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4.6 out of 5 stars49
4.6 out of 5 stars
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What if you discovered that you had a superpower -- great strength, flight, teleportation, or amazing healing? And what if you could use it to save the world?

Superheroes are everywhere in entertainment, from comic books to movies. But they suddenly got new attention in "Heroes," which explores the repercussions of "ordinary" people who discover that they have strange -- and sometimes dangerous -- powers. The first season is a a solid comic-book style TV series, although the second season trips over itself.

It opens with Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) reflecting on the human quest for knowledge -- even knowledge that we shouldn't have -- right before learning that his father has been killed, possibly murdered. Suresh's dad believed that "special" people were cropping up, much like in X-Men.

And we are introduced to the "heroes": stripper Niki (Ali Larter) harbors a secret dark side, cheerleader Claire (Hayden Panettiere) heals from any injury, cubicle worker Hiro (Masi Oka) bends time and space, Senatorial candidate Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is able to fly, his brother Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) can copy others' powers, cop Matt (Greg Grunberg) can read minds, and junkie artist Isaac (Santiago Cabrera) sees the future.

Their lives are dramatically changed by their powers -- some explore them, some are haunted by them, and a superpowered serial killer is hunting and murdering the others. Even worse, Hiro witnesses the explosive destruction of New York a mere five weeks into the future -- and a future version of himself says that saving the cheerleader will save the world.

The second season is a much shorter one (because of a writers' strike) and doesn't quite measure up to the epic heights of the first season. The Heroes are struggling to deal with the aftereffects of the past season, especially the now-alcoholic Nathan and amnesiac Peter. Meanwhile, Hiro uses his powers to travel to medieval Japan -- and finds out some shocking facts about his boyhood hero.

Unfortunately while the malevolent Sylar has lost his powers, he's still dangerous -- especially since he's teamed up with a woman who emits poison. The season revs up when a trip into the future reveals that the Shanti virus is going to kill over nine-tenths of the world. With no time to waste -- and a mysterious man who may or may not be an ally -- the Heroes must save humanity once again.

Unlike most shows about people with superpowers, "Heroes" isn't really about the action or flashy battles. It's half epic save-the-world-as-a-team story, and half exploration of how real, ordinary people would react if they suddenly found out that they had superpowers, and how this would change -- or NOT change -- their lives.

And the first season is a brilliant piece of work -- incredibly intricate and complex, since there are a dozen subplots and a lot of time travel, and a lot of exploration of the Heroes' previous lives. These complex storylines are enhanced by lots of suspense and tightly directed action, and the makers always know how to throw in a shocking twist (a sword-carrying future Hiro showing up) and some dark humour (Claire wakes up in mid-autopsy).

The second season is not quite as good -- the forcibly truncated length means that it's a bit oddly paced, and the vision-of-a-disaster-that-must-be-prevented is too similar to the first season. But it's still worth watching with all those creepy moments (such as the poison-woman with black eyeballs), and especially the malevolent Sylar.

The actors are pretty much all good -- Larter gives a great double performance, Zachary Quinto is a wonderfully twisted villain, and Panettiere gives a good performance as a teen whose adolescence has a lot more than hormones in store. Masi Oka is the standout, though -- his Hiro is sweet, endearing, geeky, heroic, sad, kindly, funny and thoroughly lovable, and grows in maturity as he works his way through the series.

The first two seasons of"Heroes" start off brilliantly and continue a bit less brilliantly, but overall it is a solid, unusual sci-fi-drama that's well worth watching.
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on 27 February 2009
I never really got on the Heroes bandwagon when it started purely because I watched an episode half way through the first series, big mistake as it was quite confusing. I thought I would have learnt this lesson form previous experiences: 24, Farscape and Sopranos, all of which I watched so far into the series and was put off.

Anyway like the other series I purchased the first seasons on DVD and watched them from the start and much like 24, Farscape and Sopranos; Heroes belongs right up there. It is a very gripping series with great characters, the inter-relations between characters has been well planned and thought through and subtlety delivered.

I heard people say it was a 'poor mans'' X-Men. I'm sorry but they are idiots. This is much deeper than that and to a degree less tounge in cheek. The US continues to deliver high class tv that the BBC could learn from.

I fully recommend this to anyone who has not thought about watching this and to others umming and arghhing get the money spent and enjoy a world class tv series.
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This is such a hard series to watch that in the sense, you start and it becomes very difficult to NOT want to watch the whole season in one go.

This box set was at SUCH a reasonable price compared to high street pricing and came with the two first seasons. The first season was incredibly addictive as we follow a group of normal individuals who suddenly find themselves discovering they have amazing powers just like comic book heroes.

Mohinder Suresh, a brilliant scientist, discovers that his late-father's research points towards a new breed of individuals in the world who possess a certain string of genes that give them special abilities was actually more than just a wild unproven theory. When he finds himself being tracked by a mysterious man in horned-rimmed glasses, he realises that there may be something more to his fathers crazy ramblings.

Claire, a stereotypical blonde cheerleader, finds herself feeling like an outsider after discovering she can heal up through any injury no matter how severe, while Hiro, a Japanese Trekkie who works for a large corporation is only too happy to discover he has the power to affect and change time. Isaac, a talented but heroin addicted comic-book artist, begins to realise he can paint what seems to be a horrible impending future, while the hospice nurse caring for his girlfriend's father, Peter, begins to believe that his dreams of flying are prophetic and that he actually may be able to fly, much to his brother Nathan's distress as Peter's insane claims come as he's trying to run for Mayor.

Niki, a devoted single mother struggles to make ends meet and protect her son from Gangsters she owes money to when she makes a horrifying realization that the black outs she's experiencing are the result of a split personality called Jessica who is a murderous calculating schemer. A dis-enchanted beat cop named Matt discovers he suddenly can read minds, leading him to working with the FBI to help track a maniacal serial killer by the name of Sylar.

Incidentally, it seems that the mysterious Sylar is after the "heroes", although for what, they're not exactly sure. As time goes by, they will begin to come together as Isaac paints their future for them.

The first season was explosively amazing, however, by the second season (and you can feel that this is mainly because of the writers strike that occurred around the time the series was being worked on), that things were being pushed along too quickly. The first season has over twenty hour long episodes while the second season boasts around ten-to-twelve forty-odd minute ones.

But it's worth going for this JUST for season one, and you will be hooked much on the series just as I was. It's gory, it's funny, it's action packed, it's inventive, and well thought out.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2009
Just wanted to add a small bit to the other reviews. I'd not seen any of the series and bought this set. I kept wondering if it was kiddie friendly and weather my kids would be OK to watch this as they do X-Men or Daredevil...but I'm glad I did'nt let them see it. There really are some gruesome scenes in the show. So, yes , a superb series but not family entertainment. For once, the rating is probably pretty acurate.
On another note, the actual packaging is a bit lame. It's nice to have slimline cases that dont rake up much room, but just to have them loose in a Heroes printed box stops this from getting full marks.
One more point...the unseen Pilot episode looked extremely similar to the actual pilot "Genesis", not sure what a great extra feature this is.
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on 17 July 2009
i never watched heroes on tv so when i saw it at such a bargain price on here i thought i'd give it a go since everyone at work said it was so good! Seriously, series 1 is one of the best tv shows i've ever seen - the cast a brilliant and the story is so interesting and despite the subject (people with amazing powers) they somehow manage to make it seem realistic. It also has the greatest villan ever - sylar - who you actually quite like despite him being bad! Series 2 wasn't quite so good, but i think this is due to the writers strike that took place at the time, they never really got to finish telling the story. Can't wait for series 3 to come out to see what happens to them all now!
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on 20 March 2009
I missed the start of series 1 when it was aired on tv, this has given me the chance to catch up! Love it! Is Great value for money and have spent many hours watching from start to finish! Can't wait for Series 3 to arrive
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on 9 July 2009
It's one of them. You'll either love it or hate it, miss an episode and you wont know where the plots going. I loved series 1 and 2. Well worth watching, excellent value, the whole family enjoyed. Rated at 15 but no swearing whatsoever and mild scenes of violence and sex. My 13 and 10 year old boys love watching it. The human race is evolving, people are discovering that they have abilities, some can fly, time travel, flames, ice, read minds. Not the easiest show to follow but you're always left at the end of an episode with that " gotta watch the next one now"
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on 11 April 2009
I love heroes, well mainly i love american shows, aimed at a target group.Could be aimed at me 25-35yrs or to people much younger. But i do feel that its sits in the same category as buffy the vampire and angel smallville, bit of action and make believe, they have spent some time creating a background for the main characters so that the story can keep reverting to future and past tense. Would recommend the box set to anyone who's watched angel, buffy, reaper, worth the purchase price to see hayden in her cheerleader uniform :-)
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on 10 June 2009
ok, heroes started in 2006 but in just two months i've caught right up to now awaiting season 3 on dvd.

The series is so addictive, so addictive in fact that i watched 4 episodes in one night ( oopps ) just to see what happens next.


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on 30 June 2009
This is an excellent show and I have enjoyed watching the first ten episodes. I can not wait to continue! Although some of the characters have similar abilities to the X-Men, I feel they hold a sincere believability that is unique in a superhero style show. Great imaginatative scripts can only keep you hooked!
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