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4.4 out of 5 stars135
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Blu-ray|Change
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on 7 May 2010
I love this movie anyway. Enjoyed watching it on Blueray so much. Had to buy this import. Much better than the cheap version we have hear and its region free. I highly recommend you purchase this movie, a brilliant time travel story. 5 stars!
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on 9 July 2007
US Navy F14s fighting Japanese Zeros just before Pearl Harbour. Survivors picked out of the water by 1980s helicopters. This film is a joy to watch. Filmed on board the USS Nimitz.
When they discover the Japanese fleet approaching Pearl Harbour one of the US Navy officers says to Capt Kirk Douglas 'shall we take it out sir?' One modern day warship against the whole Jap fleet. Great fun.

UPDATE I've just purchased the Final Countdown on blu ray and the picture quality is excellent. Some of the indoor scenes are slightly out of focus round the edges. I don't think it's the blu ray's fault. It seems to highlight the depth of field. However the outside scenes are amazing! The clarity and colour are so much better than the DVD. Well worth it.
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on 8 October 2012
I first saw this movie on TV in the late 1980's. I purchased the pre-recorded VHS version of this film, then the standard DVD a couple of years ago and was very impressed with the picture quality.
This USA sourced Blu-Ray region free product is scintillating both in picture and audio quality.
Bearing in mind that this film was made in 1980, the quality is remarkably good.
In addition, the 'extras' give significant insight into what went on during the making of the film and have added to the enjoyment.
If you are into time travel sci fi movies and you've got a Blu Ray player with, preferably, a surround sound system, you will definitely be impressed with this movie.
Well worth the near £20 cost. Top marks again, Amazon, for the prompt delivery.
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on 19 September 2015
An Ingenious Time Travel Movie from 1980 The Final Countdown stars Hollywood Legend Kirk Douglas. it plays on The old Theme What if we could go back in time and change History That is the Question as a Military aircraft carrier is Thrown back in time on The eve of The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour Dec 6th 1941. The aircraft carrier armed with Today's sophisticated weapons and Technology poses The Question should They attack The real star of The Movie is The aircraft carrier U.S.S Nimitz on which The movie was actually filmed. The Final Countdown as only ever been released on a low budget DVD in The past so This Blu ray release is most welcome coupled with Trailers TV spots an audio commentary for The movie a feature on The making of The movie and an interesting feature on The pilots who actually flew The many planes we get to see in The movie This is one release They have pulled out all The stops for. often overlooked amist The Blockbuster Movies That came out During The Decade The Final Countdown is a lost Gem and Yes The ending Will leave a lump in your Throat. Ingenious Thought Provoking Could It Really Happen ?
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on 19 September 2013
This is not just a great movie with great actors, it also plays with your imagination by dealing with a very interesting "what if?" situation. It is of course science fiction and must be viewed as such, but even those who do not usually watch that kind of movies will find this highly intriguing. And of course, if you love fast jets... There are so many awesome scenes from the hangar deck and mid-air, the F-14 Tomcat was the state of the art combat jet of the 80'ies... Plane lovers: This is mandatory!!! :-)
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on 16 August 2014
This is a review of the Blu-Ray edition of the film, not the film itself.

Compared to the DVD edition (which I also own), this is a huge improvement. The resolution is higher; this gets the extra details and not just blur. The color balance is better: the DVD is rather blue, but the Blu-Ray gets it just right. The only thing wrong with the picture is the occasional speck of dust from the film transfer. I can't comment on the sound, since I only listen through headphones.

The disc itself comes packaged in an unusual slimline case, with a catch that must be pulled outwards from the case before opening. I like the case; in fact, I wish all my cases were like that to save on shelf space.

If you're considering buying the Blu-Ray and are worried about the poor-quality transfers that plagued the DVD releases, don't be. The quality is everything that can be expected from a Blu-Ray release of a 1980 film. Enjoy this cult sci-fi classic again in glorious HD!
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What would have happened if an aircraft carrier of today (1980) went back in time to the Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941? Kirk Douglas (along with a great cast of actors) finds out when a storm (unlike any he has ever seen) transports him back there.
Will this make a difference in history?
What would you do?
I originally saw this movie in the theater. It is really a long advertisement for the technology of the day (1980). However I still find my self watching this every time it comes on TV. It is time to buy the DVD (be aware that there is a wide range of DVD quality out there; best to pick the two disk limited edition) incase they stop showing it. I find my self kibitzing and wondering what would have happened if they stayed a little longer.
Now it is time for a sequel with stealth.
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on 8 September 2011
I enjoyed the concept which appears to be the reverse situation of 'The Philadelphia Experiment' where two World War 2 sailors find themselves in the future. That film I would not recommend. It has no stars and the acting is atrocious. 'Final Countdown' has good stars (I'm a fan of Kathy Ross), a plot of 'Catch 22' dimensions and some wonderfully stirring music. Kirk Douglas who had long earlier reached his sell-by date is upstaged by James Farentino and Martin Sheen. The only thing which irritated me was the dog who was more obnoxious than the Japanese. I would have been happier if 'Muttley' had been blown up with the yacht.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 October 2007
Nearer 4 stars for me. This is a fine piece of entertainment that doesn't overstay its welcome (running time = 98 minutes). I've always been a sucker for time travel stories and this is pretty good.

This has a good cast, including Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen and Katherine Ross. The story is incredibly unlikely but somehow it works and the ending was a complete surprise to me. Unlike one of the previous reviewers I didn't find the acting/script that bad.

OK so I wouldn't buy it at new release prices but at the right price (i.e. cheap) its worth getting and my feeling is that I'm going to enjoy it more when I watch it again.
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on 4 July 2015
the uss nimitz is thrown back in time to 1941
the day before the attack on pearl harbor, the captain then
has a nightmare decision wether or not to attack the japanese
fleet approaching pearl harbor

typical conversation between the captain and trouble shooter

"so what s your plan captain"

"this ship is part of the us navy and i intend to defend the united states"

"why" ts
"because in dec 7 1941 the empire of japan will attack pearl harbor" capt

this the good bit

"in 1941 no body knows that japan will attack, only we do" ts
" meaning" capt

"if we sink the japanese fleet, we will change history there will be no attack recorded , think of the consequences, if we kill somebody who actually survived the actual raid from japanese side................" ( in simple language a man travells back to the past and meets his own ancestor and kills him by accident
the effects would be devastating and change the future where the the time traveller may never be born)


packaging and menus are in i think german and are easy to navigate
there is subtitles in this film, which is a first becuse my old dvd versions dont


picture and sound excellent
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