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It's a new star wars movie.

It's set betwene episodes two and three.

It's a cgi cartoon.

And it appears to be three episodes of the new tv series the clone wars edited together into one feature film.

the story involves anakin skywalker and his new apprentice - whom he didnt want to take on - having to rescue the kidnapped son of jabba the hutt from separatist forces under the command of the evil count dooku and his associates. the jedi and the clone troopers who fight on their side face a hard journey to reunite jabba with his son.

the animation is rather stylised like a japanese cartoon. whilst the characters do look rather good the backgrounds can be a bit static.

very few of the original voice cast actors [just samuel l jackson as mace windu, anthony daniels as c3po and christpoher lee as count dooku] reprise their roles. all the other characters who have been seen before are voiced by new actors who try and impersonate the performance of the originals.

anakin's apprentice talks like a californian valley girl.

and jabba's son is nicknamed stinky.

so this could all be horribly dumbed down.

but the movie succeeds because it contains the one element that the first three star wars films had, and the second trilogy so conspicuously lacked.

It's fun!

It's never dumbed down.the apprentice may talk like a valley girl but she's a fully rounded character and never gets annoying.

and it contains action scene after action scene all of which are really gripping.

this is quality star wars entertainment of the kind we thought we'd never see again, and it's a hugely enjoyable experience for fans of all ages. if they're prepared to give it a chance.

the dvd has language tracks in english and hebrew and english for the hearing impaired. it also has subtitles in arabic hebrew and icelandic.

it offers direct scene access to the film, and the sole extra is a commentary from the director, the producer, the writer and the editor.

the lack of other extras is disappointing, but the quality of the movie is such that the dvd rates a five stars. unleash the inner star wars fan in you again. it's worth it
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on 9 January 2009
I took my six year old son to see this film. As a "girl" i wasn't really expecting to enjoy it but it was actually great fun and my little boy loved it. It's probably not a bad thing that it was me and not hubby who went as he prefers the original trilogy to any other... No it's not like the old Star wars films but that doesn't make it bad - just different and definitely good for little ones to cut their teeth on.
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on 2 February 2009
The kids will love this over-glorified toy advert ! You get the light-saber fights , trips to Anakin's home-world , the Hutt's up to no good and the Sith playing their usual underhanded tricks. It is nice to see Yoda , C-Threepio and R2D2 - some comic light relief is nice. I have watched it a couple of times knowing in advance that it would not blow me away like seeing A New Hope for the first time did many moons ago. I did recognize many of the plot lines from the more recent Star Wars films so the writers got their continuity facts absolutely right. Seeing an entire Star Wars film done in computer generated animation was interesting to say the least and even if the plot-line was pretty predictable it is no reason for not attempting such an enterprise again. Technically it was fine and the people who did the voice-overs did very well indeed. For any future Star Wars films done like this a more creative storyline could. move an average movie to a superb one. It is not a bad effort and there are certainly worse ways to pass the time- especially when Amazon are selling it at such a fair price
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on 27 September 2012
For whatever reason - be it pig-headed stubborness or stupidity - I have only just seen this film. I love the original trilogy and found the prequel trilogy to be adequate (Phantom Menace), very good (Attack of the Clones) and excellent (Revenge of the Sith). But, knowing that the Clone Wars was set between AotC and RotS left me feeling a little cold and uninterested. Now, if it has been set after Return of the Jedi that would be a different matter.
Nonetheless, when the boxset of Seasons 1 & 2 appears in a sale I thought I'd give it a try. To coincide I ordered this film too. Thankfully it arrived first and I was able to watch it. After the first few minutes of adjustment to the animation style I found myself totally engrossed and immersed into the Star Wars universe once again. While the story is not intricately involved it is still very effective and engaging. I was probably only 30 minutes in when I realised I was hooked. I promptly cancelled my order for Seasons 1 & 2 and changed it to Seasons 1-3!
Anyone who has doubts - all you lovers of the original trilogy - open your hearts and minds and give this a try; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I was very impressed with the blu-ray picture quality too; although a little disappointed that the audio was only DD5.1. But, having said that, it's a very good DD5.1 track!
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on 17 August 2008
Lucasfilm Animation, director Dave Filoni, and screenwriter Henry Gilroy have crafted the perfect Saturdy morning summer animated film, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", which is a more than adequate sequel to the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy, set between Episodes II and III. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting much, but left the theater quite impressed with the quality of much of the animation, which, I might add, is much closer to Pixar Studio's than classic Walt Disney in its realism. I was also surprised with the amount of screen time given to Count Dooku (voiced by the ever incredible Christopher Lee), as well as the voice "returns" of Samuel L. Jackson (General Mace Windu) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) (Daniels has now the distinction of appearing in every "Star Wars" film.).

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" captures successfully much of the excitement found in the original trilogy and in "Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith". Moreover, it offers more amazing battle sequences and light saber duels than seen in the live action films thanks to state-of-the-art animation technology. Where "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" fails is in some of its insipid dialogue, and the rather curious introduction of the inexperienced Ahsoka Tano as Anakin's padawan (Jedi apprentice), who comes across more as a spoiled brat than a genuine Jedi warrior in training. And yet, with these few glaring defects, this remains a film which I can recommend highly to those who are diehard "Star Wars" fans and others seeking high quality cinematic entertainment that's suitable for the entire family.
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2008
I was sceptical when I heard another Star Wars movie was being released but then read that it was evolved from the Clone Wars cartoon micro-series, which really captured the Star Wars spirit. I took my kids and we all loved it. I rate it as better than Ep2: Attack of the Clones and on a par with Ep3: Revenge of the Sith.

To briefly summarise, the Jedi/Galactic Republic armies are struggling in the Clone Wars with hyperspace routes being blocked off by the Separatists. Then Jabba the Hutts son is kidnapped, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine sends the Jedi (Anakin and Obi-Wan) to rescue him, with the aim to secure Hutt support for the War. The Separatists led by Count Dooku have their own agenda of turning the Hutts against the Jedi.

The movie was pure action with a thin plot, but after the prequel trilogy fiasco who really expected George Lucas to come up with a great story? Besides, I personally wanted to see more about the changing Anakin and Obi-Wan relationship and this film did just that. Anakin is depicted as the great warrior he is and Obi-Wan as the wily general using his legendary negotiating skills. As Anakin has progressed from Jedi apprentice to Jedi Knight we also see him mentor a Jedi apprentice (a feisty female) himself. This addition actually worked really well.

The negatives to the movie were that despite all the fighting the main characters (Jedi and Sith) all survive. This was probably to set-up a longer series that will be shown on TV. Mace Windu and Yoda were not shown in combat roles, which was disappointing as they were pretty awesome in the micro-series. General Grievous is also yet to appear. This movie does require the viewer to have some prior knowledge of the Star Wars saga so stand-alone viewing may not be advisable.

For those seeking fun and action in the true Star Wars sense, I recommend it highly.
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on 6 February 2009
I was a bit sceptical about watching this movie, being an avid fan of the Lucas films with human actors in them! However, from the outset the storyline gripped me and kept me interested throughout the movie. The film provides an excellent link between the Part II and III movies, showing the development of Anakin before the Dark Side lures him in. In all, a good, action-packed and fun film that you can watch time and again and notice something different!
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Star Wars - The Clone Wars is an animated feature which kicks off the Clone Wars TV series. Set between films 2 and 3 in the new series (ie, Episode II and Episode III), it's cartoon animation but with a lot of big movie production values.

To be honest, I expected this film to be terrible, and only watched it -- after turning it down several times -- for the sake of completeness. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Let me say right now that I was 11 when the original Star Wars came out, and watched each of the original series as they appeared in the cinema. I still know the script of the original film pretty much off by heart. Like Tim Bisley in Spaced, I doubt I will ever regard the second trilogy, ie, Episodes I-III, with the same enthusiasm. Equally, I didn't like the subsequent director's cut editions of the original trilogy.

What was I expecting from this? A dumbed down made-for-TV cartoon series appealing to the under-10 viewer. What is it actually like? Well, not like that. First off, the real genius of the animation in the original Star Wars trilogy wasn't so much in the modelling but in the way in which the elements responded to each other. Robots moved like robots, enormous machines moved like enormous machines... well, you get the picture. Although the rendering of this film is CGI cartoon, the movements are as realistic as the originals were. Although you're watching cartoon, it feels like you're watching real life. This gives it a graphic-novel rather than Scooby-Doo feel. When it's only machines, such as in the space battles and where droids are fighting stormtroopers, the feel is superb.

The speed of the action is also formidable. It clicks from adventure to adventure at about twice the rate of any of the original films or the subsequent trilogy. This is one of the advantages of the animated format: no matter how complex the scene, the production costs are more or less the same, and there is no advantage to sticking to the same landscape for more than a few frames. In this way, The Clone Wars takes us to far more planets, ships, back streets and stations than any of other films do.

I was also pleased and surprised by the music: it's to the same high standard as the originals, and binds the film nicely together.

The real winner here, though, is plot. It benefits enormously from not having to take the viewer anywhere particular by the end, which is what strained the plots on all of the other films apart from the original Star Wars. Because it's launching into a series, The Clone Wars can spend as much time on story as it needs. This puts it in the same category as the cult classic Space Adventure Cobra, which exists for its own sake. Clone Wars has thrills, spills, menace, comedy and excitement, and a welcome return of the palpable evil of the dark side which is most clearly glimpsed in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

If you've been avoiding this film, as I did, then let me assure you: it's better than you can possibly imagine.
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on 28 June 2009
When I heard another Star Wars movie was coming out I was quite relieved as many people were dissapointed with Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith though I wasn't, but when I saw it in aninmation as a trailer I thought Lucas had gone mad. But I saw the flaw of it, star wars episode 2 and 3 missed out a point that the expanded universe needed from those films that never was until now which was what happened between the Clone War events? though there have been comics and the first volume of the Clone Wars in 2003 I was quite intrested to see how this would go. When I bought it off amazon and watched it, I saw mistakes and good points so this is what I thought:

The storyline was simple to follow which was good, Jabba the hutt's son was kinapped by what semmed to be the sepratists so Jabba the hutt erges help from the Jedi's to go save his son which would be hard to think he had a son really, so Lucas has thought this through, Brining in the clones many battles are fought against the battle droids and new chacrters are randomly introduced, like Asouka and Ventress but brings more to the expnded universe. Dooku being the criminal since episode 2 tries to cheat throughout the movie, though I won't spoil anything for those who have not seen it him and Ventress have a totally new side to them, in return to bringing back jabba's son the clone's get to roam through Jabba's palace which is where Dooku's scheming mind comes into it.

The good points of this is that the characters are well recognised, new characters are seen, the Clone's have a different side to them as they battle in fighting modes and shout "clankers!" all the time and go rambo on them, the battle droids make the film funny and during a great Dooku and Anakin scene, Anakin's past and dark side is seen. The bas side of things is that it's aimed for children because I saw that Lucas wanted to portray the characters again in a different way, people who haven't seen Star wars before he wants them to get into it so he portrays Anakin as a good person but in a bad way. The action is all good but what makes it bad is the actors voices, Obi-Wan sounds over posh and not wise, Anakin sounds not Anakin, he sounds more like Ob-Wan and Palpatine's voice sounds terrible, Mace Windu even in the tv series is terrible, he has little viewing on the movie as does Yoda except in episode 1 of the tv series. The only good voices are Asouka as it gives a new background to a new character and Ventress, despite her mood swings and stress every time she loses she has a good villain character.

There are good things and bad things about this, suppose the last bad thing is that when watching it sometimes you enjoy it, sometimes after wtaching it a second time like with my brother he said it was like watching a game like a cut scene is on and then its your turn to start playing which sometimes I agree with him but it was 50/50 because of the expanded universe timeline. Mostly I would say the tv series is better but because I'm a major Star Wars fan I liked it in ways, sorry if this review doesn't help most people.
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on 19 December 2008
This is a fantastic film and addition to the star wars universe. I took my four year old son to see it at the cinema (the first time he had ever been) and we both loved it. We now watch the new series and my son has become a star wars fan. The critics of this film should 'chill out' a bit and remember that stars wars is not just reserved for adults and lifelong fans. The orginal movie was made a success beacuse young children bought into the whole adevnture and played with toys, etc. Without this youthfull experience the whole thing would never have been as big. Now it is another generations turn to enjoy the expanded universe - you cannot keep to the same format for each and every release. The enjoyment that my son and I get from this is fantastic (even for a lfelong fan!!) - I even get to play with the toys once more - how cool is that!!!

Watch this with an open mind and you will enjoy it, particularly if you have kids as the joy of the star wars experience is about sharing with other people. The animation is very good and I was very impressed. There is lots of humour and plenty to pick up on repeat viewings. Watch the series if you get a chance - great yoda action.....

As for the comments about the lack of extras - who actually has time for extras anyway?? All I tend to watch is the film anyway.

This is a great experience - enjoy!!
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