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3.5 out of 5 stars23
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£17.99+ £1.91 shipping
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on 10 January 2009
Having never played a snow boarding game on the xbox 360, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this game. This was fuelled by sharp visuals and exciting footage.

My hopes were dashed for a quick buy when trade press gave it a decidedly luke warm reception. Having been out a few months now I have been able to gauge the reaction of gamers. Overall the reaction has been more positive than the reviews. So therefore I decided to rent it for 7 days.

It's a good game that could have been a great game. It's nice that the 4 mountains you have to play are unlocked straight away, but there are only 4. I found myself after about an hour saying, well this is nice, but is this it? The graphics are top notch and I like the fact you can take a FPS chairlift ride, but was dissapointed that all you see of the helicopter ride is the take off and landing.

The controls are okay but slightly awkward. The sense of speed is there on occasion but do not expect the same sense of speed than in Pure

I would recommend SWSB for a good hire, but to buy I think I will wait for the inevitable sequel.
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on 14 December 2008
Im both a avid gamer and skier. I spent a while living in banff, canada and this game takes me back there in virtual form. Trust me the reviewers are wrong when it comes to this game. If you have ever been anywhere near a ski slope you will fall in love with the openess and realism of this game. If you already have it pres Y 4 times in a row and you will will be treated with the most fantastic 1st person experience any game has ever bestowed on mankind.


Perfect backcountry
sexy slopes
realistic tricking system
endless exploration
Stunning graphics
Lots of licenced gear (wear the stuff you wear in real life)
Good online intergration (rip it up with your friends)


Tough to master. (A knoledge of snow will bypass this issue.)
No story line
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on 1 December 2008
Been playing this over the weekend and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised - I'm a big fan of Amped and this really surpasses that game in terms of playability. Graphics are superb and it is easier to get into than its forebear. Lots of variety and on-line works very well. Haven't played the Wii version but this is supposed to be more of a challenge - a better game. This is a title people will begin to truly appreciate only after a few hours of play.
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on 13 December 2010
I have now owned this game 9 months & only now do i believe i can give this game a fair & balanced review.

I have to admit when i first got this i was very excited because i'm a massive SSX fan & due to the lack of SSX for the 360, i got this hoping it would rival it, well i can tell you now it's not a rival, it's a completely differant kind of game. but thats more my wishes than the games fault so if people are expecting this, be prepaired. Anyway i digress. When i initially played it i was a little underwhelmed but for some reason i decided to keep hold of it.

Now 7 months on i play it again & now give it some attention, at first the control system seems a little uncomfortable & confusing (SSX curse you lol) but once you "get it" my god you are rolling. I am now at a stage where i am doing the tricks effortlessly & really getting a buzz from playing this game.

All i can say i be patient, give it time & you will come to really enjoy playing it......worth a fiver ? definatley.

But come on 360......give us the SSX love soon.
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on 28 September 2014
Great graphics and attention to detail help you immerse yourself into the four fairly large snowy peaks perfectly. Couple that with the excellent trick system and you have yourself one awesome snowboard game! Admittedly the game play is a little tricky at first, however if your a veteran of games such as the skate franchise then with a little practice you should be double or even triple corking in no time at all!
I love the big mountain, open world feel and the customisation options of licensed brands, something that was servilely lacking from the last SSX game.. However, I would be lying to say it's perfect. The overall gameplay can feel a little rough around the edges, half pipe tricks in particular seem to require exceptional timing to pull off correctly without just doing a straight air or worse airing out of the pipe itself! It certainly does not have the fluidity of the ssx series and the challenges, although plentiful, could have been a little more varied.. I'd love to see events such as the dew tour and winter x games as competitions, or perhaps take a leaf out of the black box book and add goals such as photo and film challenges?
All in all an awesome game that I feel is very underrated..probably due, in short, to the popularity of other snowboard titles. It's not perfect but if your looking for a different, more realistic take on a snowboard game then look no further!
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on 1 January 2009
If I'm totally honest, I wasn't expecting too much from this game. The last snowboarding game I played was Cool Boarders on the PS1, and that was not that brilliant. When I started playing this, I was almost immediatly impressed. The gameplay feels as realistic as it could with a games controller, but it is also fairly easy to pick up basic tricks.

The game has only four pistes but these are HUGE, and I really do mean massive; the game lets you, and actually encourages you to take off the snowboard and walk around to try and find hidden areas. There is also a variety of different terrain for you to go on. You can start at the top of the mountain and board down stunning and steep slopes (and cliffs), go down a bit further and you will go over ramps, slide on rails and pretty much anything else you could do with a snowboard.

The one and only thing that lets this game down is the challenges. You can find these all over the mountain, and generally involve getting points for doing various types of tricks (hopefully) earning you money to get some better equipment. While the challenges themselves are okay, what they lack is any kind of structure; you come across one on the piste and you do it or ignore it. There is no kind of story, no kind of order you do the challenges, and not even a proper tournament of any kind.

Shaun White Snowboarding is never-the-less a fantastic game, and I suppose this is a trubute to the fantastic gameplay. Anybody that enjoys sports or even action games should enjoy this game a lot. It is highly addictive, and it's fun just to play it without the challenges. That said, as good as the game is, it could be improved. I hope thay give us a sequel!
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on 3 February 2009
I love this game, I own it on the 360, on-line play is solidly done, its a free roaming environment whatever location you go to. The game play took me a little time to get used to, but you'll be busting some sweet moves in no time.

Graphics are immersive and atmospheric, there's loads of stuff to do within each mountain environment. You collect tokens to up your 'focus' abilities, which increase your access and potential to progress within the course and within the game. There are tons of events too, and challenging on-line players and being challenged is a great way to show of your skills, or be tested by better players.

There are some small game-play glitches, but not enough to destroy the game's playability or overall feel of what is essentially a really well built game engine. A real physics engine make every leap of faith and insane jump feel exactly as it should.

There's tons of play here, I love this game!
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on 16 March 2014
Great game bought at time of Winter Olympics Would recommend it great fun. Good value for money. Entertaining to watch and play
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on 20 August 2010
This is a pretty good game. I found it quite difficult to start with, however after a bit of practice it became addictive.

There is plenty to do if you follow Shaun's quest which is explained to you at the beginning of the game.

The whole snowboarding experience is quite realistic in terms of landing tricks and grinding so as you have to always check your balance in order to do good grinds and land huge jumps.

The graphics are one of the fab elements of the game. The snow looks really realistic, which is important in a snowboarding game.

There is also a huge range of clothing and boards that you can buy as you earn more money which add to the style of your character.

A great feature of the game is that when it has to load something for a while you can practice tricks on a half pipe which is good fun. It's better than just doing nothing while it loads.

Finally when I had a PS2 I played SSX but be warned, it is not like SSX so all you SSX prepared for some changes in the world of snowboarding.
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on 10 January 2014
Bought this as a gift for my grandson and was amazed at its next day arrival. He is very happy with it
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