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4.4 out of 5 stars39
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2012
I have owned these headphones for approxiamtely 1 month and so far have found them to be simply excellent. I use the headphones for serious listening eg. jazz recorings where the original recording is triple D and for watching films and listening to MP3's. In all cases they perform extremely well. The Bass response is outstanding as is the Treble response and the separation between the ranges is top quality. On a comfort front, I can't complain either other than to say I personally could do with slightly more extension on the headband but this does not prevent them fron being incredibly comfortable over long periods of wearing. The earpads are deeper at the back of the ear than they are at the front and hold in place over the ears. Brilliant headphones for the money. 5 stars.
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on 8 May 2012
I should mention right at the very beginning that im not a professional reviewer nor audiophile. Nevertheless i do enjoy quality sound and i do have experience with expensive audio gear.
I start looking for new headphones several weeks ago after my trusty Sennheiser HD555 broke down on me which made me very sad because it was fantastic companion for last couple of years.
After i have read all those hyped reviews on i thought that this simply cannot be true and these £30 headphones cannot be that good. And i kept looking for another alternative.
One day my friend who is working in one well known British radio as a sound engineer said to me that they are really goood for the price. And i listened as i trusted his professional opinion.
Man im glad i did. I cannot compare them directly with HD555 as they are closed (well almost) and 555's are open but hey this is seriously good piece of kit. In all honesty, i would buy them again even if they cost like £100 . One thing to realize. These are not going to beat headphones in 250----1000 pounds range. Thats just simply not going to happen. Apart from that they will beat or at least match anything else. Im listening to these through my faithful Audigy2 (full) and the performance is simply stunning. I wont go into numbers you can get that anywhere.
So in short, if you are serious about music,games,etc and dont want to spend fortune on quality headphose GET THEM! . If you are coming from low end headphones your ears will need to adjust about a day or two to these but afterwoods you will be amazed by clarity and fullness of your new friend. One thing to remember, these are HUUUUUGEE . seriously they are very very big but i love that. For home listening i definitely prefer bigger headphones. If you are planning to use some pocket mp3 with weak output (yes Ypod i mean you and similar rubbish) then they will still sound great but they just wont wake up fully.
At the end of this boooring mini amateurish review i want to say one last thing. BUY THEM AND DONT LISTEN TO YOU FRIENDS ABOUT HOW JVC SUCKS, it may be true for rest of their lineup but its just simply not the case with these headphones. Remember i was accommodated to HD555 and still satisfied after purchase.

Go for them

ps: i do not work for JVC or any other audio company. Enjoy your new great (and simply crazy cheap) HI-FI headphones.

Audio quality 9/10
Build quality 9/10
Comfort 9/10
Design 8.5/10
Value 15/10

review image review image
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on 26 December 2011
Simply amazing. For the money there is nothing out there that can match these headphones. After about 30 ish hours of burn in they are nowhere near their best and they are already the best headphones I have listened to so far. I prefer these to the HD595s. The mids and highs are clear while there is bass that can tickle your ear at high volume.

The one and only down side to these is that it leaves you wanting more, but to be perfectly honest, tog et more you would have to spend about 200+ pounds.

The only headphones I'd get instead of these are the HD650s or AKG 702s, and they are 200-300 pounds!

Basically, for the money, there is no match, all the way up to 150 pounds there isn't much that will match these.
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on 1 February 2011
I have had these headphones for several months now, they deliver very good sound quality for the price and are built to a very durable standard.
They are quite comfy, although not perfect, but I can wear them for extended periods of time without any real discomfort.
However, be warned; these are large headphones and if you're looking for outdoor headphones, I would not recommend these.
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on 27 May 2012
Build Quality/Style:
Very large headphone but suprisingly light and comfortable

Easy to adjust headband and it holds at whatever setting you leave it at, could maybe do with a few more notches for more precise adjustment.

Very good build quality, lots of metal reinforcement, tough thick plastic wherever there can be, certainly no obvious weak points and i would be very suprised if they broke without at least a year of use but i have only owned them for a few weeks.

Thick durable cable, 3.5m long so useful for awkward setups where the wire has to run past multiple machines and round corners, or just to give you a more mobility around the room while listening, bit more of a problem for portable users but simply using the cable tie that they are shipped with makes it easier to fit everything in your pockets and stops your tripping over your own cable.

Some people complain about them being very warm after extended use however for me the lightweight (for it's size) and comfortable build is fine and i can wear them for days at a time even on very warm days (this is warm for britain however so i can't vouch for anyone in warmer climates)

Not in any way designed for portability but they are closed design with pretty solid insulation so you won't leak sound to everyone else on the bus, nor will other peoples conversations drown out your music, far too large to fit in pockets but you can just put them in a bag or just keep them on your head if that's an option although with the aforementioned isolation you will have some difficulty in conversation even when they are silent.

A lot of people complain about the styling of these, mostly due to the immense size, however if you aren't too fashion conscious or take the view that you'd rather have people that know about headphones know that you care about function over a form and good sound on a budget (essentially the antithesis of a Beats wearer) then it is possible to wear these out and about and beyond the size it is quite a pleasant design, certainly not ugly. Just very big. You will look like a cyberman.

As a preface to this section i am no expert on sound, this is all subjective and contrary to some others opinions however it is an honest account of my experience with them.

Sound is nice on the low end for the price and quite detailed, i definitely found it easier to pick out specific elements of a song with these than with my old Denon AH P372's, and with a much better soundstage. They do have quite a problem with treble and the higher end (sounding quite "hissy" when pushed) but it is easily fixed with slight equalisation.

These are definitely headphones that benefit quite a great deal from burn in and they can sound quite harsh out of the box, again especially on the high end, i suggest giving them a couple of hours burn in before making any kind of decision, after 20 hours of burn in they sound very nice and they just get better from there.

If you are testing these headphones or just trying to enjoy your new purchase then i suggest listening to Dark Allies by Light Asylum for something that sounds good out of the box and emphasises what these cans can do well. If you want a very clear example of the problem with the treble then i suggest listening to Bangarang by Skrillex, which can be quite painful to listen especially without burn in, although even there the deeper bass sounds are still nice.

If you are a dubstep listener then there is no serious need to worry, Cinema by Skrillex is an example of some that sounds good, as does about half of the dubstep out there however it certainly is a genre that benefits from burn in with these headphones.

Very good for metal and hip hop, anything with a strong low end, industrial sounds very good. Really a nice all around headphone for the price.
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on 25 July 2012
Well, let's start with the build since it's the first thing you will notice. They are rather solid and not so heavy as you would think. Again it's a 30 quid headphone so no wooden cups and silver cables. They hold up and will continue to do so if you not toss them around and doing silly things with them. Like most electronic equipment!

The first impression of the sound might not be that great. They need to run for some hours to settle. Just leave them on over the night at a fairly high volume and you will notice an improvement in sound.

How do they sound then?

Well they sound good..rather neutral and with a rather high amount of detail. The mids are a bit forward. I think they are excellent for rock/blues/singer/ etc.
The bass is solid and is not extreme in any way. The thing is that the bass is "boomy"..You can hear that the cups lacks dampening material and are a bit thin.

Now to the 45 minutes of your time..

As i said earlier, the cups are flimsy and is the reason for the boomy and hollow bass. Just screw them apart..Be careful not to pull out the wires on the drivers!. Ad some dynamat if you have or blu tack. Place it over the back of the earcups and toss in a ball of cotton..Screw them together and there it is! Tight crisp bass!

For 30 quid, they are probably the best sounding rather neutral headphone you can get. Now remember that good sound to me is not overbalanced bass!

Check this forum out for pictures and instructions to what you can do to lift these up a notch.
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on 22 September 2014
Overall - love the sound, find these very comfortable - issue with size and 2m+ cable. I will recommend - but selectively and with due caution. For £49 - value for money - discounted to £33 very good value.

- these are MASSIVE head phones, seriously huge. I would be reluctant to use these as portables
- the cans are nearly 1.7 inches thickness each with 3.5 inch diameter. should accommodate "dumbo sized" ears ;p
- head band - quite different to the plastic/foam coated ones that you would normally find in the audio technica / sony / others
As portable head phones - I would give it 3 stars. I wouldn't (like to) be caught wearing these in public

I am still astounded how light these cans wear despite the size. I would compare these to M50x. slightly heavier than my ATH m40f.
i feel that head band adds to the comfort.
I would say 4.5 starts on comfort.
Only issue I have is ears heating up - which is normal for over ear cans.

Clear bass and tremble. instrumental music I listen to sounds clear and precise - probably a positive impact of the speakers being comparatively further away from the ear (very large can size).

Good noise cancellation
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on 11 February 2013
For this price, I am satisfied with the product.

-Good value for money
-Quite comfortable
-Bass is OK
-Nice thick cable
-2m cable

-Do not isolate ambient sound very well
-Cable might be too long for some people
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on 27 June 2014
I am not an audio expert so I wont be quoting any tech jargon. I frequently watch TV in bed and was originally drawn to the idea of buying a set of the small headphones i.e. bedphones which I have read from some reviews are quite flimsy. So I chose to go the other way and went for these chunky and very comfortable headphones. I fall asleep with them on quite regularly and because they are well padded I still feel comfortable even when I fall asleep laid on my side.The cable is 3m long and feels thicker and stronger than other headphones I have owned. The build quality is good and they sound great. The first set I bought were lost in the post but the guy who sold me these was very prompt in sending a replacement.
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on 28 May 2012
Good sound, nice cord length and feels comfortable to wear.
on the downside; it's difficult to hug people when wearing it around your neck.

Really great both in price and quality!
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