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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars282
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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Having played cod4 for a long time, i had high expectations for this game, i have played it for a week now, online and offline.

The new feature of split screen campaign mode is pretty cool. the split-screen offline gameplay is fun, however!... it is VERY dark in more or less every map u play, a lot darker than cod 4, also the weapons are much less powerful than cod4, so u need to get used to that. the online play is as addicting as ever, new perks, like gas mask and the dogs instead of helicopter are mad! they get a lot of kills every time.having said that, the artillery strike after 5 kills is naff.

The single-player is actually where this game beats cod 4... the levels are intense and graphically superior to the online play and even cod4 in some parts, at worst, the graphics equal cod 4. there is a lot more blood and shouting/swearing from you fellow soldiers which adds to the realism, u really feel part of the action. the single-player also gives the missions where u are a tank driver and a beautifully graphical level where your in a plane using the turrets, spectatular level (watch out for kamikazies). there is more interaction in the single player too, u can get wrestled to the ground by bonzai attackers(mad japanese men) and u have to quickly knife him in the neck, and he flops onto to in a pool of blood.

Overall, this game is amazingly fun, im just annoyed the levels are too dark when playing multiplayer (also only 8 maps to choose from when playing split screen - several more online). i would recomend this as a xmas present or just a spontaneous buy for most ages (12+ i would say, except for the swearing). you will love this game and so will anyone you buy it for!!

i say well done treyarch, you proved the doubters (i was one of them) wrong!!!
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on 14 November 2008
It's a very difficult job following on from one of the greatest title's ever to grace the gaming world (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare), but Treyarch and Activision have produced a master-class, which follows on proudly from it's predecceser.


The game's campaign splits time between two different fronts. For half the game, you'll play as an American Marine taking on Japanese forces as you push from their forward island bases all the way back to Okinawa. The other half puts you in Russian boots as you strike back against the Germans, pushing them out of the motherland and sieging Berlin. Like the previous game, the campaign jumps back and forth between the two perspectives.

The campaign provides a good amount of first-person shooter variety, but it excels when the levels are wide open and all hell is breaking loose around you. There are more than a few moments where you're charging against an entrenched enemy, and the game does a good job of making these moments feel appropriately chaotic. You'll also see the requisite vehicle sequence and some up-close indoor battles. Overall, a quality single-player campaign which will keep you going for hours.


Once again, the Call of Duty multi-player has the ability to leave you playing for hours on end without losing interest, and drooling for more action. In what feels like no time at all, you could check your score and find that you have played it for 5 hours or something!

Some of the major changes include:
- Rank 65 before Prestiging.
- Tanks available for some maps.
- 3 kills (Plane Recon), 5 kills (Artillery), 7 kills (Dogs).
- Different Perks and Guns.
- Different game modes/maps.

Overall, the World at War multi-player has stayed in touch with COD4, and is still very enjoyable to all who play it, resulting in hours on end of playtime. The new additions are very clever and there is just something about COD online. It can't be rivalled. There seems to be a touch of genius about World at War, and still you will find yourself desperately trying to climb up the ranks and get to Rank 65 on the 10th Prestige! It is just brilliant!


Fire seems to be a big visual theme in World at War. Large portions of the campaign are devoted to running around with a flamethrower and burning as many Japanese soldiers as possible. You'll run through burning buildings. And if you play long enough, you'll be able to unlock that flamethrower for use in multiplayer. The fire effects, thankfully, are good enough to warrant their featured position. The flamethrower snakes around as you wave it and burns up most nearby grass and trees as you go. Creeping through dark, but still-burning buildings shows off the game's terrific lighting, as the soft glow of the flames reflects and flickers onto the nearby walls. All of the lighting, is done extremely well, and playing this on a HDTV will be truly stunning.

In conclusion, I think it's safe to say that everyone will agree on World at War being an extremely good FPS that had ticked all the right boxes. However, there will be divided opinion on whether or not it's better than last years masterpiece. My World at War now, but keep COD4. World at War is extremely well made and should be bought by anyone who is as fan of the COD series, but COD4 is just too good to throw out or trade in and should still be kept for all the right reasons.

Hope my review was helpful and feel free to leave any comments.
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on 10 February 2014
I loved this game when it came out don't get me wrong, the 1 star is due to the internet It I impossible to play with out some hacker screwing you over.
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on 11 December 2010
I bought this game of after the recommendation of a friend that it is a `must-buy shooter' game. My friend never lets me down.

The campaign was an action-packed adventure which I fully enjoyed as the Call of Duty franchise returned to the World War II setting. I loved the weapons and the online game play, also of course anyone who has played the game, zombies!

The aim in zombies is to survive for as long as you can, which is extremely fun! You can either play on your own, or with your friends, either with you or by network which add to the fun. Also you can play the game with a maximum of four random players online, which really tests your communication skills.
Overall, I would strongly recommend Call Of Duty - World At War to anyone who loves the Call Of Duty or shooter franchise of games.

Graphics: 8/10

Sound Effects: 8/0

Fun: 9/10

Overall: 8/10
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on 16 February 2010
This game is awesome played on line - there's only a very short wait between each game, player matching is good, so you're usually fighting against/with similar levels of player. There's an addictive and intelligent ranking system - with upgrades coming as you move from private to general (I think - only made it to colonel so far) and a variety of game modes - most offering lots of different ways to kill your opponents. Having played this game almost every day for the last 6 weeks, I still think if you're only going to buy one ps3 game - make it this one. The weapons and game settings are v realistic.

The solo player game is, however, quite short and doesn't take long to complete, so if you're not into online gaming, you might get bored with this quickly. Having said that, there's a good deal of variety in each level - from jungle fighting to tank driving and manning a bomber's machine guns. The levels do give you some idea of the pity of war etc - taking over the reichstag at the end is absolute carnage.

One drawback to online play is that if you're playing a lot, you'll want to buy the map pack - about £20 to download - as otherwise, you will be added to games you don't have maps for, which means being kicked out and waiting for a game on the standard maps - (it's well worth buying the map pack though for great stages like station and sub pens).

Release the hounds!
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VINE VOICEon 13 December 2008
This game is a must for any fan of World War two shooters. The gameplay takes place in two campaigns, the battle in the Pacific with the suicidal Japanese and on the Road to Berlin, playing as a Russian.
The levels are intense with waves up on waves of enemy soldiers charging at you. Fortunately the game has plenty of different weapons for you to use including the fanastic flamthrower.
Whilst the flame thrower sounds like a novelty weapon it is seriously effective, at clearing out more than one enemy at a time, by burning them alive.
Alongside the large range of weapons you also get the chance to drive tanks and man the guns on a US fighter.
Graphically the game is just as good as Call of Duty 4, if not better, with realistic levels.
The two campaigns are interlinked with each other and alternates after every two levels. The levels themselves are much more harder then the ones of COD4, but even so, the game is over within 5 hours of play. But to encourage you to replay levels there are plenty of trophies to collect.
The multiplayer follows the same format as before and is just as good with great maps and different Perks, it is very addictive. And there is also a splitscreen mode too, (something that is usually missing from most modern games.)
All in all this is a great game , but I'm afrid to say, it maybe isn't as good as Call of Duty 4
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2008
If your a fan of the previous call of duty games then youll definatly not be dissapointed with their newest addition... Call of duty: world at war! Its amazing!

The game itself is set battling the nazi and japenese incursion on two fronts one from the americans side and the other from the russians on the other. The game utilises the same first person shooter style as the orevious games and is really easy to control. so if your new to the series you wont get swamped.

The game itself mixes calssic film footage and skippable cut scenes to boost the games integrity and its realism is much more advanced than the previous games in the series.

Multiplayer Is based around the same style as COD4 and with customisable difficulties, weapons classes and the same style ranking system will mean that even after completion of the single player youll still persist with the multiplayer, alon or with your friends in clans is always good fun!

Theres also the CO-op splitscreen again which is great although the viewing spaces are of limited size.

Call of duty world at war is a definate must have for any serious gamer, call of duty 4 was great but this will surpass it easily and no one will get bored of sending packs of dogs after the opposing team!
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on 10 December 2008
Ive Played this games story mode through twice now because its so atmospheric. Im Glad that the franchise went back to WW2. Something that some people didnt like. Fighting through the jungle levels has been some of my most rewarding gaming ever. Heres hoping COD 6 is Veitnam (probably wont happen since America lost that war). Anyway the only criticism I have is that the story mode is too short. I know its been said before and that the reason is supposed to be that it takes up programming time for the online game. Surely though with the massive volumes of sales that COD now has they could give us both in the same package? Saying that even though short the story mode is Exellent! Ive even had an afternoon playing online. Something I dont usually do on the PS3 I usually reserve that for PC gaming. But I must say it was Enjoyable! To sum up. Though its not the longest war game ever, I still think its the BEST!
If only the makers would give us old school gamers the option of keyboard and mouse control. If that was so I might never game on the PC again! (the reason I didnt give this 5 stars)
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on 15 November 2008
I got this game earlier today and was a bit worried after reading other reviews that it was rubbish and just an extension to Modern warfare. THEY ARE WRONG! Yes ok there is no red laser sight on the guns but they feel so unique and are somewhat more satisfying to fire. Graphics and gameplay are both amazing, especially with the new co-op stuff!

Online is great fun, the dogs instead of helicoptor is a genius idea when they are on your side, but sooo annoying when they are after you. Do you shoot the dog thats going to kill you or the other player who hasn't quite noticed you shoot the dog, which in turn results in the player killing you, or you shoot the player, but find out that the dog kills you before you can anyway, its a lose lose situation, but putting the other team in that situation is awesome fun.

Story mode follows a similar style to modern warfare, but it can be brutal and you can get really immersed into it! I suddenly hate Japanese people and Germans! However I won't stab them.

Awesome game, a must buy, especially if your into modern warfare!
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on 12 January 2013
this is a quality game. this game is everything that makes COD so good. the campaign is unbelievably enjoyable and varied. the guns are good, the graphic are great. the campaign was actually very moving and kept feeling part of it all the way through. the zombies is also very fun although it is stupid that you have to buy the maps. I never got into zombies online but splitscreen was very fun. if you were to just buy one map though it should be der riese.

multiplayer is great fun splitscreen but not as good as other CODS the online is covered in glitches and hacks.

the campaign is what make this game so great although it is reasonably lengthed I had a sleepover when be just played this game start to finish-best sleepover ever.

I give this game 94/100
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