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3.1 out of 5 stars13
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 28 June 2011
And I'm not just talking about the decision to compare it to Shaun Of The Dead on the cover. The marketing people behind this DVD should be shot. This film is absolutely nothing like Shaun Of The Dead at all.

But what is it like? Well, erm, I don't know, really. It's quite unlike anything I've ever seen. It's one part zombie film, one part romance, one part buddy comedy, one part wrestling / ju-jitsu, one part action thriller - and every single one of them is completely nuts.

As a whole, the film never really flows because it just jumps so ludicrously from one element to the other, but it's certainly never boring or predictable and it is quite often very funny indeed. Perfect for fans of indie curios and suplexing zombies.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 September 2013
Mitsuo (Shô Aikawa) and Fujio (Tadanobu Asano) are two friends who work near Black Mountain Fuji. It is at this mountain people bury toxic waste, trash, and corpses of people they have killed. Our pair start out like dumb and dumber. About half way through the film, it shifts gears into Thunderdome where Mad Max is played by one of the stooges and fights zombies in the arena.

The film is meant to be a comedy, there is no horror in spite of the zombies. It does have some slow scenes. The movie can be watched in English or Japanese with subtitles. The extras have only subtitles.

Interesting cult film.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. Male rear nudity. No sex, suggested near oral sex.
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on 11 November 2012
Toyko Zombie is a live-action movie based on a Manga series of the same name. Unlike most zombie movies, this one is a comedy and despite the front cover's claim that it is the 'Japanese Shaun of the Dead', it is completely surreal and a little creepy at times.

Two friends Fujio and Mitsuo work in a Fire Extinguisher factory, often practising Jujitsu moves on each other, until their boss comes in and reprimands them. Fujio bashes him on the head with an Extinguisher, killing him, and the duo decide to bury him on 'Black Fuji' - a volcano in the centre of Tokyo which has been used by the citizens as a dumping ground for bodies, waste and unwanted electricals. However, when the dead begin to rise, the two friends have to make a decision on their futures...

Like many Japanese movies, there are slight culture differences that don't quite translate properly over here. One of those is their approach to sexuality - there are several scenes which don't quite feel right, such as a Gym Teacher sexually abusing his students (and murdering one of them!) and a perverted old man looking up the dress of a schoolgirl lying face down in some garbage. It doesn't do much to alleviate the stereotype of Japanese schoolgirls being pawed at by seedy business-men.

Most of the humour seems to come from the double-act of Fujio and Mitsuo, but there are some surprising plot twists to the story too. It doesn't follow the standard formula for a horror movie, or even a comedy movie. It is quite abstract and surreal at times, including an animated segment in the middle of the film, as well as complete changes of tone and location.

I liked the two lead actors and there seemed to be lots of cameos from people that must be well-known to Japanese audiences, since I couldn't explain why the film gave focus to them unless there was some kind of in-joke in having them appear. For example, there is a character who continually pops the head off a toy doll to explain the concept of beheading, but it's not particularly funny, so I assume he is well known in Japanese pop-culture, perhaps?

Considering the film is a zombie comedy, there isn't much effort made on the zombies, who are effectively face-painted slightly paler than the human characters. The whole film feels a little bit cartoony, with characters surviving things they shouldn't do normally - something that gets out of hand towards the end. It all feels a little bit barmy and not intelligent humour, like Shaun of the Dead, which had a good mix of real horror and comedy, unlike this one.

Overall, this is a odd quirky comedy that happens to feature zombies, but seems to be more about wacky Japanese humour than anything else. If you're a fan of the Japanese cinema, particularly their comedies, then I would recommend it, but not if you're easily offended by casual references to sexual abuse. Don't watch it expecting to see a proper zombie movie though!
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A lot of fans seem quite excited over the long-awaited North American release of Tokyo Zombie on DVD, and I can't say I blame them. I've seen some seriously wacky Japanese films in my day (and you don't really know what wacky is until you've seen the Japanese variety), but this over-the-top zombie comedy thoroughly revels in its zaniness. I have to say that some parts of the film didn't really click with me, but Tokyo Zombie's originality and sheer chutzpah go a long way toward minimizing whatever complaints I might have - and I'm sure many a fan will enjoy Tokyo Zombie more than I did, especially those familiar with the original manga by Yusaku Hanakuma (illustrated in the "so bad it's good" heta-uma style). Heck, just thinking back on it makes me realize I like this film even more than I thought I did as I was watching it. It does have a little bit of everything - zombies, black comedy, social commentary, class warfare, gore, sex (including a zombie BJ, which really isn't the way you want to go out), etc. - and it features cult film stars Tadanobu Asano (Ichi The Killer [DVD] [2001]) and Sho Aikawa (Dead Or Alive [DVD] [1999]) as the best buddies at the center of the weirdest zombie apocalypse I've encountered in quite some time. I might also mention that the film is directed by Sakicho Sato, the man who wrote the script for Ichi the Killer.

Fujio (Tadanobu Asano) and Mitsuo (Sho Aikawa) - or, for the sake of convenience, Afro and Baldy - are two blue collar workers at a fire extinguisher plant who spend most of their time practicing jiujitsu (which involves far too much rolling around on the ground together, if you ask me). Their mean boss doesn't appreciate their dreams of becoming fighters, which leads to his accidental death. The two friends decide to bury him on Mount Fuji, a huge trash dump that has grown up in the middle of Tokyo (and a popular place for disposing of future mothers-in-law and other folks you want to get rid of). Unfortunately, the place is so full of dead bodies and dangerous contaminants that some sort of chemical reaction begins reanimating the dead in the form of shambling zombies. So the rest of the film must be your basic survivors trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, right? Au contraire, my friend.

The two friends are separated before they can follow through with their "real men go to Russia" plan, at which point the story leaps five years into the future. Tokyo is now a three-class society, as the rich and elite who managed to survive the zombie apocalypse have enslaved their fellow survivors and like to pit the strongest of them against zombie opponents for their own amusement. Fujio has become one of the human champions, even though his commitment to jiujitsu makes him a "boring" fighter that the crowds love to hate (although the fight promoter is overly fond of him). Don't let the film's abrupt transition mid-way through get you down, though, as the zany comedy continues in full force all the way through the film's sequel-begging conclusion. I hesitate to say any more than that about the plot.

I don't think there's much middle ground to be had here, as most viewers will either love or hate this film. Many Western viewers will undoubtedly watch this film expecting to see a typical zombie bloodbath, and some will be disappointed because that isn't what this movie is about. Yes, there's a limited amount of gore, but it's far from realistic. Those who can't adapt to what they are seeing and embrace the story as an exceedingly weird and far-reaching comedy may feel cheated. That being the case, I certainly wouldn't recommend this film to anyone unfamiliar with Asian cinema. The more familiar you are with Asian - especially Japanese - horror in all of its amazing and oftentimes brilliantly original guises, the easier it will be for you to recognize and embrace the dark, wacky genius of Tokyo Zombie.
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on 27 April 2015
Below average low budget zombie comedy horror which is more dumb than fun. The first 30 minutes or so are quite entertaining but the longer the movie goes on the worse it gets. I had picked it up as a fan of Asian cinema and it compares itself to Shaun of The Dead which in theory sounds pretty hilarious.... it's not!
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on 22 October 2014
This DVD is incredible, seriously if you like random Japanese cinema this does not dissapoint
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on 1 July 2011
Firstly just to say am a huge fan of Japanese cinema and would set the expectation level that if you've never seen a Jpn cult film before then please don't expect a Hollywood blockbuster. This film is incredibly cheap (although to be fair the effects are pretty reasonable mostly and the animated sections are excellent) and there are some cultural differences and uses of language that you may not be comfortable with.
So, the good - the two lead characters are genuinely funny, their sections are amusing and if the film just focused on them and their adventure it would have been a 4 star movie (more on this below). Some of the other little touches (the hand squeezing electric company, the master teasing the student about his 'experiences' at school) are funny too, and the twist right at the end is genuinely inventive and, again, very amusing.
And, the bad - the introduction of the female character and (spoilers) the switch to the zombie fighting arena completely ruin the film and the film should have avoided them completely. The female character is awful, terribly written, completely unlikeable and as soon as she enters the films pace falls thru the floor. If you skip thru this section (I have to be completely honest, I found the middle 40 minutes so awful I have fast forwarded and not watched it properly) then you've got a 4 star beginning and ending (the return of the other main character, the twist and the zombie ringmaster), just take my advice and skip thru as soon as the girl enters.
A shame as it could have been so much more, but if you're a fan of Jpn cinema then I would recommend it as it is a nice take on the genre and genuinely different to most Jpnese cult films, plus will have some laugh out loud moments (plus some dull, tedious sections you'll want to avoid).
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on 5 April 2011
wassnt everything i hope for in a zomb com nothing like Shaun of the dead like it claims but a fun watch...
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on 25 July 2011
its a black comdey funny japanese film! i watch alot of japanese films and i love this one! i agree with sue its a bit like shaun of the dead as a funny zombie movie! its not like night of the living daed or walking dead, ts a funny zombie movie!
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on 23 July 2010
this film is awesome its almost a japanese version of shaun of the dead i laughed out loud nearly all the way through id say buy this if you love silly zombie films and are willing to watch subtitles
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