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4.2 out of 5 stars104
4.2 out of 5 stars
Size: MT975|Colour: Black|Change
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on 4 August 2009
This is a nice little radio and fits into a jacket pocket. I bought a set for a bike trip through Europe and they worked without a hitch. with so many frequencies and private settings you'll never run out of channels to talk on. Also the beauty of these radios is that they can monitor two channels at once. They have a whole raft of features which to be honest you probably don't need, or are likely to use, but if like me you're a gadget freak you'll love the extra stuff it can do.
It has a vox setting but personally I prefer the use of a push to talk switch when riding as I find wind noise can set it off.
The battery life is very good, lasting over 20 hours of fair usage over three days before needing a charge.
The only minor down side is that you get only one base station and one charger for both radios. I also thought I had read some where that they are water resistant but it does not say that in the intsructions when they turned up but sitting in my tank bag or jacket pocket was all the water proofing they required.
Would I buy again... To be honest I'd probably go for the next model down and save a few quid, but I'm not disappinted with it and the gadget freak in me is happy as larry

good bits:
* Nice little radio that fits into your Jacket pocket or tank bag
*Vox feature
*can monitor two channels at once.
*Good battery life and

Bad bits:
*It works over a resonable distance but in flat open roads of Germany we could not get anything like the distance quoted in the advert.
*Not water resistant
* Lots of features to scroll through to get what you want.
* Can be a little confusing initially
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on 9 August 2010
I read the reviews about use when skiing and other outdoor pursuits but I recently bought these items for use at my work and have been more than happy with their performance. Working in a large hotel, it is necessary to be in many places at once. Not always possible, but these allow me to stay in contact whether I be in the cellars(2 floors below ground) or five floors up. They work even in the noisy kitchens and come through clear as a bell. I tested them from both extremities of our 2 acre gardens and have found them to work well. For the price I paid these are an excellet piece of kit and would recommend.
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on 15 October 2009
I have used one set of these on my trip to High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia for personal communication. It is a great communicator for a reasonable price. Battery and range are decent for it's class. This radio uses 4 AAA rechargeable batteries and they needed to be recharged approx. every second day (with some reserve). The radio was in use for 6 hour per day approx. The good think is that even if you run out of batteries and there is no way of recharging them you can replace them by regular alkalines. Voice is clear as the radio has background noise reduction. If noise reduction is turned off the range of radios increases but there is a background noise heard all the time as your radio is switched on (it must be on, otherwise you will not know if somebody talks to you). It is not very convenient to hear it while you are on a hike (heard noise has higher level than voice from speaker), therefore I suggest to turn noise reduction on and when you intent to speak to other person you may press "call" button on the other radio will beep. Then you can switch background noise off if greater range is needed. The range of radios is great for its class, but it is almost impossible to reach 12 km, unless you are calling from one hill top to other. I manage to establish the connection on 3.5 km distance (other person was in a forest, I on the bare hill slope. The forest started approx in the middle of the distance between me and the second person) Signal was great. I tried also 6 km distance but I thwarted making a connection. But 3.5 km is really good for 500 mW transceiver. The radio has also private codes and if you use them there is almost no possibility of interference with someone else. I would recommend this product.
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on 14 April 2012
I found these when searching for a long range baby monitor to take on holiday (so you can have dinner in the hotel instead of being stuck in the room).

It was a toss up between the Binatone Action 950 Long Range Two Way Radio (£8 pounds cheaper and slightly more better reviews) and the cobra.

Comparing the reviews of these products, one finds they mention the same points: some people love the range of both, some people say it's less than 100m for both.

Due to European regulations the strongest receiver one cna have in a set such as these is 500 mW, thus, with a max distance of 10km (I believe). Thus, the binatone and cobra share the same transmitter. The Cobra has a "ranger extender" which allows for a theoretical 12km range by dropping noise reduction. I can't imagine many people would use tis as one can hear constant static when using it (but you can go around this, if you read one of the other reviews).

The cobra has vibration alert that the binatone does not.

They both have "vox" functions ie. voice activated.

I was most interested in the baby phone function. On the cobra, the sensitivity is OK (obviosuly, not as sensitive as a real baby monitor but with 10x + the range), though when it comes on it seems to stay on for around 5-10 seconds then the connection switches off, then on again. Odd. Anyway, use the vox setting instead and it stays on for as long as the baby cries.

Testing out the range in a suburban area today, as others have found out, it varies based on line of sight/hills/buildings.
One radio in the back room of a terraced house transmitted up to around 0.6 km away (though the signal was breaking up every few seconds).
For city dwellers, the range seems to be less than 0.5km, probably more like 300m for a reasonable signal.

If buying for use as a baby monitor, this is obviously fine, as you're probably not going to want to be further than this distance from you child (probably).

The build is fine. Plastic but sturdy.

So, which one should you get?
Though I haven't used the binatone, from what I've read the basic functions are the same as the cobra (channels/private codes/vox/range).
The talk button on the binatone apparently can be troublesome - on the cobra it's fine.

If you want vibration alert and the "ranger extender" and can pay an extra £8, get the cobra.
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on 10 August 2009
Mt975 Walkie Talkie Radios Twin Pack With Batteries And Charger Uk Plug

I bought these Walkie talkies along with the NEW Cobra Covert Earhook & Mic with PTT Ear Hangerand together they make a great Combo.

I regularly use these when i am out cycling with my friend or friends and they can use different Walkie talkies (binatone) and i can still Recieve their messages loud and clear, and with the rodger beeb, you can clearly identify when the person talking has finished and who it is if you are using different sets ( which i do often).

They are really user friendly and are easy to navigate and find things to turn them on and off by pressing a button a few times to you see what you want.

The Backlight on the Display makes using them at night a lot easier.

All things considered... i have not complaints about this product, only praise.
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on 13 October 2009
I bought these to use for holidays. My wife loves spending an age in shops that i have no interest in. So when on holiday abroad we would wander off. Now we can do this but still keep in touch using these radios. They seem to work fine whichever country we have taken them to usually up to 200m apart. It has a useful call facility and transmissions have been clear. They are small enought o keep in a pocket, clip onto a belt or carry in a handbag. They give us more independence when on holiday without fear of losing each other and without the costs of mobile phone use abroad. We even used them in duty free at airports until certain airports saw them as threats so we had to start checking them in with the bigger luggage.

I have also found it really useful for my 8 yr old daughter for playing outside. I can now send her out with one of the radios and still know where she is at all times. It also allows her to call me to ask questions like "can i go to....". I can also get her back in time for tea etc. She loves it as it gives her freedom too. When i'm indoors and my daughter outdoors, i would suggest the range drops to about 500m or less. Battery life is a few days but easily recharged. We also use it in the UK now for general shopping (even at Tescos).
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on 18 June 2011
I was never far enough away from my friends to find the range restraints for them but the sound I got through mine was crystal clear and the menus were easy to navigate and use in a hurry. I actually managed to set them up ready to use within 5 minutes of unboxing them.

The scan function is an absolute life-saver because I was with people who had all sorts of different radios and this radio's scan feature actually sorts through all the channels and sub-channels so that I could hear them without physically stopping and checking the channels one by one.

The batteries it uses are recharge-able and with a battery life I estimate at about 5 hoursm but the radios can also run off AAA batteries so this is easily sorted.

My only two real problems with the radios are that:

1. The button you push to talk on the side of the radio is actually very easily pushed by accident meaning I was actually 'talking' on the radio when I didn't want to be.

2. The Radios actually completely stopped working as soon as it started raining where all i could hear was audio disturbance and couldn't actually 'say' anything, this could be easily fixed by having it in a lined pocket like I tried but this is what actually caused the problem I stated above.

In summary, The delivery is quick, the radios are very clear, the batteries are very good and easily replaced with AAA's but rain renders the radio useless I found and the button you push to talk is easily pressed by mistake. These are a very good mid-range radio for their price and you cannot go wrong buying them.
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on 20 August 2010
We wanted to be able to talk to each other when we are out of sight doing survey work. These little gadgets have been really good. I have not had to try all the different wavelengths yet as we have not encountered interference in the places that we have been.
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on 28 May 2010
We bought six of these walkie talkies (3 packs) to use whilst skiing - to give us adults the chance to ski alone whilst knowing exactly where our children were and when / where we would meet them. Found them to work over several miles and they were an instant success. Easy to use and saved expensive mobile calls. Only downside ... other Brits using similar products! probably could get round this but we didn't read the instructions properly - didn't need to really as they were so easy to use. Overall, very pleased and have since used them in Scotland walking in the mountains. Can see that we will use them in any circumstance where we want to split up and remain in contact. ... And they were delivered very fast.
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on 28 October 2010
Good value walkie talkie with excellent battery life. We bought it for it's long range baby monitor so we could eat in hotel restaurants on our travels. The baby monitor function only comes on/activates with quite a lot of noise = Screaming... We have 2 children and leave it near the older child's bed facing the speaker of the conventional baby monitor receiver for the 1 year old which makes it activate much earlier and will also activate with the toddlers screams of frustration at the loss of his bunny out of his cot!
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