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4.6 out of 5 stars63
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 April 2015
**Short Version: I like this stuff, I applied it daily for 2 weeks and my bendy, flaky nails do seem in better condition. It's not a miracle cure but I intend to keep using it and have bought a second bottle.**

My nails (and skin and cuticles) are horribly dry. They flake and de-laminate and grow thin and flimsy. Like everyone else, I've tried tons of products and remain sceptical that anything can really help build up and repair the dead, already grown and damaged nail plate. On the other hand, I really hate having gross nails and I'm pathetically optimistic.
I find most hardeners are able to make the nails harder, but this also makes them brittle which isn't very useful! I slather moisturiser on my cuticles when I can but obviously not enough because they dry up and peel away from the nail. At work, I use my nails as tools, I can't wear nail varnish or hand cream and I frequently have to wash my hands - it's basically nail hell. So...when I find myself with a month off and an urge to grow my nails long and natural I jump on the chance to try Trind Nail Repair and really give my my nails some serious attention.

__First Impressions__
This stuff is expensive, 9ml is not a lot of product for over £12.
Goes on nicely, looks white in the bottle but dries practically clear. Not the fastest drying product, but not the slowest, either. Looks pleasant enough on, I feel like it might even have had a slight brightening effect.

__What I Did__
Following the instructions, I applied a fresh coat of TNR every day for two weeks. I was a bit worried that all that contact with polish remover would be counter-productive and dry my nails even more but it seems the Trind is holding its own. I also used a lot of non-greasy hand cream, between taking off one coat of TNR, and adding the next, taking time to massage it in and let it absorb before I added the next coat of TNR.
As with any polish I was careful to not get it on my cuticles and to seal the tips well. I use handcream on my cuticles throughout the day and gave my nails the occasional gentle filing to keep them in shape.

__Week One__
My nails appeared brighter and possibly healthier. The flaky ends were not noticeably repaired but they weren't worse. While my nails don't feel harder or thicker they remain flexible and considering they have half a centimetre of free edge past the nail bed, I don't feel they're brittle and likely to snap like they would if I'd been loading them up with, say, calcium hardener every day for a week.

__Week Two__
I broke two nails in one day! Nothing major, and they snapped cleanly along straight lines. But now I'm worried the Trind is making my nails brittle. this week the Trind Nail Balsam I'd ordered turned up, so hopefully if it's more moisture my nails need, this will help. (I'll review it separately).
On the whole, they're better than they were before I started this two-week daily regime. Of course I can't tell how much of that is the TNR and how much is me being more attentive to my nails and keeping them more moisturised. They're still flimsier than I'd like but my cuticles and eponychium are in better condition and hopefully as my nails grow out the TNR treated nail will be stronger and more resilient. I wanted to keep my nails filed square but in the end I had to go for a squoval shape and lose the corners because they were peeling and breaking. So, they're not as strong as I'd hoped but still pretty good.

I had to stop using the TNR because it made my nails pull away from the nail bed and get sore. I can only guess my nails have reached peak hardness although, I had the bad reaction after I'd lightly buffed my nails, so perhaps it was just because they were slightly thinner than usual. Anyway, my nails are still long and strong and I've switched to the Trind Keratin Nail Balsam and Keratin nail Repair for the time being. They seem to be a bit more gentle and I do think my nails still need a bit of help.
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on 18 May 2013
Tried scores of nail nourishing products for my weak nails following years of gel application which left my nails brittle and peeling. I am amazed to say I now have my beautiful nails back thanks to this ingenious product. I will never look back now that I know it truly works. All past claims for wonder products have never come close.
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on 3 April 2012
the only treatment that really worked. i've tried millions of similar products. but no results. worth every penny. but follow the instruction, otherwise you gonna waste your time and money
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on 27 January 2014
Has done wonders to my nails! I have recommended 9 people so far who also swear by it!! I had acrylic nails for over 5years and this solved my issues after having the false nails removed. Thank u Trind!! Superb!!!!
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on 5 December 2012
I've been using Trind for about 6 weeks now and my nails have never looked better. I must admit, I was slightly doubtful at first because I've used so many expensive nail repairs and this is by no means the most expensive. I saw good results after a fortnight. The polish doesn't peel as much as others do (which is always a plus) and, once the heavy duty repairs were done (like I said, two weeks) I now use it as a base and top coat with regular nail colour. I was so impressed I've now ordered this on subscription.
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on 2 July 2012
This product is amazing! Once you have tried this, you won't go back to anything else. Nails grow so strong and have a French manicure look all the time. Worth every penny. I can't live without it.
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on 25 October 2014
I hit my thumb nail on my till at work and it split down middle a little. I then had a weakness meaning that the nail split constantly (I have a line down the nail to the nail bed where I must have damaged it when I hit it). I put up with this for 9 MONTHS! I tried every nail strengthener I could find including OPI Prostrong etc, I spent an absolute fortune over this period but nothing worked. I found Trind on Amazon by accident and figured I'd give it a go. It's by far the BEST nail strengthener I have ever tried. Within a week of using my nail was growing! I have never looked back & use this brand all the time now. Highly recommended!
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on 19 May 2016
Well.... what can I say, Trind does work in strengthening the nail.. however mine were very painful after applying the varnish and it ended with me having chemical burns and my nails lifting off on 4 fingers. I was super freaked out and thought I'd lose my nails. The dermatologist gave me a cortisone treatment. He laughed at me when I told him the varnish contains formaldehyde... It took ages for my nails to reattach and grow out (they were bumpy after). so if you have thin nails definitely do not use this product. If you don't, you just have to decide if you want formaldehyde on your body :)
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on 12 April 2015
I have been using this product for 2 weeks tomorrow after having gel polished on for ages and my nails were very weak especially at the tips.I have tried other products when you paint a later on each day for a week and then remove and start again.I liked the idea of a fresh coat each day and after reading the reviews decided to try this.I can only say l am amazed how much better my nails are.I have kept them very short but have Had to file them every couple of days as they are growing fast. They are much stronger now and will use this religiously now and have more breaks from gel polishes!!!!
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on 3 September 2013
Before buying this I had acrylic nails, as my own nails were (and always had been since a child), flaky, peeling, splitting, papery, well overall in a terrible state (hence the acrylics!).
A friend of mine, who also wore acrylics for about 10 years, bought this product after she decided she couldn't afford the acrylics any more.... so it was on her recommendation that I bought it. She promised to pay for a new set of acrylics for me if I was not happy within 2 weeks!
Wow! It works! I have my own strong nails that are as hard as rock! I can even open a can of pop with them! Yes, I really can! I would have NEVER considered doing that before, the nail would have just bent backwards and split off! Even with acrylics I would never have tried opening a can! I have to file my nails weekly now because they are just so strong!
It does make the nail bed very sore tho, so be warned - your nails and ends to be very sensitive the day and day after you apply BUT, in saying that, for me, the sensitivity is well worth putting up with for a few weeks to have nails that do not flake, split and are actually my own!!
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