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3.4 out of 5 stars18
3.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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VINE VOICEon 16 February 2009
As a little girl I loved Sword & Sandal films, and the best of them has to be Jason & the Argonauts. Now thanks to this incredible game I've been transported back to a wonderful childhood world of sword & sorcery and what a fantastic ride it's been.

What I was hoping for with this game was pretty much a rip off of God of War but what I got was so so much more. If you're looking for non stop fighting you may be disappointed, there's plenty of fighting and it's brutal when it comes but the fighting takes a back seat to the story and only comes along when it's necessary, when it does it's action packed and thrilling. What I was most happy about is there's no need to get your head and hands round hundreds of button combo's, you can master fighting very quickly and hack your way through your enemies with wild glee, you won't lose out because you're not a hard core gamer and can't do combo's.

In between the fighting is your journey through stunning mystical lands on your way to find the fleece and bring back your wife before she's sent to the underworld forever. The characters along the way are full of life, so much so you really get to know them and here's the incredible part that sets this game way above anything I've ever played, you make the decisions, what you say and do affects everything, you can be a great King or a ruthless killing machine set on vengeance.

The pace of this game may not be for everyone, you need patience to get the most out of it, you'll spend long periods of time investigating crimes and helping others who'll later help you on your quest. But if you want a game that puts you firmly in control of every aspect, that lets you battle like a gladiator in the area and sets a visual feast of magic lands and fantasy creatures before your eyes then dive in, you are going to love it.

As a foot note I found NO bugs in the game at all, game play was smooth and perfect.

A warning though, it will sap away hours of your life and can lead to you stomping round the house muttering, I am your King and you will pay me tribute, but hey that could just me!

Enjoy, and may the Gods show you favour.
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on 11 February 2009
When I first heard about this game I have to admit, it caught my interest. I remember seeing the old Jason and the Argonauts film with the stop motion skeletons as a young 'un so the idea of playing the film was appealing.

The combat system was described as realistic, so no whittling away a life bar, get a lucky swipe and someone loses a head.

So what's it like to play? Well it is a lot of fun... not had any issues with crashes (yet). The graphics are good but do sometimes look a bit suspect. The sound is okay, but there is the occasional really obvious pause in the background music

Good points:
Combat - so far, I love the combat. You have 3 weapons and your shield and you can swap weapons mid scrap so you can stun an enemy with your mace and then turn them into a walking kebab with your spear. The realistic combat idea seems to work well. if you go toe-to-toe then it really is a battle of attrition until you break their shield and you can finish them off. The trick is moving around. get behind an enemy and you can chop them clean in half before they can react.

Argonauts - you aren't on your own, you have your crew, which so far is Hercules and Pan. You fight better when you stick together, at first you don't notice it as the temptation is to fight separately. But when you realise you can slam an enemy in the direction of Hercules and he will grab hold of them, well then you start trying to be a bit clever :)

Bad Points:
Travel - There is an awful lot of running about, now I know that's not a game breaker. But once you have discovered a location you should be able to fast travel there. Maybe I have been a bit spoilt by Fallout 3 :)

Cut-scenes/voice acting - it's like watching a bad soap opera (like Crossroads for those who remember it), enough said :)

Overall, if you want to run round belting mythical beasties then you can't go much wrong. It is a good game, but not genre defining.
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on 9 February 2009
I played this now for a few hours & so far the gameplay is pretty good. It helps if you have a mild interest in Greek Mythology (although the writers seem to think they know better & have rewritten much of it!). The controls are also very good, but I have to admit I'm not one for reading manuals so I'm winging the ships navigation & "Gods favour" options at the moment.

However the reason I have decided to write up this review now is to forewarn gamers that this game has more bugs than a rock garden. Like I've said I've played this for maybe 5 hours & it has crashed several times (frozen screen). Now I once read that the reason console games are more expensive than PC games is that they are tested for bugs before release. Well, the testers need to go back to school. These bugs are a part of gaming, but in my opinion they shouldn't be. Particularly when you are charged £40.

So in summary, game looks decent if only it will play more than 15 minutes without crashing!
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on 6 April 2009
This game is not bad. Don't expect anything special, I had hoped for something a little more like GTA4 in ancient Greece. This game does not have the same level of freedom, which I was hoping for.

The story in the game is not bad, if you're a mythical detail freak you might get frustrated with the re-write of a lot of the myths. I looked past it and took the game for what it was "A fun button bashing game, that does not require too much thought". It won't take long to complete, and once completed I doubt you will go back for more.

My advice, if you like the look of the game wait for it to go cheap and buy it then. Once you have finished the game, you will probably trade it.
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on 8 October 2009
personally i love action games but this one i didnt even finish cause i find it a bit boring after i have gone through like half of it.

still recommended to buy, u know, since the price already dropped so much, y not give it a try, different ppl will have different outcomes.
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on 29 March 2009
though unreal engine was probably not the best choice for the game, and there were a couple of serious bugs towards the end, the story (though not completely in line with the original argonauts tale), overall design of the game and actual gameplay were absolutely awesome
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on 19 February 2009
Well, I started the game on the Sunday morning and finishe it by Tuesday night! And that's not saying its a short game, its just adictive and has a really good story and gameplay. It's not dead pan easy, but its also not too difficult, that you'll get fed up of playing.
The story pans out well through the game and the quality of the game is also superb. I was a big fan of assasin's creed and am just a big a fan of this.
Anyone who likes a nice fighting game, with a good story, then ur in for a treat with this game, you also make decsions during the game that effect the outcome of the route u follow.
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on 16 September 2013
A very good buy. An excellent product.

An excellent gamel. Do buy it, its worth it... totally loved it

Thanks and regards..............
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on 11 April 2013
it is a good game, but it is no god of war but none the less it is a good distraction from the over the shooters type game in the market
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on 9 August 2010
The game play is a bit ancient like the gods ;o) But this is a completely new way to get into ancient Greek mythology!
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