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Lots of good reviews of this tripod previous to this review. I agree with all the previous reviews; this is a very good tripod for its price.

There's a few points about this tripod worth adding;

The tripod is guaranteed for 10 years. Pretty good (although Davis/Tiffen is an American company and the return address on the guarantee is in the USA!).

To move between absolute minimum height and absolute maximum height, you have to unscrew/screw the two portions of the centre-post (the bit with the hook at the end, some people call it the stock) to vary its length. The screw thread is aluminium, so it is clearly not designed for you to do this often (aluminium threads tend to loosen as aluminium is quite a soft metal). Not a problem for me (I need minimum height a lot as I do a lot of macro, but not bothered too much about maximum height, so leave the bottom centre-post section unscrewed; this loses me about 20cm off the max height), but this may be an issue for some. The aluminium thread is the only weak mechanical point in the whole tripod that looks like it may not last the 10 years. The rest of the tripod is a *very* good mechanical build.

The legs are aluminium painted black. Again, because aluminium is relatively soft, I find that the paint comes off worse against sharp stones and the like.

There is no option to use spikes on the legs instead of rubber pads. Spikes can add stability especially on thick grass.

The head is really nice, 100% metal, with smooth movement throughout (making it good as a cheap video tripod) and there is a one click quick camera release so you can remove/add your camera in a hurry.

The design and look of the Voyager is very good. It looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Overall, recommended. Much better quality that the cheap 30-40 pound tripods. Although it is a very sturdy and usable tripod, some price/quality trade-offs have been made in its construction (mainly use of aluminium). This is of course totally forgivable given the price. The alternative is 200 quid for functionally the same tripod but with a manfrotto/giotto label and carbon fibre legs and centre-post. No thanks!
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on 24 July 2011
Alright, maybe the best tripod in the world is a bit much but in my opinion it must be close when you consider the price. I've got a Pentax K-x and I was looking for something that was fairly light in weight but sturdy enough not avoid the dreaded shaked when shooting outdoors. This is really really sturdy and fits the bill well. The quick release catch is easy to use and there is a hook at the bottom for attaching extra weights if required. I haven't had to use this feature yet and I don't envisage having to do so. I had to use it as a stop gap for a Skymax 102 telescope last night which is about two kilos in weight and this tripod deal with it with no problems. I have also used it for time lapse photography outdoors over a period of 3 hours in light wind and it shot straight as an arrow across the whole period.

Easily light enough for a backpack and folds down to an easily manageable size. With a quality feel to whole product, I don't think you'll get better at three times the price.
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on 24 June 2010
This tripod and head are exceptional value for money. The construction appears to be very durable. One reservation is/was that the joints on the head were excessively stiff on delivery. However WITH THE TOOLS supplied re-lubrication and 'easing' of the joints resulted in a smooth action. The weight of the tripod may be an issue if you intend to 'hump' it around. As with previous reviewers I have no hesitation in recommending this product.
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on 31 July 2011
I bought this tripod based purely on the other reviews due to time issues (old tripod broke a week before I was due to go on holiday) and I'm so glad I did. The build quality is excellent and the quality of the head is second to none. The Aluminum quick release plate is held very securely and the range of movement from the head is fantastic. The tripod is very stable and sturdy and holds my DSLR and a 300mm telephoto lens with no problem. The central post can be split and turned upside down for macro work. The joints on both the legs and head were a little tight when it arrived and there was an excess of very sticky grease on the head, but using the supplied tools and a bit of degreaser, this was easily remedied. It is a relatively heavy tripod but I didn't have any problems carrying it when out and about.
Overall I am extremely satisfied with this tripod and head and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who needs a fantastic tripod for a very good price.
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on 25 May 2011
I am delighted with this tripod, can't believe the quality for the price I paid. If you looking for a tripod and like me, don't want to move into treble figures, but are worried about compromising quality, look no further than this, decent price and quality, you can't go wrong.
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on 6 July 2011
I received my tripid earlier this week and wanted to try it before i left my review.. this tripod is an absolute bargain, I took it out earlier in a windy field with my 550D and took a series of exposures for a HDR shot and all 8 exposures were perfectly aligned, the tripod is very well built but also light enough to carry around a field.
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on 28 October 2009
Unbelievably good, i have a manfrotto, a gitzo and a silk and the Voyager beats them hands down, i have no idea why this tripod is so cheap, the build quality is superb, its weighty and stable and a pleasure to use, i used it for a magazine photoshoot today and can safely say from now on it goes with me everywhere!
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on 11 August 2011
I bought this product on Monday night and it arrived at Thursday lunch time with standard delivery - very quick and efficient delivery. Product was packaged well with lots of padding.

The tripod comes in a portable carry case with strap and soft cushion strap attachment, there is a zip on the side of the carrier which contains the two screw handles and two tools for tightening and unscrewing sections of the tripod. The case itself is lovely and matches most camera bags, very stylish and brilliant that you can transport the tripod around (hence why it is called the Voyager I suppose!)

Now on to the tripod itself...
I am pretty new to photography, I have owned my Canon EOS 500D for about 10 months which came with a 18-55mm lens and have really enjoyed experimenting with it, but I now want to move on to astro-photography and get some great moon pictures so I needed a tripod to stabilize my shots. I also knew I would need a heavy, sturdy tripod because my new 55-250mm telephoto lens is quite heavy and long when at full zoom. Some of the other tripods that got hundreds of positive reviews seemed too light for my requirements. The Voyager tripod is really heavy but in my opinion that means it is good quality, made from good quality materials and has a metal hook at the bottom of the centre-post to allow a sandbag (weights) to be hung off if you want the tripod to be even sturdier (maybe in windy weather, but really not necessary for everyday use).

The tripod has a lot of sections which move to make the legs longer (the legs slot up inside each other making the product portable), the centre-post also can be adjusted to make it taller and I believe it is also possible to turn the centre-post upside down in order to take photos of things which are on the floor (but I have not tried this yet). The tripod comes with tools to tighten screws and loosen then which is great and ensures a really steady base for the camera with no shake.

To mount the camera on the top of the tripod there is a "quick release" base which is removed by flicking two levers (two levers for extra security which is great). You then screw the base on to the bottom of the camera using a screw which is built in to the base. Then you simply push the base (with camera attached) on to the top of the tripod where it originally sat and it will click in to place, you then simply close the two levers to lock in place. This feature is fantastic for a number of reasons: 1. you can keep the "quick release base" attached to your SLR permanently as it just blends in with the rest of your camera, doesn't get in the way of holding the camera for hand-held shots, so you can simply click it on to the tripod when you come to use it; 2. If you are using the tripod and suddenly need to take a hand-held shot, you simply flick two levers and the camera is released so there is no faffing about (as long as you leave the "quick release" base on the camera all the time - it's easier that way).

Overall this product is great for people who are looking to get serious about their photos, rather than just looking for something to take on holiday and set up so that they can be included in the photo. This product is sturdy (so can photograph well in wind/storm and for night photos and long shutter speed), but also portable so you can take it with you on an aerpolane or on hikes when you're trying to get that perfect shot. Exactly what you need if you have a heavier camera and want to stick below £50 (but this product is worth a lot more than that!). Fits my Canon EOS 500D perfectly!
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on 1 December 2011
I recently bought a Canon DSL an qualified to be able to buy this tripod for half price (full price at the time was £44).

I bought it unsure if I was wasting money on something I didn't need, but I am glad I got it.

I am new to photography, and have never used other tripods, but this is easy to use once you are used to it, and it is an acceptable weight (comes with bag).

It was perfect when I started trying out time lapse, and also night time photography.

One problem I had, was that I couldn't use it to point the camera straight up in the air, but I'm not sure if this is the same for most tripods.

Very happy with my purchase, not sure I would pay the current price (£55) unless I really needed a tripod, but I also don't know how the competition at this price compares.
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on 16 February 2013
I would go along with the magority of the other reviews on here,in as much as
(1) More than man enough for the job,plenty of adjustability in the leg system.
(2) Stability is very good when the catches are closed up, excellent if you encorporate a sand bag on the central hook.
(3) The head does arrive in state where it could lead to grease getting on your hands and consequently onto your camera. To negate this, I stripped the head into component parts and thoroughly cleaned all the grease off and then rebuilt using a P.T.F.E. spray to dry lube all the parts.Works a treat, head as smooth as silk, and no chance of contamination.
(4) For the money, well if Carlsberg did tripods it would probably be like this one.
(5) If you need an inexpensive,stable,robust,easy to use tripod with a combined head,give this a go,you won't be disappointed.For the sake of a bit of attention, you get a very usaable bit of kit. I know there will be those who say you shouldn't have to mess about with something you have just taken out of the box.Well I will say to these folk ,"yes you are probably right, but do it and you get a brilliant bit of kit that will serve you for a long time.If you dont want to spend 30 minutes then ignore this and go and spend another £100-£150 for another tripod.

P.S. The supplied bag is pretty good too,as robust as the tripod it holds.
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