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3.9 out of 5 stars205
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2009
I'm not hasty in posting reviews on items (especially electrical) until a good 6 months after usage, and let me tell you this little portable audio system delivers in every aspect, in it's own right!

Initially the sound is excellent, loud vocals, adequate bass and well capable of dealing with hard hitting kick drum music.

The build quality and looks, is of a very good standard, with two sturdy kickstands to keep upright and solid (well placed) buttons for operation.

The battery life is unbelievable, the manufactures claim it lasts 10 hours. I for one, can vouch for this claim as our station has been on two different continents since last April, and we played music into the night, in outside open spaces, with the music at volumes to cater for 20+ people and it has delivered every time.
Some of my friends have been so impressed they've sought to get themselves one of these, especially when they realised we could hook up their (non-Ipod) mp3 players with a basic double ended 3.5mm Jack which I keep in the case for such eventuality.

I have been using this station with the Ipod touch (1st gen), which is fully compatible with this station with regard to functionality, but does have a couple of snags;

1. The remote control moves the cursor up & down 2 spaces with one touch of the control, you have to expertly use the remote to get from odd numbered tracks to even, and, vice versa.

2. The repeat & shuffle buttons can be confusing as you check the ipod for this toggle but it will not always indicate the correct status if it has been changed from the docking station manually (button select).

Apart from the above mentioned minor issues, this unit will not disappoint, unless you have ridiculous expectations similar to acoustics of a high end, domestic speaker system.
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on 25 February 2009
I own a iPod Nano and a iPhone and was looking for a pair of speakers that would work with both my devices. And as I wanted to move the speakers around the house (kitchen, living room, bedroom, ...) I don't want to be tied to use them only at places where a power outlet is available. So, I was finding battery-enabled speakers.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere v2 are amazing and do everything I want:
- Work with iPod Nano and iPhone (it comes with a series of connectors to use on the docking station for different iPods/iPhone but they are only estetical. I never used anyone. It connects perfectly with iPod Nano 4g and the iPhone and works flawlessly with both.
- The sound is great. Awesome!
- It features an excellent battery. It lasts ~10 hours.
- It is really portable (it also brings a small case to take speakers with you)
- It is beatiful. Excellent design.
- Comes with a remote that not only allow you to play/pause, prev/next, volume up/down but also browse playlists, artists, musics (not all speakers with remote allow that)
- Comes with power adapters for UK and EU (i'm from Portugal) which is very nice and didn't require me to buy a separate power adapter.

I really recommend these speakers. It has an excellent price-quality ratio and I am more than satisfied with my choic
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on 29 December 2010
This product had so much potential when I researched it back in March. I was looking to replace a set of Creative travel speakers that I'd had for 4 years, which had died due to wear and tear. The criteria: they had to be small, light, rechargeable, long battery life (@ least 4hrs). This unit fitted the bill. It could fit in my bag, serve as external speakers for my laptop, play/charge my iPod & play content from my mobile (with a 3.5mm audio lead). The sound quality is very good , for travel speakers. Another big plus was being able to control all the features of the iPod with the remote control.

However... Expectations have been completely disappointing. I have been using it in the garden, a lot... The stated 10hr charge it's supposed to hold??? Well I've never got it pass 2. The unit consistently cuts out without warning - even whilst on the mains. It's even worse when plugging in an external music player via the 3.5mm connection. This completely kills the enjoyment of a full length film via my laptop.

I'm quite technically-minded, & checked the Logitech site to see if this was known issue. I discovered a "reset" button on the base - not marked. Not that it made any difference. I would have given this the benefit of the doubt, & said that maybe I was just unlucky with this unit, but as it's my 2nd one, I cannot recommend it as a reliable. (The remote did not work with my 1st).

I'm typing this out of frustration now as I'm trying to play music via my mobile phone whilst the unit is plugged into the mains, & have not been able to listen to one full 3min track without it cutting out... :o(
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on 4 June 2010
These speakers sound good and would have been ideal except............they have known faults and these faults are recognized by Logitech, but they are not going to address them.

This is my actual response from Logitech when I pointed out that the speaker volume does not work with a docked 1st generation iPod touch running OS 3.0 and above and that the speaker cuts out on quiet (but more than audilble) passages of music.


Unfortunately, as for the two scenarios you have encountered, we are aware that both are widely discussed topics on our forum, but assure you that these are not common everyday experiences. Sadly, our customers may still encounter scenarios such as the ones you have experienced.

Unfortunately, as the situation you experienced is a combination of both having an iPod Touch 1st generation with lacking volume control and also the PureFi Anywhere 2 shutting down when playing music at low volume, the best option would be to return to the point of purchase for an exchange or refund.


So there you go - just do not buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 4 October 2009
These are undoubtedly the best sounding portable speakers available, which makes it even more annoying that they're no good for classical music. Logitech have built in a battery saving 'feature' which turns off the speakers when no music has played for about a minute. "Great" you might think - but not if this feature interprets quiet passages of music as no music and turns itself off, on mains power as well as on battery. Even with soundcheck enabled on the ipod and the volume of the piece turned up to the max in itunes some tracks were still unplayable so mine went back for a refund. Sadly I'm still looking for portable speakers that sound anywhere near as good.

Come on Logitech. There are enough people moaning about this on your own forums. Sort it out.
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on 15 January 2011
You might be lucky, you might get one that doesn't cut out, but I was unlucky and mine did. The fault is as outlined below: the machine is designed to turn off after no music plays for two minutes, to save the battery, but it turns off when quiet music IS playing. It can't hear it. And it does this even when it's on the mains. Logitech's suggestions as to how this might be countered don't work, in my experience. A major fault that should have the item removed from sale.
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on 8 October 2009
So JUST after a month the iPod interface stopped working. Amazon had no interest as they only accept returns in the first month. Fair enough.

Logitechs online support was down (and still is), so I phoned. I was told the problem is with the iPod touch OS and I should test the speaker with a different iPod (I don't have one).

So I took it into work and ran it off a colleagues laptop through the line in and it kept switching itself off. A search on the Logitech support site show a forum thread with lots of users having the same problem. The solution: Turn the source volume up and the unit down! That sounds like the worst auto-shut off I've ever heard of.

Add the facts the buttons aren't very responsive, the remote doesn't work too well (if ever), and it comes on at full volume when you plug your iPod touch in (all documented on the Logitech forum) and you've got a total waste of money.
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on 7 July 2010
I bought one of these from Richer Sounds. I took it back because it just kept stopping. Some say it's down to its battery saving mode (surely an optional feature at best). Tried resetting it (paper clip in its bottom), used iPod at maximum volume, and made sure my IPod was bang up to date.

Looks nice, and good sound. Never found out how long the battery really lasts. Nasty switches and very poorly lit.

Would really like a compact rechargable iPod dock. Any suggestions?
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on 5 January 2009
I didn't buy this off Amazon but had to write a review of the product anyway.

Got this for my birthday after recently purchasing an iPod Touch 8GB (2nd Gen) and could not be happier with it!

The build quality is excellent on the dock and the remote. Easy to use, I unwrappped it, plugged it into the mains, plugged in the iPod and I was off!

Use it in my smallish bedroom and it's more than enough, the stereo XL widening is especially impressive!

I would definitley recommend this product!!
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on 26 September 2009
A pile of rubbish.

I bought this product in haste after seeing it in a shop. It looks nice and when it worked it was okay but it's been cranky from the start, the sound volume controls aren't granular enough, the remote is not intuitive and finally mine has stopped working properly (problems with the dock) after about a month and I need to use the Aux jack.

When troubleshooting my own problem I've noticed that a lot of other people are having issues as well, especially with the battery. At the end of the day if it doesn't work it's a waste of money, so only 1 star. I just don't need the hassle.

As an update to this review a couple of months on, there is another problem with this product in that if you don't have the volume turned up loud enough on the iPhone, then regardless of the volume on the Pure-Fi and whether or not it is plugged in it cuts out after a few minutes. I find their official work-around which is to crank up the volume on the iPhone to over 80% pretty inconvenient.

Since I like to listen to music so much in the kitchen, I'm thinking of just binning this thing, and buying something that works properly.
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