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4.2 out of 5 stars38
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2008
After two garage albums it seemed inevitable that Alice would have another crack at the concept album.The problem for Cooper is that his output has been so vastly varied over his career that one persons poison is another's delight.
A serial killer named Spider is the focus of the album and seems to be sung in a first person perspective.
Musically the album dips into Alice's past.

1. Prologue/I Know Where You Live: Great guitar riff and seventies style lead.I believe there is even some tambourine in there!!!
2. Vengeance Is Mine: This could belong on Dragontown, great melody
3. Wake The Dead: Sixties psychedelic feel with vocals that match, good guitar riff and nice bass work.
4. Catch Me If You Can:Pretty straight rock song, good chorus with intelligent guitar breaks.
5. (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side:Good chorus and another seventies groove!
6. Wrapped In Silk:Excellent bass work and great guitar interplay.
7. Killed By Love:The ballad!!! Actually works well and is helped by nice backing vocals and a great Alice vocal.
8.I am Hungry:To my ears, a definite nod to the original ACG,nice Bruce type riff. A good measured lead solo.
9. The One That Got Away:Good melodies and a fine arrangement, a seventies feel again!
10. Salvation: This sounds as though it could of sat quite happily on the Go to Hell album, nice drum work, mixed with inventive bass playing and a big chorus!
11. I Am The Spider/Epilogue:A zombie feel and a deliberate plodding and down beat(what do you expect, its about a serial killer),with another great guitar riff!

This album demands many listen to fully appreciate all its wonders, to me this is the most satisfying Alice album in years, and like any truly great album it makes you work to fully explore its brilliance.
There is a real retro feel that is offset by clean and modern production.If you listen through head phones it brings another dimension to the sound!
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on 7 December 2009
Along Came A Spider is the 2008 album by Alice Cooper. This album has 1 single called "Vengeance Is Mine". The Album is a story about a serial killer named Spider.The police are baffled by the bodies of Spider's victims, which are cocooned in a silk web, and are each missing a leg. Spider's task is to collect eight legs in order to complete the construction of his own spider. However, things get complicated when he falls in love with his eighth victim.

I will rate each song and explain why:-

1. Prologue / I Know Where You Live 10/10 - What a brilliant opener to the album, really is fantastic, the song has an introduction to the album's theme 'THE SPIDER KILLER' HAHA!

2. Vengeance Is Mine (Feat. Slash) 10/10 - This song is just fantastic, the guitar is brilliant the lyrics are good. The chorus is really catchy. Well Done indeed! Also Slash what a fantastic guitarist!

3. Wake the Dead (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne) 10/10 - This is a brilliant song, the lyrics are good. The song has some good bass at some points in the song. The chorus is really good, worth a listen to.

4. Catch Me If You Can 10/10 - This is such a great song, this has such a great fast paced, catchy chorus, gets ya right into it. 100% worth a listen to.

5. (In Touch with) Your Feminine Side 10/10 - This song has a great guitar solo, got cheeky verses, its really good to listen to.

6. Wrapped in Silk 10/10 - This is actually a good song, wasn't keen on this song at first, but it grows on you as you keep listening to it. You won't be let down by Alice.

7. Killed By Love 10/10 - The 1st ballad on the album. This album is so emotional and i mean what a song, it really shows emotion of how hes feeling and the video for this song is great which can be seen on youtube. The lyrics are great and the chorus is really good. Fantastic stuff!

8. I'm Hungry 10/10 - This song is really addictive to listen to. Just makes ya want to get some food after wards HAHA! Really great song and worth a listen to.

9. The One That Got Away 10/10 - This song is about the victim which he fell in love with and couldn't kill her. This song is really good. Greta guitar solo in this song. Great stuff!

10. Salvation 10/10 - The 2nd and last ballad on the album. This song is really nice and the lyrics are so thoughtful. The song is just fantastic, the chorus is great, such a worth it song to listen to.

11. I Am the Spider / Epilogue 10/10 - This song ending the album, is just a great way to end it. What else can you do. The chorus is way good! This song is just worth a listen to. At the end of the song, an outro is spoken.

In conclusion, this album is 10/10 or 5/5, its just fantastic. I think this is one of his best albums since 1994! After 39 years of albums, he came back with such a great album. The album has such a great theme, and its fantastic the way he put this album together. If you Alice Cooper, don't be put off by what year it is, its the content that counts! You wont be disappointed!
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Well, it looks like the garage rock years are over, as Alice returns to his old stomping ground - the concept album! This time it tells the charming tale of a serial killer named Spider, whose trademark is wrapping his victims in silk. Hurrah! But don't worry, this is cuddly 21st century Alice, so he gets his comeuppance when he goes all girly and falls in love with one of his victims. Boo!

He's stuck to his road band for this trip to the studio, so Kiss drummer Eric Singer, bassist Chuck Garric and guitarists Keri Kelli and Jason Hook handle the majority of the work on the album. And all that time spent touring has paid off. They sound like a proper band, not just a bunch of session guys who've popped in to pay the bills. There is room for some guests, though, and Guns n' Roses / Velvet Revolver fella Slash lays down an excellent solo on "Vengeance Is Mine", one of the highlights on the album. In a novel twist Ozzy Osborne whips out his mouth organ for some, well, pedestrian harmonica work on "Wake The Dead", where he also gets a co-writing credit.

It's a surprisingly heavy album, especially considering that for studio album number 25, Alice has brought in a new production team in the shape of Danny Saber, formerly of Black Grape, and Greg Hampton who's been working on an album project teaming up ex Guns n' Roses guitarist Buckethead and Bootsy Collins. But any fears that this would end up a dance crossover are firmly dashed, despite some heavy synth work on "Catch Me If You Can", which I'm sure will get pushed as a single.

Despite the return to the concept album, the sound is more similar to his Brutal Planet and Dragontown albums than it is to the seventies sounds of Welcome To My Nightmare or From The Inside, especially the large amounts of riffing laid down by Keri Kelli and Jason Hook. The one track that totally fails is the big ballad, "Salvation", which just pales besides older material like "How You Gonna See Me Now". Luckily, there is an array of material that rocks out and will, doubtless, slot happily into his never-ending tour. "Wrapped In Silk" and "I'm Hungry", for example, are custom built for audience sing-a-longs. Finally, things come full circle in the closing track "I Am The Spider / Epilogue", when an old, old friend pops in for a cameo.

He may have turned 60 this year but there's no sign of him fading away, as this really is a good Alice Cooper album, one that tries to tie in the various musical strands he's pursued over his career, and will be a delight for anyone whose followed him on the way.
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on 8 August 2012
All of Alice's albums since 2000 - with the exception of 'Eyes' - have ranged from good to excellent. This belongs to the latter. From the striking cover, to the glossy booklet - showing Alice in Steven mode - to the witty lyrics and the killer tunes, 'Along came A Spider' bears all the hallmarks of a truly classic Alice album.

There are some great rockers, such as the opening 'I Know Where You Live', 'In Touch With Your Feminine Side' and the Faces sound-a-like of 'Hungry'. The drum sound on 'Wrapped In Silk' is simply awesome whilst there's a brilliant Slash guitar solo on 'Vengeance Is Mine' plus some heartfelt, menacing chants from Alice.

Overall there's no particular genre sound here - everything gets chucked into the mix from metal to pop to funk to garage rock - and the production is superb, enhancing instead of overwhelming the ideas. It's the sort of album you can play all the way through or just dip into great songs and belongs up there with 'Nightmare', 'Killer', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Brutal Planet' etc. Quite rightly it made the UK Top 40.
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on 7 February 2010
It's the latest one, the return for now and he has come back with another spooky creepy concept album like some of his older classics Welcome to my nightmare, the last temptation etc.
After a couple of more loose, sleazy garage rock straight ahead rock albums he has come back with a full concept album and story that unites all the songs with a creepy tale of a serial killer who eventually is redeemed.
This is the king, the godfather of shock rock, no Alice, no Slipknot, no Marilyn Manson. For a while he has neglected his shock rock theatrics, I suppose having done it for so long, and so much.
His last album that REALLY impressed me, was another kind of loose concept album BRUTAL PLANET from around 2001, which was much heavier than this or any other Alice album. He seemed to want to compete with the likes of Marilyn and Slipknot and other nu-metal bands with their heavy tunes and shock visual imagery.
This album has more of a classic seventies sound like his most famous tunes from Billion dollar babies, Killer, School's out etc but a full on nasty concept and scary, spooky camp album artwork. It is just a good, fun rockin album like the soundtrack to a ROCKY HORROR SHOW sequel possibly.
Very great return, fun greasy, rockin bizarre, shock rock horror tunes by the great Lord of shock rock.
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on 26 August 2008

Good, best CD Ever, Great photos, the pocketbook looks really great, Beautiful, Amazingly Fantastic,
The cd, I've got the environmentally friendly version and also this version is really beautiful, the cd, the artwork they used, even if you didn't like the music, you'd want to have it becouse it's such a beautiful work, piece of art...
The texts are strong and really good, the story comes out great in the text and music and it's a really good story, A great comncept album where even your best dreams can't beat it.
The music is great, the songs sound perfect and give the right sphere...
It's just too good to be true...

It's just simply a masterpiece you just have to have.

NWAC forum member,
Miss. Animal
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on 24 July 2008
Alice continues his 21st century revival as a the father of shock rock with a vengeance with his latest album that reflects the work he had done with with welcome to my nightmare while the distorted heavy guitar riffs and Alices spooky singing are similar to that of Marylin Mansons "Antichrist superstar" album but with a much darker, tougher edge that harks back to the Love it to death/Schools out era without the special effects that a lot of the elder statesmen of rock use to hide the fact there vocals are not what they have used to be when they where young.

The Guitars on the album are raw and unbridled especially on the Song like "Vengeance is mine" which features an eviscerating solo from Slash who would feature very comfortably alongside into this energised outfit which includes guitarists Keri Kellis and Jason Hook, Bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Eric Singer which makes the album atually feel its more of a band effort when Alice Cooper was actually a band when he first started out.

Other tracks like (In touch) with your feminine side and the one that got away still has plenty of shock value proving Alice's advancing years has not diminished his menacing alter ego after all these years!

To cap it all of this abum is even up for a classic rock nomination for best album of the year 2008.

The god of shock rock is back with a vengeance!
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on 29 August 2014
Alice is back again, but his form is slipping just a little bit. After the virtuosity of his first four 21st Century albums, `Along Came a Spider' is a much simpler affair. Here, his lyrics are, by comparison, sadly one-dimensional. Though, his humour is as healthy as ever. And, as a sequel of sorts to `Welcome to My Nightmare' - picking up the story of Steven some 28 years later - it would be easy to call it a disappointment.

But that would be ignoring the fact that `Along Came A Spider' is 1) a lot of fun and 2) much better than most of his muddled work from the 80s and his post `Nightmare' soft rock adventures in the late 70s.

Gone is the industrial metal of the brilliant `Brutal Planet' and its successor, `Dragontown', and the punk-tinged garage celebration of `The Eyes of Alice Cooper' and `Dirty Diamonds'. On the more theatrical `Spider', Alice has somewhat lazily headed back into straight-forward metal territory, though he has kept the melody and genre-tapping style-hopping of `Dirty Diamonds' intact. And this tends to both elevate the record and echo the concept albums from his past.

We begin with a spoken word prologue in which the diaries of an escaped killer have been found. Then Alice, playing the serial killer, rocks us through a seeming cat and mouse, man-on-the-run game. But it winds up right back in the asylum, where he melodically toys with the thought of Christian salvation before withdrawing into his apparent delusion that he is a spider (the Black Widow?) in `I Am the Spider'. Finally, the whole thing wraps up with a rather unimaginative and perfunctory epilogue (the most disappointing aspect of the record).

None of the songs are bad here. They are just a bit shallow and prone to repetition. `Vengeance is Mine' features Slash in a catchy, but rather standard metal onslaught. `I Know Where You Live, `Wake the Dead', `Catch Me If You Can' and `The One That Got Away' are fairly straight up-and-down rock songs. And `I'm Hungry' sees the tongue-in-cheek approach shoot straight into high camp farce, abandoning any notion that there is anything serious happening on this outing. The slow, 60s styled ballad, `Killed by Love' is a definite high point.

It is hard to ignore the feeling that Alice has rushed this one out. There is a great theme here, but it is never fully explored and it lacks the intrinsic perversity that characterized the early band and solo artist recordings. As an unchallenging slab of comic-book rock, however, it's a definite hoot.
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on 15 March 2010
This is what Alice used to sound like, although there are no classics on the CD, its one that grows on you. Its amazon what you find just by giving somthing a try.
He is the Master.
Long may he live and die!
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on 25 November 2008
Alice Cooper, arguably one of the greatest rock icons the world has ever seen.
As mentioned before Alice isnt as commercial as he was in the 70's and 80's with the latest commercial record Trash coming from the early 90's.
However Along Came a Spider is full of hits that are going to be brought to life (unlike his victims) in his theatrical concert Along Came a Spider next year.
Its amazing how long the Coop has been going and he can still produce records that would put todays modern era of bands to shame.
Whether you like your newer Brutal Plant, Dragontown Coop you will enjoy the hard hitting tracks of Vengeance is Mine, Catch Me If You Can, The One That Got Away and I am the Spider or whether your a fan of his old classic Schools Out, Love it to Death Cooper you will enjoy Feminine Side, Wrapped in Silk, I'm Hungry. Or if you are a fan of his ballads then you have two classics in Killed By Love and Salvation on here.
There is really something for everyone here. Its a good solid album that you can enjoy from start to finish about an arachnophobic psychopath killer. Some of the lyrics are genius and funny as usual. IMO there are a couple of fillers (ish) songs on here in Wrapped in Silk and I'm Hungry. However what this guy does he makes a song good and then performs in his shows and makes the song memorable and I for one cant wait for what will probably be his most theatrical and gory tour yet in the Along Came a Spider tour. Make sure your there and have listened to this album 100 times so you know every word and can rock out with the greatest showman in the world.
Alice for President
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