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4.4 out of 5 stars52
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2008
I was unsure whether or not to purchase this expansion as I was aware that the Sims 3 was coming out. However I am really glad I did buy it! I have all the other expansions and most of the stuff packs, and The Sims 2 Apartment Life is a great addition to the game. I do not feel this way about all the expansions, I feel that with many of the expansions availible you rarely experience them in the game unless you play particuluar actions such as 'going downtown' or 'creating a pet'. I feel the same way about the Sims 2 Seasons as I do this expansion. They both add things to the game, without you having to think about it or put in too much extra effort. I automatically find myself putting a family in an apartment or hiring a butler for any family, whether or not they live in an apartment. The element of having witches in the game is also very enjoyable, you do have to go to extra efforts to find witches or make your sims a witch but I do not feel this lets the game down. There are some elements in the game which fall naturally into game play, others that require a bit of effort to happpen and some which require a longer amount of time spent playing and fiddling with interactions. I find this is good and entertains me in all moods. I can put as little or as much effort into the game, depending on my mood, and still really enjoy the time I spend playing. Overall I love this game and I'm delighted that I purchased it. I think it's a great final addition to any sims collection and you shouldn't be put off by the fact that the Sims 3 is coming out soon.
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on 31 August 2008
Like The Sims 2 Seasons, this expanision has a major impact on the game, whereas packs like Pets only enhance the experience. I've had this pack for a couple of days and I'm hooked. The Sims 2 tends to slow down after a while and this just totally refreshed it. The apartments are cleverly designed and great fun to customize! Now your sims have neighbours who they can interact with and form strong relationships.

Kick start your sims apartmenting lives with a swanky pad, or go budget and have your sims work their way up.
One of the best aspects of the pack is raising the Sim children in an apartment, they make tons of friends and have fun in the playground.

This game is auesome, it offers a variety of funky clothes and a few wicked hairstyles along with dozens of new objects and a whole new take on the game.

One point, the Sims 3 is coming out in April next year, this could be one of the last ever exp for the Sims 2. Buy It!
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on 10 September 2008
As opposed to the waste-of-money, product-placement-up-the-arse "Stuff Packs", most of the Sims 2 Expansion Packs actually add useful functionality and gameplay elements to an already decent game, and this is one of the best ones. If I had to recommend just one expansion, it would probably be this one (or Seasons), as it adds exciting and new, yet realistic, gameplay.

Apartment living is easy to get into. Either pick one of the premade families in the new neighbourhood, Belladonna Cove, or make your own Sims and move them into apartments. If you're really adventurous you can build your own apartment buildings, but this is very difficult due to the complexity needed in apartments, and you have to use a cheat to zone the apartment correctly (I think the official website has a tutorial). Apartment building is only recommended for experienced builders.

I had no problems installing or running this. One tiny complaint is the load time on game startup; if you have all the expansions or lots of custom content, or both, be prepared to stare at a blank screen for 10+ minutes while the game starts up. I run the Sims 2 in a window for this exact reason - I can watch a video or browse the internet or something while the game is loading.

Overall I recommend this expansion pack. If you only have the base Sims 2 and want to add that little bit extra before the release of Sims 3, get this pack. It's the last pack that will come out and it adds (in my opinion) the most varied and useful gameplay elements. If you have all the previous packs, then why are you reading this review? You're going to buy it anyway :-)

Oh, and one final quibble: It's not an apartment. It's a FLAT. Bloody Americanisation strikes again.
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on 15 April 2009
Considering this is the last expansion pack for the Sims 2, I think EA Games has made a tidy finale game for their second part in one of their most popular creations ever; The Sims.

To put it simply, your sims can now shack up together in pansy penthouses and affable apartments, all with an eccentric scotsman down the hallway (at least I think he is...). It's a play out of the ultimate teenage fantasy; to clear off to the city, eat chinese food, disipline the room-mate, and make friends and enemies in a place where there are people just like you.

But let's not get too carried away (don't worry; I'm not really a Sims 2 jockey, going at six hours apiece); I will compile a list below of my opinion on the main pointers of a sims game.

NPC characters: 4/5 (witches are a pretty good idea. Yes, there are broomsticks, but no, there isn't the lightning scar brethen)
Socials: Another 4/5 (Make friends with anybody, and they will network with you, which can mean a promotion, or a rise in your reputation)
Objects: Probably 4 and a half out of 5 (there is a massive new fish tank, five new theme packs, a mysterious bookcase, winding staircases, etc)

The only flaw I can really see in this game is that it takes some swearing before one figures out how to make your own appartment block. I believe you have to use changeLotZoning Apartment, which works on most people's games, but not mine. Probably because of my spelling, but there it is.

So, in conclusion to this disjointed review, Apartment Life makes a worthy addition to the Sims 2 collection, and will entertain you for hours on end (but not for six hour marathons. That's a bad idea, especially when you feel the need to set fire to the Scotman's appartment)
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on 25 September 2008
From the blurb on EA's site, I wasn't expecting great things from this expansion. It sounded as though you just get a new building type, but there's much more to it than that.
Sure, a large element is the apartments, but even those are better than I anticipated. If you've ever been stuck with a homeless family with low funds, or if your single guy is friendless, apartments provide the perfect solution. If your sim feels lonely, they only have to go and tap on someone's door (at a reasonable hour), and some apartments cost less than 1k a week.
There's also a hint of magic in the air, but I suspect that it takes more than the hour that I played to find that
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on 13 September 2008
I Think this is the best expansion pack yet,I love playing on the Sims and this really expanded the level of play!
The only downside is that it really slowes down the loading time even in the simplest of tasks inclueding make a family
but a few more min waiting is nothing compared to how mutch fun the game is

This game is definatly worth buying
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on 4 June 2012
This is a really great game. Now you get to live in apartments... from posh pads, to a run-down pad that needs a little paint...

If you're a fan of the sims 2, buy this one... it will enhance your game play, making the sims 2 even better.

Well it's a lot of money to buy it from amazon, I must admit...

I actually brought mine from cash exchange (Or CEX) in bexley heath for £15.00 and it works brilliantly
so i recommend that you shop around for this expansion pack... or just simply buy it from amazon.
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on 13 July 2009
Its really fun because there was lots of magic and witches, and you can get another skin tone (green). Its very exciting playing the game and what I enjoyed the most was all the challenges that I had to conquer if I wanted to become a witch. learning all the new spells became a neccesity if I wanted to bring forth lightning and hurricanes or to brighten someone's day. Gosh, I could even raise the dead!
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on 13 April 2009
This is an amazing game, it's suitable for all players, of all ages, abilities, and it doesn't matter whether you play the sims a lot or not.
It includes loads of new amazing features, such as:
* The option to customize and make apartment blocks and terraced housing.
* Great new compact furniture: such as folding beds, new decorations and vending machines etc.
* New groups of people e.g. witches and warlocks, sporty people and many other popularity groups.
* You have a new socialization meter, where, if your sims are socialable and do good things for the community, you get a higher popularity status and a better reputation.
* Great new lots and lot stuff: e.g. Microphones and speakers for your sims to express their great singing and comedy skills, coffee making facilities and many other new facilities.
* Belladonna Cove (a new town filled with apartments).
* And much more awsome new features!!
I couldn't recommend this sims expansion pack more.
Definately a must for all users!!!!! :D
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on 2 September 2008
Buy this game you wont be disapointed!!! i love it so much it will probley be one of the last expansion packs for the sims 2 as THE SIMS 3 IS OUT 20TH FEBUARY 2009 and i cant wait. getting back to the game lol its great you have a selection for apartments to out in your own neighbourhood or move into belladonna cove ( new neighbourhood) you pay rent on your apartment and have a landlord which carrys out all repairs gets rid of and vermin lol and cleans all the communal areas. You can go into the build menu and clear the apartment out apart from the bathroom and kitchen and you will find the rents lower and then you can put all your own things in it. You cant build your own apartment block or move walls doors or windows in a pre built lot. its great for kid sims as thes new playground items like a roundabout slide and climbing frame tree house thing. New stuff for your apartment like a pull down bed incase your apartments really small to save space a huge cool plasma tv dressing tables and much more. You can have room mates to help pay the rent if you keep them happy they become your best freinds and if not they may drve you mad ( you cant control your room mate but can see how they are feeling what job they have what they want etc. which is good. And if you cant stand them you can kick them out and get another or live alone. New hairs styles for the adult sims which are nice a few new clothes. I think i have covered everything. This games really good and i would defo recommend buying it as you wont be disapointed at all. And it will keep you ocupied until 20th febuary 09 when sims 3 comes to stores. Happy apartment living guys !!!! laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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