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4.4 out of 5 stars181
4.4 out of 5 stars
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36 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on 1 July 2009
Made in 1979 The Fog has never enjoyed the same favourable attention as its illustrious forerunner Halloween. The cast Adrienne Barbeau, Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Hal Holbrook and B movie legend Tom Atkins really give this film its legs with good believable performances. There is also the additional treat of a John Houseman cameo at the start, which sets the scene for the yarn.
The revenge story about a group of lepers betrayed by the residents Antonio Bay and tricked out of their fortune is a juicey one. The locations and the pre CGI fog effects are vivid and realistic. The music by John Carpenter gives the proceedings a suitable sense of forboding as the little island is shrouded in the ghostly fog. I really like this film as it has many scenes that will make you jump and its a great one to watch on a cold winters night. The disc has an excellent Makin Of Featurette that fills in any questions us viewers may have. Its hard to believe its thirty years old now. So if you like creepy ghost stories without to much gore then you should give this a look. Its a million times better than the recent ghastly remake inexplicably made by John Carpenter a few years ago.
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on 18 August 2013
THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE SCREAM FACTORY SPECIAL EDITION. If your reading this under the UK blu-ray listing forget it. That version is mediocre at best. If you can play Region A discs then go for the Scream Factory release. It's much better!

Now that's out of the way, and boy how I hate Amazons insistence on sticking these reviews on every other product out there, its time to get down to business.
If your one of those rare people who has never seen The Fog, then your in for a treat. Its a classic ghost story framed around a tale told to kids around a camp fire. This sets the tone of the film perfectly. Sleepy coastal town Antonio bay hides a dark secret, one that is about to be revealed on the towns Centenary as a strange Fog bank rolls in bringing a ghostly terror with it. The ghosts of dead mariners with a grudge against the town.

The film looks great and has an excellent score (as is the case with all carpenters films!) If you've seen the dreadful remake then you will know that in spite of a big budget and lots of CGI, Carpenters original makes the ghosts look FAR creepier with just some clever lighting courtesy of cinematographer Dean Cundy and the smarts to show as little as possible. As a result the original is still regarded as a classic of the genre while it's remake (or re-boot or whatever the hell their calling them these days) is just an embarrassment and not worth watching.

Scream factory, with the assistance of Dean Cundy have finally delivered the definitive presentation of the film. It looks so sharp and clear, detail previously obscured in the frame can be clearly seen. Make no mistakes, the film looks astonishing and is one of the best restorations the company has put out to date. It's a shame it's region locked as it puts the UK disc to shame.

Extras wise we get all the old features carried over including the making of and the commentary. We also get a new second commentary track from Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins and Tommy Lee Wallace. Also included is an interview with Jamie lee Curtis, a storyboard to film featurette, outtakes, trailers and another Horrors Hallowed grounds feature.

Overall it's a magnificent package. The new art for the sleeve is good as well. Certainly worth a look for the multi-region capable.
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25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on 21 September 2006
This was the first horror film I ever saw and continues to be one of my favourites. Living on the coast, I had always found the fog to be slighty eerie, and this film just confirmed what I had always known- there's something in the fog! The re-make loses most of the atmosphere that makes this a classic, so I hope that people reading this are ready for a real scare. The opening scene, with the old man telling the story to a group of children around a campfire, is one example of how the original is superior to the remake.The way the film is shot and how the music rests just on the edge of your subconcious is a masterpiece in editing, the acting is just cheesy enough to remind you that this is from the 70's without being ridiculous, and the vague shapes in the mist will stay in your mind for a long time. Even now, I hesitate when leaving the house when it is foggy. An amazing film, that taught me the meaning of fear.
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65 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on 29 October 2009
We all know how good The Fog is, so skipping over the movie, let's get down to the quality of the Blu ray disc:

First off, the picture isn't a vast improvement over the DVD but it has its moments. The coastal scenes are bright enough and the night-time views of the ocean have a depth to them the DVD did not. But generally the picture is still quite soft and at times there is blurring. The dark scenes work reasonably well, but the format serves to show the limitations of the photography and film stock. Not something to show off your Blu-ray but I've seen worse. Picture: 3/5

The audio is a big improvement over the DVD. The DTS sound space is filled and the mix is impeccable for an old-ish movie. The music is handled well and the oppressive pounding of the score augments the movie perfectly. Only the voice mix seems to be a little one dimensional, but that's due to the sound mix of the time. Audio: 4/5

The extras are beyond terrible. The fact the standard 2 disc DVD has an outstanding commentary, trailers, docs etc and the Blu-ray has naff all, is inexcusable. Optimum have once again sold UK customers short and should be shot. Or worse, they should lose the rights to distribute these movies on Blu-ray. Extras: 0/5

(Reviewed on:
Samsung LCD 40" Series 6 100mhz, 1080p
Sony BDP350
Sony STDR-850 5.1 surround sound amp)
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 21 September 2004
As a huge John Carpenter fan it seems to sicken me more & more with every passing year that while many of the Carpenter classics get the recognition they deserve one of his flicks always seems to be forgotten- The Fog. Easily as atmospheric and creepy as Halloween( which is my fave movie ever!) this movie has everything that most good John Carpenter flicks have in spades- great performances, set ups, tension building & above all a great JC score! this movie is real crap-your-pants stuff witch just goes to show how much The Master has lost it- Vampires, Ghost of Mars- oh please!) if you like horror do me a favour & buy this when if (finally) comes out! Unless you've been raised on MTV nu-metal horror you will NOT be disappointed!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 11 November 2006
This is a definite must for any Barbeau collector. She keeps up her high standards found in "Swamp Thing" ASIN: 0792846362 and "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death".

Fog night and slow pacing will drive you up the wall. The unseen is just as spooky as the seen. There is gold, revenge, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Janet Leigh. What, want more? What if we throw in John Houseman and Hal Holbrook? Still more? There is a lot more. But don't get greedy. Sit back and enjoy what you can see in The Fog.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
This vintage John Carpenter film was made in collaboration with Debra Hill, who with Carpenter was responsible for the runaway success of "Halloween". When "The Fog" was first released, it was met with a fairly lukewarm reception. It has since gone on to achieve some acclaim, though it has never reached the heights of commercial success touched upon by "Halloween", though, then again, few films have.
"The Fog" is a highly atmospheric ghost story. The ghosts manifest themselves on the stroke of midnight, as the fishing village of Antonio Bay gets ready to celebrate its centennial. As the midnight hour rolls in, so does an unearthly fog that begins to engulf the whole town. It is a fog that enshrouds of the ghosts of those whose ship was lured to the rocky coast, only to find itself dashed to bits on the rocks, causing all aboard to plummet to the nether regions of Davy Jones' locker. These ghosts are now hell bent on seeking revenge for their fate on the inhabitants of Antonio bay.
The special effects in the film are excellent, as is the musical score composed by none other than John Carpenter himself. This is for the most part a subtle, creepy film, highlighted by a stellar cast. If you are looking for a blood and gore slasher film, this is not the film for you. If, however, you enjoy a terse, tightly written script, as well as a pulse pounding musical score, then you will enjoy this highly atmospheric, ghost story. I originally saw this film in the theatre when it was first released and still remember the effectiveness of the fog rolling across the huge silver screen and the pulse pounding, musical score, which was such an excellent accompaniment to the film. Time has not diminished its power.
This DVD provides the viewer with pristine visuals and clear audio. It is a fully loaded DVD that includes two documentaries, one of which was made at the time of the film's release and one made recently. It is interesting to see and hear some of those who were involved with this film as they appeared then and as they look now. One may also elect to view the film in either full screen or letterbox format.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 July 2014

THE FOG is an old-fashioned minimalistic horror thriller and one of the better works of John Carpenter. There are two elements that really make this movie work: the fog itself and Carpenter's superb score. Once again Carpenter's eerie and effective score does the main "work" for the movie's unique atmosphere. The tension slowly but constantly rises throughout the entire movie to the great finale at the church. I also liked the movie's opening which has an old man telling a group of children a campfire ghost story - a scene that is very effective and left out in the carbon copy remake.
Don't expect much in the gore section, just as Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, THE FOG shows you little, the pirates of the fog are given little screen time, which maximizes the effect and overall makes THE FOG a better movie.
The acting is good (not fantastic), including Carpenter regulars Adrienne Barbeau and Charles Cyphers as well as Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Atkins, Janet Leigh and Hal Holbrook.
Written and directed by John Carpenter, the story has some hiccups, in particular one that stands out: Adrienne Barbeau's character chooses to stay at the lighthouse on air rather than to leave when her son is in peril, arguing she can't leave the radio station. I'm not sure this would be a mother's first choice...
An interesting side note - Kurt Russell and Christopher Lee were both offered roles in THE FOG, Lee was unavailable so his role was given to Holbrook.
THE FOG is a class of its own in the horror genre and ranks as one of Carpenter's best movies, right up there with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE THING, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 and HALLOWEEN (and in my opinion VAMPIRES). It does not rely on special effects, which is why the movie has aged well and is just as effective, even 34 years later.
There also is a terrible 2005 remake which is - like most remakes - best to be avoided. I made the unfortunate mistake and grabbed the remake instead of the original a couple of years back.


Reviewed version: 2004 Momentum 2 Disc Special Edition UK DVD
Feature running time: 86 mins. (uncut)
Rating: R (MPAA) / 15 (BBFC)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic)
Audio: English 5.1, English 1.0, German 5.1, German 1.0, Spanish 1.0, Italian 1.0
Subtitles: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwedian, Finnish
Chapters: 18
Extras: Audio Commentary, Featurettes, Storyboard to Film comparison, Theatrical Trailer and Teasers, Outtakes, Photo Gallery, Booklet. Runtime extras: approx. 50 mins.
Region: 2

Picture: B
Audio: B
Extras: A
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 19 February 2013
The Fog is one of the true classics of John Carpenter's back catalogue.

He is able with his direction to tell us a haunting ghost story, that from literally the first minute does not let up.

The trick with this movie is that everytime you think there is an air of calmness, the movie hits you again and again. If you're a fan of Halloween- which I regard as the greatest horror film of all time, you'll like this movie not just for it's eerieness but also the cast. Jamie Lee Curtis stars here as does Charles Cyphers and a few others.
It's a joy also to see Janet Leigh paired up with her daughter- of course Leigh is most famous for Psycho.
Tom Atkins as the would be hero is as always on his 'game'- and the film just reeks of a classic ghost story.

An essential purchase.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Of course I've seen this many times over the years, but I bought this DVD just recently (such a good price at Amazon), and last night with my wife and a good bottle of wine we settled down to enjoy a familiar film. And, boy did we enjoy it. I had forgotten just how good this film is, and this Optimum Release is superb. Beautiful widescreen print, the colour is wonderful, and great sound (Carpenter's music is so important) all make the watching of a damn good horror /ghost film all the better. The story is good (everyone must know the plot - ghosts of the past emerge from the fog to threaten small coastal town - Why? Ah! That's the story). The acting is what you would expect from such a group of Pro's - Jamie Lee, fresh from "Halloween" and sooo young!. Mum Janet, beginning to look just a bit scary, and a scene stealer from Nancy Loomis as her PA. Hal Holbrook, solid as ever and a lovely cameo (and opening scene set) from John Houseman. My only frown is the casting of stocky, middle aged (?) Tom Atkins, if only because his sex scene with Jamie and her apparent lust/liking for him just didn't ring true, to me anyway, also whilst the rest of the great Adrienne Barbeau's perf is, well, great, her DJ seductive whisperings grated a bit after a while, Otherwise, a great film - Any director who can make "Assault on Precinct 13"/"Halloween" and "The Thing" as well really can be proud. This Optimum release highly recomended to all Horror enthusiasts who like good cinema.
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