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4.6 out of 5 stars92
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2008
I cannot find enough words to express how great this album is. This is by miles one of the best, if not the best Enigma album ever. It is so addictive, I have been listening to it for countless hours since I laid my hands on it. The music, vocals, and tunes all mix together in a weird yet dazzling and very captivating way that will let you fly with imagination, and will lose any will power to stop the album. Between Generation is very similar to some other Enigma titles, especially at the start, close to Sadness, then it starts to become very powerful in bass, and when the vocalist starts, you realize you are into something beyond any other musical description. Hell's Heaven is just superb, listen to it in good quality headphones, and you will see what I mean. Je T'aime Till My Dying Days is very good, beautiful vocals, but not my favorite title in this album, sometimes seems out of place, but it is still great musically. Seven Lives is awesome, definitely one the best tracks in this album, the rest of tracks are all great. I have not enjoyed an album this much before, it is chilling, will give you goosebumps sometimes, fascinating, and a great effort by Enigma. It makes some other albums die in the shadows. Do not waste another minute without it, get it and you will be amazed.
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on 11 March 2009
After Enigma's last effort, "A Posteriori", I vowed never again to buy another Enigma album. For me it was their least successful work to date, relying far too heavily on the interplay between various synth pads lines while totally lacking any musical substance. There was hardly anything I hadn't heard done before in the trance genre on "A Posteriori", which for Enigma was disappointing has they normally avoid straying into musical cliché. Moreover, there was no core musical idea that the arrangements carried forward that set it apart from countless other trance works.

It was with indifference then that I initially greeted this 7th release, "Seven Lives". Six Enigma albums was quite enough for my CD collection, thank you.

It was only when I inadvertently strayed onto one of the tracks on You Tube "The Same Parents" that I began to question the wisdom of my earlier vow. My ears were assaulted with an absolutely gorgeous piece, beautifully arranged with an unassuming melody, counter melody, warm harmonies and reflective emotionality. This level of poignancy is no where to be found on "A Posteriori". Cretu had clearly gone back to the drawing board, once again finding renewed inspiration and at last released an actual Enigma album......Perhaps there was room in my CD collection for another Enigma release after all, certainly on this evidence.

For me "Seven Lives" is the strongest Enigma offering we've had for many years, easily stronger than the last 2 albums. Once again there are engaging harmonic progressions and subtle melodies all underpinned with interesting syncopated shuffling rhythms. I'm not sure Michael Cretu gets the credit he deserve for his use of rhythms, yes they are familiar to previous albums, but he always manages to add subtle variations and new textures that leave a fresh impression for the listener. This album is beautifully constructed, fusing Ambience with Dance, Classical with Eastern folk, hypnotic bass lines with richly layered soundscapes, wonderful vocal performance with New World sounds.

Enigma's fourth album was one of my favorites, with it's polished dynamic production, driving momentum and more overtly classically influenced theme. On this album, Cretu has gone for a less polished overall sound and this probably better serves the material, which is more ethnic folk driven and earthy, while still maintaining a spiritual and mythical flavour. Be in no doubt, "Seven Lives" is certainly more original than the forth Enigma album. Margarita Roig's vocals on tracks 7 & 11 are outstanding, both these tracks being hauntingly beautiful and uplifting. His contribution adds another dimension to the Enigma sound. The vibe of these songs is reminiscent of Sarah Brightman's Harem, an artist who has also successfully fused ethnic rhythms with richly layered harmonies.

Overall though what sets" Seven Lives" apart from the last album is it's far more emotionally engaging and soulful, exuding a luscious warmth throughout. It's a really well paced album, melodic and plaintive one moment then rhythmic and haunting the next. "Seven Lives" is in stark contrast to the clinical, mechanical journey to be found on "A Posteroir".

Yes there are probably a couple fillers to be found here; the overtly sexual "distorted Love" and the overly slushy "Je T'aime" do let the album down a little and for me should have been relegated to the bonus disc version. Other than this shortcoming though, the quality is pretty much maintained throughout.

"Seven Lives" aptly begins and ends with a heartbeat and if there's one thing this album's got it's just that, heart. It's a beat that will resonate with many Enigma fans for many for years to come. This is an album that will almost certainly stand the test of time, and in years to come may well be considered the best Enigma album, it's that good. Alas, only time will tell. It's certainly taught me not to wrote an artist off too hastily and, has we all know, you really should "never say never!"
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on 29 September 2008
Enigma is back! Having been a fan since the beginning, nothing to me seemed to go anywhere near MCMXC A.D and Cross of Changes. You can of course pick out the good tracks from all subsequent albums. Seven Lives Many Faces does for me again. Unique sounds which flow really well and send you to another planet. I can't stop listening to it. Again.....Enigma is back!!!
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I am a great fan of Enigma. Probably like most Enigma fans I first listened to the band by purchasing MCMXC AD, which I think is their very best album. Seven Lives Seven Faces comes very close to topping the aforementioned album with its rhythmic beats and distant tones of MCMXC. As with all Enigma albums there is a mixture of music, melodies and vocals which in this album blend to make superb atmospheric music. Each track is different from anything else on the album, which is sometimes the downside to Enigma, as some albums sound similar to other Enigma albums or similar to the other tracks on a particular album.

Whilst this is still not as good as MCMXC, which for me is still the best Enigma album, this CD comes a very close second. It is obvious from listening to it that it is Enigma, but there are few throwbacks to other albums, which has been a problem with some other Engima CD's recently. I highly recommend this CD to any Enigma fan who is looking for a refreshingly new Enigma album. Great atmospheric music, Enigma back to its best. Highly recommended.
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on 26 April 2009
Having been a fan of Enigma since the age of 6 when my dad first brought home the 'cross of changes'album in 1993, i was as excited as ever at the prospect of a new enigma album. I was not dissappointed. Firstly, it has all the trademark features of enigma that weve all come to expect. However, this album also smacks of music that has evolved. This is not the same enigma of nearly 19 years ago (jeez is that right?!)with MCMXC.aD, and yet Michael Cretu has consistently managed to keep this music project fresh and interesting, with new musical directions on every album. Songs such as the addictive 'Seven Lives','La Puerta Del Cielo','Deja Vu'and the very sexy 'Fata morgana' all demonstrate this change in enigma. Interestingly, the marital split between Michael and Sandra cretu appears to have lead to a new emphasis upon electronic sounds on the last 2 albums, as opposed to the new age sounds and gregorian chants etc that dominated their sound in the 90s. These, i suspect, were the influences of Sandra at the time.
This album really does get better and better the more you listen to it. It is a very addictive album and there are several stand out tracks in it,though the entire album is worth listening to. I think one of the biggest comments to be made on this album is that it makes you wonder whats to come from enigma in the future. Michael Cretu has left himself open, even by his usual standards, to go in any number of different, interesting directions,and it will be intriguing to see what he does next. In short,Enigma remain at the cutting edge of the genre that they helped to define in the first place :) xxxxxxxxxx
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on 20 May 2011
Well what can i say ive just purchased Seven Lives Many Faces and its absolutely fabulous. Like many enigma fans i have been addicted to Enigma since purchasing MCMXC i have all the albums now (except Voyageur) and love all of them, where would my life be without Enigma they do not get enough recognition in my eyes. please keep up the fantastic work and keep bringing out these brill albums. Credit to curly MC what a guy. Enigma = Pure Genius, love you
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on 2 July 2009
After a few okay albums, Enigma returns with a subtle but sensual sound journey that is refreshing and rewarding to listen to. After the dissapointing efforts from the likes of Jarre recently, it is nice to know that another melodic instrumentalist like Enigma keeps to his roots and delivers to his audience yet again.

This is a worth while purchase if you like your music touching and oh so melodic with those exoctic rhythms that only Enigma can excel at. Excellent vocals and production with some familiar Engima landmark sounds and some tracks that are over too quickly that makes you return for more on another listen ; well done MC Curly !!!
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on 18 October 2008
I bought this Album about 2-3 weeks ago and had been anticipating it's release.

Well worth it! It is everything an Enigma album should be and more!

Some of the old familiar sounds are present and are given a breath of fresh air.

When I first heard about the album on and that it was in the works I was excited especially with the new musical direction being revealed.

It reperesents, I think, the next chapter in Enigma - new direction, new sounds and they couldn't have gotten off to a better start in my view.

Well done to all involved for such a masterpiece.

I would highly recommend this to any Enigma fan - you won't be disappointed
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on 11 November 2010
Having been an fan of Enigma for years now, I was really excited about their latest album. Would it be as good as Le Roi or MCMXC, or rubbish, like Voyageur ?

I wasn't disappointed, it's an amazing album, very emotional, fantastic chill out music. Do yourself a favour; put on some headphones, turn everything off, make sure you won't be disturbed, and listen to this wonderful album - it'll take you to another place, a lovely peaceful place - seriously feel good stuff............ :-)
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on 5 March 2010
I think all or most of the reviews here agree that Enigma's latest offering is possibly one of the best out of the 7 (excluding compilations) and shows that there's plenty of creativity coming from the pen of Michael Cretu. I just wanted to add a word or two about the quality of sound. I hadn't thought until today to play the CD on my surround sound system as I always play my CD's on a high quality stereo system. But I had a brilliant surprise when hearing it in this way. It doesn't say anywhere on the CD that it's in 5.1 surround sound, but it definately is! And what an amazing experience it is. Of course needing to check further, it seems that the two CD's proceeding this are recorded in the same way. So if you have a home theatre system, stick it on and hear the difference! It's amazing, especially the intro. Who needs the DVD which has a lot of negative comments (and I had considered purchasing just for the 5.1 sound) when it's all on the CD version!Just close your eyes and let your imagination provide the images. Mine are sublime!!Enigma - Seven Lives Many Faces [DVD]
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