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3.7 out of 5 stars40
3.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2009
Probably first shown on cable in the States, this is a better example of that type of creature feature. Teenager Loren (well played by Nina Dobrev) finds herself the unhealthy obsession of her new neighbour whom she quickly realises is a werewolf. After a moderately paced start, it picks up well focussing on its core players of Loren, Jared the Werewolf, the kid brother who refreshingly for once is neither irritating nor cute, Loren's geeky suitor, and Redd the big game hunter (Kevin Sorbo)as the comedy relief.

While hardly original, the key cast give their all, especially Nina Dobrev as the gutsy heroine, and there's enough going on to make this a good fun movie.
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on 14 February 2014
I really enjoy this film, I first saw it on sky and decided to watch it because I thought it was one of those really cheap crap movies that might cheer me up on a rainy day (because of bad acting, costumes etc) but after watching it, I knew I had to get it on DVD. I am a big fan of TVD so with Nina Dobrev in it I had to see what it was like and I'm glad I did watch it because it really is good. The acting is good and the film does have some funny parts in it but it isn't exactly scary, so if your looking for a scary werewolf film, look somewhere else. Overall it is a good film and I would recommend to people.
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on 9 October 2008
I think this is one of the best werewolf movies for a while, Peter Stebbings is mind blowing you really get the impression that he could be a werewolf. Kevin Sorbo is funny but i like it when he dose action more than comedy. A must see movie for any one who likes werewolf movies or if you have been let down by recent werewolf movies this will put your faith back in werewolf movies.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 November 2015
In this 2008 TV supernatural horror comedy [aka: schoolgirl vs wolfman, aka: the house next door] imaginative 16-year-old Loren [Nina Dobrev] gets a new neighbour, Jared [Peter Stebbings], a good-looking single guy and his mysteriously eerie dog, but when some of the locals begin disappearing one by one, Loren thinks he’s a werewolf and decides to investigate.
The start and titles are promising but it soon falls into standard horror mode but the plot does move at a decent pace. It’s actually well filmed and it’s easy to get sucked into Loren’ mindset by the clever editing and suitable music score. Overall the special effects are quite good for this type movie but it’s the dog that provides most of the menace.
The single disc opens to main menu offering play, scene selection, audio [2.0 default/5.1] and trailer. If you like ‘B Movie’ horrors and general werewolf stories then this may be for you, and is a good example of its type, provided you don’t want in your face gore as the scares are mainly psychological. Never-the-less it’s entertaining fun and a good ***** view with a few laughs and some great over the top acting from Kevin Sorbo.
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on 11 May 2011
Humour, action, suspense and mild horror combine in this well made tv movie. Loren (Nina Dobrev) is convinced that her sexy new neighbour Jared (Peter Stebbings)is a werewolf and sets out to destroy him, aided by Redd Tucker - a phony big game hunter(Kevin Sorbo)and Steven- a geeky pizza delivery boy(Sean O'Neill).

The film reminded me in a positive way of a 1980's horror movie thanks to the soundtrack and humour - it most definitely does not take itself seriously! The characters were likeable, and part of me was rooting for the werewolf. The werewolf effects were from the same person responsible for the first Ginger Snaps movie - so you know what to expect - very mild horror from an unrealistic wolf - which adds to the fun.

Overall, I think this is a great film for a night in with a bowl of popcorn.
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on 9 February 2012
i watched this movie as im a really big fan of nina dobrev from the vampire diaries so it was great to see her in something different i have to say after watching this i thought it was pretty good the first time around i wacthed it but the second time around found it to be a lil boring in parts. nina plays her character pretty well being this badass leather clad werewolf hunter armed with a crossbow and arrow hunting down the next door neighbour who just happens to be a a werewolf who has a connection with nina's character at time quoting her as his female and theres a lil joke that nina says inthe film im nobodys female she does swear aswell but i wont say what it is but u can guess for yourself what she says wen u watch this kevin sorbo is also in this and i was a lil skeptical after watching him in hercules and found him at times the be quite annoying in andromeda in this he wasnt all that bad and he did make me laugh with some of the one liners he came out or if he was with nina about to go into the scary house he would be like screw this im outa here and bails or hide up a tree leaving nina's character defenseless to face her next door neighbour but towards the end of the film she manages to overcome the hold her werewolf neighbour has over her and kicks some serious butt lol theres also the hapless guy who is love with her and it was really funny what the neighbour does to him because he thinks the guy is moving in on his girl biting him and turning him into this sort of egor characher who scurrys about and hides on roof screaming master what is thy bidding what do u want me to do master the pretty girl is here master sorta type so i found that really amusing this film does have alot of humor is it a great film i would say if u love nina dobrev as i do and want to see her in sumthing different then give this movie a try as it is pretty good but u will easily get bored after watching it once and will sit in your dvd collection gathering dust so probably best to either rent it if u can or watch it on tv but t is worth watching and nina dobrev is pretty hot in this too lol so its worth checking out
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on 22 August 2015
For a teen v Monster this wasn't bad. And yeah it is refreshing to see a female teen hero rather then the stereotypical band of boys or lone boy leas who no one believes in about the big bad.. I have to say What Buffy is to Vamps, Lorrin is to lycans. And while Xena ( Lucy Lawless went on to play a cool cyclon its pitiful to See Hercules turn into a nambeepambee or maybe that was the point of his Quartermane wannnabe character. was never a huge Kevin Zorbo fan anyway but to see him as a "I'm not a hero / big game killer...I jut play one on TV. mocker is just sad of course I didn't watch Herc beyond the 1t 4 episodes but that is besides the point)

For werewolf movies its up there with the 1t Howling. Its in the like of Lost Boys more or less, a montage of getting ready for the big show down much like Lost Boys but its a teen girl rather than a band of boys. the pseudo love interest is interestingly funny enough don't expect great effects, but the acting is not bad at all and it's a descent werewolf transformation not a long winded a in America Werewolf in London but then Jorden has been doing it for a long time.. its watchable and it doesn't make you shudder with distaste like some movie with sparklely vamps. the big bad stays a big bad
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on 10 January 2009
I loved this film might not to be to everyones taste but it suited mine.Peter Stebbing makes a very sexy werewolf he could be my neighbour anytime.If you liked Frightnight this has the same feel a strange neighbour a teen that noone belives.It's got good humour give this film a try.
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on 13 January 2012
If you like the werewolf genre you will like this movie. I love the werewolf movies and I thought this was slightly original, a little far fetched but then we are talking werewolves but for me it wasnt taken too far that it spoiled the movie, worth a watch.
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Jared Martin (Peter Stebbings) is new to the neighborhood. After moving in the sleazier people in the neighborhood are mysteriously dispatched or missing. This does not go unnoticed by next-door neighbor. Yep Loren (Nina Dobrev) suspects Jared of being a werewolf. Of course on one believes her.

The movie has good graphics but is peppered with really noisy second-rate songs. The dialog is contemporary and a tad on the campy side.

Animal Wrangler Violetta Hessing did a great job but is lost in the presentation. She also worked in "Ginger Snaps" (2000) another Canadian werewolf movie.
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