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3.8 out of 5 stars198
3.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 January 2014
I received my Daewoo today - ordered as my Electrolux packed up and I was short on cash for a new hoovr, but I have to say, after trying this little chap, I am delighted with it! Packaged very securely but no so that it was difficult to unpack and get out of the box. Very easy to put together also as the instructions are clear and basic. I decided to have a play with it and I have to say, the suction on this hoover is amazing!!!

I have laminate floors and a tiled hall (carpet on the stairs) and it did a brilliant job in my three bed house on all three surfaces. It is lightweight to carry as well and easy use on the stairs. Has tools for cleaning crevices, etc and has an easy store facility for the long hose when you put it away that keeps it all compact. Comes complete with 4 dustbags too and I LOVE the way the plug cord is retractable - no more wires looping over here and there - 10 out of 10 easily - and not too noisy either.

I would highly recommend based on current performance - outdoes my Electrolux by miles and that cost about four times the price!

Last but not least, fantastic speed on delivery (2 days!) just as well as I have cats!! And now I have a hair-free zone again!! :)
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on 21 January 2014
Why pay over £300 for a hoover that does exactly the same as this one, but is heavier to lug around, and still picks up the same amount of fluff, dust, cat hair etc? I don't get all the hype with the big, over-priced " Super-Vacs " that are around.

This does just as good a job, but is lighter to move and pick up. Storing it is a doddle as it's so compact, so you don't need a whole cupboard, you can just pop it on the floor under shelving, under the kitchen sink or even under the bed. It's got great suction power and easily picks up the little bits of cotton that a bigger hoover couldn't budge! That says it all really...

It comes with a couple of attachments for getting into small corners or doing the stairs, no bells or whistles, just the things you need to do a simple hoovering job. I've hoovered the whole house and I haven't experienced any sparks or overheating.

If I had one negative, it would be that the flex isn't very long, so if you have a big room, or are doing the whole of the downstairs and/or upstairs, you WILL need to unplug it. But that's no hardship really, and shouldn't detract from the excellent job this vac does.

I have to add, this is my second Daewoo RC350BK vacuum, and the first one lasted 6 years which ain't bad for the £25.00 I paid for it back then.

Really, don't pay over the odds for something when this little guy can do the same for a fraction of the cost.
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on 4 January 2010
When our previous old work-mule sucked its last bit of dust, I was keen to look at something more styllish (i.e. Dyson). However, looking at price tags for something that will spend most of its lifetime in the cupboard underneath the stairs, it just did not seem worth it (in spite of glarious reviews). We settled on better Christmas presents and a Daewoo 1500 W Vacumm cleaner. We've had it now for about a month and has been impressed by the little fellow's workrate. Its cheap, simple, light and does what it needs to. With its long reach it makes most floorspace easy to clean. No regrets here!
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on 19 October 2012
This vacuum cleaner is just great. Quite light, sleek design, lovely black colour, and very easy to use. Excellent suction and low noise. And great price too. I've had it for a couple of months now and I really can't fault it in any way, highly recommended!
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on 1 August 2013
This product is a great it does the job , it doesn't weigh much and is easy to store . I am very happy with this purchase . My only problem is the power cord is a little too short and could of had an extra 2m for my house.
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on 19 September 2011
I bought one of this vacuum cleaners almost exactly 9 years ago - at the time I just needed the cheapest little fella on the market - which it was. 9 years on it has been a little gem and gave up the ghost after a long career this weekend. We are now going to replace it with another one exactly the same - it is light, powerful and compact so easy to store.
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on 21 November 2013
.... untill it went BANG.

Sparks & a burnt out motor after only maybe 2 minutes of use. When you unclip the rear foam filter you can see the motor spinning & creating massive purple / blue ish sparks. The entire machine got amazingly hot to the touch too.

I'm sure this is just a one off case, but just be warned.

Also, it is (was) ear splitting load, but that was no doubt because it was in self destruct mode.
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on 18 February 2014
Bought this in order to replace one of the new bag-less cylinder types which I disliked, and incidentally cant understand the concept of at all. For example, with a bag-less model which supposedly removes the need for bags, you still need to empty the contents into a bag before disposing of it, thus defeating the purpose entirely. The only other option is to tip the contents straight into your bin, but in this case the dust now being liberated senses its chance for freedom and scatters in all possible directions. Additionally, any particles which did actually make it securely into your bin will now make their break for freedom every time a draft is caused by opening the lid (what with it being loose rather than contained in a bag).

Anyway, back to this particular product, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough (if you prefer a bagged model, as I clearly do). It is extremely well made with far better quality components than I had expected for the price, and has just the right balance between a motor powerful enough to do the job, but not so powerful as to sound like a Vulcan aircraft taking off. All the expected refinements are there, such as a swivel hose and little wheels on the main brush head, which I’ve found strangely not to be the case on some low priced vacuums (making them a complete nightmare to use). Overall, there is nothing I could fault this product for, despite being an incredibly fussy person, and it even came packaged in an oversized outer box (complete with stuffing) to protect it during transport. My only minor gripe is that although you do get some attachments with it, you don’t get a traditional upholstery one, but that really isn’t an issue as one can easily be purchased separately for a couple of pounds at most hardware stores.
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on 19 May 2014
i bought this to clean the car
now i use it to clean my home very good picks every thing
a bargain in my humble opinion
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on 9 June 2014
I live in a house with a lot of stairs and even though I don't have any back problems I got tired of carrying my big old Henry hoover around with me (the red industrial cleaner with a smiley face).

My Henry was in perfect working order but when the hoover at the family business I work at gave in, I decided to voluntarily give it up and buy a lighter one. I looked at all the Dysons out there as I have no qualms about spending money on something that will last but £300 pounds seemed excessive. I might have chanced it if it wasn't for the messy bagless function that comes with Dysons (bad past experience trying to clear the dust compartment).

When I came across this cheap little hoover I decided to give it a try. I thought if it was no good, I could still use it as a spare in the guest room. Now that I've tried it, I will keep as the sole hoover for the entire house for as long as it lasts!

To begin with - it doesn't suck as well as the Henry (no comparison really) but well enough to clean my wooden floors. If I had a soft carpet I might not be quite as happy with it. Having said that though, we have a huge amount of cat and human hairs as well as clay litter particles build up every week and this hoover has no trouble picking it all up.

Another bonus - the main reason i bought it - is that it's so easy to maneuver the stairs. It's so small you can simply rest it on one of the steps while hoovering. I use the main, large nozzle to go over the stairs and then take off the metal part to hoover around the edges with the plastic part of the hose. The cleaner is so light that I can simply pick it by the handle (in the centre of its body) as i finish off the stairs. A bit like going from a normal to a handheld hoover in seconds. It also stores away really easily by hooking the nozzle part onto the main body, which then stays upright in a corner of your choice. The refill bags are also cheap and cheerful and will probably last me ages. (4 come with the hoover).

The main downside to it is the loud sound it makes. Not a scientific observation here, but I'm guessing it's about twice as loud as my Henry (which was very quiet, especially considering how powerful it is). The cord is also on the short side so you have to unplug and re-plug it as you move from room to room. I bought an extension cable (but haven't felt the need to use it yet).

As I was hoovering a very litter sprayed area today, I noticed that I had to go over the same area twice to get it clean whereas my old Henry did the job in just one swipe. Bear in mind though that I am comparing top-of-the-range suction with a bottom-range priced hoover, so that's still pretty impressive. I can only see this being a problem if you have a rather dirty high pile or soft carpet. Otherwise it should do just fine. I've also noticed that because of its small size and light weight I am using this vacuum cleaner more often that my Henry (once a week, if there wasn't a spillage of some sort, as it was always so bulky to lug around) so there is less build up, too.

All in all, a winner!
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