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4.6 out of 5 stars134
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2009
Having played around 20 hours of the game but not yet completed it, I feel compelled to write a few things about Valkyria Chronicles. For me, this is what gaming is all about, a gripping storyline, gorgeous water colour graphics and an intuitive battle system make this a joy to behold. You follow the story of a young chap called Welkin and his adopted sister Isara as they are drawn into the 2nd Europa war, a fictional continant. Welkin quickly works his way up the ranks and becomes the leader of Squad 7 and this is where the best part of the game starts. You are able to tailor your squad of soldiers by having a selection of different fighting styles, scouts, shocktroopers and the Lancers for example. Each individual you select to be in your team is very different and there are brilliant characters who react differently on the battle field which is a nice touch. My personal favourite is the gay lancer Jann who 'gets lost in the muscles' when he is near to male comrades, particularly the main Lancer Largo. The battle system is brilliant, in brief terms you control your tank or soldiers as you see fit as your maneuvre around what can sometimes be very vast battlefields. Each battle requires thought and skill as you need to determine which class of soldier is most suited to a situation or whether you need a mix. You gain experience as the time goes on and weapons can be upgraded as well as the tank/s. All in all, i would have to say that this is probably the best game I have played on the PS3, do not hesitate to buy it if you are a fan of role-playing or strategy games or just love a damn good story led game.
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on 23 June 2010
Game Summary:

This is a turn based strategy/RPG fighting game with a lot of plot. The story is presented as a book with panels containing cartoon fronts which you select to watch / play. As you play out each double spread the page flips over to the next chapter. However, to advance you must watch each clip / complete each battle in sequence.
The battles take place in a variety of surroundings and you fight with a squad you have picked from the men and women you have at your disposal.

Plot / characters:

There is a LOT of plot. To progress through the game you have to watch from six to ten cartoon plot movies before you can battle. This can be frustrating when you first start the game, but stick with it; you soon open up skirmish battles which can be played at any time.

At the start of the game you can only fight with the troops you have on hand, but as the story progresses you become the leader of a squadron, allowing you to pick which soldiers you want under your command. Each soldier will have a different personality and set of traits; some may perform better alone, others need people around to stop them panicking, some like the desert, some are allergic to woodland. There are a lot of these traits to consider when building your squad. You also need to take into account which soldiers like one another and which soldiers should be kept apart. If you are clever with the traits and friendships you have amongst your soldiers you can get them to power up for better damage / defence etc, it you ignore their needs then they can lose damage / defence etc until you pay better attention to what their personality is.


The fighting is turn based but presented in a way which I haven't seen in any game before. At the start of a battle you will be briefed on what your mission and objectives are and then you will pick the soldiers you want to take, placing them on an overhead view map in whatever strategic positions you think would be best.

There are six classes;
Scout (low damage, very long distance runners, moderate constitution),
Sniper (high damage, short distance movers, low constitution),
Shocktrooper (high damage, moderate distance runners, high constitution),
Engineer (low damage, long distance runners, low constitution - special: disarms mines),
Lancer (anti-armour damage, moderate distance runners, moderate constitution),
Tank Commander (high damage, short distance moving, high constitution).

At the beginning of your round you will have a set number of Action Points which are shown across the top of your screen as shields. You will get a base number of AP each round which can be added to by bringing specific characters with you. You can spend you AP moving one character or buy giving Orders (pumping up specific attributes, etc). When you chose a character to move you switch from your overhead map to a first person view. You can move that character around in the environment until their movement bar runs out. If you encounter enemies they will take pot-shots at you until you are past them. Entering into your aim function stops them from shooting at you, but you are then riveted to the spot until your combat is done.


Graphics: Pencilled outlines filled with water colours - very pretty if a little cartoony.

Sound / music / voice acting: Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad either. In first person mode the characters had little catch phrases like "I'll do my best" and "I'm gonna get you now!"

Camera angles: No problems with the camera, you can rotate it in first person to see around corners or over obstacles.

Playability / diversity: Despite the lengthy waits between fights with the main plot line, the game play itself is very addictive. I enjoyed it enough that I intend to replay it through at some point.

Ease / length: The game is relatively easy once you get the hang of it, some of the skirmishes I worked out a method of completing in one to three turns, but each new fight gave new difficulties which needed to be worked out, so new battles can take a while all the way up to the end. You can always play skirmish missions to work out kinks in your technique and get XP / cash for levelling up your troops and gear.

Save points: You can save during the book mode, but you can also save during combat - something I didn't notice until I was half way through the story line.

Gore rating: There is no real gore in the game making it completely child friendly. Apart from the fact that you're killing people there's no real reason for it being a 16+!

Bugginess: I found no bugs during my play through.

Replay-ability: Pretty high. I certainly intend to have another run through of it. You can return to any mission you particularly enjoyed or play skirmish missions at any time.

Comparison: There's nothing on the market that I have found that plays in the same manner as this game, however, I would compare this game to Final Fantasy for it's lengthy plot and turn based style of fighting.

My opinion:

This is a great game which has a unique style of fighting, combining tactical placement of units with first person fighting. I really enjoyed this and I hope very much they bring a sequel out on the PS3 and don't just relegate the title to the PSP. Highly recommended!
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on 25 February 2013
So, this game came out a while back (2008!) and sadly, it was overlooked by many, including myself. Then again, I didn't get a PS3 till a year ago and had never heard of this game till recently.

Don't let it's age put you of however. Apart from the Elder Scrolls IV and V, this is, hands down, the BEST game of the now passing generation.

It is the most narrative game I have played in a while too, and you will spend most of you're time watching beautiful, Anime style cut scenes or reading well crafted back material, but the story is so compelling and the characters so engaging that you will often want to get the next battle out of the way just so you can see what happens next.

Valkyria Chronicles tells the story of a war, the Second Europan War (it's a parallel earth you see) and a small, neutral country called Gallia who wish to have no part in the conflict. Unfortunate for Gallia is that its mountains are rich in an element called Ragnite which anything powered requires as fuel and is used in a lot of medicine too. This leads to the country being invaded by the Empire (their equivalent of the Axis), one of the two superpowers vying for control of the continent. And with that our characters are dragged into a conflict they never wanted a part of. Their mission: to protect home and family. It is a story of bravery, love, tragedy, loyalty and rebirth that will have you cheering one minute and crying the next.

The battles themselves are interesting too and play out a little like warhammer (the table top version, not 'Dawn of War') where you have set classes that can attack once per turn and can move a set distance per turn. This gives it all a very 'puzzely' feel, but a dynamic puzzle as the enemy moves its own troops once your moves are exhausted. When moving soldier though, you do get direct, third person control giving it a real hybrid element between action and strategy game. The battlefields themselves are very dynamic though, from cities to trenches, and you don't fight on a level or 'flat' field either as you will be sending your character up ladders to find a good sniping position or down in to craters for cover. What I also liked is that you hand pick every character in your platoon (except for four-five major characters) and each soldier has their own back-story and traits giving them real personality (you'll kick yourself if you ever have to leave a man behind!). Each class levels up too in the RPG style and you can use your platoon earnings to buy better equipment for infantry or upgrade your tanks.

All in all, one of the best and original games I've played in a long time with a story good enough for any book or film. All I can say is 'C'mon Saga! Bring the others out over here!'
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on 6 April 2011
If you've got CoD10 but don't have this, you are why we can't have nice things. tl;dr, it's the most interesting game that I feel this generation has to offer (at least on this console) and if you haven't bought it, you should ridicule yourself in the mirror. I should note that this game doesn't have trophy support. If this really breaks the sale for you, I am disappoint.

Anyway, it turns out two clichés make something really original. WW2 game + anime, that is. The premise of the game is that you're on Europa in 1935 as a mad dictator storms in with tanks, doing a touch of ethnic cleansing as he proceeds. Subtle, right? Naturally, it is up to you to administer the boot to his posterior while enduring the most cutscenes I've had to deal with since MGS4 and there can be the silly nonsense within them that makes you cringe. However, they and the gameplay look lovely thanks to CANVAS - this motion watercolour hocum that Sega have come up with. If you want to see if that appeals to you, try the demo.

While the story and characters are at first a modicum above completely grating, they'll grow on you and quickly. Likewise, the story evolves very quickly out of the WW2 plaigarism and into something engaging and unique. There are a large number of characters written into the game, if not all of them are very deep. You never use the ubiquitous SPEHS MEHRENS or faceless grunt (although the opposition is happy to) but must instead handpick fellow draftees whose backstories are represented in the gameplay with bonuses or defects that are of strategic significance. You become familiar with their personalities over time and can become very involved and if one is killed, you're given a by then very troubling death soliloquy and a grave you can visit. Perhaps unnerving...moving on!

The gameplay itself is (apart from a token RPG-esque levelling system and deciding which of your squadmates to send into battle) made almost entirely of episodic battles. If I had to sum it up in 3 words, they'd be turn, based and strategy but it's hardly Civilization. Controlling the individual characters makes it almost an action kind of gameplay, but it's definitely all underpinned in tactics and the greater picture. I'm not really big into RTS or most other strategy for that matter, but this really hit the right spot for me. Perhaps that means if you're a chess master then this is too simplistic, yet there are some levels which seem to be brutally challenging to all I know that try them. The various classes are interesting, but the progression is limited - a problem addressed in the also worthwhile sequel.

The gameplay in the original still managed to keep me interested for two playthroughs and I think I'll be back again before long. The story was captivating, though a bit blabby and anime-ish. I really enjoyed the soundtrack, but lawd knows how subjective music can be.

...bought it yet?
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on 18 September 2011
I've owned this game for a few years now and recently decided I would like to play through it again from the beginning. After playing for a few hours I felt compelled to write a review quite simply because this epic game is really one of the best I have ever played, not just of the rpg/strategy genre but right across the board.

The Valkyria Chronicles story line is engrossing and while typically full of Japanese rpg cuteness (which I neither love nor hate)it is brilliant and reminds me a bit of the Full Metal Alchemist series, In fact the animation in Valkyria Chronicles is so good it really warrants a series all of its own.

The game play is superb and is probably the best strategy game I have ever played, even bettering the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS One. The third person strategy blend is great and really makes you feel like you are there on the battle field rather than looking down from above

Graphically Valkyria Chronicles is beautiful and unique, the lovely watercolour and pencil style looks gorgeous both in game play and in the animated sequences, on viewing the opening title sequence you realise that this game is something special. All of these elements combined with a superb musical score help to create one of the best games released for the PS3 (in my opinion the best), just buy it!
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on 4 January 2009
This game is a real gem and in years to come will be looked back on with the same fondness as Panzer dragoon Saga. The presentation is flawless and consistent with some of the prettiest graphics of this generation. The game has one of the most accessable and well thought out menus systems on a srpg, so as already mentioned if you're new the to genre you will find the game easy to get into. Voice acting is also of a high standard. The battles are tense but rarely frustrating as you can save mid battle and if you do fail its easy to see the holes in your plan. Valkyria Chronicles is a timely reminder of just how inventive Sega can be, and playing this game brings back fond memories of my Dreamcast. BUY THIS GAME NOW!
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on 17 July 2009
I bought and started playing this game and found myself in for a real treat! The animation is a fantastic, unique, new style of graphic that has been produced very well! It had a well-thought-out story which I did enjoy and the gameplay was again unique and much more strategic than running around with guns blazing shooting the hell out of everyone (which I liked).

There are only two downsides to this game which is why I haven't given it a 5 star rating.

Firstly, although the story was very good, I found some of the scripting very, very cheesy and a little cringe worthy at times. The main character (Welkin Gunther) has this obsession with nature and flowers and I found that very tiresome to be honest. In other words it was a little too sappy but that's just my opinion.

Secondly, I found the loading times, as I came closer to the end of the game, were becoming a little frustrating. Even after installing the game to my playstation I found it slow.

Overall a very good game, which took me about 30-40 hours to complete, but a bit 'cheesy'.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 March 2010
I've never seen a game that played like this before. Theoretically, it probably SHOULDN'T work, but it does, brilliantly.

The graphics look like living watercolours, and the gameplay is turn-based, but as the turn is played out you take control of individual characters and let them shoot, dodge, move, hide, or whatever. It sounds nuts, but it's wonderful. I just wish I could find another game that plays like this, but this Valkyria Chronicles seems to be a unique one-off.

It also has a wide range of varied missions, weapon upgrades, and a story to rival even the best anime productions. You'll LOVE these characters. Even the annoying ones will grow on you.

And here's a terrible, terrible confession: At one point, when a character died, I sat there in disbelief... and I cried! That's NEVER happened to me before.

Yes, it was a section where the story resorted to ruthless emotional manipulation - but it worked.

I really can't rate this game highly enough. It needs more than five stars! It needs to go up to eleven!
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Late to the Valkyria party? Yeah I guess so! I mean I had this game sat in my collection pretty much from release and only now I decide to play it right the way through and I am honestly glad I did.
First off I will fess up and let you kind readers know that I am not really a tactics game type of guy. I have War of the Lions but I bought and played that more of a loyalty to the Final Fantasy brand more than any other reason. Valkyria Chronicles I did really enjoy my play through however more for its original art style and storyline over gameplay.

VC does everything right I wish I enjoyed turn based tactical RPG’s more so I could have enjoyed it to its full potential. The look blow me away right from the off, this really is a beautiful game to look at and you will look at it a lot because in between gameplay there is a hell of a lot of chapters which tell the story. However, the story is brilliant and captivating so I didn’t mind how much of it there actually was. The main characters were all likeable and I felt a bond with them very quickly which is what you need with any good RPG game. I felt myself having the need to protect every character that was disposable from dying and not because I wanted to finish the game having no people die under my command but because they meant something to me.

The battle system even though it’s not really my thing I did enjoy playing it. I liked the way each charter had their own individual strengths and weaknesses that were affected by teammates and surroundings, this is again what made every individual character unique and another reason I didn’t want any to die.
The two guest characters from a previous well known Sega RPG where also a welcome addition to my squad.
Those who have played turn based tactics games would be used to how games like this work however it is different from every other tactics game out there in the fact you can move anywhere in a 3rd person style and not confined to a chess board way of moving. I like the way you can move stop fire and then move on in one turn. I like the fact that you run out of ammo and need an engineer to come and deliver you more! I like the fact that if an alley falls in battle you can save them at possibly a greater risk of losing another member! This game will make you think about your actions and the fact you don’t know what is around the corner will make you take things slowly.

The game is piled with extra missions and story but don’t forget to visit some places as I missed out on quite a bit on my first play through. Things like the news reporter who will give you stories to read and give you bonus missions at a price and don’t forget to visit the cemetery even if no one on your team has died; there is still a reason to visit!

While there are good sides there is also bad! I did find that once you were given the options to dish out commands some missions you could really abuse this and finish stages within 1 or two turns leading you to an easy victory and an easy A rank, however having said that its entirely up to you if you want to abuse it or not.

Valkyria Chronicles will be one of those games you will look back with in fond memories and probably one of the stand out games of the last generation!
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on 6 January 2010
Beautiful, mesmorising, amazing.......just a few of the adjectives that can be applied to this completely understated masterpiece from Sega. I will go as far as to say if you own a PS3, you MUST own this game.
The story, in a nutshll, is that you live in a country called Gallia- much like Belgium in World war 2 (and WW1 for that matter). Caught between two warring factions (the allies and the axis), your take control of Welkin and a band of militia army as you struggle to maintain your independece against the invading imperial forces, that need to conquer Gallia as it sits on the main deposit of mineral that powers just about everything in this world.
Grapically, this game is an absolute treat, with an anime style, of wonderful shades and colours that make you feel like you've been thrust into a comic book. The story is told via an historical book, whose pages you unlock as you progress throughout the game- and what a story it is, as you will want to keep on playng and playing to reveal the next chapters in the book.
Gameplay wise, Valkyria is like no console game you have ever played before. Its a curious mixture of turn based RTS and FPS.
You need to assemble a squad, from 5 different classes, scout, shocktrooper, sniper, lancer and engineer. On top of this each soldier has his/her own specific personality traits. For example, a city bred soldier will not enjoy operating in the countryside and vise versa, so you must carefully choose your squad for each particular mission.
Once your squad is chosen, you see an overvew of the map, showing you and you enemy's position and your objectives. You then have a set number of action points to move your soldiers around the map. When you encounter an enemy, the game switches to FPS mode and you can fire your particular weapon at the enemy. Once you have used all the action points for your soldier, they cannot move again on that turn, so leave them exposed at your peril. After you have exhausted all of the command points that you have (you use a command point each time you move a soldier) then it is the enemy's turn to move. The set piece battle ends when you have completed the set objective, you lose you base, all of your soldiers or Welkin dies.
This may sound a little complicated, but its simple to pick up how everything works and the battle system really does work a treat.
I am only a short way through this game, but it is absolutely fantastic. If your still reading this review, why are you still sat there-go and buy Valkyria Chronicles (if you can find it anywhere!)
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