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3.5 out of 5 stars19
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2014
Excellent. Perfect seller.
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on 30 July 2008
XTRMNTR. There, I've mentioned it. It had to be brought up at some point, so why not at the start? Essentially, this album will never hit the heady heights of that album. Every album after XTMNTR has been a hopeful, patient wait to see if Primal Scream can do it again- but time and time again they've been a let down. Evil Heat was patchy, and Riot City Blues was just a bizarre Stones and 13th Floor Elevators homage.

14 tracks are on this album. Great! However, 1 is a video, 2 are covers which really fail to grab the imagination, and 1 is a single version of another track. OK, it could be worse. But I really would have expected them to pack in a few good ones. It just seems, sadly, that they've run out of ideas.

There are no terrible songs here, just a few distinctly average ones. The Glory of Love (why did they pick that for the next single? At least, I assume it is the next one- as it is the aforementioned 'single version'), Beautiful Summer and Suicide Bomb are just average songs that chug along, without much happening. Zombie Man could be lifted off Riot City Blues, and Necro Hex Blues similarly.

But there are a few redeeming features. Can't Go Back is brilliant, as is Uptown. Time of the Assassins and Love to Be Hurt also get honourable mentions. However that is not enough for a band with some classic albums. Yes, I've heard people call it a grower, but I don't think any album is worth 15 times of listening intently, waiting to 'get it'.

For a band who I've sat through some distinctly average albums for, waiting for the good songs because they're Primal Scream, they are really testing the patience. I would give this 2.5 stars if I could, because it's not a 2 star, but it really doesn't deserve 3 stars either.
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on 22 July 2008
Following 2006's lamentable `Riot City Blues`, it's a joy to hear Primal Scream take yet another, more virtuous U-turn on `Beautiful Future`.

Gone are the retro-rock posturing and lyrical laziness that hampered their previous record and in with the trademark electronics and powering guitars, not heard since their underrated "Evil Heat" album of 2002.

Although still not the Primal Scream turned up to 11 they gave us on `Xtrmntr', `Beautiful Future' is certainly a step in the right direction. The brooding paranoia on `Uptown', `Suicide Bomb' and `Beautiful Summer' rank as some of their best efforts yet while lead single, `Can't Go Back' comes on like the shiny cousin of `Accelerator`.

This time round however, the albums finest moments lay with it's collaborators.

Lovefoxxx adds a haunting vocal to the chilling `I Love To Hurt (You Love To Be Hurt)' which also marks the welcome return of Jagz Kooner on electronics. This is followed by Bobby and folk star Linda Thompson dueting on `Over & Over' - a track which could have easily been lifted from `Screamadelica'.

Lined-up against their previous work, it sits best next to 1998's `Vanishing Point'. An album that also came at a time when Primal Scream had been all but written off after the critical shrug of the shoulders that was `Give Out But Don't Give Up'.

With a resilience that holds no bars, you can't help but think if nuclear fall-out were to happen tomorrow all that would remain would be cockroaches and Primal Scream.

So...all is forgiven. Bring on album number ten.
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on 24 July 2008
I became a Primal Scream fan in 2000 with the release of XTRMNTR, and then after investigating their back catalogue from there, rejoiced that Evil Heat was exactly what I wanted from the band; hot, angry, a little sleazy, blissed out - all of these in equal measure. That album remains a standout of the decade for me. Then came Riot City Blues. Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous. Its retro faux-country posturing was genuinely insipid.

I came to Beautiful Future with much trepidation then, unsure what the mighty Scream may have managed to do to pull themselves back from the brink. Initial whispers and reviews suggested a return to the claustrophobic electro-rock of XTRMNTR and Evil Heat, but how reliable were these rumours?

Turns out, not reliable at all. Beautiful Future is not a return to the band's previous pattern, but instead a shimmering pop record. This is an album concerned primarily with having fun and being a bit daft - nothing wrong with that - which brings about something of a conundrum. Though definitely an improvement on Riot City Blues, Beautiful Future is the band's most disposable album to date. Little here is really bad (though Zombie Man gets perilously close), but there is absolutely nothing that comes close to their best work. No danger of any of these songs being worthy of a place on any future Greatest Hits.

Like I say, nothing is really wrong with this record. You can listen to it, like it, fine. But I seriously doubt I'll be returning to it a fortnight from now. Two strikes Primal Scream... next record's the decider.
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VINE VOICEon 12 August 2008
OK so there are two Primal Screams. The Scream that did XTRMNTR and EVIL HEAT, and the band that produced RIOT CITY BLUES. Personally I love RCB, but not everyone does. So what you need to know is that IMHO Beautiful Future is more like RCB than the other two. So if you didn't like RCB then I'd recommend you steer clear of this one as well.

Although I love this album, I'm not too sure about the Fleetwood Mac cover. Also, is it just me or is Zombie Man a rip-off of Ringo's Back Off Boogaloo?
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on 7 April 2013
reasonal album from post-punk but little known group, everybody should buy and listen to at least one of their albums and this a good one to start with. You never know, maybe you become fans and buy a few more, which will help them reform
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Primal Screams umpteenth album is the oddly titled "Beautiful Future". Now, I can't tell you if this is any good or not - because I'm not sure this is a Primal Scream album. Are you sure it isn't a mislabelled disc? A pressing fault?

Well, a late night Tv appearance where a band called Primal Scream solved that for me. On the TV, these songs sounded much better. They weren't smothered in a homogenous production.

Admittedly, its not up there with the time I unwrapped a Kraftwerk CD to get the 1997 Dance Remixes of "It's Raining Men", but its not far from it. Someone's replaced Primal Scream with something less impressive. The songs aren't particularly great : that said, it's an improvement on the retro stylings of "Riot City Blues" which was an average late 60's alternative rock LP. "Beautiful Future" takes the softer edges of their "Evil heat" album, and distils the edge further to create a soft-but-hard sound - a plastic knife of a record. Dispossessed and angry songs are tempered by clean guitars and understated drums and
rhythms that remind me of some of the more adventurous moments on 1980's albums by Gary Numan and OMD : and not in a good way. Bobby Gillespies distinctive voice seems smeared into the background with his individual stylings airbrushed out. Melodies hover around the songs without actually attaching themselves to the tune. As if you're listening to two songs at the same time. Vocal melodies are short, clipped, repetitive, and thus fail to imprint themselves.

The singles "Can't Go Back" and "Glory of Love" are competent additions, but fail to grab the listener by the throat. It's as if, in this age of diluted musical attention, where records vy for attention over the 987 TV channels and 60,000,000 websites and a gazillion MP3's, the band have failed to be anything other than another musical product, which is a great shame. This music may very well be the soundtrack for middle-aged washing up, for all I know.

There's also another nagging sense that the songs are unfinished. "Zombie Man" sounds exactly like a song left off 1994's rock-pig drug-excess homage to Lynrd Skynrd which is "Give Out But Don't Give Up". In fact, its only "Narco Hex Blues" which sounds like the work of musicians in a room playing music instead of a bunch of bedroom noodling.

The drums are weaker than a kitten. The vocals are, at best, smeared and undistinguishable, another forgettable feature in a barren plain. There's almost no guitars, and bass is a distant rumble. About the only thing I can remember is that this album sounds a lot like a bunch of anonymous session musicians trying to cover Talk Talk circa 1984 with disappointing results. It's forgettable, bland, and dull, unless you think it's 1981 again, at which point it sounds like a bunch of Simple Minds demos.

It's not that good at all. Maybe it is time to stop giving out, and give up.
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on 26 July 2008
love the versions of Urban Guerilla and Over and Over !!!
This is a Classic In the making.
If you like the primals from Start to Now - Enjoy !
Cant wait to see them play.

ps. Bobby G. Thought the wake were great in their day !
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on 10 August 2008
After reading the other reviews on this page I have decided not to buy this album.....I have been a loyal scream fan for many a year but riot city blues was absolutely awful and I have had my reservations about buying this one after listening to the single which is only just ok! From what other reviews say then all the album is like this......only thing I feel bad about is giving them 1 star because I have to do a star rating. Sorry scream I love you doods get back to the evil music x
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