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4.2 out of 5 stars57
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2001
This is a great film. A laugh a minute that really fits the actors roles well. Bruce Willis, the stero-typical hard man, plays the hard but surprisingly friendly new neighbour to Matthew Perry of Friends fame.
Matthew plays the one role he knows well, slightly witless, funny american. Although his performance is very much like that of Three to Tango, you should find this very paletable.
My biggest complaint about this film is Matthew's screen wife's terrible French accent, but considering how painful your sides will be after laughing for an hour thirty you can put up with it.
A worthwell buy.
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When this movie first came out, I passed on it, mistakenly believing it to be a football film. Was I ever wrong! It is a terrific black comedy, with wonderful performances by Matthew Perry, the ever cool Bruce Willis, Michael Clarke Duncan, and a break out performance by Amanda Peet. Quite frankly, the movie is just plain hilarious, and a little gem of a film which one could happily see again and again, as I already have, and laugh each and every time.
Matthew Perry is wonderful as the hapless everyman, a dentist who finds himself living in Canada with his witchy and shrewish French-Canadian wife, played by Rosanna Arquette with a French accent that is over the top and ao bad as to be laughable. Decidedly no longer in love with her husband, she wants to have her husband bumped off for insurance money.
As luck would have it, a notorious Chicago based hit man, with a mob contract out on his own life, just happens to move in next door to the unhappily married duo. This hit man, cooly played to perfection by Bruce Willis, meets his neighbor, Matthew, who also happens to originate from Chicago. Bruce looks familiar to Matthew, who ultimately recognizes him for who he is. While initially unnerved by Bruce, they somehow hit it off.
Matthew, however, foolishly tells his wife that he believes the neighbor to be a hit man with a price on his head, and the games begin. She sends Matthew to Chicago to have him give up their neighbor, the hit man, for the contract money. Matthew goes, mainly to appease her, as he really has no intention of giving up his new found friend.
Meanwhile, no sooner does he leave, than she herself goes to the neighbor to give her husband up in hopes that he will get rid of her husband for her. In the interim, Matthew is met in Chicago by Michael Clarke Duncan who takes him to the mob boss who wants to bump off Bruce. There, Matthew meets Bruce's wife, with whom he becomes smitten. What transpires next compels Matthew to return to Canada, where he gets the surprise of his life. This all sets in motion a series of events which will have the viewer howling with laughter.
Needless to say, there are numerous unexpected twists and turns in this movie, all of which contribute to its success as a black comedy. This film is, undoubtedly, one of the best in this genre. Michael Clarke Duncan, who also happens to play a hit man, gives an ingratiating performance as Bruce Willis' buddy. Amanda Peet is absolutely hilarious as a hit man wanna be. I do not want, however, to give away any more of the plot. Suffice to say, watch this film. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be too busy, laughing up a storm. Enjoy!
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on 29 July 2013
I love this film and it is most definately Mathew Perrys funniest hour and a half.Hes a dentist who lives with the wife and mother in law from hell.The wife sets out to have him"hit"by employing a new to the job hit woman who just happens to have been recently employed by Perry as his assistant.In moves next door,Tommy the Tulip played by Bruce Willis a renoun hit man whos never been convicted,well,you have friendships building up here with arranged "hits"getting confused with friendships and priciples.It would be a shame to give away the looniesville of the movie,but I was in stitches with the Mathew Perrys put upon husband jokes and quips.The follow up is awful.Stick with this and remember it as a great laugh and dont spoil such a fun film by watching the follow up.Right Laugh this.
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on 19 November 2000
This movie starts off with Perry absolutely sick of his life, his wife and his job(hes a dentist by the way). His life is made even worse whe JimmyThe Tulip, a known seial killer, moves in next door. His life improves though when he starts to get freindly with jimmy. Then to put his life on downhill again his wife makes him go and rat on jimmy, to a rival gang, and get a big some of money for doing this. Perry also does not know that his wife is trying to get him whacked!!A Brilliant movie with lots of twists, and great performences from Perry and Willis. A must see comedy.
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on 29 April 2011
When i first heard of the film, i didn't know what to say. Hollywood hardman Bruce Willis is put together with wimpy Chandler off FRIENDS and this persuaded me to buy it. So after running into a copy in Morrisons for £4 - i owned a copy. I watched it that night and was suprised how good it actually was. Perry and Willis were obviously brilliant and funny but the stand out performance was by Amanda Peet who's performance i think was flawless as Matthew Perry's co-worker in a dentist!!! The Sequel is also as good - The Whole Ten Yards!!!
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on 15 March 2014
Noisy and meaningless, supposedly funny, but I didn't enjoy it. It is a movie genre that I simply do not enjoy, allbeit with many good actors.
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on 12 June 2013
This movie is not a laugh a minute. But it is without a doubt a giggle a minute with a few fall down laughs. It is cute and funny and somehow makes hitmen lovable. The cast is well put together even though Kevin Pollack's little speech impediment is a tad annoying. Yet the cast meshes regardless. And if you don't cheer when OZ gets the girl (I will not reveal which one) you might have lost some mirth in your heart. Maybe this movie will help bring it back.
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on 20 November 2000
Absolutly hilarious tale of a man who's just had a hit man move in next door!! After a series of hilarious happens with his wife trying to kill him and Jimmy "The Tulip" setting him up he ends up with every hit man trying after him! Matthew Perry at his finest. Bruce willis is the best actor comedy and action wise, after wathing so many comedies, this one will make you cry! I rented this baby out and I laughed every moment! Go buy it NOW. And buy it from Amazon for the best deals.
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on 28 January 2015
great family fun. watched this on tv and liked it so much I wanted it on dvd. unfortunately it was nowhere to be found except 2nd hand from amazon market place. was pleasantly surprised it came in pristine condition, and played faultlessly. would recommend the seller for this standard of merchandise.
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on 20 December 2013
Bruce Willis leads an excellent cast in this funny US comedy about a hapless, long wife suffering Dentist who stumbles into the World of gangsters & hit-men. There's a great treat in the film for us guys ...... but say no more! Worth buying it just for that!
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