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3.7 out of 5 stars35
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2011
Having thought I had plantar fasciitis (my doctor agreed) I bought the night splint to see if I could get any kind of relief. Unfortunately for me it didnt provide any. I believe this to be, pending a visit to an actual podiatrist (appointment is taking forever), I have achilles tendonitis. Maybe I have both I dont know...a 2nd doctor seemed to think it may be the achilles tendon as opposed to plantar.

I bought a McDavid Achilles tendon strap and it arrived today. I have it on at work and it seems to be helping a fair bit.

This isn't a negative review of the night splint as I am sure it may help those of you with plantar fasciitis. If like me you are seeking relief desperately and not getting a great deal of support from your GPs it might be worth having a look at the achilles strap instead and working out what you have with a little more investigation. The standard advice is always to consult a GP but, to be honest, when it comes to biomechanical issues they seem to be out of their depth and, with me at least, certain doctors seemed reluctant to take it seriously. Indeed - advice from one was to take painkillers and 'get on with it' which is what I have been doing for years. Thanks for the help...not. If you do see a GP and you feel you are being short-changed just insist on seeing a specialist. The appointment will take months but dont let them fob you off.

Wearing the night splint itself wasn't the most comfortable experience but I dont think there is any way to avoid this really. Its as comfy as it's going to get wearing a foamy ski boot to bed. Needs must however....and in fairness, its a good product which feels sturdy strapped up.

Good luck fellow sufferers!
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on 22 June 2010
I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for 18 months now and decided to buy this night splint in the hopes that it would put my foot in the right position to aid healing whilst I slept. After the first night, after taking off my splint, I put my foot down in the morning and was able to walk for the first time without pain. I've used it now for about 10 days, and whilst my foot is still sore, especially at the end of the day, I know that it is having some good healing time through the night. I'm no longer limping around the house in the evenings.

It's a bit big, my husband calls it my moon boot, but it is soft and comfortable to wear and doesn't interfere much with my sleep. It's washable, and I used the toe wedge straight away for extra stretch though it says only to use that part under medical supervision.

My sister is a doctor and she says that in training, they never covered the therapeutic use of a night splint to aid this problem - and my consultant at the hospital who diagnosed me, only suggested stretches, no mention of a splint. Shame, because it's worked for me! Wish I'd bought it a year ago.
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on 11 October 2012
Bought this splint for my plantar fasciitis problem , because it looked comfortable enough to sleep in, unlike some of the others. When it arrived, I was amazed that on the inside where the picture doesn't show it, there is a seam running the entire length of the calf. In other words when you lie on your back, your leg rests directly on top of the seam. Not so comfy after all. It's ok for sleeping on your side, as it is soft enough where it doesn't press into your othr leg too much. It's easy enough to put back on after going to the loo in the night, but gets abit hot. It will do the trick of keeping your foot in good dorsiflexion during the night.
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on 26 August 2009
I bought this to help with the heeling process from the pain I am suffering with plantar fasciitis in my foot but the splint loosens through the night so I am still waking up with a painful heel.
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on 7 September 2010
I have been using this for about a month, and it has really alleviated the 'early morning pain', as it holds the foot in the correct position. However as this injury can take months to heal, the user must be patient. However, I am convinced it is speeding up the healing of my plantar fasciitis.
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on 13 August 2012
Thought it was a bit expensive but was in such pain from my plantar fascitis that I was desperate to give anything a go .
So glad I bought this - comfortable to wear at night and started to make a real difference after wearing it for less than a week, no more hobbling out of bed in a morning !
Would recommend to anybody suffering from the misery of plantar fascitis.
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on 2 July 2012
I bought the dorsi wedge to help alleviate problems I have with my achilles tendons. It does help with this when I wear it. The good points about the wedge are: It is rigid and well padded making it quite comfy. It doesn't cause any other pains in the feet or toes while wearing it (see reveiws on the strasborg sock). The down side of the wedge is its size and bulkiness (especially if wearing in bed). I took others reviewers advice and bought a smaller size than recommended but it still feels slightly too big. I do wear it in bed at nights some times but its not great if you need to turn over in your sleep too often.
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on 23 June 2010
This product is not elegant but is a big help in the treatment of plantar fasciitus. Since starting to use them my foot pain in the morning is 100% better.
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on 3 July 2012
My orthopaedic surgeon recommended this product to help severe plantar fasciitis on my left foot. After wearing it every night for more than three weeks now, I cannot really feel any improvement in pain relief yet, but it's certainly not any worse. The boot itself is well-made and sturdy, and is warm and comfortable to wear, even in bed. Not very sexy, however, and I wouldn't recommend it if you're hoping to impress someone! Nice colour, if you like bright blue.
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on 31 December 2013
Ive had a problem with my right foot particularly for over a year. It is now at the point that every time I stand I get a major pain in the foot and hip and have to hobble everywhere. It does ease off very slightly but I still walk with a limp and the doctor is useless basically and simply says to exercise it. Of course he isn't the one with the painful foot.

I've bought this splint(from Ebay but the same company) as a last resort as I am at the point that I will try anything to ease the pain.

Firstly I must say this night splint is very bulky.

It is also fairly lightweight.

Weird sizing - I take a 6 shoe and this is quite large.

It comes with a wedge thing that in the instructions says use under medical supervision?

It also says that you have minimal ambulation (walking to you and me). The problem with that is that obviously one leg is longer than the other with this on so you hobble anyway. Does wearing it and walking stop the pain? NO

Unfortunately I am not convinced this splint keeps your foot at a 90% angle as it stretches and Ive woke up wondering what angle my foot is at in the morning and its not really 90%.

On the good side it isn't too bad to keep on all night and not really uncomfortable. BUT I don't think it supports the foot as well as it should do.

Then I watched a thing on YouTube about Plantar Fasciitis and they say that since the PF doesn't stretch anyway stretching isn't the answer, nor is a splint as it doesnt 'heal'. They say foot arch supports make the difference. I'm not a doctor so I don't really know but I've used this over night constantly for a week. I use it when on the sofa watching tv. Have I noticed any difference? NO.

I'm not saying that long term it might not make a difference. I just wonder if there is a better way to support the foot and medically what is the real help for this condition.

£30 is a lot of money. I wouldn't buy it again I don't think, although now I've got it I will continue to use it in hope of some relief.

Force your doctor to send you to a specialist and if they say to use a splint then fine. Ive spent quite a lot trying different things for this problem and none of them have worked, my doctors contradict each other.

Next stop for me is to insist on a second opinion and maybe try arch supports.

I would say though that if you have only had this problem for a short while it may help you more but if like me you have had the problem for a long time then I don't think it will.
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