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on 18 March 2009
I received my Edifier woofer and speakers a couple of days after I ordered it - what a difference it has made to my life! Should have bought it years ago. I'd recommend it to everyone; really powerful bass sound and marvellous separation and clarity. Two minutes to install and easily portable too. Used with the Spotify play lists it enables me to hear whatever music I like, exactly as it ought to sound. I bought the cheaper range product but if you want really powerful sound from your little pc probably the next grade up is even more wonderful.

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on 12 February 2011
I have had these speakers for just about a year now and I think it is time to write a review on them.

I did not buy them from amazon due to the fact that they were not in stock when I bought them. After taking them out of the box I was extremely impressed with the stylish look and design of the speakers and subwoofer seeing as these are fairly low end speakers. The subwoofer design is based on the head of an 'Alien' out of the 'Alien Vs Predator' Movies.

The speakers do not look at all cheap but actually look a lot more expensive than they actually are which is great. I plugged the speakers in and they worked perfectly for a couple of days but after the couple of days the left satelite stopped working, I tried another cable to connect it to the tv and this still made no difference. I have narrowed the fault down to a dogy connection, but with a bit of fiddling the speakers work perfectly again. This is why I gave it four stars and not five. I did not send it back due to the trouble I had with getting them.

Now, this fault is probably unique to my speakers as I have not read any other reviews where this has occured so don't let this put you off.

The bass on the speakers is extraordinary for the price range that these speakers come under. The speakers have a handy bass control on the rear of the sub-woofer which allows you to alter the level of bass (mine is usually always all the way up). Even at the higher volumes and with the bass turned up full, there is very little distortion to speak of and when turned up full the sound quality will blow you away.

I should also mention that from some reviews I have read in some cases the speakers are provided with a foreign power cable. In my case this did not happen and mine came with a UK plug. This is not a massive problem because you can most likely request for an english power cable to be sent or you could just buy an adapter if you can't be bothered with dealing with customer support.

Overall, I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for a good set of cheap speakers with incredible sound quality and bass.

I hope this review is helpful
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on 8 April 2013
These are great quality speakers. Don't be put off by the price.

I was sceptical as my last set of PC speakers were a more expensive, well-known make and gave really good quality sound - but these sound just as good and in my opinion look a lot more stylish.
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on 13 February 2015
This was bought for playing music from phone and laptop for my 16 year old daughter in combination with a Jazooli bluetooth adapter. I should say it's has NOT been well treated in the year it has been owned and it has been kicked under bed, covered in rubbish and regularly punished at max volumne with some bass heavy outings from Youtube.

I am glad it's not THAT loud, my Logitech Z4 2.1 would whoop it on volume alone. It's loud enough, and obviously with the sub-woofer cranked up, the sound can travel when you need peace and quiet in the average sized family home. Easily remedied by keeping the volume the same but turning down the sub-woofer with the bass adjustment on the unit. Something to bear in mind if you are buying for kids, if you are the kid (or big kid) in question, then never mind, its loud enough for a small room and you'll love it.

It looks really cool, one of the coolest looking 2.1 systems you can buy in my opinion, but not as big as I thought. The sound doesn't quite live up to the looks, however it is clear and distortion free but not as loud or full range as some. My daughter had it arranged on her small desk, under the other piles of books and other rubbish, but she was really pleased when I arranged the speakers on her shelf in a proper stereo field, improves the sound immensely.

That and...She ran it for several months with only one speaker working, not the unit itself but a faulty 3.5mm cable, I replaced it with a spare, sounds so much better with 2 speakers! The cable that came with it is OK but it got a lot of use.

I'd have one again for music or PC sound in a small room, it's still good for the money. If you want to be blown away in your living room or at a party I'd look elsewhere and raise your budget too.
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on 5 June 2012
I didn't get these speakers from Amazon, and could have saved some money if I had, however I can say that they are a great piece of kit.
I bought them to use with my netbook when playing spotify and was very pleased with the sound quality. Having bought a new tv I thought I would connect them up and see if they were any better than the tv speakers.
If you are to watch a concert or action movie these speakers will really enhance the experience, adding the bass element that is so lacking in flat screen tvs. I turn the tv sound down and play the sound through my freesat box...the remote will control the speaker sound. You can set the desired level of volume on the edifier and then adjust on the remote as required. The bass level is set by adjusting the bass control on the back of the edifier.
I haven't found the volume is limited at all and I use these speakers on an almost daily basis, either for music on my netbook or with the tv. They are easy to move around and I have put L and R on the underside of the small speakers.
The freesat connection is the red/white audio out with a 3.5mm speaker plug on the other end..this fits into the edifier. I leave the wire in the freesat box all the time and just fish it out as required. You could use the tv headphone socket also.
Because the Edifier unit is very stylish and compact it can sit on display when not in use. I have a cupboard unit with a space down the back for the wires to hang.
If you don't want to break the bank then try these speakers...I think you will like them.
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on 8 April 2011
Because I did not want to spend an arm and a leg on a set of speakers I set myself a budget of £40 for a set of speakers to use with my laptop. After reading to various reviews on the internet, and the ones on Amazon, I gave Edifier Prowler speaker set a go.

And I must say, they are all true, the speakers SOUND and LOOK amazingly good for the asking price!

I am not an audiophile, but I think I can notice difference when it comes to good quality sound, and these speakers do not disappoint. The sound is crisp, deep and gives a notion of 'fullness'. Actually, I am amazed with how different most of my songs sound now. A completely new experience.
The bass is really deep and makes your computer desk vibrate, which I find really cool.
However, I think they lack power to be able to play the music really loud. In fact, you get a feeling that they are only half way through the volume knob at the maximum loudness setting. This has to be the only flaw.

The set-up was as easy as a pie, just unpack the set and plug everything in to be able to use them straight away. That simple.

The design is really good too, the speakers look as if they were much more expensive. Mainly due to the aluminum details, piano black finish and top class plastics. They are quite heavy too, adds to the notion of them being a premium product.

All in all, I do think buying these was a good choice. If I were to buy them again, it would be a no-brainer.
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on 29 September 2013
I rate this 5 stars because of the excellent quality of the product for the price. Honestly, you won't get better speakers for this price!

The bass on it is awesome and you can turn the bass up and down using the bass control on the back of it.

They didn't add a on/off button onto this system, but instead, they had it implemented into the volume control. So basically, if you turn it all the way down, you hear a click and the light goes off, signalling that it's switched off. If you want to switch it back on, just simply turn up the volume and it will switch on!

The sound is nice and clear, haven't had any trouble with it so far.

It comes with a foreign plug adapter in-case you want to take it with you on holiday, which is always handy!
It also comes with a cloth to clean off finger-print marks which is a really great addition.

I had no set-up problems, in-fact, I didn't even need the instructions booklet that it comes with. I simply opened up the box and saw and knew what I needed to do to set it up.Overall, it took me two minutes to unbox and set-up.

Would highly recommend this product to anyone! It came fast and in great condition too!
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on 9 December 2010
I bought these speakers based on other reviews. They are even better than I hoped. I use them to replace my flatscreen tv's weedy internal speakers. Sound is well balanced, strong bass. To be very picky, there isn't the punchy mid range you'd get from a hi fi, but for sub £40.00 - amazing. Volume is limited by wattage, but easily fills my 30 ft living room at only 1/2 volume. The bass could annoy your neighbours at and above 1/2 way volume. You can adjust the bass seperately, and I do, depending on what I'm watching.
The woofer and satellites are small, which makes them easy to hide! All the speakers feel more substantial than you'd think from pictures of them.
Set up is very easy. Volume and on/off is a smooth rotary switch, which lights up blue. Bass volume is a rotary dial on the back of the woofer. No visual indicators.
A remote control would have been fab for use with the TV, but again - for the price, no complaint.
If these meet your budget, I don't think you'll find anything better. Its quite a classy peice of kit.
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on 13 October 2011
Having previously bought this Edifier system from other than Amazon for a TV with poor loudspeakers, I decided to purchase a second set
for my desktop computer.

Having read the reviews on Amazon, especially the low ratings, I queried the system description on the Amazon site with customer service--IR remote control and European plug inclusion???

This point had been raised in 2009 and apparently not answered! I received a very strange reply from customer service saying no plug but 2 batteries included.

I arranged a call from Amazon and the gent on the line was very helpful and just as confused as I but recommended that I order the item and he would contact me after I had received it.

That he did and I was happy to confirm that all was as expected-- UK adapter, no IR control and no batteries!
However, the item was as I expected and had previously purchased; sound quality very good, volume adequate for my needs and bass more than I need.

Buy it and try it, you won't be disappointed.
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on 21 June 2012
when i found these speakers on he internet, i was reluctant at first because of the size. when they arrived, my first try left me speechless. great sound, very loud and clear with great bass. interesting design lets me put it anywhere and it fits in well. i would recommend these without hesitation.
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