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548 of 556 people found the following review helpful
on 30 August 2008
I bought this aerial for a Samsung digital TV kept in my bedroom. I previously tried two other more expensive aerials from Curry's (c. £40 each) and they did not work and so after reading an independent consumer report on the digital TV site ([...]) I decided to try this aerial as it received the best results.

True to form, the aerial has delivered fantastic reception and I have had no problems with it. It is also really easy to set-up. For all of the hassle that I previously experienced, this is the best value aerial on the market at such an affordable price, and I would highly recommend it.

FYI, I live in North Kent.
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18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 16 December 2011
If you look at some of the other reviews for this product (not many but some) people have suggested this aerial doesn't always perform, but it really does. The key is because of the type of aerial it is you have to align it with the nearest/best transmitter, just as you would an external aerial.

Once you do that you'll get 90-100% of the Freeview channels no problems. But you should expect to have to experiment with different positions and re-scan every time if installing from scratch.

If you happen to have a freeview setup that does get some channels with another aerial, leave them set, plug in the SLX and manouevre it until you receive the channels (or a subset of them) you were already receiving, then re-scan.

Note also that height might be a requirement to get a good signal so you might need a shelf. (Or just get a 14 inch TV bracket and strap it to that.)

Overall, by far and away the best indoor antenna for digital you can get at the time of writing. The newer model (with the blue LEDs down the base) probably doesn't add anything functionality-wise, just looks, so I'd stick with this one for price. At the very least it will outperform an older external aerial that isn't optimised for digital. The plug-in-an-existing-aerial feature is also nice and appears not to take over the SLX's own signal, so it's ideal for situations where you have an older external aerial that struggles with digital channels.

Slightly off topic, but something to also bear in mind: I'm giving one of these to an older relative who lives in a weak digital area and who also has an old (much loved) TV that doesn't have a SCART socket/s. In spite of the information you're likely to get, you _can_ make older TVs work with a Freeview box, you just need a signal modulator to convert SCART or composite video+audio to an actual analogue signal the TV can then pick up like any other. Such as this product: [...] for example. Or [...]
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204 of 211 people found the following review helpful
on 20 August 2010
If you have to use an indoor aerial this is fantastic! Those who find thier old aerial was better haven't set it correctly.

1...Look around at the rooftops....are the aerials Horozontal or Vertical?? The picture shown here shows the aerial 'fin' in the HOROZONTAL position... the 'fin' also rotates 90 degrees to the VERTICAL position. Like I said check whether your local signals are horozontal or vertical by checking if the aerials installed on roofs have the elements going left to right (horozontal) or up down (vertical).

2...DO NOT TURN THE AMPLIFICATION TO MAX. try it first at about '2 o'clock'. You can over-amplify the signal. Too high a signal over-loads the input to your tuner and results in snowy picture on analogue and NO picture on freeview.

3...Using the surrounding rooftop aerials as a reference, point your SLX in the same direction. The TV signal is coming from the very direction that the aerials are pointing to. try and pick a window sill so you can point to that signal through a window.

4... You have to remember that when, for example, on a mobile phone you can be in perfectly clear signal chatting away...take two steps to your left or right and the call can drop. thats radio signals. a few inches left, right up or down can make a huge difference.

5... If you have a good rooftop aerial installed that is running freeview without problems...Use that aerial to tune in your freeview box or tv first before moving it back to where it will be used with your indoor aerial. This way you'll know it's all tuned in correctly and adjusting the SLX for optimum results should all be thats needed. Try the Amplification adjustment when you have a picture...remember too high is bad and too low is bad. You need to find the happy medium that depends on the strength of your local signal.

Summary: ...Get the Polarity (horozontal/vertical) correct >>> Set the aplification level between to just above half way (experiement a bit) >>> Tune you tv/box using a known good aerial first. USE "FIRST TIME INSTALLATION" OPTION....this clears old frequencies that may have changed since it was first tuned.

Only negative I can say about this aerial is the the length of it's power supply and co-ax cables. If they were longer you would have more scope to position it correctly. Personally I made up my own length of double screened coax so it could be positioned 6 metres away from my TV. But it should come with longer power supply and co-ax in the first place.
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106 of 111 people found the following review helpful
on 22 December 2008
I hardly ever submit these types of review but having struggled with an appalling picture on an indoor aerial for years, I decided it was time to upgrade in the hope of getting a clear digital picture. The results are amazing - it was really straightforward to assemble and the picture on most of the analogue channels are as good as those we receieve from our Sky dish downstairs. It's transformed out picture completely and I would highly recommend it.
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70 of 73 people found the following review helpful
on 27 September 2008
I cannot believe how well this aerial works! I've always had a poor digital reception, even from the ext aerial on the roof. But this gives a excellent picture with NO break up at all.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 5 June 2009
I recently bought a freeview box to use with a spare tv in the bedroom. I have been using a highly rated (and more expensive) indoor aerial and got a reasonable selection of channels. Having read the reviews of the SLX Gold digiTop aerial both here and on some of the specialist digital tv sites, I decided to try it (especially at this price). It was money well spent! I live in a weak signal area but this aerial has almost doubled the number of channels available to the point were it's difficult to spot what is missing. A small minority of the channels need the aerial rotating slightly but I then get a great signal. The power lead is a little short if you want to put the aerial high in a room but it's a small price to pay for the extra performance this aerial gives. As indoor aerials go, I can't praise this one highly enough. If you're looking for an excellent indoor aerial for freeview, this should be top of your list.
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161 of 171 people found the following review helpful
on 7 October 2008
My 4 year old Mini Portable TV is really good - I use it in the bedroom at home and also in my Touring Caravan BUT it is only Analogue - which it picks up beautifully with an excellent picture. I've been determined not to have too ditch it in 2009 when the switch over happens.

Having bought an excellent little portable Freeview box = a 'Tvonics' (it works on Mains & 12 Volt + connects to NON Scart TVs too) I assumed I was now sorted - however try as I might with my existing portable aerial I could not pick up anything Aaaaagh !

Damn the Digital switchover !

Then I heard about this little Aerial - I connected everything up & waited for the box to search & find the Digi channels while I jiggled with the Aerial's position ....Bah Humbug still no Digital :-(

Well I thought, let's try it with the Aerial on it's side ............ Bingo - just a couple of attempts & I'd found the right direction & 40 odd Digi channels.

Fine tune the Aerial position & use the Bias control for best Amplification and for the very 1st time I'm watching portable Digi TV and receiving even more Channels too :-)

I haven't had a chance to try it in the Caravan on a site yet, but 've high hopes that it's going to work well in most locations.

Definately a great Aerial for picking up digital - - just one point too watch - as the main 'blade' of the Aerial is glass you can't risk knocking it about too much, but treated sensibly it will serve you well.
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55 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on 13 September 2008
I really didn't believe this was going to work. I've been trying to find a digital aerial since my small bedroom TV unaccountably started to fail. First of all the digital channels completely disappeared, then the analogues were full of snow and difficult to see.
When I received this product and plugged it in, it didn't do anything straight away and I thought. "here we go another bad buy" Then suddenly it came on - perfect sound and vision. All channels equally clear. A Wonderful product.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 18 May 2009
After researching the best ariel reviews I chose this one. I have to say that at first I found it difficult to get a decent reception but after extending all the parts of the ariel and moving the digital box a further distance away from the ariel, I can now recieve all freeview channels with no problem at all.
Excellent ariel just make sure you try all angles and possibilities with it before writing it off. Don't assume which way round the ariel should face as mine recieves facing backwards not forwards as expected.
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21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 16 June 2009
Hi i don't normally leave reviews but as there was such varied reviews i thought i would. At first i was very dissapointed with this aerial couldn't receive anything for my freeview box, anyway i didn't send it back and it got left in the cupboard for a few months. Then i moved house no more than a mile away and thought i'd try it again at my new property to my amazement recieved every freeview channel although the channel 5 channels are not great. One word of warning if you live near alot traffic this can be a problem( especially mopeds ) they interfere with the signal terrble ( I live near a one stop shop! ). so to sum up i would have gave this 5 out 5 but can't because of my previous experience with my old property. Hope this helps
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