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3.3 out of 5 stars11
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2008
After purchasing this dvd and reading the many reviews that are here I feel like I should really throw my opinion into the mix, not because it's better than anyone elses but purely because the product is so unlike any of Dream Theater's previous work that it simply warrants discussion.

Chaos in Motion 2007 - 2008 is a semi fly on the wall dvd that allows the viewer to "tour" with Dream Theater gaining an understanding of what life is like on the road. This is accompanied by 3 hours of footage from several different locations that when combined equals a set.

I was really looking forward to this dvd as I had seen Dream Theater live on this tour and was wanting to buy a copy so as to jog my memory, as far as that aspect is concerned the dvd is great as much of the setlist is precisely the same (from the solo from Pink Floyd's Mother at the end of Surrounded to the fantastic medley at the end of the show). Yet as many reviewers have previously mentioned the quality of the film footage is the main problem with this dvd.

Dream Theater appear to video all their gigs, displaying them on the large screens behind the band for people at the back of the venues and it appears to be this footage that has been "captured" for the dvd. I assumed that it was used to give the feel of being in the audience but the footage isn't actually clear enough to view properly in some places which defeats the purpose. Previous Dream Theater dvd's have been filmed with high quality cameras and in one show, giving the impression of a perfect performance however I feel that this dvd deliberately strayed from that format. The sound at times also has this rough edge, with volumes and the mixing just not feeling "right". This is a shame as live the band sounded spot on yet this feels lost in translation so to speak. A good example is the first two tracks where it feels like the sound desk is readjusting the mix constantly, however this is counterbalanced by the keyboard solo and lines in the sand which sound spot on.

I feel the general vibe of the dvd is slightly undefined also. As I previously mentioned the dvd allows you to follow the band on tour with interludes between songs about touring in Europe etc yet these feel far to brushed over to be of any real benefit to the product. A good example of how to do this is "A year and a half in the life of Metallica" which in a side note really needs to be brought to dvd.

Finally the bonus cd that comes with the dvd if you buy the special edition uses almost the exact same mix from the dvd itself, thus making it a fairly poor product. This to me is the worst part of the package as I can almost forgive Dream Theater for taking a chance that doesn't pay off on a dvd, but I really expect more from them with a cd.

Overall this dvd could have been a better product. Newcommers to Dream Theater should buy Live at Budokan as it is one of the best music dvds on the market in general, yet it's this comparison that causes Dream Theater to fall on it's own sword - they have simply set the bar too high and have missed it this time around, dissapointing their most loyal fans in the process.
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on 4 November 2008
the performances on this DVD suck. It pains me to say but, but Labrie just can't keep up and as other reviewers have mentioned, his poor performance ruins the songs for me. I have always loved Labrie and thought he fit dream theater perfectly, and it's such a shame but I don't think he can handle it anymore. It wouldn't surprise me if he left the band either of his own accord or being asked to leave at some point in the near future unless the singing improves.

I understand the human voice is delicate and a lot harder to maintain than the skill of playing an instrument I really do, and I'd be absolutely devastated if the lineup of DT changed, but it is painful to watch and listen to. Also, most of the songs seem quite drastically slowed down, what's with that?

I wouldn't have minded the style of shooting they've chosen if the songs were performed well but this is dream theater at a moment I didn't think they'd sink to, I've seen them 5 times and never heard them as bad as this.

Mainly I'm just surprised and disappointed the bad performances were allowed on the DVD to be permanently commemorated, with Mike being such a perfectionist. Dream theater are the most incredible band in the world, they can do so much better than this.

So disappointed. 2 stars.
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on 22 October 2008
As the title of my review informs I have to admit I was almost shocked when I pressed play button on my DVD player.I `ve been a DT fan since their "Images and Words" album,and got hold of almost every DVD[or VHS]these trully gifted musicians ever produced[in musical sense].And to be honest,this one is by far the poorest from them all[Japanese Budokan being the best my modest opinion].My two main complaints would be: a/James`vocal lines[well,he is certainly not getting any better with age] and b/quite poor sound and visual quality of some of the footage.I understand Mike Portnoy`s vision of making some "REALLY RAW" material[as DT was "his" idea from the very beginning],but in my opinion,true fans and supporters of this excellent band do deserve...well,something worth band of such name and status in prog/metal music.
However,there are songs I always liked,but never got a chance to see them being performed live,.namely SCARRED and LINES IN THE SAND.
All in all,this DVD might be a serious dissappointing for solid fans of this quintet,altough you might as well find some pros in it,such as...find out for yourselves ;o}
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on 5 June 2012
This is not sold as a high quality live video, but a "fly on the wall" doc including live performances, with insights into life on the road. If you approach it with that expectation, you will not be disappointed. It's packed with loads of stuff to keep any DT fan happy. If you want the production quality of Score, watch Score!
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on 3 January 2013
I do like this DVD, Dream Theater are my Favorite band but the quality of this DVD isn't so good. Maybe I was given a copied one but the graphics wasn't all that, it did improve as I got onto the DVD.

I would give this 4 out of 5 - It's good but could be better.
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on 13 October 2008
This DVD is a wonderful medley of concert footage from their last world tour, brought together to form an epic musical masterpiece for the fans. At around 3 hours in length, it leaves us feeling the full effect of the DT experience. If you've seen them in concert this will make you re-live the experience with fond memories. If you're a DT virgin the performance will leave you awestruck and eager to catch them the next time they swing by.

Apart from the live show, this DVD has extensive on the road and interview footage giving the hardened fan that little bit extra for their money.
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on 3 October 2008
I've been following this band for years and witnessed the pinnacle of their success at Wembley last year. I own most of their albums and DVDs and travel far to see their shows. They've come a along way and I've supported them along their progressive rise to fame and FORTUNE which is why I'm especially disappointed by this offering.

It states on the cover that there are over 3 hrs of raw concert footage and raw is certainly the key word here (though the word is sadly understated). It's shockingly poor quality. Long distance out of focus shots, shaky close-ups and terrible sound quality. They must have made millions from us fans during the tour so why did they repay our loyalty with this low budget joke? Don't expect a full concert either - most tracks are linked by ridiculous and pointless behind the scenes footage shot with what looks like a cheap, low quality vhs camera.

Come on DT, what's your excuse? How can a band like Porcupine Tree produce a vastly superior live dvd -Porcupine Tree - Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere [2005]on probably a tiny budget compared to you guys?

There are some moments on this dvd that made me give this release 2 stars instead of none... In The Presence Of Enemies and the medley right at the end (Trial Of Tears II. Finally Free III. Learning To Live IV. In The Name Of God V. Octavarium), are not too bad and the promotional vids are excellent. You'll have to watch and listen to hours of painfull content to get to these though and I wouldn't bother.

My advice would be to give this one a miss and just hope for better next time.
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on 7 October 2014
Audio is good video quality isn't but good selected tracks from various concerts
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on 8 October 2008
I was so looking forward to this release as I was forced to miss the Wembley concert at the last minute. BOY am I disappointed. Compared with the band's earlier concert DVDs, this is a pile of . . . well, insert a suitable word of your choice.

And as for "Jimmy the Cheese" - lordy, what a shambles - he's singing SO flat most of the time, it's actually painful to listen to. Mike, James M, Jordan, and John - five words - find_a_new_vocalist_now.

Totally agree with the other reviewers on the issue of the facile and puerile back-stage segues - waste of time and footage.

Please, DT, put this one behind you and give us the concert footage we deserve next time round.

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on 29 January 2010
Not my style, but the friend I bought it for was thrilled. So I asume it's good!
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