider crawling away after attempts of the tissue grab.

As years go on by, I saw Spider-man 3 on Channel 5 airing repeatedly. And I'd think to myself- "why don't they show Spider-man 1 on the TV?" Since then, I thought about the movie more and more. With the invention of Blu-ray, I had in mind "Why don't I get the HD Version of it?" So I did. I didn't have enough money for the new copies so I turned to the used copies. And my, the copy was in perfect condition.

As soon as the Blu-ray popped through the post, I'd felt like I was on cloud nine. I rushed into my Parents' room and fired up the Blu ray player! I was just filled with excitement. The moment I pressed "Play movie" on the remote, It was just like the good old days. My nostalgia-meter was right at the top. Breath-taking aerobatics, Cheesy one-liners and the perfect balance between comedy and action. Willem Dafoe as Goblin did a high quality performance. Actually, all of the cast were properly selected. I have to say well done Mr. Raimi!

However, Spider-man 1 is the only favourite movie of mines throughout the series. I felt something was missing in Spider-man 2 and in Sam's final chapter of the trilogy, A lot of things went haywire like a spider's web. The Amazing Spider Man (I'd like to call it 'The not-so Amazing Spider Man') was a dreary film too. But I did like the romance between Gwen and Peter... :D

Overall, the service by the seller was exceptional and the film is top notch.
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